Princess Eris

Princess Eris

Souta is a pervert, there are three girls living next-door and he knows every tiny detail about them. His parents are abroad for business, so he is taking care of them for now. On Arisa’s birthday, they tell him that they are daughters of the Devil. Souta isn’t surprised to hear that. They are relieved and tell him why they live in this world. Their purpose is to find a partner and prevent their race’s extinction. They suddenly tell him to choose a partner among them…

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39 comments on “Princess Eris

  1. So I extracted the file and for some reason it won’t let me play at all. Can someone tell me what to do? Admin?

  2. Admin just asking, is there any uncensored version for this ? Or maybe uncensored patch ?
    Because mosaic are bugging me that much :\


  3. This Game somehow reminds me of the Anime / Manga series “Brandish” – the tail the hair of one and these eyes

    (Brandish is a adult anime/ manga series about a hero and a pricess of darkness which is a succubus – funny story but nice drawnd and if there will be a game about it i want to play it ^^.)

  4. admin, can you please upload princess lover V.N. I want to play this game when i knew that there is a V.N version of this anime

  5. I’m curious. The one I’m playing right now actually feels more like a very linear visual novel than a game. I pressed ‘Auto’ and it just goes from start to the end without asking me to make any choices.

    This is really strange.

  6. I downloaded it and everything is working great. But, when I close the game, I lose all my save data. What’s going on? How can I keep my save data on there after I’m done? I know there’s a savedata folder in the .rar, does that have anything to do with it? Please help.

  7. Nice LOL!! Love this game xD… Anyone know anygame that’s sorta like this in this site?? Any suggestions would be appreciated… Eris <3 xDD

  8. Can somebody tell me if I can run this using AppLocale or must I really change locale to Japanese?

    1. choosing japanese locale will mostly not change anything on your computer example yen marks will stand between files(example) User(yen mark)documents(yen mark)other file nothing more.

  9. It seems to me that the data.xp3 file has been corrupted. Can you please have a look? I have tried downloading 3 times, haven’t been able to fully extract the game yet…

    1. sadly nether Princess Arisa(Tsundere) nor Princess Sara(Coodere) have been translated and dark translations shut down about a year ago.

  10. I think that the company (Norn) made Arisa as a Seperate game called Princess Arisa, as the main menu has an info screen showing over a dozen other games with only one or two heroines

  11. is this is the full version of this vn the one i download is only one girl is available but there is 2 to 3 girls that you can chose. the elder sister the middle sister or the younger one i hope some one will reply

  12. unzip and paste the english patch into setup file, dont install anything. and then run the game in setup file. DONT INTALL

  13. Hey, working for me… but without sound and the script for the girls are all skipped after about 10% of the story. I can read the script from the history, but not in game. Also, the only sound i hav are the effects, no music or voice.

    any thoughts?

  14. I have downloaded the file, saved it, opened it up with Bitzipper, and tried to run akuma_erisu.ex (because I thought that would get it to run, install, something). None of my attempts have made the game work, help.

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