Noble Works

Noble Works

Takumi is a normal guy who barely gets by with part-time jobs. One day, he was asked to attend the prestigious private school Rokuroku Gakuen while impersonating a rich student that looks just like him. Although he was hesitant to accept this strange request, circumstances (mainly financial) compelled him to agree to do it. However, he knows nothing about the celeb world. Will he be able to keep his cover?

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  1. I’ve already played through the game before, but I came back to try to play again, and I’m receiving a syntax error even though i’m using locale emulator. Any suggestions on what I should do to fix it?

    1. Go to the folder where you have the extracted files from NobleWorks and copy the extracted translation file(maybe there are more than one and it must have a white paper icon and you can’t open it) into it. In the folder where are also these [video.] and [sound.] data’s are, they look the same as the translation file. Sorry if I can’t explain very well.

  2. i just gotta ask does this game works on windows 8 i just need an answer if yes/no please reply immediately thank my fellow Visual novel lovers.

    1. It should as I don’t see a reason for it not too. But in all honesty, the best way to know the answer is to figure it out for yourself.

  3. I here that a lot of people are struggling with windows 10 and trying to get this game when the 16 parts are downloaded to work. Anyone who can explain and help with the ?????syntax message would be greatly appreciated I personally spent like 3 hours downloading the 16 parts and am really hyped to play this game after I get past this problem. I see that the application in my current folder for the game is 3,414kb which I thought was pretty small for the application. Anyway to wrap this up anyone who can help with what I have mentioned above I would greatly appreciate a reply to help rectify the problem.


    1. Hey again,
      I tried the Locale Emulstor that was previously suggested and I have got the game running in Japanese now I will download the english patch and hope it all goes smoothly.


  4. If+you+go+to+language++setting+then+administration+you+can+change+you+computers+non+Unicode+language+to+Japanese+this+will+allow+you+to+play

  5. Need some help here guys, downloaded all the files and extracted them which works. The files patch and patch2 are included in the main game folder, but when I run the game with the only application available, only the start menu, and some elements of the option menu is translated. The rest of the game is still in Japanese.

  6. When+i+start+the+game+with+app-locale+I+get+a+msg+that+pops+up+with+the+window+and+the+only+thing+it+says+in+english+is+ANSI+UNICODE.+Im+wondering+is+it+a+program+that+i+need+to+install+for+it+to+work+or+just+a+corruption.

  7. I+got+a+problem:


    1. sorry for the odd format, it seems it got that way after it found a problem with the “puzzle”-code…. @_@

  8. whoa.. I unlocked hotaru’s route.. that unexpected :/ well, i’ll finish maya’s route 1st 😀

    routes finished:

    1. Im getting syntax error and the game still won’t opened up even after i use locale emulator (Window 10)

  9. hey guys will this game work on windows 10 ,,,, I only encounter basic errors so it would be appreciated if anyone would reply to my message ,, its my first time to download 16 parts it would be a waste of time if it would not work<< thanks

  10. That was refreshing! Never before have I seen such an honest and proactive protagonist! No undecided donkan assholes here! HURRAY!!

  11. Is there any way to increase the resolution? Almost got more black bars in fullscreen then the actual game itself. The resolution seems really low, 800×600 or something..

  12. I have changed my locale to Japan, but the game still keeps saying syntax error. What to do next?

  13. I downloaded it all but i cannot open the game at all, it doesn’t even attempt to open. Any reason why?

  14. Admin, sorry to bother you but could you give us noobs the step by step solution to this problem

    ??????? syntax error

    I’d very much appreciate it, BTW I’m using windows 8

    1. If you use Windows 8 then you can download applocale and use it to simulate your computer local to that of japan and so you can run the game. or you can go to Control Panel> Clock, Language, Region > Region > Administrative tab > change system locale to Japan > apply and restart pc, now you won’t have that problem anymore and u don’t need to use applocale every time You want to play a VN

  15. I am frustrated right now, I had Noble Works for awhile now and I am close to completing Sena’s route and all of sudden the game no longer works and my virus protection said there is a trojan in the game, which prevents me from playing it. It even deletes the .exe file automatically, which I had to re-download, but still have the problem.

