Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

Fate Hollow Ataraxia

Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a member of the Mages’ Association and a master in the 5th Holy Grail War, wakes on the fourth day of the 5th Holy Grail war with a new servant, Avenger, and no memory of what happened to her beforehand. She and Avenger set off to fight and win the Holy Grail War.

Meanwhile, Shirou Emiya lives a peaceful life with all his friends, from the 5th Holy Grail War. After her experiment alters the event-horizon changes time and space, Rin Tohsaka leaves for the Mages’ Association in England to fix things. The Servants sense a new danger while dark creatures appear soon afterward. Shirou, as a precaution, sets off to ensure nobody is in danger and instead finds himself frequently meeting a mysterious girl, Caren Ortensia.

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  1. edit for the previous comment :

    probably the bug is in the voice patch i have not tried but simply skipping that buggy dialog of shirou could work as well

    if not you can always change the language to japanese

  2. If your game is stopping at the caster scene around 76% completion here is what to do

    (Im assuming you have applied the patch from beast lair which includes voice acting instead of the english patch available here)

    Simply change the language to “??? – japanese” and play few scenes and then change back the language to english

    everything will be normal from there

  3. Cheers!
    I have a problem at the Shinji scene at the harbor, namely the hanafuda game start. There’s a script exception in hardcore Japanese, and multiple lines with “object”. Anyone has an idea what the problem may be?
    I have the game downloaded from here, the Voice Patch from Beast’s Lair, and Decensor patch as well.
    Also, the blue script window came up stuck at 191:1, saying the same. Your help would be most appreciated!

  4. Admin plz add the voice pathces if available i beg of you.I’ll be waiting and Thank you for everything.

  5. For those people having a problem installing the game due to the installer wanting another disk or having ??????? prompt. Please change your PC local to Japan. You can find the instructions on google.

    Thank You

  6. So, I don’t know if anyone will come to my rescue or not. But I’ve downloaded everything the right way, mounted the ISO file and ran the set up using jap local and the game starts. However whenever I try to copy the patch to the folder that has the exe. It tells me it doesn’t have enough memory.
    I’m going to try the non install next

  7. can someone help install this game ? i really dont know how, because when i mount iso and install it (one from G drive or something) it has an error with “?????????” and i dont know what it is

  8. Boys and girls, the voice patch is finally ready, go to beast’s lair and get the link, there’s an patch to remove mosaics ready to download too.
    Google forums nrvnqsr

  9. whenever i try to save or get past a certain scene i get a blue screen and it crashes can anyone help me?

    1. Just paste it in the folder where your game got installed

      Admin, does the game have jap/english voices? The version I played of Fate / Stay night but this one doesn’t seem like it D: Is it because of the patch or the game itself doesn’t have them?

  10. So+how+do+I+install+this?+I’ve+downloaded+all+of+the+files+but+am+unsure+on+how+to+make+it+playable.+Can+someone+help+me+with+this+problem.

  11. downloaded this game bit by bit do I use the same method I’ve used daemon tools before but only on larger files

  12. Need+help!+Every+time+I+try+to+put+the+patch+into+the+set+up+file,+a+pop+up+always+appears+saying+saying+I+need+additional+98.5+MB+to+copy+the+files.+Set+up+also+does+not+work+for+some+reason,+the+same+pop+up+as+Zavod+appears+afterwards.

  13. I regret that my English is poor, but have 99.2% of the game Over

    but I can not unlock the scene for the last eclipse

  14. Hey guys just looking to see if any of you can help me out. Let me start off by saying my comp is already on Japanese locale.

    For some reason after I mounted the iso and got the files I can not click on any of the exe’s they all give me a “this app can’t be run on your pc” message. The only file I can click on is the game exe itself which just brings me to the blue error screen. I have tried re-doing it and and trying new folders along with other things. Am I just forgetting something? Please feel free to give any suggestions I would really like to be able to play this. Thank you in advance.

