Lucid dreams.

Dreams where you know that you’re dreaming.

After an accident in his youth, Tooru Naitou began to have nothing but lucid dreams. Always being aware of when he’s dreaming meant that his mind could no longer rest when he was asleep. Only when he collapsed from utter exhaustion does he finally get a reprieve.

Lucky for him, he has a childhood friend, Saki, who insists on calling him ‘Nii-san’ that tries to do what she can to support him. In his science club, his senpai Yayoi is endlessly amused by his awkward way of living. And he has an underclassman, Keiko, who likes to sing in front of the station and likes to call him weird for his less than normal attitude towards life.

Tonight, Tooru dreams again. But this dream is different from those that came before.

“Maia…? Why are you in my dream…?”

A girl he hasn’t seen ever since he started having lucid dreams, and to Tooru, this was the very worst form she could take. But Maia wasn’t the only one who appeared.

“I’ll put an end to bad dreams right here.”

With those words, a girl who calls herself Alice rescues Tooru from Maia’s grasps. Alice says that she’s a traveler of dreams, and now she’s come to Tooru’s dream. What could all this mean? The anxious Tooru certainly has no answers as Maia softly whispers into his ear:

“This is the story of a sweet, happy nightmare.”

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  1. Lol all of the main heroines are somewhat replicas of ChronoClock’s heroines 😀 Cheers for Purple reusing the artwork 😀

  2. Thanks for the game. Still downloading it, just wanted to know which route is the loli femdom one. Thanks in advance.

  3. I want to ask, I have a bit confusion in the Alice true end.
    Toriumi eyes color at end are different, does it mean that she will have a split personality?

  4. This VN has a great potential to be considered as a good VN. I mean the artwork is superb and some of the soundtrack really attached to certain scene. However the plot is a bit dull and the worst thing is only 2 heroine that really have a good development with the MC, the other heroine are just mainly H-scene without any good story so barely causing any attachment to those route.


    It should be 6/10 but the true route is good for my taste

  5. xtrlsidma says:
    July 29, 2018 at 4:08 am

    hi what is the i recall face/ i seeblue sky i dont see that option


    Have to finish all the routes at least once (including Alice’s route). Once this is done, attempt Alice’s route a second time and the additional option will show up.

  6. In one of Alice’s route, there is a “To be continued” ending. Will there be a sequel and if yes, will it be upload soon?

  7. So almighty admin are you uploading Maitetsu? you usually publish anything even shit like the sakura games wich i appreciate it but Maitetsu is been out for a while now.

  8. Hey, I am currently playing through the game, but I encountered a bit of a bug in it. When I scroll to see all the previous dialogue, I get only partial bits of it, it cuts off on the left side and I can’t see the beginning half of it or the character icons or anything. Any help is appreciated.

  9. I liked the game it was good but SPOILERS

    The true end meaning Alice´s True Ending is open meaning you kinda are forced to play the sequel :O wondering if it will be translated too

  10. It’s an interesting concept but too many words. It felt like the conversations are beating around the bush. I often skip dialogues and end-up still understanding the story. There are times that the characters respond to the mc without him talking (internal monologue). The heroines are likeable but unrealistic (somehow over-fantasized but not the nukige extent)…but hey this is a masturbation material so not really an issue. And the mc is somehow angsty which I cringed. I feel like the story and script is made by a teenage angst. It has so much potential but wasted. A quick fix is to lessen the unnecessary lengthy dialogues and scenes.

  11. Yeah i feel you @raging potato, it’s one of those difficult decisions you have to make in life. XD
    Is the game interesting so far? It sucks i’m not free at the moment, when i was as free as crap when i first saw this without translation, uuu why must the heavens hate me.

  12. All heroine are likable, it’s really hard to choose whom you will go for.. Damn xD, there are times where in, you already decided for this route then suddenly, you will realize this another heroine is also good, then you can’t choose which one you will finish first T_T

  13. i’m bored, so here you go

    Hasuno Saki
    ◆Save 01
    2 I accepted it BADEND
    ◆Load 01
    1 This isn’t me
    ★ I recalled her face
    ◆Save 02
    1 You could say I do
    ◆Save 03
    1 You know her
    2 Have to resist
    2 I was interested in Saki
    2 The key to my room
    1 Saki
    2 That’s right
    Saki END – Unlock remaining CG from extra h-scenes

    Yayoi B. Lutwidge
    ◆Load 03
    2 You don’t know her
    ◆Save 04
    1 Couldn’t hold back
    ◆Save 05
    3 I was interested in Yayoi
    3 The key to the science room
    2 Yayoi
    Yayoi END

    Hirasaka Keiko
    ◆Load 04
    2 Have to resist
    4 I didn’t think of anyone
    4 The key to a guitar case
    3 Keiko
    Keiko END

    Toriumi Alice
    ◆Load 02
    2 I don’t
    ◆Save 06
    1 Alice
    2 Have to resist
    1 I was interested in Alice
    1 The key with the heart shaped handle
    4 Alice
    1 That’s not it
    Alice END1(Normal 2)

    2nd playthrough

    1 This isn’t me
    ★For some reason, I saw a blue sky
    2 I don’t
    1 Alice
    2 Have to resist
    1 I was interested in Alice
    1 The key with the heart shaped handle
    4 Alice
    1 That’s not it
    Alice END2 (TRUE)

    Naitou Maia
    ◆Load 06
    1 Maia
    2 Have to resist
    4 I didn’t think of anyone
    5 To chase after Maia
    1 Saki
    1 That’s not it
    Maia END

    ◆Load 05
    2 I was interested in Saki
    5 To chase after Maia
    3 Keiko
    Normal END

  14. So is this just going to be another one of those “the protagonist is a useless slug who keeps trying to lecture his betters on how to live their lives properly while they are nonsensically infatuated with him” kind of game, or is that just the opening spiel?

  15. It seems its better read Maia route before Alice’s.
    The other three is up to you.

    I think my order will be:

    Yayoi* > Saki* > Keiko* > Maia > Alice (NORMAL) > Alice (TRUE)

    So its better keep Alice for last or let Maia??

  16. “On top of that, when Yayoi-sempai and Hirasaka-san were hit with eggplants by a weird purple person, they turned into eggplants, too…”

    A Kid Icarus reference? In my eroge?

  17. Thanks admin, I was waiting for this. Are you gonna add Chaos;Child too? Since PC version recently released.

  18. Thank you man
    been refreshing the site since its out
    shall i hook you up with a copy of maitetsu since i still don’t see it on the site

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