    1. Put the game folder in “exception” list of your antivirus. You can also send the .exe file to your vendor so that they whitelist it.

  16. I got a problem in the party, when makoto ask me who i want to dance whit it does not appear any option which leads me to the bad ending.
    Did i do something wrong?
    Anyone knows how to fix this?
    please help me 🙁

  17. One eroge that i had downloaded 3 years ago the Japanese version, and now, with the english pach i can play and laugh, be cause my friends in japan in 2012 had recomended this eroge, so…I’M VERY HAPPY TO SEE MY MAKOTO AND MY HINATA AND UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE SAYING…XD

  18. Downloaded, but on extracting I keep getting an error

    fgimage.xp3 is broken. Any chance somebody can upload? Don’t want to have to download all 16 part files just to get one damaged file.

    1. You need to run it with an emulator like applocal, or local emulator (if you are using windows 10), then it works fine.

    1. Yes, absolutely! I mean they even show her in her underwear (sort of), AND SHE’S A MAID! The fact that she’s a maid should have guaranteed a route for her… COME ON!!!

  19. Thanks admin!

    Tiny review for people looking. Pretty vanilla highschool harem scenario, but the quality and writing are good. Nothing inspiring, but worth your time if you like the genre.

  20. Haha, amazing game.
    I’m only a few hours in but already enjoying this game greatly.
    one of the most entertaining ones i’ve played in awhile.
    Thanks for the great game admin.

  21. Just giving my two cents about this tittle… Cleared every single route and i gotta say, they are all average… Not terribly bad, not terribly good. Just average. There are only really interesting heroines in this story, Chiaki being the most interesting, and Makoto being the second most interesting. Somehow i feel the other heroines are just average, like i said.

  22. I downloaded the files and extracted them. I’m on japanese local and tried to open the game and it tells me ” you’ll need a new app to open this .exe file”. Can anyone help me? I’m on windows 10 btw.

  23. haven’t finished any routes yet at this point, but i’m really enjoying this game. it make me laugh a lot, just finished the cell phone scene. i was like awww shhiitt SHE KNOWS!!!! XD

  24. Anybody here play this game on win 10?
    Already change my locale to japanese, but i still got the ???? Syntax Error message.

  25. i finish Hinata route and must say i’m Disappointed after learning that Makoto don’t have route, thought she have good growth with main hero and have funny personality, even Chiaki (sigh)
    and this game is good patent for harem end because the growth with every girls but not…

  26. Hey guys! I was wondering if this installation was just a extract install then paste the patch, and that was it. I’m having a little trouble as I downloaded the same game but from a different website and I pasted the patch in the main folder however it wasn’t working so I was wondering whether it was the same procedure for this one. Sorry I’m a little bit of a noob when it comes to installation of visual novels. Thanks for the help!

  27. Yeah, it’s really sad that Makoto has no route. They really should have given her one. I recognized her voice from other games since it seem so familiar. I’m surprise she also plays Elina in Dracu Riot and Sachi from Grisaia. Still no route WHY???

  28. Makoto is the best girl but no route for her she’s a real ojousama with funny personality + charming and she remind me alot of ayaka from princess evangile too

    below it a bit of spoil

    OH god so many force pantie cg alot of cg in this game gotta have pantie with protagoinst see it and get himself into misunderstanding situation over and over again ( it getting old really fast ) i mean it too force in common route if you aim to any heroine u will see her pantie before get into her route some of them even naked-butt

    The only route that worth playing probably a Maya ( maybe akari but the ending are totally mood killer if u can accept that it fine it not a bad or bitter sweet ending but for me it kinda ruin the moment it make protagoinst look really dumb )

    shizuru route are real shit i think they must have been smoking weed when they writing this route just play it and u will know soon enough after enter her route shit happen real shit everything in her route doesnt make any sense at all bitter sweet ending too

    hinata & sena both are kinda meh but compare to shizuru they much better btw sena are better than hinata

  29. Part 15 and 16 do not work for some reason. It force a website download and the file cannot download for some reason. Please fit…

    1. works for me just fine

      if you experience some sort of unexplainable problem, just wait and try again later

    1. hehe, well this time Insem gave us a exact date 1/4/2016

      so lets hope Dracu Riot will finally be released 🙂

  30. i’d rate this 3/10……

    ending is horrible in the 3 routes i’ve tried so faar. i mean its a happy ending i guess? but too much left unexplained….