  15. Does this have voices because i downloaded a fate/hollow from other websites there no frickin’ voices

  16. Can i get the censored version?
    I don’t want to spoil my experience wwith fate with some disgusting sex scenes

  17. My installation has a blue screen, and the setup just leads torandom symbols and an error message. My locale is already set to japan but nothing I do seems to get it to work. My computers a Windows 10 so I was wondering if that might effect anything?

  18. patch updated to v1.02 on tlwiki.

    you can see your patch version by clicking “Help>About…” on the top bar in the game.

  19. Can some one help me I’m having trouble installing it I keeep getting a error message I would be so greatful

  20. So can this run on windows 10? If anyone has managed to get this running on windows 10 please let me know. Im dying to to read this!!!

  21. can someone help me please?? I’m getting errors >.< During installation, it asks for a path but everytime i press Ok there comes an error, an exclamation point with 2 rows of ?? and Ok button

  22. so i’ve downloaded the game and it works great but when i want to save and exit it an error message appear and then the game crushs

    1. You installed the game in protected directory ( “Program Files” etc.) and Windows is blocking the creation of save files – move the game away from “Program Files” folder, or run the game as administrator (one of options when you right click on game .exe/shortcut).

  23. Can someone help me? I had download all the parts for the game, and i had already compressed them in Winrar. I had tried to see if the game works and it does. Then when I download the English patch and try to use it doesn’t work. Please explain to me how to use the patch please.

  24. What am I supposed to do after downloading all 12 files in the free version? Do I compress them into one file or is there a specific one I should open? Would appreciate any help.

  25. I need help when I extracted the files with Winrar I got a crack folder within my folder that contains cxdec and I got FateHollowAtaraxia that says images and whenever I click on it something calls Nero pops up thanking me for buying their product and asking me to agree to licensing. What should I do.

  26. Hey Admin is it possible to transfer the files of this game to a ps vita and play it? Obtw many thanks for the work you do on each game ^^ eroge helped me get through many days

  27. So I’ve put the patch in as instructed and when I clicked the exe some blue window popped up.

    This happened before to me, but I can’t remember how I fixed that.

  28. I tried using the no-install method but to no avail, keeps going to the install shield part and giving me that setup bullshit where it wont advance any further.

    I dont understand what im doing wrong, please help.

  29. you would not have out there fate zero / extra out there would have?

    if you can answer it here sending the link to download it? thanks for listening

  30. sorry, it works XD thanks you so much…now…the patch.px3, where it go? (i´m sorry for my bad english and i dont know anything about install games T.T)

  31. hello, the same problem as zavod (I chose the installation directory. After the files were installed i got a gibberish screen that seems to be asking for a setup? Here’s a screen cap:


    If I choose the directory I installed the game in, nothing happens. The game won’t run, there’s a blue screen and a bunch of error messages. What critical phase am I omitting? Please help! Do I need to install a Japanese applocale?)

    but i cant undertand the answer, i never do it before,so,can someone help me? i speak spanish, but i can understand some english….

    1. You have some sort of corrupt file somewhere. Re-download the patch from the translator’s site/thread, that’s taken care of any random crashes I’ve ever seen people have. Good luck.

    1. Press start, search locale, click “change time, date and format”
      On the tabs, go to administrative and you should see a “change system locale”
      Change it to Japanese, restart, and reinstall the game.

  32. Man, I was so disappointed that you don’t get to officially see the main character until 91% of the game is completed!!! Seriously that’s just way too long considering if u don’t skip everything!!!

    1. Serious? I could have sworn we got to see her around the start of the first or second phase. I do recall seeing several scenes showing her fighting before the midpoint of the game. Unless you mean Caren and even Caren gets some brief scenes during the first few phases (ussually culminating in gory scenes).

      If I recall the person we never get to se until the end is Avenger, and that one is obvious why.

  33. im usally really good at installing dating sims via daemon but this one one throwing me a curve how do I install it properly

  34. I can’t finish the game… the latest scene when you go to the black Grail don’t trigger and there aren’t any other new event… what I have to do?

