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Fate Route
Day 1
2. I’ll go and finish my daily routine.
1. I’ll go and help out the student council.
3. I’ll rest.

Day 2

No choices

Day 3

(If finished the game once) 2. Don’t stop her.
2. …Fight (1. …Revoke the Command Spell. = Bad End 1)
2. Save Saber…! (1. Run away with Tohsaka. = Bad End 2)

Day 4

1. Ask about yesterday.
1. …Alright. Let’s cooperate.
1. Which heroine is Saber?

Day 5

1. Go and meet Tohsaka as arranged.
1. About Lancer.

Day 6

1. Talk to Rider
2. Don’t fight. (1. Fight. = Bad End 3)

Day 7

1. Her reason for fighting. I want to know why she seeks the Holy Grail.

Day 8

1. I want to know about Saber before she became a Servant.
1. Go straight home.
1. Fuji-Nee, where’s my gift?

Day 9

1. Go and get Tohsaka.
1. There’s no need to stop.
2. …I can’t match her. (1. Beat her before I get beaten…! = Bad End 4)
1. Summon Saber…! (3. No, I can’t use my Command Spell…! = Bad End 5)

Day 10

2. I have to follow Saber…! (1. …Wait here and stand by. = Bad End 6)
2. Run to Saber.

Day 11

2. …I can’t do that. (1. …I’ll have to nod for now. = Bad End 7)
2. …I’m in no condition to fight. I’ll sit in the chair and pretend I’m tied up.
1. I’m worried about Saber.
1. I’ll provide backup with the bow…!
2. Don’t use it! (1. …Is that the only option? = Bad End 8 )

Day 12

1. Protect Ilya.
2. That’s fine, but why are you exactly on time today?
1. Ask about the projection magic.

Day 13

2. Go out with Saber. (1. Let Saber take care of Caster and protect the other two here. = Bad End 9)
1. Believe in Tohsaka.
2. Don’t do it, Saber…! (1. …That timing, she got it…! = Bad End 10)

Day 14

1. Stand up. (2. Don’t stand up. = Bad End 11)

Day 15

2. Go down the stairs. (1. Go back home. = Bad End 12)
1. …Even so, Tohsaka.
3. …Have a strategy meeting. (1. Spend time with Saber. and 2. Go and report to Kiritsugu. = Bad End 14)
3. Give Saber back her sheath.

Unlimited Blade Works (UBW Route)
Day 1

2. I’ll go and finish my daily routine.
2. I’ll go to work.
3. I’ll rest.

Day 2

No choices

Day 3

1. Stop her.
2. …Follow them. (3. Do as Tohsaka said. = Bad End 15)
2. Bring back Saber.

Day 4

1. Stay at the archery range.

Day 5

1. I’ll go see how Saber’s doing.
2. Jump back to the hallway…! (1. Jump to the stairs…! = Bad End 16)
1. Can I hand her my Command Spell…?
3. I can pull out this “nail” in my right arm…! (1. Use the Command Spell. = Bad End 17)
1. I can’t say for sure.

Day 6

2. I’ll go see how Sakura’s doing before the sun sets.

Day 7

1. …She’s after me. I’ll give up and go out there.
2. Use the Command Spell to call for Saber.

Day 8

2. …It’ll be pointless, so I guess I won’t ask. (1. I guess I’ll ask him. = Bad End 18)
3. Meat’s on sale today. I’ll make a huge meal to make Saber happy. (1. I’m worried about Sakura. I’ll go to the Matou household. = CG)
Note: You should reload after getting this CG, otherwise this walkthrough won’t be ‘correct’ as to which end you get (specifically the Good End). So make sure to save at this choice. 🙂

Day 9

1. It’s too dangerous. Stop Tohsaka.
2. Protect Tohsaka…! (1. Go help Saber…! = Bad End 19)

Day 10

1. I have to talk to Tohsaka.

Day 11

1. I’ll make Japanese food in that case. Actually, I’ll go take it out on the culprit.
1. Look inside.
1. Refuse (2. Obey = Bad End 20)

Day 12

1. Meet up with Tohsaka. (2. Go to the church for advice. -> any choice. = Bad End 21)
2. …Not yet. I can’t act so recklessly. (1. …I’ll go out. I can give Tohsaka an opening now…! = Bad End 22)
2. Help her.
3. We can’t do this by ourselves. We’ll cooperate with other Masters.

