Fate/Stay Night

Fate/stay night

The Holy Grail War.
A great ritual that materializes the greatest holy artifact, the Holy Grail.
There are two conditions to participate in this ritual.
To be a magus, and to be a “Master” chosen by the Holy Grail.
(The experience as a magus is not questioned if one has the aptitude)There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants.There is only one Holy Grail.
If you wish for a miracle.
Prove that you are the strongest with your powers.

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  1. Admins,
    So I’m having an issue trying to run this game, and others on this site. I install the parts, put them all in a folder, extract them all using 7-Zip, and then click on the .exe to run the game and it throws me two windows, and error message in japanese I can’t understand and a smaller window with a bunch of question marks and a red x. I’ve changed my computer’s locale to Japan, am currently using Windows 10, and have also had this same error happen to me when I tried to download Noble Works off this site a couple weeks ago. What should I do to fix this issue?

  2. When I CHecked Realta Nua Version it comes with 3 types (Unlimited Blade Works, F/SN , Heaven’s Feel) is this the same cuz the other version has 6+ GB while this has 2+GB. Pls Explain I’m so confused

      1. Isn’t this the full game? Pretty sure the reason it’s smaller is because it had subpar audio tracks, a smaller amount of sound effects crappier resolution and less CG’s and visual effects. The upgraded Realta Nua was upped in the visual quality side complete with CG’s, had the entire soundtrack remastered to up it’s quality, and even had three new Openings (one for every route, instead of the two simple openings of the original).

        To answer the original question it is “sort off” the same. As in, this is the same story overall, but the Realta Nua version is an improvement in both graphics and sound quality. But in the flip side it was also rewritten to conform to an All-Ages rating.

  3. i am unable to get title screen of the game i have downloaded all the parts but the game started itself no title screen came and now i am unable to save the game or quit it please help

  4. Hey admin i try to play F/SN but when i try to launch the VN i got some error screens, one with a red cross, a blue screen empty and a error message in japanese.I don’t understand i previously set my computer in japanese like the others.I have download the twelves part of the vn and i put them in Daemons tool lite. Did i miss something ? (Sorry for my english i’m a french guy)

  5. Hey, if anyone has a solution for this it would be much appreciated. I downloaded all parts and extracted them in a folder, but once I click the .exe it completely breaks, making an error window titled “???” appears with a badly cropped red X in the middle and the only option being “ok”. A weird floating window with some icons also appears but they all seem to be broken, and the game doesn’t start. if someone knows any possible solutions it would be much appreciated

    P.S. I did try running it as administrators and changing the compatibility settings just in case that was the issue

  6. I remember downloading this before but it came with all 3 games and I can’t remember if it was on this site or another that i use

  7. The original Fate/Stay Night I played 10+ years ago had a card battle mechanic in it and full H-Scenes. Is this that version?

  8. Thanks for keeping this up, I downloaded my copy of Fate Stay Night the VN over a decade ago and it sadly got lost when I swapped computers, I’ve been feeling the urge to replay the VN sometime and give my younger brother a Copy since I’ve already gotten him hooked on FGO. This gives me an easy way to do so, so you have my thanks.

      1. Yes bro
        Glad I’m not the only Indian who plays fgo and I just love fate series
        I’m not on Reddit but it’s my fgo I’d 493,573,946 and my name is prince in the game. Send me a friend request if you want…

  9. I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body, and fire is my blood
    I have created over the thousand blades
    Unknown to death Nor known to life
    Have withstood pain to create many weapons
    Yet those hand will never hold anything
    So as I pray, unlimited blade works

  10. hey admin
    does the h-scene includes the scene with rider?
    because i downloaded a version without it
    and just heard it from a acquaintance that there is indeed a scene like that
    i’m not sure i where i doownloaded that version thO

  11. Game crashes when Rin meats Saber In Japanese region, and downloaded LAV filters it wiggs out and wont let me do anything for 15ish second then returns me to title screen

  12. Thanks for bring this game, i always wanted to check out the original history and the scenes without censorship.

  13. I’ve got a strange error that soft locks the game during the Heavens Feel route, right after the second choice on day 10. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I fix it? And where can I post a print screen to show what happened?

  14. Cheers. I finished the Fate route, started a new game, finished prologue until the movie, it played just fine, but after it a blank blue Information window pops up, and it won’t continue (black screen). I have no saves whatsoever, only one at the end of Fate.
    Also, if I try again going through prologue it just drops me out to the main menu.
    Also2: all my gallery is empty until the last save…
    Any ideas how to fix it?

  15. Hellllpp!!!!
    I’ve reject toshaka proposal on 4th day and after 2 choices ive had a bad end. In dojo scene Illya says that I should have avoided toshaka attack on 5th day and if there aren’t any avoid choices then I’ve come to UBW route. But I haven’t finish saver route and no matter how many time I’ve load game and rechoice I’m still getting bad end.

    1. It’s because you reject cooperating with Tohsaka on the previous day. Just load your nearest save point or even if you need to go back to the new game there is the skipping cutscene function, then chose to ally with tohsaka.You can trigger the same end in UBW route too.

  16. Answer, this is the Realta Nua Version and with Realtà Nua Ost, but i have to say that, even if the opinions on this VN are high, compared to G-Senjou, or Grisaia, or Tomoyo After, or Dangaronpa, this is just an overrated shadow. Story is too stretched, soundtrack is nothing special, the “romance” just feel forced into the game, and not part of it, not like Yuuji and Amane. I bought the original FATE/Extella on Steam, but i thank the Admin for this download so with the money i spared i bought “if my heart had wings”, giving money to who deserve them

  17. I just downloaded it and it works! I will keep this updated if there are any issues. Thank you very much Admin! I’ve always wanted to play this game!

  18. Can I get a version without the voices? My device is way too short of memory to download it with them… I don’t care about them, I just want to play ;-;

  19. When I extract the zip files, it notified me of some corrupted files. After that, when I start the game, it showed a error message at the “Type-moon presents” screen, then freezed there. I can still open the menu, but it failed to proceed.

    I believe some of the files have been corrupted. I would appreciate if you can check that. Thank you.

  20. Hi admin,

    I extracted everything, but I can only launch Fate. If I complete that route will I be able to go to UBW then? Also, is there a way to toggle the h scenes on or off?

    Thank you very much!

  21. hi admin i just finish downloaded all parts extract here and run as administrator but jump out a red cross window and the only button available to press the close button and okay. both button results in nothing happen plaese help me

  22. Hi, I’ve just downloaded all the parts and when I extract the part1 it says that the part13 is missing, but it doesn’t exist.

    Can I play the whole game without any problem or a part13 file is required?

  23. hey admin, i can run fate and heaven’s feel fine. but when i try to run UBW it says tvp kirikiri has stopped working 🙁 any solution?

    1. No need for crack/patch – it works out of the box, just extract and play.

      As for Mac – no idea. This is Windows game – it shouldn’t be hard to run on bootcamp or wine, but I haven’t tested it.

  24. Just a minor grievance (“Minor”), Why is it you (Admin i guess) use that stupid download website, instead of just linking it straight to your site?

    It took me 2 hours to get all of 12 files downloaded!

    1. 1. Hosting files directly would use insane amounts of bandwidth – given this site’s popularity, monthly server bill would go well into thousands of dollars.

      2. It’s a quirk of my country’s copyright law – while “distribution” of copyrighted works is forbidden outside of “close circle” of friends and relatives, linking to publicly available resources hosted somewhere else isn’t.

      1. Your country is the best. In my country it is forbidden to even lend your sibiling copyrighted material.

  25. hi+admin,+i’m+trying+to+run+this+on+a+macbook+using+wine+and+playonmac,+but+the+file+doesn’t+get+read.+is+this+version+unable+to+run+on+macbook+or+is+it+me+just+being+a+muppet?


  26. I downloaded F/SN a few days ago, and I met a problem.

    I’m currently at the 11th day, on the Fate route, and a few voicelines did not play.

    Is the download really complete ?

    1. Yes. It’s complete. Basically, original PC version had no voices at all. Then came out console version which was voiced but had no h-scenes. The version posted here is PC version (meaning adult content) with voices from console version backported, but since there were slight differences between those two (mostly adult scenes), some lines will remain unvoiced.