    1. Sup, there are no voice patches at the moment, unless you play PS Vita. Estimated patch would be in like 5 years if someone talented enough cracks the files

      1. Not totally uncensored, I tried Extracting All Data from any .xp3 files but all image is Pixelated (Censored) in Dick and Pussy.

        1. There’s no such thing as a japanese release without pixelated censorship for genitalia. I believe it’s a requirement by law, even their regular porn has it. Only oficially Western released eroge gets the non-pixelated versions, because either the companies releasing them fix them or they get access to the original uncensored material.

          Judging by the way he phrased it I believe he’s more concerned as to whether this version is 15+ or 18+. Just to clarify, no all-ages version of Hollow Ataraxia was released before 2014, and that release was for the Vita (along with the Stay Night remaster), hence any version for the PC will always have sex scenes.

          1. You’re right–pixelation or blurring out of genitals is required by Japanese censorship laws, and not just for eroge. Hentai anime and live-action porn videos all have the “good parts” blurred out as well. IIRC, it dates back to the occupation in the 1950s when America was rebuilding Japan and de-militarizing them, and they haven’t bothered to change the laws yet even though there’s been some pressure to do so and Japanese people can download uncensored Western porn (illegally?) via the Internet.

  35. I chose the installation directory. After the files were installed i got a gibberish screen that seems to be asking for a setup? Here’s a screen cap:


    If I choose the directory I installed the game in, nothing happens. The game won’t run, there’s a blue screen and a bunch of error messages. What critical phase am I omitting? Please help! Do I need to install a Japanese applocale?

    1. I’ve seen that happen a couple times. To get around it, use the No-Install method mentioned here. The same instructions are on the technical FAQ of the project thread on Beast’s Lair.

      1. Now the game works! Thank you so much! The key was to copy the contents of the ISO and not try to install the game via setup.

      2. Note : If anyone else has any issue with the game, notably getting a : EAaccess Violation error, merely add “fateFD.exe” into your “Data Execution Prevention”, DEP, list of exclusions.

        To the green horns here, you do that by :
        Right click on “My computer” (or through the address: “Control Panel\System and Security\System”) -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Performance’s Setting -> Data Execution Prevention -> Add -> fateFD.exe.

  36. um still pretty new at downloading these…so mounted the iso with daemon tools right? then after the setup a window popped up asking for a pass…help?

    1. a folder called “fateha_savedata”
      You’re asked where to put it when you first start the game, the location you selected is in the config.ksc file in the game folder. If you delete the file, it will ask you for a new location the next time you start.

      The default location if you just click through it is users/[user name]/My Documents.

      This stuff is in the game FAQ on the translator’s site btw.
      Admin, if you’re still reading, maybe you’d want to put a link to that?

  37. hey the game wont start with the patch in the setup file. it says not compatible with windows or there was an error when i try to run it without installing it. plz help

  38. So, hmm, that may sound lame, but I only played the saber route in FSN (since stuff happened irl and I forgot about the game :p), and now I see some characters who shouldn’t even be alive in the start of this game. So did I miss some kind of true end in FSN, or is the storyline of FHA unrelated to the ends of the first game?

    1. Been a while since I have played FSN, but I think this one is based off the Heaven’s Feel Route since it is mentioned in the text at the beginning when they are talking about ghost stories and rumors.

  39. I can’t seem to get Rin’s pool date scene. I got the message for it, but when I check the entrance at shiro’s house, there are no new scenes. I had no problem with Sakura’s and Saber’s so I wonder if this is some kind of bug. Any ideas?

    1. Just keep playing and it’ll show up. If you’re still missing scenes at the end, check the FAQ on the translator’s site on Beast’s Lair to help you find the remaining scenes.