Day 13

2. …Stop the man…!
2. …I don’t mind, but under one condition. (3. …I refuse. = Bad End 23)

Day 14

1. …What’s wrong with stopping them if I can?

Day 15

1. Go over strategy with Tohsaka (For True End)
2. Go to the Dojo to check up on Saber. (For Good End)

Day 16

2. …No way, I can’t give up so easily…! (1. …I’ll at least take him with me…! = Bad End 24)

To get BAD END #13, you have to really jump through hoops. Not all the following choices are necessary, but you get to read more of the text available in the game. So for ‘completion’, you’ll want to follow all the steps…

Day 1
2. I’ll go and finish my daily routine.
1. I’ll go and help out the student council.
3. I’ll rest.

Day 2
No choices

Day 3
(If finished the game once) 2. Don’t stop her.
2. …Fight
2. Save Saber…!

Day 4
3. …I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t want to hear either.
1. …Alright. Let’s cooperate.
3. …Where did you get those clothes?

Day 5
2. Explain things to Sakura.
2. About Archer.

Day 6
2. …Keep away from dangerous things.
2. Don’t fight.

Day 7
3. I want a secret attack. A super move would be great.

Day 8
1. I want to know about Saber before she became a Servant.
1. Go straight home.
3. Apples won’t do. Eat some Mandarins, Fuji-Nee.

Day 9
2. Wait quietly.
2. I can’t block it myself…!
2. …I can’t match her.
2. If I can get Saber to help me…!

Day 10
2. I have to follow Saber…!
2. Run to Saber.

Day 11
2. …I can’t do that.
1. I have to fight. I’ll make the first move when the door opens.
2. I’m worried about Tohsaka.
2. …What’s the point?
2. Don’t use it!

Day 12
2. Entrust her to the church.
3. No way. We’re fasting today.
3. Silence is good.

Day 13
2. Go out with Saber.
1. Believe in Tohsaka.
2. Don’t do it, Saber…!

Day 14
1. Stand up.

Day 15
2. Go down the stairs.

Heaven’s Feel (HF Route)
Day 1

1. I’ll go and help Sakura.
2. I’ll go to work.
1. I’ll take Sakura home.

Day 2

2. I’ll make one more side dish since Sakura’s coming.
2. I’m worried about Sakura.

Day 3

2. …Fight.
2. Save Saber…!

Day 4

1. Secure the neighborhood.

Day 5

1. (3 = Bad End 26(not right now))
1. I don’t hate you.
2. I’ll tell Sakura myself.
1. Should I go check on her… ?

Day 6

1. Don’t lie.
1. I’ll go shopping.
2. Restrain myself
3. …No, I’m worried about Sakura. (Others choices = eventually Bad End 25)

Day 7

Bad End 26 happens here.
2. To show my apology, I’ll do anything she says.
Bad End 25 happens here.

Day 8

1. Investigate the Ryudou Temple.
3. Use my Command Spell…! (2. Attack Zouken…! = Bad End 27)

Day 9

2. He didn’t want to kill me?
2. I can’t do this myself. I need Tohsaka’s help. (1. …No, this is my problem. = Bad End 28)
1. Yes
1. Yes
1. No way! (2. …I guess it can’t be helped. = eventually Bad End 31)
1. No, I can’t leave Sakura by herself.
1. Pull Tohsaka’s hand. (2. Close my eyes and attack Rider = Bad End 29)
2. I want to protect Sakura. (1. …Persist on being a superhero. = Bad End 30)

Day 10

1. I really like her.
2. I should go see what’s going on. (1. …I should stay here. = Bad End 32)
2. Protect Ilya…! (1. Bring back Tohsaka…! = Bad End 33)
1. I guess Tohsaka.
1. Release it.

Day 11

3. No, I’ll go check up on Sakura.

Day 12

1. …I nod.

