Princess Waltz

Princess Waltz

The Princess Waltz – a dance of whirling blades held to find the princess worthy of becoming queen of Seven Central in the fantasy world of Eldelant. Hopeful candidates travel from all the kingdoms of Eldelant to take part in the waltz, but only one princess will reign supreme…

You are Fukamori Arata, and you know nothing of princesses or waltzes. In fact, your daily life in modern Japan couldn’t be any more ordinary – you live with your mother and sister, are woken daily by your childhood friend to go to school, and live a generally full but normal life surrounded by a gang of rowdy classmates. When rumors start circulating about a transfer student to your class, you don’t pay much attention – princes from foreign lands don’t study abroad here in this day and age, do they?
When Chris Northfield arrives, it seems the rumors might be true. What is such a refined, polite and accomplished youth doing at your school? Your curiosity gets the better of you, but as you investigate you begin to realize you’re getting into something deeper than you ever imagined…

Peach Princess and Japanese maker Pulltop are excited to bring you Princess Waltz, a tale of sword and sorcery and an epic romance that bridges space and time, drawing you into a struggle that will take all the forces of Eldelant and this world combined to emerge triumphant. Hone your skills at the game’s innovative card battle system to defeat mysterious minions of darkness, choose your path through the story wisely to avoid peril that lies in wait, and win the hands of the beautiful princesses of Eldelant! A game often compared to Type-Moon’s Fate / stay night, and one of Japan’s most popular titles of 2006. Princess Waltz is an erotic action/adventure for adults aged 18 or older. It employes an innovative combat system to engage the player in interesting new ways as he goes on his quest to explore his relationship with the mysterious princesses. What adventures will you have with the beautiful princesses?

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  1. It was interesting, but I didn’t really like the ending. Didn’t like the fact that even though Arata and Chris clearly loved each other, you had to sleep with another woman at least once. And the ending, man. When you reunite with Chris, it pissed me off that they never professed their love for one another or that they didn’t sleep together again. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth

  2. This game is simply AMAZING great story line, a very interesting card system that has much potential and good supporting characters. My favorite 2 are Liliana Lun Lun and Angela, Lun Lun is the funniest character I seen in the recent past, when I saw her weapon I could not help but get a good laugh.

    I wish there was a sequel to this because the ending is certainly building things up for one, it would be interesting if Arata, Chris and the gang could have their adventures in the other world. The background on the different kingdoms and different groups give this game so much potential.

    Thanks for sharing this game with us Admin I will support this game by buying it

  3. Anyone have the OST? I can’t find a decent link anywhere, and would prefer not to download off of youtube if I can avoid it.

  4. They never did make a sequel to this game did they? If they didn’t it’s a shame. It’s a bit linear but my god that blue haired girl’s scene was the best and I want to see some adventures in the other world.

  5. Hello,

    the game crash when Liliana and Suzushiro meet on the roof… Is there anyway to fix this bug ?

  6. After Day 1 and i can only go like ……. Ok so what gender is He? or Her? Did they just fking merged?! SO I BECAME A GIRL!!!!!
    WTF is going on man … jesus (?.?)

  7. hi guys,I played a lot ot VNs,but for the first time I have a problem when I try to launch it,i always have the same message :Initializing DirectDrawn failed
    and the game shuts down.
    Could anyone had been in the same situation ?(I have Windows 7)

  8. Yes I liked chris too at first due to some weird boner I had but then everything changed when Angela came in-and pretty much every other choice in the game Like Angela,or his sister or Angela

  9. Hey ! The game seems nice but when I put fullscreen, my screen went all black. I’m on windows 7. Anyone else had the same problem ? THX

  10. I don’t know about your opinions but this game is one piece of diamond glimmering with the moon; I mean seriously, this is a great game. A little bit away from awesome because no matter who you choose you still end with the ‘prince’. It’s annoying, especially because who would choose that ‘guy’ over to your hot-sister? Or this other princess which is as hot, or this other one and that and this. It may sound I’m complaining, but eh, I am.