  40. can someone add me in facebook coz i need to know how to install this..im lost..my facebook account name is Akira Amano with Ryougi Shiki eyes as profile pic

  41. Unable to play… everytime i try, it said, choose a directory for saving, and when I select a path a bunch of blue screens pop out saying something incomprehensible… ugh. Require help windows 7 64 bit. Folder name is Fate/hollow ataraxia

    1. When I used the file check app located in same game folder, it said that FateFD.exe or whatever is damaged. Is that the reason? I tried to create a folder saying FateHA_Savedata as it asked but it still creates the same series of blue screens. It is something regarding script unable to execute or something.

  42. Nevermind; this worked fine. Thanks

    Alternate No-Install Method:

    1. Extract the rar.
    2. Extract the iso into a folder of your choice.
    3. Download the patch and place it into the Setup folder (the same folder where FateFD.exe is located)

    Double click FateFD.exe to play.

    If you’re playing in English locale, try changing the font to Mona: krkr2, or whatever looks good to you. The default isn’t great.

    1. Yes, Rider is in it, and there are plenty of events with her (and Sakura), including a pretty funny bath scene. As far as I have found, there’s only one character who your character actually has sex with.

  43. before i download this, i wanna know if it has multiple endings where i end up with a certain character or if its kinetic, or if its just good/bad/normal endings. ty

    1. There’s only one real ending, everything else is either a reset or a bad end which is also a reset. There’s some extra “Eclipse” stories you can unlock for individual characters though.

      The reason for this is *spoilers*. Still a heck of a lot of reading to go through–this is definitely more like a fandisc, so if you explore everything (as the game implies you should), you will see a lot of writing about pretty much all of the Servants and their Masters. A lot of it is interesting and fun, but also bittersweet, for reasons of *spoilers*.

  44. Yes! The completed translation is finally here!!!

    Finally completed the game! Does anyone know how to increase money to get all the Emas? Also I’m missing the 40th Ema. It hasn’t appeared yet. I’m wondering if it’s cause I’m still missing two I need to purchase.

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. 🙂

    1. The 40th shows up when you’ve unlocked everything else.

      Watching certain scenes in-game (not through Extras) gives you money. You can also get it from the Illya’s Castle minigame and playing through Hanafuda.

      Or you can play Omikuji over and over (you should win more than you lose – unless your luck is horrific).

  45. I guess now is a good time to revisit the fate series.
    Loved the vn, loved fate zero. I hope I enjoy this one too.
    Tnx again admin.


    1. I totally agree, but HF deserves more than a simple movie (to not mention a stupid 3D animal animation ¬¬)

      In my opinion, the japanese must make a full 26 episodes (or longer) adaptation, the route and Sakura deserves at least that much

    1. You either put the patch in the wrong folder or somehow renamed it.

      Make sure the patch is still called “patch.xp3” and is in the same folder as FateFD.exe.

  46. Alternate No-Install Method:

    1. Extract the rar.
    2. Extract the iso into a folder of your choice.
    3. Download the patch and place it into the Setup folder (the same folder where FateFD.exe is located)

    Double click FateFD.exe to play.

    If you’re playing in English locale, try changing the font to Mona: krkr2, or whatever looks good to you. The default isn’t great.

    1. After downloading all parts, extract them all with 7zip or winrar after dat mount the image with Demon tools or power iso, i sugest u switch to jap local i dont know about applocal since sometimes i dosent work, after just start the instalation follow the steps after the instalation is complete copy the eng patch to ur game location then just start play and enjoy 🙂

      (i didn’t copy the crack no nead for it )

  47. Admin, you forgot to include some titles uploaded in the Downloads page:

    Coμ -Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdom-
    Kichikuou Rance
    Killer Queen
    Princess Nightmare
    Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit
    Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

  48. btw what does the cxdec.exe file do? cause I put it in the game folder and run it but nothing happens the game installs fine and I can run it normally but am curious what the crack is supposed to do

    1. I put the patch in the game folder, but it does not work for me too, please help.
      I can star the game without trouble, but it is not in english

  49. Ode to Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

    I am the boner of my self
    Steel is my rod
    And fire is its veins
    I have waited over 5 long years
    Not known to girls nor known to sex
    Have withstood pain to fap many times
    Yet these hands only hold one thing
    And so I pray
    Unlimited Fap Works

    1. buddy thats so disrespectful to archer and the series in general.