      1. I have an issue with my safe files. I didn´t play in a month or so, and now the game can´t open my safes anymore. I can´t seem to safe either. Is it enough to put the folder with the safe files somewhere else, reinstall the game, then put the safe folder back?

  27. Why the hell do you use such a shitty file host that makes you wait 120 seconds to start the download and then makes you wait like 5+ minutes between downloads? Can’t you just upload them to Mega(or any other cloud storage) and send us the download link?

      1. Well, take this time to do something else. e.g. homework, check social media, set a timer by your side to alert you once its time to download the next part. There is a 6 min wait for each part after you download not including the 120 sec. Load all first, press download free but don’t actually press download. That way, you can load the 120 sec first.

  28. Need some assistance. I’ve finish the Fate route and is currently in UBW route, where Rin made a pact wit Saber and Archer trying to kill Shirou in the temple. The game shows this “information” tab during the clash images and the game won’t proceed it is somewhat stuck. What should I do to fix this?

  29. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use other patches with this version. For example, if I wanted to use this with a better uncensored patch or Realta Nua, could I do that? I found that it’s difficult to tell which files affect which parts of the game, so I’m not sure what to replace with files from patches. Thanks.

  30. Hello there, I wanted to ask if the files contain all three routes
    , Fate, Unlimited Balde Works and Heavens Feel.

  31. Hey, I have a problem when running the game… I extracted all the files just fine and executed the .exe file, the game starts and the intro works fine. Only, when I get at the end of it (when Saber is standing on Rin after coming with Archer to drive Lancer away from Shirou), the screen goes white, stays white and freezes, I have to restart the computer to close the game…
    I am on Linux and use Wine, if anyone knows how to fix this I would be very grateful… Thank you 🙂

      1. Wine is a windows emulator, so it should work just like on windows… If you have any leads that could help me fix it, they’d be very welcome…

  32. Hi, I have a question. When I get to the first H-scene in the “Fate” route, when Tohsaka says “Sleep with her. Saber is a girl fortunately, so it should be easy, right?” all the characters’ voices turn off by themselves. I would like to know if it’s due to a problem in my game or if they just didn’t dub the scene.

    1. Nope. The voice is originally from the Ps2 version, which is all ages. That’s why there is no voice for the H-scence

  33. Is this 18+? I thought there were gonna by something erotic in this Eroge, but nothing has happened for me so far, about 5 hours in.

  34. i have all parts extracted but how do i start the game and what do i need to do with all twelve folders? do i put it in a fate stay nigh named folder? then what?

    1. Hi, you gotta put all the files inside a folder, then point over all of them and press “Export here”. I think you need WinRar for this. enjoy.

  35. it seems the part 8 is causing problems for me too.. Showing The file is broken or in unknown format … please help .. NEED HELP urgently

    1. it seems the part 8 is causing problems for me too.. Showing The file is broken or in unknown format … please help .. NEED HELP urgently

  36. Hello admin, I just downloaded all the parts, but my computer said that the part8 was broken and couldn’t be opened. (I’ve downloaded it twice.) What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks a lot~~~

  37. When I launch the game (even though I have a save), it’s as if I never played : I still have the “Caution : this is a work of fiction” thing and the prologue each time I run the game. I still have my saves and I can continue the game, but the gallery and everything else is empty (the playtime restarts as well). How can I fix this ?

      1. Highlight all parts of the game then right click then find the “extract file” then select where you want to out the extracted file, if you dont want to select where to extract just click the “extract here”

        PLUS ULTRA!

        1. Just wondering where the save option is? Can you only save at specific points or is there an option? I just saw other people having save issues and I don’t want to play for a few hours and find out I can’t save.

  38. I am not able to extract othr than 1st part. It says error. Can any1 say how to install this game?

    1. you only need to extract the 1st part m8 its like they connect to the 1st part after you download all of them

  39. I had this working perfectly until I downloaded BlueStacks. Now I keep getting a image of a big X and everytime I extract part 1 the file is broken and there is an error. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Please.

  40. Why doesn’t the game save? I played it first time, saved it on the very first part, played a little bit, saved again, exited the game.. now, i play that game but my save files aren’t there? how 2 fix?

  41. Hi, thank you for the post. I’m having an issue. I downloaded all 12 parts but when I go to extract part 1 I get an errors saying that I have to begin from an earlier part and that a part may be absent. Also, gimpx3 is corrupt. After extracting, I can run the game but will not get past the “type-moon” logo, after which I can only access the menu and controls. Can you please assist me? Thanks and happy new year!

    1. I know what your problem is. You probably extracted them one by one. You should use winzip and extract all into one folder. It worked for me.

        1. you’ll right click after selecting them all to see a list of options. Below extract here there’s another option that will create a folder on the desktop. All those files will go into that folder after being extracted into it.

  42. I downloaded all 12 files and extracted them but there is nowhere for me to click so that I can play the game. Any help ?

  43. hi when i click the link it takes me into another website which is odd how can downlode this game pleas with out signing up with wierd advert sites

  44. I have download the game from here. DA-Free option. is there version or patch with better translation. Don’t take me wrong I am not complaining and I can still enjoy the story, but I feel translation is lacking somewhat and so I would like to know what are the options.


  45. The part 4 of the DA Free isn`t working. I click on the download and it says the page doesn`t exists. Can you please help me?? Thank you

  46. 14:42 Monday 31/08/2015 :
    Posted in erogedownload.com by aRainbowedTailedPinkCat

    Thank you for your uploading ! =^_^= The Mirror Moon team can be proud of the translation they made.
    This game has a really interesting history : all the characters have a story, the universe is really well developed. There is also an interesting reflection of what is really a superhero.
    It’s a pity that the choices are very limited. In my point of view, this game looks more like a book than a game.
    But it deserve to be played and even more if you have watched the really poor anime of 2005 that don’t reflect the quality of this game.

  47. I can’t download it, it says I need to upgrade my account since is too heavy. Is there another way, pls?

  48. Can the voice patch be disabled somehow? If not, is there any alternate download place where I can find a version without the voices?

  49. So I read the comments and I see other people are having the issue of the site requiring you to pay to download. Yes, I did click the DA-Free tab and it takes me to a site that has two options of payment and above those options is this: FateStayNight.part01.rar 199.3 MB
    but that is not a clickable link. I’m probably missing something, I’ve done all the steps for the game I just need to download it.

    1. All you do is look at the left-side of the screen, to the left of the captcha that pops up, which will have a countdown from 120 seconds. Once it hits zero, type in the captcha and click the download button that is also in the lower left, underneath where the countdown was.

      I mean you can type in the captcha before it hits 120 or after, it doesn’t matter.

      But after you download the first part you’ll have to wait about 6 minutes before being able to download the next part. Which is a pain, but worth it.

    2. I just realized what you meant. Underneath the filename, will be two links that say paddle/free

      Click paddle, and then exit out of the ad that pops up. After you click “free” another link will appear below it that says “Free Download”

      Click it. Then after that, just follow what I said before and you should be fine.

  50. hey admin, I always save a file but then when I run again the game, everything’s deleted and i have to start all over again.

  51. Don’t suppose you could upload the Realta Nua PC release and the new patch they made for it?

  52. Admin, there’s something wrong with the voices. On the beginning of the 15th day of Fate route, the voices are suddenly cut off. I thought that its supposed to be like that, but from what I’ve read, the voices are only cut off in the h-scene as there are never any voices in the first place. But I still played it till the end, hoping that when I’m done and start a new game the voice will come back. But it didn’t. I’m already in the UBW route, but still no voices. I downloaded this for the voices, but now that its not here, I don’t even have any motivation to continue playing it.

  53. guys, im very confused, i watched all of the amines of this novel, so i dont know it will be worth to read or not, any helps????

  54. I know I did everything right, I downloaded the files, changed to a Japanese-Local, and then extracted the files, but the novel is still not working for me. If it helps my laptop runs on Windows 8.

  55. Nevermind, figured it out. Winrar extracted them all simultaneously, so I was literally extracting the entire novel twelve times. My bad

  56. I’ve downloaded all 12 parts. but the extracted files all look the same to me, like all of the contents appear to be the exact same. Should I compile them all into one document without overriding the files named the same way somehow or keep all 12 files separate?

  57. After downloading and extracting all files, I opened the .exe in the first part without changing to Japanese locale and the game still works. This makes me confused as to what the purpose of changing the locale was supposed to be.
    Maybe admin can help?
    If it matters, I am running Windows 8.1.

