The Witch’s Love Diary

The Witch's Love Diary

Alice attends Hekihou Academy with her friends Yakko and Keiko, where she’s a member of the photography club. She lives alone except for her pet dog Qoo, and she holds down a part-time job as a waitress at Dragon Burger. Her life is busy and content, but sometimes she feels like there’s something she’s forgetting, something she left undone. Maybe even something important.

One day Alice and her friends visit the clock tower. There, an unusual book falls into Alice’s lap: the diary of a mysterious and rather perverted young man. Why do all the girls Alice meets show up in the diary? Why does nobody remember the events in the diary? And why does Alice feel so strongly that she wants to meet that young man?

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  1. Okay, this one down.
    Tl;dr – 7.5/10, started for h-scenes, stayed for the plot, solid work if you pretend True Ending(2) doesn’t exist. Game is linear, meaning no choices matter.
    Good things:
    1) The characters. I’m so tired when it comes to bland characters and braindead MC, but here, they are very concrete, and what’s happening on screen actually makes a lot of sense given these characters mindset(except one, but we’ll get to that later).
    2) The OST was rock solid.
    3) The story. There are plenty of clusterfucks in this VN, but the idea was great, I was pleased with pasing, with how things were handled in True End(1), and I was ready to forgive most of its problems, put 8.5/10 and go to sleep, until…
    Bad things:
    1) True Ending 2. There’s literally no reason for it to be here, for any character present to act the way they do, and its impossible to give a shit, given the fact that they introduce new character in a 15-minute-long new ending, with less development than Kurihara. It feels like they had this planned in mind, but met a deadline/budget cut, and just forgot to delete it from the final product.
    2) Knowledge recognition. At several points in time, characters appear to figure out information they already should know story-wise(this becomes particularly obvious in Suou’s route), and I would assume it’s somehow related to this game having 3 writers and 2 assistant writers, but this still frustrated me during my reading.
    3) Writing coordination. A decent amount of small plot threads that were introduced were not resolved at any point anywhere.
    4) The game is linear, meaning that your choices do not matter, you have enforced playing order of routes. I’m not a big fan of having meaningless choices in the game, tbh, if they were making a kinetic novel, they should’ve said so.
    Overall, I still enjoyed playing it, but it could definitely be much better with certain elements straight-up removed.

  2. I was really frustrated about a couple things in this game that I’d like to warn people about:

    – There is an insanely long “prologue.” During this prologue, there are zero choices to be made. After going through it for hours, I eventually just held down the skip button to see whether the game would ever have a single choice… and I found out I was maybe halfway through just the prologue.
    – The game features a lot of scenarios supporting the horrendous “no means yes” mentality, suggesting that every woman always wants to have sex, even when they extremely clearly say they don’t. This is in some ways worse than showing a maniacal rapist, as it potentially acts to embolden people who have come to believe in that sick… I would say logic, but it’s anything but that.

    I haven’t completed the game yet, and I haven’t decided yet whether I will. I’m hoping it’ll get better once I have some sort of control over the action, but I’m not convinced I want to sit through a couple more hours of what I’ve put up with so far just to find out.

    1. Well…
      1) Prologue actially kind-of repeats itself after you start the game, just with extra POV. I also skipped it, but only the second time I read it.
      2) The game has enforced playing order, meaning that any choice you make is basically a formality, there’s no decisions to be made whatsoever, all routes are linear and happen in the same timeline.
      As for “no means yes” mentality, well, I don’t think work of fiction on that level can “embolden” anyone to do anything, and also the MC is quite clear that if he meets physical resistance and not vocal, he’ll stop, which makes sense given his background in a story.

  3. Just finished the true ends andbloved it… my only question is does true end 2 end just like that all im getting is a screen going back to title

  4. Here, the real charmless character design I have ever known.
    The character design in this game is too realistic to enjoy. A lot of selfish persons. Especially the male MC Takumi. Even though he’s some kind of villain protagonist like Rance or Bunny Black, it’s the vast different in playing feels. I like the way Rance or Darx do things through games. But when it comes to this Takumi guy, the way he act is far more disgust and annoying to read further. I follow the walkthrough in Mii route (first route) and I can’t bring myself to finish it. They make Takumi too realistic personality so disturbing that I don’t want to follow anymore. If somehow they remake and swap out this guy with some most insanely wimpy idiot stupid guy from some VN ever exist would be a lot more better.

  5. I follow the walkthrough and can’t seem to get the Choices and True End 2 after finishing the game once so i still get one missing CG from the extras. Are there any requirements that i miss?

  6. This is labeled as having multiple protagonists on vndb. Can anyone tell me what the split is between the male and female perspectives?