Day 13

1. Accept. (2. Do not Accept. = Bad End 34)
2. …I can’t do that. (1. Kill Sakura. = Bad End 35)

Day 14

1. Quickly go back home.

Day 15

1. Save Sakura. Bring back Ilya. (2. We lost. = Bad End 36)
2. Accept. (1. Refuse. = Bad End 37)
1. Bring Ilya back.
3. …Give her the answer to the previous question. (1. Escape out of the shed…! = Bad End 38)
3. ‘Will I be on Sakura’s side until the very end’

Day 16

3. Wait for my chance…! (1. Attack Saber…! = Bad End 39)
2. …Bring my arm down. (1. …Save Saber = Bad End 40)

—1. Do it. (Normal End)
—2. …Is that the way? (True End)

56 comments on “Fate/Stay Night – Walkthrough

  1. For some reason the op vid for the heavens feel rout isn’t unlocked even though i finished the game. Is that normal?

  2. Hello,

    I just finished the Fate route but once I have restarted the game, I can’t do the UBW route, beacause I don’t have te choices to do it on Day 3.

    Could it be because of a bad installation ? If yes, could you explain me clearly how to reinstall it ? Because I don’t understand the the installer file well (for me, I have just extracted the whole files by starting the extraction with the first package).

    I am pretty desesperate, please answer ^^’

  3. Thank you for the walkthrough, This was the first visual novel I read, and I devoured it. 4 days 10 hrs played time and I started reading it 2 weeks ago.

    I loved all of it, I just wish the normal end of Heavens Feel granted Sakura and Shirou a happy end. ;(

    Also, I was just a bit disappointed that none of the endings correspond to the start of Fate Stay Hollow, I believe Ilya is present in Fate Stay Hollow and she doesnt seems to be there at the end of Heavens Feel Good end.

    Anyway, I love Type Moon. <3

  4. Hmm. Fate route seems…. egh in comparison. UBW is great and Heavens Feel is amazing. Fate seems to just ride on Saber being everything without Shirou ever getting his idealism kicked in the face like it does in the other 2.

    1. Fate route is very beautiful exploring Saber’s character, it’s nice, to fully enjoy the story one should play all the 3 routs, one will experience all sorts of emotions playing those routs, I did only cry in the end of fate’s route, but UBW it’s the most epic, Heavens Feel is pretty good too.

  5. i think you’re mistaken. Kiritsugu did come to see Ilya, but not allowed to enter the castle because he didn’t bring the Holy Grail.
    Shiro is not a real brother for Ilya, since he’s just adopted son. And perhaps Kiritsugu didn’t want Shiro to be involved with Holy Grail.

  6. I personally like the UBW ending I just wish Ilya didn’t have to die I mean after watching Fate/zero and finding out that she is Shiro’s sister makes me angry that Kiritsugu just abandoned his daughter he didn’t even once try to go and retreive her from the Inzbern castle or tell shiro that he has a sister.

  7. I have finished all three routes and the only cg i don’t have is the last one on the third page of the heavens feel route i have followed the walkthrough so im not sure what i have to do to get it if anyone can help me it would be appreciated

  8. On the Day 12 of the UBW route I don’t get the option to meet up with Tohsahka. Stupid Shirou just keeps saying “there’s only one choice. I’ll go to the church” and dying 😐

    1. You need to have a high enough relationship with Tohsaka, or you won’t get the choice to go to the church. Go back a few days and talk to her more often.

  9. Not real interest of the basic walktrough here, not like this one would really need one…

    The 1 ending I can’t find is the bad ending #30

    If anyone knows, please do tell me, what do I have to do wrong for that one?

  10. —1. Do it. (Normal End)
    —2. …Is that the way? (True End)

    I don’t find these options in HF Route 🙁

  11. Well… Heaven’s feel… Ouuuch ¬¬ so SAD… ¬¬
    Fate route… So hopeless end…
    Unlimited Bladeworks… I’m the bone of my sword xD LOL that route are the best (in my opinion)
    well cya people.

  12. This is my first time playing visual novel. I have some questions.
    I cannot start UBW unless we finish Fate route? and I must save the game every time choices appear to make it to other route?
    Because there is no choices like how it stated in the walk-through for UBW and HF when I play the game.
    I dont really know what should I do to complete every route. Please help.

    1. Well, at least to see every scenes that you want to, there’s no other choice but to save your game everytime you meet the ‘choiches’ that’s what i usually do…

      before leading into ‘Dead End’ you can load your game from the previous choice, so it’s really tiring,though ^^”

      If you don’t want that, you can try to follow this walkthrough then 🙂

  13. It seems I’m missing a CG from HF. Did I make a mistake somewhere? The CG is the 1 at the bottom right of the third page.