    1. I’m in the same boat as ultimateAI, as I also downloaded and ran the game without changing to the Japanese locale and everything seems fine so far. Am I missing something?

      1. Well, the answer is simple – look at comment’s dates.
        I re-visit older uploads from time to time, if I notice many users having problems getting some games to run, and try to re-make simpler upload. Current version of F/SN posted here is I think 4th or 5th iteration. The current one is basically as simple as it can be – just extract archive and play.

    1. The same goes for everyone else. For me, it’s only after two clicks. Clicking a third time does what you want it to do. It might get annoying, but once you go through the long, tedious process for all 12 parts, you’ll be ready to install.

  58. Hey, i’m having a little trouble on the install. I’m trying to find the image to mount for the installer, but my computer can’t find it with the install? I extracted everything and changed my region to jp, is there anything else I need to do? running on 8.1 if that makes a difference.

  59. On Windows 8.1, the game crashes in the last scene of the prologue (when Saber confronts Rin for the first time). Is this a known error and is there a fix? Thanks.

  60. I downloaded all the files and changed my computer region to Japan. But when I spoke to extract the files were corrupted (2-12) only one that was not corrupted. What did I do wrong? could someone please help me?

  61. I’m new to downloading stuff like this so could someone give me detailed instructions for the free download. Including whether or not I need to set Unicode to jap.

  62. Hi, I hope you reply to my question because I’m really confused.

    Does this version has H scenes? Like with Rin in the UBW route? Because I saw pics in Google like Shirou doing it with Rin in the class room, does this scene appear in this?

      1. { error starting the game part 1 writen in japanese can’t undersdant.}

        Admin do i need to download all of the parts in order to play it? It is said in the extraction that the part 2 is needed. Can i just play the part 1 just to try it out?

        1. Yes, you need all the parts, otherwise game won’t start properly, as it’s missing needed data, like sprites or text.

  63. Is there any way to remove the English patch from this game? I want to play it in Japanese, but this is the only place I’ve found to download the game and it comes prepatched T_T. Thanks in advance!

  64. Hey there! awesome page!. Question, are there any instructions to install the game? Please help, thanks for the uploads

    1. [IF OS windows 7 ultimate] change your system locale to japanese and download the whole VN and extract it then start playing.
      if your using XP VISTA or W8/8.1
      you may need to download MS applocale.

      if you need proper answers just go to FAQ just above and ask the admins


  65. For some reason, not every image was saved in the gallery. The ones from Saber and Rin’s first scene in the ruins were saved in the gallery. However, when Saber’s next scene happened, only one of the previous images was left. Then, when I finished the fate route, I lost all those images and was left only with images from the final battle. Can anyone explain to me why? Oh, and, is every image saved? Or how are they saved?

  66. Question, it´s the uncensored version?
    If im going to play it, i hope it is, if isnt, can someone leave a link for a compatible patch (there is at least 2 versions of this game, so i dont know if it will work)and tnx for the game, i´ve been looking for it

    1. You need Japanese locale (Refer to site’s FAQ section for instructions) to run this game, but yea, it’s extract and click on .exe to play.

    1. Download files, change non-unicode locale to Japan (see site’s FAQ for instructions), extract the game (WinRAR or similar software needed), double-click on game.exe.

  67. guys i have hint to share
    first F/RN,
    second 8 different opening movie,
    third new separeted music,
    fourth restore unused cg and voice
    fiveth of course for pc hehehehe….

  68. Hello,

    I just finished the Fate route but once I have restarted the game, I can’t do the UBW route, beacause I don’t have te choices to do it on Day 3.

    Could it be because of a bad installation ? If yes, could you explain me clearly how to reinstall it ? Because I don’t understand the the installer file well (for me, I have just extracted the whole files by starting the extraction with the first package).

    I am pretty desesperate, please answer ^^’

  69. When I run the game in fullscreen, it stretches to 16:9 widescreen ratio which makes everything really fat. Is there a way to prevent this without having to run in windowed mode? I just want to play this game in fullscreen but in the intended 4:3 ratio.

    1. Check your graphic settings inside your computer wide settings. Nvidia control panel, or catalyst control panel. Then just change the ‘Scale image to full panel size’ to ‘Maintain aspect ratio”. For the Catalyst control panel it does the preferences based on each resolution so it’s a bit of trial an error to find the correct resolution, and it might overwrite some other ones (GTAV for example, where I can run 4:3 resolution and still output 16:10)

      1. Well I have the Nvidia Control Panel and tried exactly that, but it doesnt work, any other advice in this regard?

  70. Excuse me, i need help. All of a sudden, my game stopped working. Whenever I try to open the .exe file, it says: “authentication failed. Fate.exe may not be a valid kirikiri executable”. How do I solve this? I’ll have to download everything again?!

  71. Protagonist is stupidly annoying when it comes to any interactions with women that have the tiniest bit of sexual tension. That and his stupidly patriarchal attitude regardless of the situation and his nasal like voice makes the protagonist to be one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever had to play through. I understand comedy value associated with guys facing unfamiliar situations with sexual overtones but I’d expect it to appear in a situation with more tension than, “omg, a girl who’s been in my house before is entering my house!!!! PANIC!!!!!”. And I do believe that most guys are patriarchal to some degree but the insistence of the protag he will fight in place of his female partner (spoiler friendly!) because he doesn’t like women fighting, DESPITE her being OBVIOUSLY 100x stronger than him goes beyond chivalry and is just stupid and flies into the face of any sort of common sense.

    Thankfully, the game has an ABUNDANCE of ways to kill the annoying protagonist, some of which are quite graphic. Kudos to the developers for this!! I do gain a high measure of satisfaction when I hear the protag scream in utter agony when something goes wrong. +1 for that!

  72. So I downloaded this FSN version to see the Realta Nua ending. I’ve used a VNDS converter to port the game so I can play it in my phone. But the problem is, some parts of the game are not translated (they are written in Kanji and I cannot auto skip them). The TE Fate route has black screen only accompanied by Kanji sentences. Does it really work like that or I’m the only one getting this issue? Was a little disappointed because this is the only version of FSN with Realta Nua patch that I could find. Anybody knows how to fix this issue? Please help~

  73. I think some of the voice files are missing in the downloads because a box appears telling me they don’t exists.

  74. Hay Admin, since the Realta Nua PC Version has been translated aswell should it be posted up aswell?, i know the Heaven’s Feel patch isn’t compatible with the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works patches but someone is working on getting all 3 patches to work together with Realta Nua’s PSVita intro

  75. “Don’t distrubute this without written consent from mirrormoon. Do you agree?”

  76. Can anyone plz help me. When I close the game I lose all of my saves. Is there anything im suppose to do apart from just loading the Fate.exe and playing.

  77. Thanks for the download! Could someone please inform me on which (if any) patch to overwrite with the 01/07/2013 update of the realta nua patch?

  78. hey I can play the game and save/load It but as soon as I close the game I lose all my saves, can someone help me with this plz?

  79. GAWD So much dumb people in the comments. Just appreciate the upload, and the game itself. So many crotch-scratching basement noobs just itching to get to the H scenes it’s not even funny.

    1. Sounds like somebody is doing a little ‘projecting’ of their own. What website do you think you’re on, hot shot?

  80. You just extract part 1 in the files you download then it will automatically extract all, find the new folder created for it and the game is right there, also if you want to download all at once you need premium membership for the download site, this is because the site limits you to downloading 200MB at a time if you don’t have premium

  81. Apparently, I can’t download the one part file, I have to download all 12 parts … Is there any way to download it at once ? I really don’t want it in twelve parts …

  82. can someone tell me if this has the H-scenes and the realta nua ending (secret ending)by the way great upload, the game works perfect but can someone answer me please

  83. I was just wondering since I am very new to downloading this in pieces could someone please help in terms of what steps I will need to do in order to download this proper. I need to know how I am supposed to extract and what files am I supposed to extract. I have never had this much trouble trying to download a visual novel before. I have already downloaded the old PC version of Fate/ Stay Night but would like to try this one out. Please, if someone could be helpful by giving me a step-by-step on what I need to do, that would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  84. IS it just me or the 3rd rar’s DL link doesn’t work? As in it gives an error after I wait and try to DL… Or it just doesn’t want me DLing mroe than 2 files at the same time

  85. um.. i download and extracted and when i try to play i get some jibberish sign language error message and game basically won’t work ? jeez.

