Customer Cums First!

Customer Cums First!

Beautiful, socially conscious wives in the shopping district of a town know that the world needs babies.
Sexy milfs, trophy wives, ditzy aloof married women, young and innocent newlyweds, voluptuous vixens…!
All varieties open their shops, and their legs, to the customer.

But of course it’s not just about repopulation…
The young wife at the tea shop gives amazing blowjobs!
The baker’s wife is glad to sandwich a piping hot dog between her loaves!
The photo studio wife does it while her husband runs the camera!
There’s a cum-guzzling nurse who swallows samples, a big breasted masturbation addict at the electric store, the massage parlor is all about lotion play, and there’s a hot mother-daughter duo who let you compare their pussies!
Pregnancy is the preferred result, but everyone enjoys getting there…

18 comments on “Customer Cums First!

  1. The premise for this game is super hot. The actual execution winds up being just par for the course though – an unending barrage of women throwing their bodies at the main character.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another dev team pick up the basic idea and put some game mechanics around it.

        1. Yeah, this waiting is unbearable. Who pays this guy anyway????

          Btw. that was sarcasm… the admin does a great job, regardless how long the waiting time is. We need to be more patient and also buy more games to support the creators. Though buying everything is near impossible xD

          1. personally i feel like many of these vns are heavily overpriced as well. I mean it probably is connected to many people just pirating things, but i’m not about to pay 45$ for a Imouto Paradise 3, which is basically just porn. Good porn yeah, but just porn.
            Only stuff i bought in recent years are stein’s gate games, because those are insanely well written stories you play for days.

  2. Glad to see this site isn’t dead 🙂 Been getting a bit worried from the past 3 or so months having almost no uploads at all. Hope we aren’t running out of new eroge being translated

    1. That’s just the way things goes. Shit takes months to get released. Not admin’s fault at all. As the comment above me said, Admin is a Hero!

      1. While i agree its not admins fault he is not obligated to upload stuff, shit didn’t took months to get released i also was worried because since the last game he uploaded there’s been like 3-5 more releases just some days ago Senren Banka and Summer Pockets two acclaimed VN where released

    2. Yeah, the other guys are totally right, Admin is a tremendous hero. He’s got almost everything relevant on the site, and has kept it that way for *years*, despite getting no personal benefit from it beyond whatever pays out to him. He’s a real winner!

    3. Yeah i know that feeling.
      I love this site, and been using it for years. I am aware that there often are month between uploads but every time i think “This time it happened, this time he is dead :(“.

    4. If you are freaking out after 2 months you are going to face some problems. It isn’t unusual for this site to not have updates months at a time. It all depends on the translators and the hackers who crack the games on how quickly we get a game. Admin just posts what they get and doesn’t have anything to do with the work. He is a hero to us and we aren’t going to complain at a couple months of silence.

      1. Seeing that this is the only site which provides all eroges and visual novels. it is natural to feel concerned if the updates stop. It would be really bad if something happens to this site as this is the only place which diligently posts each and every visual novel

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