  7. I can’t open the game when I try to open the game nothing happens. If I check on it in the task manager it says it’s running but it only take 8.1mb of ram and nothing else. I’ve tried 4 different sites now for this game and it just won’t run if anyone has had the same issue and they got it running any help would be appreciated.

    1. Check if you have the latest Microsoft Framework version 4.7.2 or better version 4.8. Also see if getting Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019 will help you.

      Also, check if you have video codecs, just install k-lite codec pack to use LAV if you don’t have that or update. Also be sure to toggle off “MPEG-PS” if it comes up.

      Also, as usual check if it requires system locale to be Japanese. Other issues at your end might be graphic card (or lack of one for real old PC’s using integrated) and such. I can’t think of anything else to help you out.

      1. Thanks for trying to help but I tried it all (I have a 1070) and nothing worked still can’t run the game. I can run the game on my shitty laptop tho (for whatever reason)

  8. Lately, I can’t extract file from the games in this site anymore.

    The last one that work for me is Under one Wing.

    No newer game that can be extracted.

    1. Try to update the program you use or sitch to another one.
      (If you use Winrar switch to 7zip or reverse.)

      1. I have tried 7zip already and all other extraction Freeware programs that I knew.

        Still not working for me.

        1. If your issue is extracting only then you must get Winrar. It is free despite if it pops up the annoying window (tho you can easily find the “rarreg.key” to make it official) or as mentioned if you truly have updated 7z that should work but you should also get winrar just to be certain from the official site. The issue is at your end not with the files since we’re extracting them just fine.

  9. Why do so many english translators dump on vns by swiching up the original name order?
    Im from hungary and we have the same name order as japan:
    family name, 1st name and 2nd name. Because of that its feels like to me they dont even respect the culture where the vn came from.

    1. THAT is what you call cultural disrespect? (you got the same order as where I’m from btw)

      Real cultural disrespect is when those VNs try to include elements of foreign cultures and get them WRONG.

      Like that one VN about vampires where a nurse (or was it a female doctor? whatever… excessive details) asked one of the heroines what her relationship with MC is. At which point, in her native language, she confessed her love … [drumbeat] … for the nurse.

      What she was clearly supposed to say is that she loves the MC, but what she actually said was that she loves the nurse. I think I don’t have to describe the resulting “face-palm effect” in full detail do I?

      Now that’s the real DUMP, and translators had nothing to do with it. It was the Japanese that so carelessly misused the language they obviously didn’t know. Next time you try to add some “foreign spice” to your game make sure you actually know what you’re doing, bloody google-ing barbarians… Not that they’ll ever read this comment but whatever…

      Oi, and don’t even get me started on how the Japanese treat history (including foreign) in their fiction. There’s no bigger dump possible than that.

      1. It’s fiction because they tampered with it, other wise it’s category would fall from fiction to historical.

        And yeah most companies just too lazy and thight fisted to cash out more money for quality details like cultural research or hiring someone who knows about and speaks languages of cultures they work into their stories.

        1. Yep, can’t afford a foreign culture specialist, don’t know shit about it themselves, and yet they put it in nonetheless. And that’s what’s so “dumpy” and uncourteous about it.

          Tampering is when you adjust it a little.
          When Napoleon becomes a busty blond bimbo that is using spells and/or giant robots to fight aliens and/or demons and/or interdimensional invaders it’s a freaking brand stealing. Someone should totally resurrect Napoleon and let him sue every last one of them for slander and unlicensed use of his name.

          Srsly, that Japanese name-stealing obsession is both insulting and ridiculous.
          And don’t even get me started on how they treat foreign religion. Can’t even call that zero respect because it’s less than zero.

          Compared to that, name order in translation means nothing.

          1. It’s because official releases wanting translations to be localizations which often go for the lowest common denominator, resulting in killing off even basic cultural references, like how characters address one another or the aforementioned naming order. So yes, I get pissed by that too when it’s done atrociously enough, since it’s a sign of low quality in translations and are usually coupled with other issues.

  10. Wao another one D;
    Anyways… I liked how there were screen shots of the games before. Whatever happened to that? Is the practice no longer popular so you guys stopped doing it o.o?

    1. It`s pretty much always got mosaics unless stated otherwise or unless it`s western. Very few companies decensor VNs, pretty much only JAST and the occasional fan decensor like Maitetsu.

      1. and MangaGamer you forgot to add. The majority of their releases are uncensored unless noted which thankfully is rarely.

  11. This is a weird one, and very convoluted but at least they released and 18+ patch unlike the assholes devs of The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart who the fucks transforms a nukige into all ages, anyway thanks as always admin

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