    1. tecnekly sene thaer was no otther guy no mather how she bahaves it stands tah tshe is no a he tho maby im teh only one but i like crhis xD

  11. Oh and a suggestion for the admin, if he or she wishes i recommend turtleshare that allows bigger files for non premium users and no wait times at the moment so he or she can use it to make mirrors that can be mixed with the parts and lessen the time it takes to DL each file

  12. Getting a Registry error, so i am running the installer, do i need to replace the launcher with the installer of the folder?

  13. I’m about 10 minutes in, and I already want to punch almost all of them in the face. His sister and the lady in red are the only exceptions.

    1. Agh. I have to agree. I think the only reason I’m evening tolerating it is because the game is really well made compared to others I’ve played.
      Honestly I can’t stand the classmates and that one blonde twintailed girl just showed up once and I already can’t stand her.

  14. AWESOME game! really loved the gameplay and found the “card battles” rather amusing. Would love an second season if you will. nehd moar.

  15. I think this game should continue to the next one since the ending left some clue that Arata said he’s going back to get something…love this game!

  16. Hey,
    I downloaded the files and extracted them and when I try to run the prwaltz.exe I get a registry error can anyone help?

  17. @ everyone having a problem installing (or, technically, re-installing) it:

    I fixed the problem by following the registry steps listed above (typing “regedit” into the launch box, then going to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Will -> princesswaltz_us) and just deleting the whole thing. For whatever reason, the uninstall must have not removed enough of the registry.

    Installation worked fine after that.

  18. Hey! 🙂 uhm i don’t know if its just me but everytime i load the game it says format error or so. I was wondering do i need to mount it?

  19. Just downloaded the game but when I change it to fullscreen it goes black buit I can still hear the music. Can someone please help.

    1. Try changing screen resolution, you’re laptop might have 2 different display adapters and may have to disable 1, or just try minimizing the game(or overlap it with something else examples internet browser) and then restore/maximize it. I can’t really offer much help without much detail…

  20. i have a problem with the CGs, whenever i exit the game, the cg and the skip mode are like never played, but the saves stay,
    anyone kwnows why this could happen?

  21. um guys do you think there a possibility for a sequel or a spinoff, i really wish for a new one the secret story left me hanging

  22. Can you tell me what kind of game is this?i mean this story is great but i don’t get it!i don’t understand the card game system but i still got the hang of it.what i don’t understand is how the game works! i mean their are no routes or choices and i just finished the first chapter and that a bad ending!how please someone explain how this game works!

  23. for those that have a crash on the Suzushiro & Lilliana scene despite changing the font to courier(for ex. as it was for me) this font is better.

    you use program “run” then write “regedit” and go to this dir:

    change “FontName” value from courier to ADMUI3Lg

    works on win 7

  24. For all of you, who suffer from the game crashing at chapter 5 (when the two princesses are laughing at each other, surrounded by flames), and who don’t want to use any savegames from others – Admin has posted a solution to this on page 1 of the comments. I will directly quote him, so you don’t have to search:

    “What needs to be changed is the font-value in the registry, for that launch the registry editor. For Vista and XP that tool comes with windows and can be launched from “Start” typing “regedit” into the launch box. [Nizzy: all the same with win7]

    Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Will -> princesswaltz_us and there is “FontName”. By default on my JP machine this value was MS ゴシック. Copy the name somewhere (e.g. notepad) if you can’t memorize it and replace it with “Courier”. If you don’t like how “Courier” looks change it back after the girls are done speaking.”


    Worked perfectly for me. Admin – you are a god among man. Thanks a lot.

  25. Hello everybody,

    I got a window saying “initializing DirectDraw failed” when I try to play the game… I have already installed DirectX for a previous game few days ago.
    Is there anyone who have the same problem ?

  26. Any walkthroughs?
    I mean even if you have only 1 ending I heared there was a bad ending, is this true?

  27. *****SPOILER*****

    Not sure if people have noticed it… but y’know… doesn’t the game count as incest? lol, I just kept thinking to myself… “wait a sec… this guy and this girl… same dad… different mothers… wait, what?” lol

    1. Biologically speaking, that’s correct. Me, I just prefer to let my “suspension of disbelief” pull me through that part. In fact, with a minor change in plot, it could have been avoided entirely.

