Across the virtual realm of SE.RA.PH, Masters of digital magic commanded their Servants, great heroes and villains of history and lore, to fight in the Holy Grail War. The prize was the “Holy Grail” itself — aka the Moon Cell Automaton, a lunar supercomputer with the power to grant any wish.

Though the war has ended, with the Servant Nero and her Master on top, all is not well. Not only is Nero’s rival Servant already leading an uprising, but a new challenger waits in the dark, ready to tear through reality itself to strike at her heart.

Nero prepares to defend her new throne. Beside her stand her Master and a few loyal allies. Ahead lies not only an ocean of enemies, but an ancient secret far more terrible than any war…

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  1. Is there any other thing from Fate (appart from the supposed main story, Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero) that you should watch, read or play (anime, manga, game/vn) before playing this VN?

    I’ve both watch and played Fate/Stay night, anime, movies and Vn. I’ve seen Zero too, and at the moment i’m going for Ataraxia and probably Extra. At the moment my order is to first watch animes (Carnival Phant, Illia, Aphoc, etc…) after playing ataraxia and extra, but I don’t know which order is better.

    I know that the say that the order really doesn’t matter out of first watching Night and Zero, but I feel like it would be way more easy to understand the universe knowledge and possible hidden relationships or similarities with respect of the other “time lines” or independent “dimensions”.

    So please, if someone has played it, or knows about it, I would like to hear his/her opinion about this. Specially if there’s something I should watch, read or play before starting this VN

    1. If you’re willing to play through Extra first, it’ll give you more depth to characters and their relationships to the protag.
      The Extra timeline goes Extra-Extra CCC-Extella-Extella Link.

      If Extra’s gameplay is unbearable, save states help and in the end Extella has a decent recap.

      CCC isn’t translated but doesn’t effect Extella very much beyond a handful of references.

      There also exists a manga called Foxtail and an anime for Extra, but both aren’t canon to Extella.

      I believe that’s everything as far as this Fate continuity is concerned.

  2. I solve the problem with the missing files ; msvcp120.dll & msvcr120.dll, I’m always in trouble with the staring of the game

    He say what the application failed to start correctly (0xc000007b)and click on ok for shut this application.

    Somebody can explain me this awful joke without messing ?!

    1. yes. you can even link a controller. (tested with xbox) and map the controls. wondering if we’ll get link any time. I’d prefer to support the site and not the company that localized it since bleh.

  3. I really want to play this badly but its kinda disappointing that this was first translated before fate extra ccc since this game was the sequel to ccc..if I play this game first i maybe wont be able to understand the story since it would be a huge jump or skip on the story and some on the forums says that translating ccc is impossible since psp is almost obsolete and almost nobody even care thats why this extella is more prioritized because of its been released in ps4 and psvita if im not mistaken…well i have no other choice but to play this..anyway thanks admin for posting this one

  4. Uhm guys, I had downloadedand extracted it, however i have this error when i start the game, it says:

    “the program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer.”

    how to solve this?

  5. Hey admin,i have finished this game now but i can’t find its save file location. Can u or anyone(if u know) tell me the location of the save file? thanks.

  6. I find the story great since it continues off of Fate Extra.
    It’s not VN material sure; but it’s like an afterstory of Fate Extra CCC and it’s a prologue to future Fate Games.

    Everyone! If you like Fate, especially Fate Extra, then you will not be disappointed in this game!

    It’s not a holy grail war simulator like Fate Extra, but it captures the essence of heroic spirits and what they’re willing to do to save someone.

  7. Hopefully its atleast a decent port unlike 90% of games of this style on steam like all the senran kagura and god eater games

  8. Got A weird bug with the game Where it wouldn’t launch I found on the steam forums that its a bug with the game itself that is solved by making a copy of the game.exe file renaming it and launching the game from that renamed file.

  9. Apparently these tagless games are from Steam, which is just about useless as a source of tags. “No Sexual Content” far as I can tell, which is prolly why most of us are here.

    Looking over the Steam reviews, consensus even among positive reviews seems to be that this is a good game if you’ve followed the FATE/Whatever series (I haven’t), and maybe decent if you haven’t, but like aggressively affectionate foxgirls. Aside from those, it has a passable if superficial story, and mind numbingly simple hack and slash gameplay. Pretty good graphics/art far as I can tell, at least by the standards of this site–but most games here are old so *of course* it’s better than those.

    Minutes of Googling saved: ~16. Inb4 I get chewed out for saying “This wasn’t to my taste and here’s why.”

    1. I’ve seen it described as a ‘musou’ game, if that helps at all. I can see why this game wouldn’t be for everyone, it is actually entertaining. The story is probably the weakest point of the game…next to the fox girl, who I HATE because I can’t stand that trope.

      My question is this: Does this upload include the costume DLC’s?

      1. I bought the game on PS4. While I am a FATE fan, this is a decent game on its own merit with lots of story. It also has really nice CGs; I made a point of screencapping many of them for backgrounds for my computers.

        It is a musou-type game where the primary gameplay is one character running around beating up a bunch of mooks, capturing bases, etc.

        It builds up off the events of FATE/Extra (PSP title). While that title isn’t required to play (they clue you in to the basics of what you need to know). The full game takes you through three routes and then a final “true” route. Every non-mook in the game, AFAIK, gets his or her own side story of 4-5 missions.

        It’s worth a purchase, IMHO. The DLC is all extra outfits for characters.

        The Red Saber character is not Artoria (she is a secret character in the game though).

        There’s a fairly skimpy outfit for one of the characters that is unlocked as part of plot (one of those things that make sense in context).

        Both Red Saber and Caster (the fox girl) are in Fate/Extra (I recommend playing that too, it’s an RPG though).

        1. The fox girl is actually my favorite Servant, you get to know her a lot better in FATE/Extra and she’s got some reasons she is the way she is. Red Saber is unfortunately (for me, anyway) the main girl of the game and gets the endgame.

          The other Saber character in the game is adorable.

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