  14. Well, FSN is one of those games where making choices with common sense can literally can get you killed or a even worse bad end.

    So you need this walkthrough one way or another.

    1. >”By the way, I didn’t follow the guide to get the True Ends,”
      >”So you need this walkthrough one way or another.”
      I lol’d

    2. what exactly do you mean? I tried “following my heart” to state it poetically and thereby only got on my first try without Walkthrough 2 Bad endings, 1 time in the middle, i believe around day 7 +/- 2 days and 1 time on the final day. (Fate Route)

      Oh well, after that I went to the walkthrough to get instructions for the other paths anyway, but also cause I thought until right now the normal ending of Fate was a bad ending caused by wrong choices or whatever…

      Looks like it’s the real ending…damn.
      Btw: What exactly do the points in the walkthrough above mean like 1. 3. and so on…? Sry 4 knot knowing

  15. Alright, I’ve cleared all the routes and got the game via this site, yet I am not seeing the “Last Episode” appear in the menu. Is the copy from this site Realta Nua patched, and if so, what am I doing wrong?

    By the way, I didn’t follow the guide to get the True Ends, but then used it to get the Normal End for Heaven’s Feel and then the Good End for UBW.

    I’ve tried:
    a) Following the Guide and clearing the routes the supposedly right way according to the guide.
    b) Doing (a) and playing through the Routes in a *proper* order (Fate True, UBW True, UBW Good, HF True, HF Normal)
    c) Doing (b) but playing through the Epilogues for all of them instead of skipping through them.

    What else am I doing wrong? Me and my Cherry Blossom themed menu will just wait.

  16. I can’t seem to get bad end 13 even though I followed the steps in the walkthrough. After I choose to go down the stairs in day 15 the story still proceeds to the end. Am I doing something wrong or is there a mistake in the steps?

    1. Bad End 13 is…difficult to get. To get it,what you have to do basically is ask Saber stupid questions (“Move to beat a Servant in one shot” etc ), be stupid (“Keep training” when she wants to have an early stop training in day 12, leading to hilarious fake bad end), avoid talking to her when you can talk to another character (After the…scene in the forest ruins, for example) etc etc. These are just some of the things you can do. Basically, don’t talk to her unless you have to, and when you have to be an idiot. If you reach this point with less than 5 of the hidden ‘relation points’, you’ll get BE13.

      It’s a real pain to get, but necessary for the best end of the game, as long as you have the most recent version(unlocked upon 100% completion, and involving Shirou and Saber)

    2. I got bad end 13 by following the above guide, except on day 11 instead of choice 1.I have to fight. I’ll make the first move when the door is opened I chose choice 3. How about that bed.

  17. For some reason i was able to enter “Unlimited Blade Works” during the first playthrough.
    I said i don’t wanted to cooperate with Rin and now the introduction screen of my 5th day showed “Bonnie & Clyde” Unlimited Blade Works.

    Is it a bug?
    Will i somehow be forced back to the fate-route later?

  18. Ok, this may seem like a stupid question, but I can’t seem to get into the HF route and I dont know why not, I have gone through the walkthrough, but it skips the options to let me go into that route, can someone please tell me what is going on lol. Thanks

    1. to get any of the other routes you need to first get a good ending in the fate route. Then a choice shows up that lets you access unlimited blade works properly. once you complete unlimited blade works you can then access heaven’s feel due to ANOTHER choice appearing where there was not one.

      1. sorry double post my bad. Also for hf take every sakura related choice you can get your grubby sakura liking mits on.

  19. i just notice that in Heaven feel route there is some Bad End that will take few days for it to show.

    just like on fate route, you will got bad end 13 if you lack of points for Saber.

    example: on fifth day, you will got tiger Dojo #26 if you lack of points for Illya.

    1. Converse about Sakura.
    (3. That’s a dangerous smell, run to the classroom![Continue until 8th day–#26])

    1. I don’t hate him/her/that(or else the route to Tiger Dojo 26 won’t appear).

    2. Speak for yourself.

    1. Shall I go check in on her…..?

    2. Is it that I didn’t want to kill?

    2. I can’t do it alone. I need Tohsaka’s help.
    (1. …….No, this is my problem.[#28])

    1. Yes.

    1. yes.