  28. I used to be suggested this web site by way of my cousin. I’m no longer positive whether or not this publish is written by him as no one else recognise such particular approximately my trouble. You are wonderful! Thank you!

  29. downloaded part 4 and then when i unzip it says there is three corrupt files is there another download that i can get?

  30. guys any1 got any walkthrough … need help please ended up in bad end and got no idea how ???? there wasnt any option available ( only the practise match options )

    1. You cannot avoid getting the Bad End. Period. However, after the credits roll, a new option will appear on the main menu: “2nd Chapter.” It’s from this that you can get the good endings.

  31. yeah everytime i try to start the game i get a “application formatting error”…anyone know how to fix this?

  32. I’m having a problem in which I cannot install the game nor can I run it from the .exe. If I try using setup, I get to the Setup Menu, click Game Install, select location/leave it where it is, and click install and an error message, “Installation has failed” appears. If I try directly using the executable, I get a “Registry Error”. Could someone help, please?

      1. actualy mine crashes on same chapter as your file but after the 2princess are laughing while surrounded by flames. if anyone as a saved file passed this i would appreciate:)

    1. I don´t know why it crashes, my game crash in the same place and for what I see, there ara more areas in where it happens.

  33. Sorry for intruding, but can someone give me some link to download only the “Setup.exe”?
    I got virus for this file somewhile ago, now it’s cleaned, but I can’t install it anymore….
    And I don’t wanna re-download the whole game just for this one file….
    Please! This game is really good!
    Thank in advance!

  34. It was so disappointing to find that all the paths lead to basically the exact same ending. I think this game would’ve vaulted into the ranks of my favorite VNs if they just gave us unique endings with each princess.

  35. Why does ‘Will Setup’ say “Illegal setting up information”?

    In PrincessWaltz.part5 there’s this icon that says setup and it won’t stop saying “Illegal setting up information”? I don’t know if the icon was for setting up the game. If it is its’ not letting me..

  36. Great visual novel with a neat and fun card battle system. Though the game did have some pacing issues near the end, and the fact the final confrontation was underwhelming (Y NO CARD BATTLE??!!)

  37. Hmm .. My game crashes every time on one scene .. On Chapter 5, where those two Princess’es laugh together (that small one (Shizuiro or smth like that) and that blonde one with ponytails (Lilan/Lilin or smth like that)) .. HELP, PLEASE??

    1. The user Chuthlu… or Chuthul, can’t remember… has posted a save one or two lines after that part. Mine crashed too on that part and the save solved it. Oh, but don’t try to backlog, just keep playing a while. It seems there is one line (or more) that is corrupted and crashes the game, even if you try to read that line through backlog. 😉

      PD: I excuse myself for my english. I’m sleepy and english isn’t my mothertongue. 😛

  38. I try and run the prwaltz.exe file, but I just get an error saying “Registry Error”
    Am I doing something wrong or…?

  39. I recently finished this game.It has the same ending for every heroine(from a total of 5 heroines) you choose to finish the game.The only difference is that when you finish the game with all the heroines,you will unlock an extra scene with Nodoka,which will appear after the ending credits.

  40. hmmm, I don’t know if I want to download this one since I’m already played and finish it before but really want to hear Liliana’s voice again… and I’m also love the song… hmmm maybe later too, I still have the save point from before though =_=*deep in thought*

  41. Hope someone already play this could help!!!,
    there an event in game when the face or something being zoom and it look like the picture turn become half mosaic or more accurately become not to detail (it’s like picture size 120*160 you zoom to 600*800)
    The question is:
    have someone encounter same problem as me?
    Or from the start the game launch is already like this?
    (the game I play from my friend brought and I not download it, so I don’t know he convert or not the data before giving me)


  42. You know, I think one of the great things about this VN is the fact that I can’t turn off the music, what I mean is it really feels like I lose a big part of the game with the music off.