      How dare you pervert his best lines like that

      eh who am i kidding that was hilarious

  50. Ok so i have a question after downloading, extracting and mounting…. the game dosent want to start instal becous im using 64bit system…. now is this some kinda of a bug or does this game rly not work on a 64 wich is kinda stupid since FSN workd perfectly

    1. Nop still wont start tried everything, administrator running, jap loca, applocal, demon tools, power iso, winrar, 7extract, aperently dosent work on 64 bit …. if anyone can get it work it would be nice

      1. Start it in compatibility modus maybe? You can emulate 32-bit if you want to afterall. On the other hand, haven’t heard of a 32-bit game that doesn’t work on 64-bit before, only opposite. Usually, its something else.

        1. yes i tried in compatibility mode and still not working and i know about the 32 64 but this is rly strange i tried everything…. idk mybi some of the files got corupted during dl or smthing but not rly in the mood to download the whole thing again

    2. Having the same problem, although it seems like the file didn’t extract properly in my case. It still extracts the iso file, but 7 zip can’t extract the whole thing apparently; it said “File is broken”

      And then when I mount the iso, it runs, but the setup says its incompatible, and I’m using a 32 bit system, so I’ve got no idea what the hell’s going on

        1. I should also mention that it specifically says the iso is broken when I try to extract it, so it sounds more like that’s the problem

          1. Yes dat happend to me as well…. at 70% it goes do u want to replace the files if u say Yes the file becomes corupted with 0kb size but if u say NO it extracts normaly after dat complains dat it cant be run on my systerm (64) i basicly tried everything it could be it is just not a good version

          2. That’s not quite what happened to me; my extraction just freezes at 8% and then says “CRC failed in ‘FateHollowAtaraxia\FataHollowAtaraxia.iso’. File is broken.”
            Somehow, it still extracts anyway and I can still mount it, but I can’t run any of the files because it says they’re incompatible

          3. Yea myne just ask’s if i want to replace…. idk probably files are brocken or something i dont see anybody else complaning but i also dont see anyone posting dat it actualy worked for them…. il probably just go to my friends tomorrow and try in on a 32 bit just in case

          4. Make sure all parts you’ve downloaded have 200MB size (apart from last one ofc.) – if one doesn’t, re-download that one.

            32/64bit architecture doesn’t affect whether iso extracts properly or not.

          5. Thanks, but all the part files are their proper size. Only thing I can think of is that I started downloading the game last night from the “Partially translated downloads” section because I knew about the patch before it was posted, but part 12 failed downloading so I had to come back and use the download link on this page since the old one got replaced

          6. I just downloaded parts 1-12 posted here to verify that they didn’t get messed up during uploading process and all extracted fine. Problem is somewhere on your end.

          7. Soooo i finaly got it to work, after thinking what Admin-Sama said i started downloading part by party and extracting part by part after about 2h i found the problem Part 9 was corupted it was actualy part 8 under the name part 9 after dat i just extracted with 7zip, Demon tools mount, and just copyd the english patch to the instalation folder and i started the game, so yea admin u should check parts 8 and 9 mybi something not right with them or it was just bad luck and files got mixed, anyway off to sleep im tired,

  51. I wish they made a Fate game where Ilya is an actual heroine. She’s my favorite character. I like Rin and Saber fine too, but they’re just not as interesting. Or maybe it’s because I’m a lolicon.

    Either way I’ll read this as a fan of the series.

    1. Then you’ll be pleased as punch that she gets several great scenes in Hollow, and that she’s one of the more relevant characters in-game.

  52. So its finaly done yaaay can’t wait to dl, thnx admin u have my respect , oh and btw any word on Eien no Aselia 2 (cant rember the proper name i just know its the 2 game) i thought the translate was done

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