  86. Hey I got a question, when I try to extract the rar file, it said that the bgimage.xp3 is broken, what can I do to fix this?

    1. Redownload perhaps? bgimage.xp3 contains the CGs and backgrounds, so I think the game would not run if you have that .xp3 file broken..

  87. @CJ: This is the PC version of the game, but enhanced with the voices, addl BGMs, etc from the Realta Nua (PS2 / PS Vita ver). So this is the 18+ version.

    For Jay W.,
    this is already pre-patched. You only have to run the .exe file..

  88. I want to know if this version of the game(which is already patched) include also the final epilogue from Fate/Stay night Realta Nua, which gives a better ending to Saber and Shirou.

  89. I cannot run the game on windows 7 . An error message with questionmarks comes up when I click on the exe . Any suggestions ? I would appreciate your help fellow fate/stay night fans .

  90. It’s a good story and I got it free, but the laziness in this game is really wearing me down. Is there ever a moment that isn’t a stock pose pasted on a background?

    I’m no longer wondering if there will be erotic scenes. I’m wondering if there will ever be a scene of any kind. Why spend so much time writing a long story and getting good voice acting if you can’t pay a guy to draw more than six pictures?

    1. You must not have gotten very far, since there’s a really great CG during the prologue showing archer and lancer fighting.

  91. hmm not sure if it’s normal but i can’t seem to skip read text
    with option go to next and i’m done with fate route now and i’am on first day can someone tell me if it’s normal or is there something wrong? and if it’s wrong can someone tell me what to do with it?

      1. yea i know that i can skip only this that i already played or i should but i can’t i wanted to skip beginning with rin and go through all the way to first choice to but it’s just didn’t let me that’s why i was wondering what was going on

  92. well i tried keeping broken files when i extract it and play it
    it worked but will it stop working somewhere in the middle of the game?

  93. Really, thx u for sharing this game, I really enjoyed and understand all about this serie, took me more than 100 hours or playing to complete it, haha, It was worth it :3

  94. having serious problem when trying to extract the files, probably the first one. some error occurred and the game won’t start, just a blue screen with code i don’t understand. someone please help me

    1. Is your PC’s system locale set to Japanese already? If not, it may be the problem. That change in settings will only affect the non-unicode characters so your PC will still function in English, but will now also run Japanese.

      1. I also got the same problem with tatsuya.. then i follow your recomendation, i change the pc’s system locale to japanese.. but its still wont play.. the blue screen is gone but there is a box with japanese letter with (X) mark with it.. and a little rectangle box with ‘control’ description on it..

    1. I can’t say how long it is since I’m playing through right now, but judging by the prologue (which may not be the best and I’ve only just completed), it’s really long.

      All the same, I didn’t need any additional files to play. You should be all set downloading just those .rar files

  95. How do you save the game? I’m not sure if the save is in game or via the tab in the windows. So I couldn’t save my progress and my com died because it ran out of battery before I plugged it in.
    I know it sounds stupid but please help. -__-

      1. WHAT? Are you serious??
        OH CRAP! I didn’t know……. Never occured to me to press escape. T_____T

        I’ll go try. Thank you!

  96. Is the voices for ’11th day – Ruins in the forest’ supposed to be gone? Cause I would really like the audio to be back…

      1. Yes, the voices are supposed to be missing.

        Originally there were no voices for the PC version, but they patched the PS2 voices onto the PC version so there is voice for the game, but since platforms other than PC do not support eroges, they took out some scenes eg 11th day – Ruins in the forest

  97. Is there a way to remove the english patch? I’m a japanese and I would like to play the game in japanese, not english. is there a original file for the japanese text?

  98. Is anyone else having problems downloading the last part? Whenever I click on the link (after the countdown) it says invalid user. I’ve already downloaded the rest of the parts, just this one left.

  99. thanks for uploading it is fate Hollow Ataraxia going to be uploaded also I keep getting a error where the next text box doesn’t load anyway to fix this?

  100. hmmm, i have a question: is the Realta Nua patch not this crap, which removes the ero scenes of the game ? ô.O
    i know i have read that the patch, removes the ero scenes and makes other CG’s in place of. ô.O

    -!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!-
    I belive i had playing in the past; on the tenth day dilemma one (where saber fights raider on the roof of an building) when u choose the bad-end choice, u should see Ilya nude, or am i wrong ? ô.o

    1. AAAAH well nevermind above xD it has ero scenes hahaha^^’ i think i hit the bullet to fast XD
      but another quest. are they any scenes about ilya ?

  101. I need help. i’ve extracted the game and it works fine. the only problem is the Text appears as boxes instead of being words. Help PLZ?

    1. Personally, I just extracted it and it was ready to launch. As soon as it’s extracted, it’s as if it was already installed.

  102. Hey!! please can somebody tell that, How can I get fate true ending with saber(not 1 in which King dies) in which they both meet again(I think it is something called Avalon)!! Please!!

    1. You mean the Final Episode? Just get all 5 endings in the game. You need to have the “Realta Nua” patch installed to get that ending, but this download includes it.

  103. The best Eroge I’VE EVER PLAYED. it is just awesome. My fav scene was when he realize he loves Saber(Around bridge) and that background music was really touching!!

  104. ok im a noob at this. i just downloaded all the part, do i need that DAEMON Tools thing in order to play it. or do i still need the original game? XD

  105. Baffling, how many people get extraction-errors and yet NOBODY here seems to give a flying fakk about it or willing to help in any way …

    (same problem here. Also for G-Senjou btw. .. just sayin’)

  106. I am having an issue with the files when unzipping. In part 1 I get CRC failed in fgimage.xp3. Then in parts 7-10 I get Data error in patch6.xp3 File is broken. I have tried downloading several times. Any advice on how to solve this problem?

  107. i can confirm that some realta nua cgs are in here but not everything. If you downloaded a different version you can tell if its realta nua by the prologue. During night of the first day you should see Rin specific CG’s during the summons. I have
    the actual realta nua but its in chinese. Also during the prologue from the beginning when shiro first see saber you should hear a bgm.

  108. I heard of the Anime version of this but I guess this is the video interpretation of the former. Anyway, the plot is very interesting but it can be utterly predictable since it based on the anime. Might try it if I had the time.

    1. well forgive me if I’m wron but as far as I know, the Anime series ARE the one made from one of this eroge’s ending, or am I wrong?

      1. The anime is mostly based on the Fate route of this. After that is completed, you can play the Unlimited Blade Works(which there is a movie based on), and then after than the Heaven’s Feel route, by making different choices which are unlocked by completing the previous route.

  109. I’ve downloaded all twelve parts and when extracted them on all parts there is at least one corrupted file and cant figure out how to start the vn

    1. files are broken not corrupted and I’ve found the application and it did not leave the file i was extracting it from. some help would be appreciated

  110. It says in the description that the game is prepatched.
    Does that mean it is Realta\Nua patched?
    I heard that Realta\Nua patch introduces some cool new Cgs and a True Ending to one of the routes.
    And if the game is not Realta\Nua patched,can I simply download the Realta\Nua patch available on the net and repatch the game?
    Or would I need a rip of the Realta\Nua game disc for that?
    Thanks in advance!

  111. I’m still downloading the parts but I want to know what I need to do afterwards. So do I just extract all of them or just one of them or something? I have Win 7

  112. I…didn’t expect much out of this, I didn’t take the game serious in the first place. But the name sounded interesting and I remembered the game being mentioned on some blogs, so I decided to play, although I didn’t expect much, partly because I didn’t think the theme could be very interesting.
    I….can’t believe how wrong I was, I’m missing words to describe. The game is not Awesome, it’s the definition of Awesomeness and Epicness. I was nearly traumatised, shaken and caught by the game. It is…an experience. I couldn’t stop, I played 3 days straight (i mean straight) without pausing. The story and the game itself were boldly awesome and to use any other adjective would be insult, cause no matter what, the game can’t be described by words.
    The game flashed me and I ended up finding a new favorite game. I can only say, you’re taking an incredible chance away from yourself, if you don’t try this out….The ending (no spoilers) reminded me kinda of Elfen Lied and I hoped even after the credits, it wouldn’t end like this, but it can’t be helped, that’s also part of the amazingness the game is filled with. I really don’t know right now if I should smile or cry…?