    Its one of the very few VNs where removing the music hurts the game. The others are IMO, Koihime Musou (epic music on this one too), and Shuffle! not as great but it does feel like you are missing something if you remove it, and its not annoying like some other VNs.

    1. I agree…
      *spoiler alert*
      It sucks that you always end up with the same damn person regardless of which princess person you choose to favor…
      *end spoiler*
      While it’s still a happy ending… it’s still disappointing.

  43. you can cheat princess waltz using cheat engine, make all your cards # 18-22 in other words 1 hit KO. i think all pc games does.

    1. It’s kinda pointless, since if you’re not interested in card battles you can just opt-in for easy mode – almost no way to lose then.

      1. i think its faster the second time around against unavoidable battles, by the way was the real ending the arata going back to get something, thats it?

      2. If you notice admin i just found out about this site the day after yesterday? and i really like it to be honest i already dload 5 VNs harhar coz i usually download VN’s on torrent, and umm you should upload katawa shoujo its quite nice havent finished it yet its says act1 so i wonder if its incomplete or like vol.1. thanks for the uploads more VNs to you LoL!!!.

  44. is there any uncensored patch ?
    the game from another site seems to be uncensored but i’m too lazy to download it and play the cards thing again :O

  45. I got a little question,

    i try to add the 100% Save file but nothing happen, maybe i doing it wrong, can anyone tell me how to add the 100% save file?

      1. For People that have 100% save file problem:

        i just found the solution, put the save file on savedata on the installation folder.

        2.then play the game trough the installation program.

        Note 1: i have try uninstall(after placing the save file) then install it again but it didn’t work so don’t bother trying

        Note 2: if you want to play with the 100% save data, you must play trough the installation menu.

        i hope that solve your problem ^^

        1. Correction:

          Put the 100% Save data on the game folder:

          default installation is : c:\Program Files\Will\PRINCESS WALTZ\savedata\

          then play it trough the installation program or Setup on your Extracted folder

          (Sorry for my bad english)

  46. I already finished the game but I wanted to unlock the last scene, so I download the 100% save file, but when i change the file and Start the game nothing change and I dont unlock anything, someone could help me with this?

    PS: sorry for my english

  47. for some reason the game stops as soon as i get to the part where the wolf(creature thing) howls, it then says ‘princess waltz not responding’……i was wondering if i could get some help…..wen i extracted part 2(via 7zip) it did say chip ‘D arc is broken’ do i actually need anything ion part two since they’re all copies

  48. ok beet game “All the way” and was wondering what the last ending was meant to portray? is there going to be a sequel?

  49. i have a problem. Right after the first fight with guardian (the first chapter, first day), when it looks like it should be opening, the game stops and… not responding. how do i fix this?

    local is in jap

    1. You most likely don’t have proper codec pack. Install CCCP codec pack ( google it) and it should play fine.

        1. It’s normal – this game has two “parts” – after “bad end” when you’re back to main menu additional option will apear which lets you continue to second part.

  50. alryt guys this will be my conclusion of the story the princess that u made love with will be the person u will end up with in the future of the story. the author just made us readers imagine our own conclusion thats it

  51. Ah, I just hope that this is reloaded soon. The part 1 of 6 keeps giving an error message, telling me that I can’t establish connection, even though I’ve downloaded every other part.

  52. request for mirrors please
    fileserve must have changed their system
    most premium link gens can’t get the links anymore

    megaupload or filesonic would be better
    thanks admin 😀

    1. every game is going to have filesonic+fileserve interchangeable mirrors. Uploading 300gb just takes time 🙂

  53. I would like to get help on a very strange problem. I’ve re-downloaded this game twice from a torrent and once from this site, but I keep getting an error at exactly the same scene on each. It says “Script executing error: File[C2_aa02L.wip] could not be opened.”

    Screenshot here:

    Help would be very much appreciated. 🙂


  54. Anyone know how to extract the image and video files of this game?
    The graphics are awesome and the transformation parts are interesting.
    Hope someone can help me.

