Escape from Fort Rugome

Escape from Fort Rugome

Thief girl Aisha was on the way home after completing a guild mission.
However, she is caught by infamous Count Rugome’s guards and imprisoned.
Can Aisha escape from the the impregnable Fort Rugome—?

3 Responses to “Escape from Fort Rugome”

  1. Passerby says:

    Does this game have walkthrough? finished the game in both normal and hard 2 times each but still missing 2 ending. also cant find where the bull coin and minotaur chest is

  2. annon says:

    anyone know how to open the chests with the different coins.

    • A Player says:

      you need to find animal coin around the fort. the depend on the what animal the chest need you need to input specific coin. eg: cerberus need 3 dog coin, griffin need 1 hawk and 1 lion, minotaur is human coin and bull coin, etc

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