11 comments on “Our Lovely Escape

  1. (Rant alert) It really bothers me when games start all nice and cute and then take this dark, unexpected turn. Doki Doki Literature Club was one thing, but stuff like this or Nurse Love Addiction just make me feel fooled. Endings apart, the characters’ personalities themselves are rotten. (spoilers) What do we have here? A maniac yandere, a bossy pervert with a distorted view of relationships and a bipolar girl? Nurse Love Syndrome at least has some happy routes in there where the characters don’t act like crazy people who should be on medication.

    If you don’t mind abusive relationships with unstable individuals, by all means, go right ahead with this one.

    1. Unstable individuals are fine with me.
      It’s the God-awl writing that’s giving me nightmares.
      Bad Engrish is better than this “I made it to high-school” quality of writing in so many of these Renpy games.
      Don’t adults write VN’s any more?

  2. Has bad endings. Up to 7 endings for this game tho. Artwork is great see vndb and yes I agree needs yandere tag.

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