    Well anyway. The game is unbelievable deep and I would NEVER EVER BY ANY MEANS believed an Eroge could be so catching deep, awesome and…..just perfect. I mean with such a story who seriously cares, that there are just a handful of Eroge-Scenes…?

    Ok I’m out now, I’m gonna play it right again now w(^-^)>

    1. If you are referring to the Fate Route… let me just say you’re in for an awesome surprise after getting all 5 endings in this game.

    2. Yeah! Same wid me I am playing this game for last five days non-stop!
      And I must say the quality of philosophy and it’s music(“Ever present feeling” is just epic music) are just way 2 good.

      Both love stories were awesome as well(I don’t count Tohsaka’s story).

  113. Ps: I promise come back and tell if the game is or not in english.
    And yes:
    It’s just for some newbies (as I) who really get ‘lost’ in the websites (don’t ask me how).

  114. amm… well I have this problem: I have downloaded all 12 parts and then unzipped all of them but when when I clicked “Fate.exe” it just crushed
    there is no installer anywhere

    1. Strange… are you sure you are not clicking in the icon (ico.)?
      Because here I download and I just click in Fate.exe and the game run automatic.
      Haven’t you changed the name of any archives?
      Well.. if you still have the rar. archives, try again. If not, I really don’t know what to do.. because if the game or the patch had some ‘problem’, it will no work here.. then what is left is your computer (but I really can’t believe that you PC don’t run FSN -.-).
      Try the rar., if it doesn’t work, try reboot the computer. Maybe it doesn’t recognized the game, since you don’t install it, just open the folder and run. But I don’t know, just a supposition.

  115. Well well…
    I don’t want to be the asshole, but the game is in english? I found the site searching the Google and I get doubts. But I saw ‘Alphabetical index of english translated games’ in the top of the page, and changes my mind. I am already downloading the game, actually. I just want to know before play the game. My japanese classes has just begun .. I’m not so good at this -.-
    I am talking alone here, really. I don’t suppose that will be someone to answer my question at 03:50 of the ‘night’.
    Don’t mind me. Go to the next reply.
    I will return… to say if the game is in english. It can help newbies (as I).

  116. I’ve been enjoying the game but I have a doubt. It has been 16 hours, in my first playthrough and there isn’t a single Hentai scene. My version is 3.2. Did I pick a censored version?

    1. There aren’t all that many sex scenes, and the few that there are are pretty badly written(a running gag in fan circles is making fun of Nasu’s awful erotic writing. It’s REALLY funny), and as much as I like Takeuchi’s art, I don’t find it particularly arousing.

      Really, just play this for the story.

  117. I switched off my computer and reboot it and now the loading works well so i don’t need help anymore. Apparently, it fails if the computer is too slow

  118. Files n°1 & 2 work but the others send me on the error page. I’d like to know why and if there are ways to fix it.

    PS: I’m french, sorry if there are mistakes

  119. I have installed the game with the voice, but when I try to run it a blue text window comes up and a small tools window with 4 buttons.. is there a way to fix this?

  120. when I downloaded this game and plays it it works just fine, but, when I turned off my PC and turn it on again I can’t open the game and this message keep appearing “Authentication Failed : Invalid Signature Format” what should I do?

  121. Part 10-12 will not download for me keeps saying file error as in the link is wrong for the site or whatnot.

  122. part 7.rar and part 10.rar are not getting extracted

    patch6.xp3 is shown as the corrupt file for both part7.rar and part 10.rar

  123. is the Realta Nua patch included because it says “prepatched with voice and uncensored cg” or do i have to download the patch myself? thx for providing the novel, admin (downloaded it some time ago)

    1. It says it’s prepatched right? Why in the holy grail would you need to download the patch if it is PREpatched?

      God, the idiocy of some people.

      1. Monty monty monty… try to learn a little about subject before criticizing others. There are 3 or 4 different patches for F/SN
        One is for translation(and thats what means prepatched) 2nd is for voice and uncensored cgs i think and third one is Realta Nua which gives NEW CGs and effects.

  124. Hmm, now even the files I just downloaded give me the error. Guessing it’s a hiccup with the download site, hopefully one that will be fixed soon.

  125. Was able to download parts 1 and 2, but got an error when I tried part 3. Will try again in a moment.

  126. I keep getting page not found when trying to download the 3rd part of the .rar files. Any suggestions?

    1. Yeah I’m not able to download Fate/Stay Night part 1, Clannad part 1 or Chaos;Head part 1. I haven’t tried any others… going to try Steins;Gate next…

  127. can someone help me!! i always get this error whenever i open the game-
    Authentication failed : Invalid signature format.

  128. how do i take the save file and put it onto a different computer?
    i tried copying the save file, but it just starts with the prologue anyways

  129. i’ve downloaded this a few times, I use winrar to extract the game everything goes smoothly but when i double click the fate.exe to run it i get a window with three ??? and an X..
    Can anyone help me please?
    I really want to play the game.
    And i have windows vista

  130. Never play this VN before.
    Who do you play as in this VN?

    @kiko –
    All VN in this site is in English.

  131. Hey… I downloaded and started playing this game yesterday on my new computer. I definitely saved the game. But today I went to “load” and there was nothing there. I wasn’t done with the prologue yet, can you just not save in the prologue? I tried playing a little and saving again, just to see if it would work. And it did the same thing, nothing showed up. Just wondering if this is normal, or if I did something wrong?

  132. I have an issue with extracting the rar files. Whenever I want to unpack them I get an error message that says “No archives found”. I thought, maybe something went wrong with the download so I re-downloaded them several times but the problem remains.
    Any idea how to fix this, or are the files really just broken?

  133. I a quick question. is the dialouge of the game in english and voices in japanese?? Also does this game work on win7? Thanks for the replies.

  134. hrm..GOOD GAME!!! totally not dissapoited“
    but sadly the Echi* scene theres no voice* hrm..i wonder if theres a voice patch for that~~hrm,,,
    now im play and trying to follow as the same route as the anime~~

  135. I have a macbook, I downloaded and extracted all 12 files with no problem, and now I’m at a loss as to what to do next. When I go into the FSN folder, I tried Fate.exe (fail) and clicked around, but nothing happened. Does it even work with Mac? Basic help appreciated. /wants to play ;_;

    1. So macs do not run .exe files. You’ll need to play this game on a windows OS. You can install windows onto mac with Bootcamp, or if you really just want to play on the mac OS, you can purchase Crossover; this app lets you run .exe and other windows files while on a mac OS

    2. I’m playing it on My Macbook Pro only…i’m using CrossOver and it’s doing wonders for me…except “Steins; Gate” almost all VN’s running fine on Mac…it’s a very simple and easy to use app…:D

  136. hi people nice game and alll but i have an ishue with my linux it played once perfectly but no every time i click onfate.exe a litle window apears sayind that was translated by moon mirror and some weird letters i dont know if linux is to blame or i did something wrong please someone help me!

  137. all I did was download all of them. put them in a folder amd unzipped the first one and double clicked the Fate (application) and so far, I am not having any problems

      1. i see. ty for info admin 🙂 I been trying to find some game with female main like Second Reproduction (great game BTW, thx for upload :D) Although i do play some with male main like Katawa Shoujo. that one was my most favourite

  138. Whenever I try to extract part 1, a diagnostic message keeps showing up, saying that the file is broken. It always comes up when it’s extracting ‘bgimage xp3’. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  139. Is there a fix for the dialogue box yet? I’m unable to change the dialogue box to the thin or normal version, and the tall version is really annoying. It covers up the whole screen so you can’t see the picture behind it.

    1. You… do realize you can see the graphic behind the box with the “Graphic” option in the menu, right?

      Also, all text boxes take up most of the screen.

      You want there to be a simple rectangular box at the bottom, but there never was one.

  140. Heard alot of massive hype about this one but never gave it a shot. Just recently bought Fate Extra for PSP and loved it so I figure i should try the game it was made from.

  141. admin, I hear fate stay night Realta Nua (PC) translate is complete… Can you post it? ( for those who don’t know Realta Nua don’t google it, there are many spoiler… But I think I can say this : realta nua is the best ending of all three arc of fate stay night… it is not good ending, its not sad ending, it’s BEST ENDING… )

    1. Realta Nua is for the PS2. There is patch to give the PC version the extra content from it, but the game here is already patched with it. Note the voices.