    For anyone who can’t run this game, just download the DivX codec or the CCCP codec pack (only one will do) and it will run fine. I just wanna help :))

  56. I havent really gone far into the story yet, but so far its a disappointment. I’ve gotten up to day 3

    The player is tempted to think that the “prince” is a girl in disguise, yet its just disappointment after disappointment. And as far as eroge goes, the eroge part is virtually non-existant, literally no H-scenes.
    ~~whats the point of an eroge without erotic content here and there.

    I’m only saying this because I heard it was a decent game, but I was disappointed
    ~~wouldnt want other people to make the same mistake I did, however I did ONLY GET TO DAY 3 so far.

    1. There are 3 h-scenes in total in this game – first two are near the end of first half of the game ( and i swear- this is the most “gay” heterosexual sex i ever saw), and third one is right at end of the game.

      1. No, you are wrong. There are 3 h-scenes per route, but you can get a h-scene with each of the heroines. You get two h-scenes with Chris and the last one at the end of the game depends on which route you’re on, so there are 7 h-scenes in total in this game, I believe (2 with chris, and one with each of the 5 princesses.)

  57. pardon me admin, but after unpacking the first rar file, do you also need to unpack the other rar files among the application, setup, and other files or can you just leave them alone?

    1. Only thing you’re supposed to unpack are the 6 archives posted here. Inside it there’re iso images of game, which can be opened by WinRar, but you should just mount them instead ( check FAQ for instructions ).

  58. And now for something completely different… No Japanese locale or PC in Japanese when installing this one, or it’ll crash.

    It’s in the official forums.

    1. What?! Weird. My comp installed and ran PW just fine on Japanese locale. Maybe Win7 is good for something…? (Perish the thought.)

  59. can someone help me?
    there is an error when i open this game say initializing directdraw failed can someone help me fix it?

  60. people say u can freeze the xp in the game is it true and if so dose anyone know how. I’ve played and beat the game but cant see how its done.

  61. I’ve downloaded all the parts and extracted them to one folder. How do I install them?

    This is my first eroge. Thanks in advance.

  62. I had a error in the 5 chapter (When the two princess are arguing).
    I tried to change the fontname, just like someone said above.
    I had a Courier, now I change to ADMUI3Lg, but it didn’t help.
    What should I do?

  63. Every time I try to use the 1gb servers the surveys won’t work it’s always the same makes me try to download something then it never does work.

  64. why i cant download using 1Gb server speed?
    its always says “Your download has expired for your IP address” ow man. . . even I complete the survey. . . :-/

  65. OK, thx. So I try this once again (I had problems with opening, but I’ll try this solution from above and maybe it will be working properly).

  66. Must I change system locale to japanese?
    Many people have problems Liliana;s and Suzushiros firts meeting, so I ask “uncle google” and I read that it my be the case (system locale).

  67. What can I do when some error appear during Lilina’s and Suzushiro’s first meeting? I reinstalled game but nothing changed.

    1. all you need to do is re-instaling this game…
      the problem is couse by error in part of program or may be some data was corrupt…
      if you find another way to fix this, tell me…

      1. No, the game crashes when both of them speak at once – Japanese names written in kanji take only 2-3 characters, and game engine is unprepared to fit “Liliana & Suzushiro” into small nameplate – resulting in crash.
        There’s some workaround for this, but i don’t remember how to do this – i played this game long ago.

  68. can i request the registry for this game?I just formatted my pc and reinstalling would be pain?Thank you in advance!

  69. I try to download via your server with the ruiquired “survey”. Never works even when I actually download the survey, can’t recognize that I have finished the survey. Hotfile downloads are just WAY too slow to wait on.

  70. thank u das boschitt, but the file that i had already downloaded had the same size excluding the last part. and just part 2 cannot be opened. any solution here friend?? thank u

  71. Compare the files. if one of the files is not the same size as the rest then you cannot extract it, excluding the last part because the last part is always smaller and if all the files are the same size then redownload the last part.

