Highschool Possession

Highschool Possession

Hikaru was just a normal young man with a crush on two girls at school, that is until his whole world changed as he literally had to walk in the shoes of his dream girls… Only to find his school idols were not so perfect after all.

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  1. Hey admin, given that you post this sort of OELNV, is there any chance of posting Divine Slice of Life?
    Also, thanks as always!

    1. Backstage Pass in a game that is still in development and hasn’t seen any news from the creators for some time. It’s honestly probably better that Admin doesn’t upload that one unless they actually complete it. (Don’t buy it though. The price they ask for an unfinished game is freaking ridiculous.)
      But yes, it would be nice to see Blood Call uploaded here.

  2. Hmm, if I recall they’re four endings which are based solely on the last four choices of the game. This is a small walk-through to get all endings. Skip the text until you reach the choice where Kasumi is at the hospital and the choices are We’re just friends or We’re very close. Save the game there and follow these choices to get the various endings.

    Akiko End:
    1. We’re just friends.
    2. Break Up with Arata.
    3. Admit the truth.
    4. Either Option works.

    Kasumi End:
    1. We’re very close.
    2. Write Lies in the Diary.
    3. Tell a Lie.
    4. Either Option works.

    Bad Ending 3:
    1. We’re just friends.
    2. Write Lies in the Diary.
    3. Tell a Lie.
    4. Challenge Rika.

    Bad Ending 4:
    1. We’re just friends.
    2. Write Lies in the Diary.
    3. Tell a Lie.
    4. Do something Extreme.

    Bad endings 3 and 4 it is the exact same except for the reason why Kasumi refuses to be with you in the end. In ending 3 she wants to build her confidence and not rely on the MC anymore. Ending 4 her personality changes and she refuses the MC for being weak.

  3. someone help me,i can’t download any files from this website.when i download it says firefox can’t find the file….;-;

  4. It’s just different than other possession games. Here MC is influenced by girls’ state of a mind and girls don’t have any memory lapses. Akiko and Kasumi start with a victim mentality – MC wants to do something but can’t, because it’s too unnatural for a possessed (and still weak) girl. So he isn’t stupid – just doesn’t have full control. Of course it was easier to make a linear game this way…

    1. I have to disagree with you. First, Kasumi wasn’t weak PHYSICALLY; she was a better swimmer, even more than MC. In fact, he was WINNING the race without sweating. But then he started thinkin “Yeah, it will better if I LOSE after challenging her”. That was the dumbest thing of the dumb things I can fancy a MC saying/thinking. I do theatre, and in the middle of the play there’s only THE PLAY, if I spot in the audience a relative or my best friend I don’t think “Hey, I’ll stop my act to say hello”, no I keep going with my PLAY. He just stopped swimming because he wanted to, if he just kept swimming he would have won. That was a dumb thing to do and so MC is dumb for doing it. That came out of nowhere. “I’m gonna win this race so Rika will stop bullying KasIBETTERLOSE” That’s bad script, seriously bad script.

      1. I mean that she was weak mentally. “Yeah, it will better if I LOSE after challenging her” <- it was Kasumi's train of thought and ultimately her decision, because she wouldn't rock the boat in this situation (at least not before she got some resistance from player's better non-decisions). Because of possession nature MC couldn't differentiate his and girl's thoughts, so he lost a will to do what he should do.

        That's how I understand stranger parts in this game. I wouldn't say that this game have a strong script, but it's not that hopeless.

        1. That looks like a good plot twist. Granted, it would work wonders in other works but not on this. So far the psyche of the girls didn’t matter while the guy was in control of their bodies. MC had 100% control of both their bodies and their minds. It was never stated otherwise*. The girls were in “auto mode (The Click, anyone?)” while MC was in control. So, 100% MC’s fault for losing. And again, that lose came out of nowhere, there was zero build up to him wavering at the last second, and that’s what tick me off. It feels like midway the writer realized that things were going too smooth and decided to rewrite the scene but forgot to delete the previous script. Like an inversed Deux Ex Machina. D:

          *:at least until I stopped reading.

  5. Gag, another fake eroge by AJTilley. Please dont encourage these retards by purchasing their knockoff eroge… make them stop, please make them stop

  6. Is a good game, good art. But is not fap material xD. The story is good too, but not \OH MY GOD\. So if you don’t have nothing to do, worth the time to play this game, I will buy soon as possible . ^^

  7. Couldn’t agree more I must admit that at first I thought it would be a good game… But I simply don’t get the train of thoughts of this fucking character..

    1-Lose the race against the bully that beats the crap out of your friend, Humiliating her in front of all the swim team and making her feel like shit.

    For fuck’s sake, your decisions really do not give a shit because the character ends up doing exactly the opposite.

    Sorry for the bad english.

  8. [Warning! Spoilers Warning! (and Angry Rant)]

    Aaand the “Most Stupid Main Character” Award goes to… THIS FUCKER!!! I was pretty pissed when he lost the first swimming race against Rika. I mean, if he(Kasumi’s body) didn’t have any chance, it would be okay. But he freaking hesitated! “I’m gonna win this race to make things better! …nah, I’ll lose the race”. THE FUCK?! That was genuily (I don’t even know if this is a word) the most dumb thing I’ve seen a MC do.

    But that isn’t it. Heeell no. Next day, in Akiko’s body, Arata comes and tries to make a move. I select the “Resist” option that the game prompted and then: “No, I will not do this. …nah, better suck his cock”. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!

    I lost it there. I lost all interest I had in the game at that part. I started skipping dialogues to unlock the rest of the CGs. I’ve already played… I mean, skipped 3 times and… am still missing 2 CGs (and probably 2 endings). I’ve got the Alone and Kasumi endings, but can make the other two. The first CG I’m missing is the one between “I suck his cock because I’m idiot” and “Crying to the teacher” and the second is the one right after “Doing it with Kasumi”. I don’t feel like playing blindly another time to unlock these. Can someone please tell me how to unlock them so I can delete it as soon as possible?

  9. It’s a linear game whatever you do your choices doesn’t affect what happens. They only seem to affect the ending. I’d love to get a walkthrough of this since some of the choices are very similar and i’ve heard of others being unable to figure out how to get the different endings. But I might not even continue this game. That Arata fellow makes this game very unenjoyable.

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    2. Do you seriously think translating a game from Japanese to English requires $125,000? Sure they have extra brand new content being released too, but that is only if they further reach $210,000.

      The fact is, most Kickstarter projects are just a way to gain absurd amounts of profit for doing nothing; plenty of games on this site already prove that a 1-man random translator can localise a game at decent to high quality standards within the span of a few months. (The company for this project is going to take a good 10 months or so.)

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