  142. Game extracts fine for me.

    My problem is, it plays but because of my monitor it zooms in up and to the left of the window and I can’t see it all, not to mention I can’t get to the save option as the menu is off screen. I set my monitor higher, but the color is all messed up because my monitor really isn’t made to do that(it’s an old 4:3 monitor).

    Is there any way I can fix this?

  143. it doesn’t work, downloaded all 11 parts from filesonic, only able to extract the first 2 parts. and I can’t do anything afterwards.

  144. Admin, i don’t know but i keep on failing to download the fourth part from filesonic, God, i really want to play this game,

  145. I like the game but you really are cruel admin. Releasing a game but not it’s sequel. I can do not but search the internet thoroughly to find the game so I’m not left hanging.

    1. Hope you realise that the Admin doesn’t release or translate any of these games. He just put them up for download on his website. Odds are the sequil hasn’t been translated yet.

  146. I hate to dis this “game” but honestly I downloaded it because I was really excited about the anime, and the new prequel anime fate/zero. I wanted to know more, and I wondered what kind of cool game this would be. I didn’t realize I would be reading what essentially is an animated popup choose your own adventure book. Honestly I was a little disappointed by the eroticism too. It was no better than some of the dating sim games out there. Don’t get me wrong I love Type-Moon’s anime but this just didn’t do it for me. I was hoping for more interaction I guess or at the very least more heated eroticism. On the plus side it did help me fill in the missing pieces and I found the origins reference from kara no kyoukai fascinating. All in all I’d say this “game” is more of a reference tool for the series.

    1. well it seems as though you are not the type for visual novels. and no it is not reference material for the anime. it was created BEFORE the anime and is the truer version of the anime. it fills in holes because the anime had to cut out plots/stories/etc. because these kinds of games have more than one route (ergo more stories). the anime was created based on the VN because of its good story and popularity. this is done for a lot of famous anime including Fate Stay Night, Tears to tiara, Clannad, Higurashi, etc.

      Visual Novels are a game and a darn good read, making them something beyond the child of a game and a book. it is its own genre of something else and just is.

      I hope youve learned something and wont just assume something is something just because of its label. 🙂

  147. I have a problem with game, Heavens Feel way i cannot unlocked. Yes i doing all what i must first day bo allways i have a introduction chapter not Taking Sakura home, advanced chapter.

    Someone know why?

  148. At the scene, in Unlimited Blade works where saber just formed a contract with rin, the VN just stopped. It continually made error windows and became unresponsive. What to do?

  149. I haven’t played long so i don’t know if there’s a checkpoint or something, but if there isn’t, how do you save?

  150. hey guys,I downloaded the DVD version somewhere,and I was wondering:is there any difference from the 3CDs version from this site?are all the patches compatible to it?it also said I downloaded a “Dummy Cut”,does it mean I’ve got some missing content?

  151. Is it possible for you to make a torrent file instead? Mine is taking forever to download I’m new here and just asking though XD

  152. This is literally the best thing i have ever read, this changed my life, i have 18 days reading time on this game. i am obsessed, GOD

      1. Such as? I’ve played at least a dozen VN’s and Fate still shines as the best one I’ve ever read through, if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them.

          1. As VNs, they are equal, but not for the same reasons. Steins;Gate had great gameplay mechanics with beautiful art (im not comparing graphics, because that would be unfair, but the actual style itself) and a story I have come to cherish over any other. It also covers it’s ass very well when they do something time-travel related, which makes it hard to call them out on.
            Fate had a pretty good plot (Zero leaves it in the dust imo, but thats besides the point), but not as good as S;G’s. However, the idea of something like this is beyond amazing. The fact that this story was originally conceived by a highschool student makes it more shocking. But what really pulls me to fate is the amazing fight scenes. When I heard fight scenes were in it, I didn’t think any sort of novel could pull off a great one even with visual aid. But I will admit I am a noob with VN’s and I was stunned by them. Thats what pulls me in. I cant really speak about the relationships because the h-scenes kind of ruined it for me (KIND OF). Reason being is that that first one I spent half an hour trying to figure out why the audio disappeared only to laugh at myself when I figured it out and therefore couldn’t keep a straight face and following that my friend ruined the rest for me by telling me “She stops making sounds; SHE WANTS TO FUCK” so not the VN’s fault on that one.

            But yeah I would say I liked S;G a little better overall but storywise it tops it unbelievably, actionwise vice versa.

          2. So what is reason sound stops there. Creators of game were unwilling to pay for sound?

          3. The original VN didn’t have VA’s. The Voices are from the PS2 game which…….didn’t have those scenes thus no voices. Sound does play during the H scenes. Its actually a pretty nice BGM

      2. Could you give a list of the “best” VN’s in your opinion? A lot of people say they loved FS/N, I would be interested in better titles as you said it.

  153. once i finish the prologue
    the game doesnt continue
    it just blanks out and a box with exclamation mark pops out

    1. That’s when OP movie is played. Most likely you don’t have codecs installed. You can also post exact error you’re getting and we’ll try to help.

      1. Same problem as frustrated. This has happened before, so I tried making it to the end of the prologue with saving or changing any settings, but this always pops up:

        krmovie.dll/krflash.dll (random kanji) failed to render::IGraphBuilder (random kanji)

        I’m playing this (as well as other VN’s) on a Macbook Pro using a legit copy of CrossOver Games, other VN’s I’ve played (with intro movies) have never experienced this problem, and I know that PC users are having this problem as well, so…any way you can help?

        1. Are you running in Windows 7? I was seeing the same persistent crash until I changed the compatibility to be Windows XP. If you are already on XP try and reducing your screen resolution.

          1. [posting again]

            Happened with me too…this is happening coz ur PC or MAC(in my case) isn’t able to run the video files coz of some problem with codec…so all those who r suffering frm this can do either of the 2 things:-

            1. Remove video.xp3 file frm the directory where the game is installed…and u’ll directly reach the main titles screen after prologue ends(which runs from Rin’s point of view). It just contains 2 video files and it won’t affect the story of the game at any level…but even if u want to see them then u can download them separately from youtube and watch them.

            2 It’s more complex method…u need to extract those 2 video files from video.xp3 and then convert them into more PC-familiar format like .mp4 or something…then u have to repack the “converted” video files into video.xp3 and put this new one instead of old one into game directory and videos will play…

            Note:- u need to make sure that the name of the converted files should be exactly same as the original ones.

            Personally i found 1st option to be the best since videos r only like OP and ED of an anime…so download it separately will be a better idea then going through a lengthy process

  154. hello, I could not download the part 11 for the filesonic mirror and I could not use the fileserve mirror due to it was banned in my country.
    Can anyone check if it is the problem with the upload?

  155. Just wonder if the “part 1” now and “part 1” on june 2011 is the same file…

    I’ve downloaded part 1-6 on June 2011 and want to continue downloading it now, but on the older comment admin said that the current version is preinstaled and prepatched (that we can just extract and play) while the old version is need to be instaled and patched (.iso file)..

    Are those files the same file? Do I need to redownload those files(part1-6) again?

    Can someone tell me please??

    Thanks before…

  156. does this patch also include realta nua, because the past persons asked this question three times already, yet no reply?

  157. when I downloaded all 11 files, i tried both mirrors twice each and when I use 7 zip to unzip the 11 files i get this message [CRC failed in ‘FSN/patch6.xp3’. File is broken.] and when I run the application to run the game it doesnt load at all it brings up a small window with a red X button. what can I do now?

    1. same deal happened to me when i tried to unzip any of the files beyond 2. so left the others zipped and haven’t had any issues with gameplay thus far.

  158. your file is either corrupt up to the end of the prologue, or you didn’t install it correctly, meaning you should try to re- install the game

    1. I got the same problem as Guy. 😐 Stops after the prologue and goes back to title screen. I’ve already re-downloaded everything twice. Didn’t work.

  159. Hi. I’ve been having an issue with my game running. It seems to always get an error once I arrive at the end of the prologue and does not let me continue with the story. I was wondering if anyone had any idea to why this could be happening? Thanks 🙂

    1. Happened with me too…this is happening coz ur PC or MAC(in my case) isn’t able to run the video files coz of some problem with codec…so all those who r suffering frm this can do either of the 2 things:-

      1. Remove video.xp3 file frm the directory where the game is installed…and u’ll directly reach the main titles screen after prologue ends(which runs from Rin’s point of view). It just contains 2 video files and it won’t affect the story of the game at any level…but even if u want to see them then u can download them separately from youtube and watch them.