    Its like watching a anime that ends after 12 episodes with a open ending…

    Thanks for the game though Admin greatly appreciated keep on the good job :-).

  31. I’m just confused on why I have to wait 5 mins per download. Not really angry about it but I’d like to know if there is another way from downloading this stuff faster than waiting 5 mins for each download.

    1. buy premium account on download site (you can buy it for 1 day or more)

      After that use DA-1click download (1 file and fast download)

  32. done a few routes now good game so far 3 or 4 H-scenes per character…. just a little sad as i wanted Makoto to have a route :/

  33. Same plot –> School
    Same protagonist –> Donkan, kind, hetare
    Same heroine –> childhood friend, tsundere, timid

    Can sommeone give inspiration to the writer of vn ?

    1. I hate to say this but it kind of comes down to if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Besides people still end up playing the games so they must be doing something right. I have yet to start this title but I plan to after I finish some others I’m playing and from what I’ve been reading about it the reviews are pretty positive, so I have high hopes for it. All I can say now is give it a chance.

      1. My only complaint so far is the censorship and the lack of Makoto and Chiaki routes, other than that it’s your generic ojou-sama highschool game. Nothing new, thought nothing bad. I’m halfway through it currently. Though sadly it seems there isnt really enough content for a sequel with how they ended the first two routes I played.
        But a “dlc” with makoto and chiaki would be fun.

    2. same plot + same protagonist + same heroines

      ^ unfortunately thats what japanese otaku want, so thats what we get.
      (sadly, developers earn much more money in japan than in the rest of world, thats why)

      1. If you are talking about the review on vnb, it means nothing. Everyone gives between 8 and 10, how can you take the note seriously after that.

        I don’t want to look like the guy who spit in the soup, but seriously, it’s always the same story of the same loser in the same school with the same girls.

        1. The same with opinion from EOP reader. Why you complaining on pirating website ? Go learn moon rune and find better VN for your self.

  34. I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I click the link to go to the download page the download site says it cannot be found like the website is down or something. I tired reloading it several times but it wouldn’t work. So I thought I’d let someone know so it can be fixed. I’ll keep trying through out the day though.

  35. I have a problem, every time I try to download any game files (not just this one) I get an error saying it the download failed (I even tried different browsers, and I got the same result). I know I could download the files without a problem around the summer. Does someone have any advice? please I don’t know what else to do.

  36. I am getting a syntax error that’s not allowing me to run the program and I am unsure how to fix that. I would really appreciate some guidance on this

    1. Did you run the regular patch first? The English patch will only work if the standard patch is also installed (if you got the game off of another site you might need to find the patch in another place)

  37. Thx for the game admin

    However i having a weird problem whereby i cant get pass the first day (after the choice of accepting the job). I always get a blue screen. Pretty sure is my pc problem but do anyone know how to bypass this or fix this? Really wanted to play this game…..

  38. Every time I try to run it, a small window called “Information” shows up with a message ???????: “. The only thing I can click is OK, but then it doesn’t do anything. Happens with and without the patch.

    1. did you switch to Japanese locale??

      if you dont know what that is, then GOOGLE “set system locale to japanese”

      1. so I’m on Win 10, set my local position to Japan, restarted but still get a window saying: Information and ???????(syntax error) :/

  39. Woah, ive been downloading alot of VN this christmas…in this site and another 1 appears….seems like gonna hold off playing Tesla for now (i need multi-routes VN!) XD

  40. Thanks admin, I wanted to buy the game. But damn couldn’t find any copies that didn’t have to export! Anyway thank you very much Admin!!

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