  72. hi admin ,yesterday i download all part from hotfile, but when i wanted to extract it into iso file, princess waltz part 2 cannot be extract. it said the archieve is either in unknown format or damaged. the other part seems alright, just this part 2, can you help me please??? i wanna download part 2 again but i’m afraid that the same problem will occured again. thanks admin

  73. When I start the game, I cant see the game screen, its all just black, but I can hear the intro music. My system specs meet the system requirements to run the game by a longshot. So what’s the problem?

  74. Right after the first fight with guardian (the first chapter, first day), when it looks like it should be opening, the game stops and… nothing 😉
    Any ideas?

    1. Got the same problem, this is a codec problem FFdshow enter in conflict with the video of the game. The solution is quite simple you have to add in the FFdshow video config in “don’t use ffsdshow in” the .exe of the game

  75. There’s no survey to do for the download from ur servers…… it just gives me a toolbar download page that even when installed doesnt let me use ur servers =\

  76. Hi admin! Thanks for the uploads again! Is there any way you can a sort function to sort these VN’s by the year they came out? I try to avoid the old ones hahah…

  77. this is gonna be my first time doing this so I need help im confused on what to do first I downloaded part 1 to 7 now what? and whats the 100% save file thing for?

    1. Once you download all parts, you have to extract them ( for example using WinRAR ) to one folder. Then you just install the game. Check out our “FAQ” section if you have problems.
      100% save is for people who are not interested in game story, yet want to check out graphics, or if they finished game, but want to see different endings than the one he chose – without having to play again.

  78. Hello Admin. I has played Princess Waltz and i wonder on at exit a Good ending on Princess Waltz? or exit only bad ending on Princess Waltz?

    1. This game consists of two acts – after first part ( the one with kinda bad ending) you get returned to main menu, but another option there will unlock – click it to continue playing

  79. Try start game with applocale. I’ve heared that it will help. Or just change your system language to japanese.

  80. This is a problem with text length differences between English and Japanese versions – they start talking at the same time at that point and “Liliana & Suzushiro” simply doesn’t fit on the “nameplate” and game crashes.
    It’s been long time since i played this game, but try this:

    What needs to be changed is the font-value in the registry, for that launch the registry editor. For Vista and XP that tool comes with windows and can be launched from “Start” typing “regedit” into the launch box.

    Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Will -> princesswaltz_us and there is “FontName”. By default on my JP machine this value was MS ゴシック. Copy the name somewhere (e.g. notepad) if you can’t memorize it and replace it with “Courier”. If you don’t like how “Courier” looks change it back after the girls are done speaking.

  81. I am in Day 4 and in the scene where Liliana talks with Suzushiro it keeps crashing,i tried reinstallling but it didnt work.I even turned off everything from the menu but the problem persists. Or maybe someone can give a save which will be after this scene

      1. Thank you, but I just want to add something to your instructions.

        You wrote that:
        Princess Waltz – 100% Save file
        Extract the zip file into your \savedata\ directory.
        default path is : c:\Program Files\Will\PRINCESS WALTZ\savedata\

        But in windows 7 that’s not the case. The game saves the game in a hidden folder so if you want to make use of that save file or simply back up yours you have to go to folder options and select “show hidden files, folders and drives.”
        Then, the default path is:
        C:\Users\[YOUR ACCOUNT USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Will\PRINCESS WALTZ\savedata\

        Just wanted to add that info, since I had a bit of trouble finding the savedata folder.

  82. Getting save for certain point will be hard, as i don’t have this game installed anymore, but i think i might find 100% savegame somwere.
    Anyway – you can start anew and just skip parts of game you already read – just hold down “ctrl” key.

  83. i would like to ask a favor about this game

    can you give me a save game of this game
    right after all the fight where you have to finish the series of battle in 1 turn each enemy w/ the black princess w/ huge hammer in chapter 2
    sorry i forgot the name of that character
    its been a long time and that part made me give up this game and play another

    and when i saw this site and the active admin i thought i might be able to continue the story of this game if i can get the save game

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