      2 It’s more complex method…u need to extract those 2 video files from video.xp3 and then convert them into more PC-familiar format like .mp4 or something…then u have to repack the “converted” video files into video.xp3 and put this new one instead of old one into game directory and videos will play…

      Note:- u need to make sure that the name of the converted files should be exactly same as the original ones.

      Personally i found 1st option to be the best since videos r only like OP and ED of an anime…so download it separately will be a better idea then going through a lengthy process

  160. So, I can play this just by unzipping it and all, but is there any way to download this to my hard-drive and play it without having to unzip it each time? I tried extracting it and it gives me the error in japanese, “krdevui.dll folder/archive cannot be found, etc” (that’s as best as my japanese could serve me, I’m not 100% fluent)Being that this is my first time using this site and downloading this kind of game, am I just derping hard core? Is there some simple way to do this?

  161. i have a couple of questions
    1. do i have to fin download all of em to start playing?
    2. does it run on mac?
    3. is it the 1 with H scenes or the 1 without?

    and ty for uploading
    ive been waiting to play this for years LOL

  162. admin, are you thinking of at any point adding fate/hollow ataraxia? I ask because of the (relatively) new partially translated section, and I know the patch is at something like 65% done.

  163. hrm…hrm…just for sure,this game is completed?(with full voices)no bugged anywhere in it?
    i just want to know before i DL…uhhuh someone can tell me?

  164. Really wish this was uploaded to mediafire. The one place that doesn’t have waits or captchas or anything. Or a torrent would be helpful. Still, thanks. Guess I will just have to wait.

  165. I’m getting some issues… i downloaded the game and extracted all the files but the game doesnt run, and all i get is some toolbar and a pane with an x, plz help.

  166. if I only extracted part 1, do I lose other CG’s or does it work completely fine? Cuz I’m missing some at random places…and I was just wondering if it’s only because I did not unlock it yet, or if it’s because I have to extract all the files I downloaded. Please help

  167. I’m really sorry for asking this again but it hasn’t been answered before. Does this version have the Realta Nua patch already? I don’t want to patch it just to have it mess up cuz it already has it…

  168. I have a problem.
    When I go to the Menu Top, after i stop playing the game and load a save, I don’t have the same playtime that before. And I don’t have pictures that I unlocked.

    Moreover when I finish fate, when I become again fort the new scenario I’m in the prologue and I can’t skip the scene…
    Why ?

    Can you help meplease ?

  169. Are there any other games on the site like this? Just extract & play; no installing, mounting, torrenting, etc.? Thank you for the upload btw it’s amazing!

  170. The first Filesonic link is broken for me. :/ It only downloads 1,000k and finishes. I don’t have any problems with the other 10 links, though. I downloaded the mirror for the first part and it worked fine. Thanks for the upload! I love the game!! ^^

  171. really like your site and really thankfull for ur hard work
    but i have a request if i may … u know dat mediafire has a free download dat support the dll accelerators .. can u put the links in mediafire as well … so the download can be easyer .. thx again ^_^

    1. Thousands of people download those files and like 98% has no problems whatsoever – it’s just the people with problems ask those questions.
      People who have no problems just enjoy their game silently.
      Additional issue is that i’m changing links from time to time – if i see many people have problems with installing particullar game, I put it “on workshop” and try to find out a way to make running it easier. For example at first this game was posted as japanese game .iso image which you had to mount, change locale, install, then finally put the english patch. Current version is already preinstalled and prepatched – just extract the game and click on .exe to play.

  172. hrm..hay admin do you upload all this game after its completely translated or you upload if get a requested?hrm..hrmm just asking here.~~
    by the way
    domo Arigatou for uploaded all this game,no need for me to buy again 😛

    1. I’m posting them as they get translated. There are still some missing, but they should be posted within next several days.
      Requesting a game is pointless.

  173. Can anyone upload the files on an other hoster?

    I can’t see the captcha?

    Maybe Megaupload or something like this?

    1. Just keep hitting that little round arrow sign until you see a decipherable one. I know… I hate captchas too. 😛 On another note, maybe someone could upload the files to 4shared? 4shared doesn’t have captchas~

  174. Okay quick question I got the game working or at least I think so because it plays but there is no title screen and it plays from Rin’s point of view, I may be wrong but I am almost a hundred percent sure you play from Shirou’s point of view right?

    1. That’s normal – this is prologue. After it ends title screen will appear and you’ll start playing from Shirou’s point of view.

  175. Would you mind uploading part 8 & 9 again Admin? I always get corrupt files on those part. Or would you at least upload patch6.xp3? It’s the only file I’m missing from patch?.xp3. Without it, the game has no voice for me so yeah. Thanks.

    1. it may be a bit late, but yes it works on w7, i just got this laptop 2 days ago and it works fine, provided you havent really fudged anything up 🙂

  176. So… What’s with the direct download “Surveys”? Not exactly Surveys now are they… Either signing up for Insurance Quotes or online game downloads. I actually finished the one for the Insurance Quote too, but never got the Direct Download link going.

  177. I have a question. There are a lot of files with the same names like ‘video.xp3’. How should I handle those files?

    1. They contain game data (for example video.xp3 is opening movie) – just ignore them and start the game with .exe file

      1. ah. Ok. I was extracting them incorrectly and didn’t realize the files were exactly the same so I didn’t have to include them twice. Thanks you! 🙂

  178. Admin, did you upload a new version of this recently? I ask because the version I downloaded from here doesn’t have voices.

  179. Thank you very much for this game, I’m a fan of this series and I’m glad this one’s pre-patched already, because I’m so clumsy with the mechanics as I tend to do more work than fix! :p

    I’d like to contribute as well to add few titles that you are missing in your collections, and it’s a localized version too. 🙂

  180. Bad at torrenting, I unzipped the files I downloaded but don’t know which file will begin install, or if I skipped a step. Help would be appreciated.

  181. Does this include the Realta Nua patch for the final episode or is it the pure pc-version with voice patch?

    1. No, it’s not possible. Original PC version was completely unvoiced, the version posted here contains voices from PS2 version added, but since there are no hentai scenes in console version, there are no voices for them.

  182. Hmm. I am trying to play this but it’s not working. I have the newer downloaded version (no CD’s to mount, just a bunch of files and a .exe). When I play it, it goes through the first couple of lines, something about a spear as fast as lightning. Then, I get what is probably an error message in japanese, and nothing happens anymore. It’s just… blank. The background is just there, and nothing I press does anything.

    In addition, whenever I press any button in-game, it gives me an error message in japanese and nothing happens. For example, I try to quit the game, and it says “This will exit the game, is that OK?” And I can click yes or cancel, but no matter what I pick it just gives me the error message and nothing happens after that. No matter how many times or what I click, it just gives me an error message, and I have to control alt delete out of it.

    I am using windows 7 and I am already running the program as administrator. What am I doing wrong? What’s happening?

    1. Upon examination of the files I extracted, I also see that there is no sound.xp3 file, which I saw was a problem for some people in earlier posts…

    2. Argh! Ignore my stupidity. I had downloaded it fairly recently so I assumed it was the newest one, but I just remembered it only came in four parts for me, whereas there are eleven now. I am going to go ahead and assume I am trying to use the upload that was missing the sound.xp3 like those before me, and try again with the 11 part download. Please excuse my hasty plea for help and my inattentiveness.

      1. Indeed, previous 4-part download was missing sound.xp3 file, which resulted in errors like you described. New links i posted contain that file and work without problems.

  183. well, isn’t this one lovely game?
    i thought the anime was great, but damn if the whole story doesn’t play in a completely different league..
    thx, mr. admin for making this piece of art available ^_^
    sure hope hollow ataraxia will be translated one of these days…

    Just 1 thing though:
    what’s with the title??? i really don’t get the “stay night”-part <.< oh well.. xD


  184. anyway to go into fullscreen – dont see it in the options and i would like to see it fullscreen

    1. Look at the toolbar at the top. There should be the option “Visuals”, there’s the full screen mode

  185. Would I be missing anything significant were I to run through this without videos?

    I ask because under Wine it crashes when a movie is to be loaded (which can apparently be bypassed by removing the video.xp3 file) and when I try to use it on my old PC I’m hitting an error. ._cxdec.tpm is not a valid Windows image, check installation diskette. Maybe the file’s been corrupted, maybe its something wrong with the PC (it’s fairly old), either way, I don’t feel like downloading all 11 files again to see if that’s an issue.