    1. As if!
    (2. …….No choice.[Keep choosing this until the 9th day~#31])

    1. No, I can’t leave Sakura alone anymore.(with Tiger Dojo #31, this won’t appear.)

    1. Take Tohsaka’s hand—–
    (2. Close your eyes, and swing your sword at Rider—–[#29])

    1. I want to be Sakura’s friend.
    (1. …….Insist on the side of justice.[#30])

  20. lol its funny.

    i just finish the Fate route and starting UBW. i just notice that Saber and Toshaka’s role is now changed.

    in Fate, Toshaka is the one that explain the Travia stuff (like the servant’s classes, noble phatasm, and stuff).

    but in UBW, Saber is the one that explaining.

    its like having 2 different teacher teaching the same subject. XD

  21. well well im kind of confused…
    in day 3 in UBW route,in the second time you are asked to choose, i picked “stay here”, then shirou said “this is my last chance”, other options apeared and in picked “head to the graveyard”.
    Doing so still takes me to the video and no bad ending, this is diferent than the walktrough, so i was wondering if it afects it somehow…
    im worried i might get less cgs

  22. Thanks to reading you guys i feel like playing UBW againg (My favorite route) and get all the bad endings faster in order to watch the 38 and the especial scene.

    Fate is the best visual novel i have see until now. Every route had a different story and powers to tell even when it has the same begining.

    1. I don’t know that do you mean. The Tiger Dojos (aka Bad Endings) have a specific function: get the all 40 and you can watch a special scene in Endings section.
      Bad Endings aren’t really exciting nor funny. 38, like Taiga says, is like Saber’s Ending in HF.
      Just get the forty Tiger Dojos and enjoy the scenes (also, the Tiger-Ilya CG).

      1. Oh, I actually found some of them to be pretty interesting and others give a bit of extra insight to the plot. I’d love to see bad ending 30 to the end, for example. Anyway, do them all, just because Fate deserves to be thoroughly played. Also, the Tiger Dojos ARE funny as hell.

  23. I’m pretty sure I did everything correct until I reached Day 15 in the Fate Route… I followed your lead to go down the stairs and I knew that was true cause I’ve seen the anime but I got a bad end!!! D: WTH!!! and I totally forgot to save the previous option so now I have to start all over again… T_____T

    Anyone know what went wrong? Or what I might of clicked to have made “go down the staires” a bad ending… :\

    1. This might be a too late, but w/e.
      You have to go down stairs, and there is a flag checker about Saber. You must at least 6 points in order to continue the Fate route. Be sure to get at least 6 points. Otherwise, you are screw.

  24. I know what you mean darkmind, such GAR-ness emitted off of ‘bad’ end 38. Notice how it’s so GAR, that its the only bad end that is labeled as “End”, and even Taiga-sensei is reluctant to treat it as a bad/dead end 😛

  25. Tips:
    To get Heaven’s Feel “Normal End” you have to get the “True End” first. Complete the game, then load from the last save (which is presumably the previous choice) and continue as usual, you will be prompted with a new choice option after the last battle.

    Though the ending sucks as it’s short and doesn’t offer any new CG, but it’s required for Last Episode if using the Realta Nua patch.

    You definetely want to get the “Bad End 38”! Don’t ask.
    -> Rule of GAR <-

  26. Haha, I agree with you Midnight. Heavens Feel ‘feel’s more like an Evil Feel. I preferred Fate and UBW. UBW for the reasons you mentioned and that Rin is just plain awesome, and Fate because I really liked the relationship between Saber and Shirou – and the values they came to adopt through each other. All the more heartwarming after achieving “The Last Episode” scenario

  27. In which route? fate has no good end only a true end, UBW has a good end and true end if you follow thew all the options theres only 1 option that makes adiffernce and thats the before the end, see tohsaka frist and its =ture end, see saber frsit and its = good end. Heavens feel route tbh thats just a bad end all round lol, but has normal route and true as explained just pick the options above only option on the route is the final choice for normal and true.

    My fav ending has to be the true ending in UBW he feels closer to actually becoming archer. his less dependent on a servant and more on his own skill.

    1. True but most tend to fuse it and the good ending of UBW together in fics. along with the dissappearance of Saber in the Fate route and Sakura’s relationship with Rin in the HF route.

    2. hey hey hey man, keep it low key in case it might spoil some of the story for ppl that didnt start UBW route ‘-0-

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