Sandwiched by my wife and her sister

Sandwiched By My Wife and Her Sister

A couple who met in their high school years, married later on and are a having happy and adventurous sex life.
A wife works as a manager of the restaurant who brings in the money, and her husband stays home taking care of household chores everyday.
The young wife is adventurous, fun-loving and never turns her sexual advances down. There are peaceful days until the wife’s sister, a college student, moves in.
As their curiosity grows, there is a secret adventure developing between the husband and his sister-in-law living under the same roof. In the end, there is one amazing voyage awaiting them.

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25 comments on “Sandwiched by my wife and her sister

  1. Dreadful game with painfully slow pacing. Cut 80% of the nonsensical retarded (sigh) “humour” and you might get a scarcely decent game, if you’re very forgiving that is. Got a bad end the first time out of the blue which explained nothing and made no sense at all. Tsundere Maya gets submissive doing dog play in harem route cuz… I dunno. I’ll give this a 2/10 only for cute SIDE characters: white hair classmate and imouto (could care less about Ayane – worst heroine ever); and Yuu Tsubasa’s voice (Arisa-chan).

  2. I have an error saying NECEMEM.SNI not found followed by THIS GAME FAILED TO SET NECEMEM.SNI this happens everytime I download a game here it didn’t happen before. My computer got recently fixed.

  3. I’m using Winzip to extract the files, but instead of the files appearing in the folders I get them separate from the folders. Can someone list which files go in the SND folder, and which stay in the same folder as the Icsebody.exe application file? Keep getting SoundPackSevo packfile not found in SetPackFileName0. Thanks.

    1. PS, while I get to title screen game freezes if I click anything other than exit game. Could it be a problem with the downloaded file or because my computers over 7 years old and therefore too ancient to run the game properly or something else?

  4. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? I’m wondering if it wasn’t translated right or what. Almost everything try say makes no sense sometimes. It’s like whoever wrote this story had A.D.H.D or something. It’s kind of confusing but also kind of funny. *sigh* I hope this story goes somewhere.

    1. No it doesn’t. If you get such alert that means it’s false positive. Please send the icsebody.exe file to your antivirus vendor so that they can check it and update their databases accordingly.

  5. after i extract the game i still can;t play it
    when i clicked lcsebody.exe it pop out message NECEMEM.SNI not found and the game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI

  6. Admin, there is no links for fileserve and filesonic don,t work for me or the links in the server database are wrong and marks error. Can you check it please?

  7. So it went from doing his sister to massaging your wife back to doing his sister (like when I first pressed from the beginning only it had sister in law in it) then it went to a convo about their anniversary… I think this game may be broken lol.

  8. What… wth? What did I just play… Pressed from the beginning and the game doesn’t make sense. Just shoved me right into a weird scenario of banging the girls sister. I’m confused when playing this game… is something outta order or something…

  9. For some reason whenever I download the first part it stops at around 14-18MB instead of finishing up.

  10. did anyone get this to work? i wont download it till i know … id rather not bother with it if im just going to have to delete it if i cant get it to work….. so yeah … :3

  11. Anyone know how to get this one to work?

    It’s asking for a alpha activation code, I couldn’t find anything to fix this

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