    Going to poke around winetricks and see if I can find a workaround. Here’s hoping I come up with a solution/find out videos aren’t too important plot-wise, as I’ve been putting off reading this for years.

  186. thanks admin the game downloaded fine and so far there hasn’t been any errors with the game so far

  187. Yeah i had dowloaded that sound file (I believe it was named XP3 or something) seperately from a MU link someone posted here in the comments section. But oh well, thanks for the uploads.

    1. No, voice is japanese. Orginal game was unvoiced, but PS2 version had them added ( to compensate for removing h-scenes). Someone ripped them from PS2 and made patch to add them to PC version.

  188. Oh man did you change the original download links? You previously had it 4 parts FSN 1-4 parts on Fileserve but now there are 11 seems like an inconvenience. I had downloaded the original first 2 parts need parts 3-4 but now i’m screwed.

    1. Old upload was missing a file containing sound data, which crashed the game every time sound was supposed to be played.New upload has it fixed.

  189. Uh does anyone know if this game was ever officially released stateside? I would rather buy a copy of this visual novel if there’s an official U.S. release. I’ve always been curious about the animated version of Fate/Stay/Night even though I knew it was based off an adult visual Novel. Though i’ve not seen the animated version I would like to play the visual novel first, is this a fanmade translaton?

  190. To whoever it is that owns this site or frequently updates or provides the games that we so gratefully play. I would like to say thank you for providing us with so much. I posted here because for me this was the game that started it all. Memorable character, and events that will forever be burned into my memory it opened a world of dreams for me. And ever since I’ve always been searching for the next novel. Not for the sex, but for the stories. The stories they tell the reasons for their flight. I love this site. And I love the “worlds” that it allows me to to experience. I just wanted to say thank for doing what you do. I appreciate it.

  191. Well, that was a big ball of depressing. I have wanted to play this game for along time but,”A spear of lightning pierced my heart!” and apperently that was that. I guess I’ll try another visual novel…had my hopes up. By the way, if any of you are bored and haven’t tried KiraKira you should try it. That’s so far the best visual novel I ever played. Although I only did one route. Later.

  192. can anyone please post any links where we can download the sound.xp3 file.

    or better yet can someone please upload the sound.xp3 file


  193. Are the game disc needed the Part 1 of 4, Part 2 of 4, Part 3 of 4, Part 4 of 4 that are in the download area?

    1. You don’t need to buy anything. That four parts contain game disc image.
      Of course – if you liked the game, then i encourage you to buy it, in order to support game developers.

  194. im having a problem about extracting part 3, the file is FateDisc1.bin , it says the volume is corrupted… anyone can help?

  195. I tried to run this installer on my computer, everything was working fine but when I try to run the game (Jap Version, haven’t installed Eng patch yet)I get messages like these from Symantec Endpoint:

    Security risk detected: Trojan Horse
    File C:\Program Files (x86)\Fate\is-ECKVU.tmp

    Is this temp file a virus that was accidentally packed alongside this game?

  196. I happened to install the game just fine. I used DAEMON Tools Lite to do so, and I simply pulled in the file FateDisc1.cue and mounted it which started the installer, and simply whenever the installer asks for the next disc you pull in and mount FateDisc2.cue and click next and for the final disc when it asks for disk three you have to pull in FateDisc.ccd and mount in rather than FateDisc3.cue.
    This will fully install the Japanese version of the game and to install the English version you simly double click the Fate/Stay Night English Version 3.2 installer and it’ll automatically begin, but you will have to remount each of the three files as it asks for them in order to fully install the game. But after that it will be completely installed and playable.
    The only issue is that the voices are missing. There is sound, background music and sound effects, but there is no voice at all and I am sure that there is voice supposed to be in the game from my research into matters similar to this. I am unsure as to whether there is somewhere to get the files to plant the voices into the game or not but if anyone has any idea as to how to get the voices then that’d be very helpful.
    Not that the voices are needed, it’s a great game even without, but I’d like to have the full experience one might say.

    1. Only the PS2 version of the game has voice. However, the good people at Mirror Moon, who did the translation patch, have made a way to patch about 95% of that voice into the PC version. I’m not sure on the specifics, but I know you need a copy of the PS2 version of the game to do it. There should be directions in the readme.

      1. Update:

        Looking at this made me want to play the game again so I grabbed the latest English patch from the Mirror Moon site (just google it if you want the patch) and torrented a copy of the ps2 game. The installer worked without a hitch and has a built-in option to patch the sound from the ps2 version into the PC version, even though it takes around 2 hours to complete.

        Protip for those who are having trouble installing any of these games ever: Put your computer unicode settings into Japanese. Those are the settings the games were originally made for and they should fix almost all of the problems you will ever encounter. You can do this in “Control Panel” under Regional and Language Options”.

  197. i run the english patch but after it extracted to disk 3 the installation failed and stopped. Is there a solution for this?

  198. Uh, to add some info, when I tried to run the game .exe file, not the English patch shortcut, the same problem occurred, but now there are some Japanese text in the error message ,about data.xp3>cs23j or sth like that…

  199. I can highly recommend this game, still the best I´ve ever played.
    Maybe someone should change the “Linear Plot”-Tag, since thats exactly what this game is not. Also one might add High School and Drama-Tags if ye have some freetime. An Truly-Epic-Tag and GAR-Tag would also be fine by me~

  200. is it after downloaded the file I extract them? I extracted one but it show ” insert volume(-1):D:\….\FateStayNight.part2.rar” what does this means? should I cancel it?

  201. i have downloads both japanese version and english version of this game but the japanese files cant be recognised on my laptop and the english version wont install with out the 1st disc of the japanese version can anyone help me install the english version please

  202. So… to explain the problems with images…
    Most images consist of two parts – mount and data. You have to edit the “mount” file… either ccd, or somthing like that…
    FateDisc3.cue in this case /probably/

    Open the file

    And change the content to look like this:
    FILE “FateDisc3.img” BINARY
    TRACK 1 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 1 00:00:00

    And you’re done. Or you still could mount the *.img file.

  203. when I extracting 3rd disc, the installer asking for realta nua dvd
    I’ve tried choose cancel, but when I play the game, the characters don’t have a voice
    anyone can help??

  204. I would like to first thank the poster for taking the time to upload such a great game, and yes it works perfectly for me. Except it does not contain the Realta Nua voice disc.

    As for those why can’t mount the 3rd disc, I think I might have a solution. Instead of mounting the .cue, mount the .ccd file. I used Alcohol 120%, which in my opinion is the BEST image mounting program.

    Keep up the good work, this site looks promising.

  205. @mako
    That was a few days ago that you last posted if you’re still having trouble. when i dl’d this game (not here) back in april i was having trouble also then i realized that the file had actually not been moved to my computer but stayed in temp files was reading the saves out of a different folder. check and make sure everything is in one place on your c drive somewhere. if problems still accure dl it again, if problems still accure dl it from a different site. i got mine from the bay I was just curious if this game was on here…

  206. tried both but still not working properly. Tried asking at other forums too but they dont know how to solve this. And I tried installing the game at my other PC too but it was the same there as well.

  207. @mako:
    you probably installed game to “privileged” directory (for example “Program Files”) – try to reinstall game to different location ( like C:/Fate ) or run the game as administrator ( right click on icon )

  208. I have a lil problem here. Game works just fine and i can save alright and load too. But the CG and other extra are lost every time I restart the game and wont come back even if I load my game, just when I see pics n stuff again. Please help me with this. (when restarting game begins at prologue and not at the title screen)

  209. Admin,this game don’t contain the voice patch,the Real Nova disc.Do you have it?Or do you know where can I get the disc?Thanks a lot.

  210. The hotfile link to the translation doesn’t work. It just says that hotfile is having a problem with this file, and to try again later. Anywhere else to download it?

  211. Thanks for the game! I’ve downloaded it and installed the ENG patch- no problems at all (CD3 working fine).

    Keep up the good work!

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