World’s Horniest Housewife – Rikky Horne

World's Horniest Housewife - Rikky Horne

In a world of prudes, a single woman makes her husband stand erect against the status quo and face the world with balls of steel. Horne Doug is a normal, limp everyday man with an unfortunate name, but his life is turned upside down when he meets his wife, Horne Rikky. On the surface, she may look like the sweetest of wives, but beneath lies a hungry beast ready to devour her husband’s love stick. Will Doug stand firm for the occasion or crumble under the weight of his wife’s apple bottom?

This is the story of a man finding his own way in a cold, impotent world, wrung out of his shell by the hand of his loving and supportive wife. Will he learn to accept his true, horny nature, or die greasing the pipe? Find out this and more by sticking your meat deep into the universe of the World’s Horniest Housewife, Horne Rikky!

7 comments on “World’s Horniest Housewife – Rikky Horne

  1. Is there a way to edit the translation (game files) to where the characters have their original names? They changed the wife’s name from Rinko to Rikky just so they could make a bunch of stupid dick puns. So cringe.

    And I can’t believe this thing actually has twitter functionality. That doesn’t even make sense in NORMAL games. Who dafuq would want to tweet from a hentai one?

  2. All I want is a good, hard femdom that’s not full of dumb shit. Or a realistic straight shota like Kawakaburi No Cherry.

    1. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t fit the bill. I feel you, I find so much good Femdom on VNDB but they will never be translated. Not sure why JAST & MangaGamer don’t expand their horizons and translate any of it.

      1. Definitely with you there. There’s a certain monster girl game i’ve been waiting to be translated for so damn long now, and while it does indeed have delicious femdom, it has happy ending variations for both romanceable monster girls, and as I REALLY love Slime Girls, i’m aiming for Raimu Shi Sura, 100%…! <3 <3

        The VN is called "Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~", or just "Slime & Scylla" for short as I prefer to nickname it, and it's been untranslated for a VERY long while unfortunately…

        Fortunately, "Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e" is FINALLY getting a translation, though unfortunately it's not certain when it'll be finished. I just hope it isn't half-assed Machine Translation or some such, i've been wanting to get into it for quite a while now as well after all… :<

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