Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-

Touma Kojirou's Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-

Touma Kojirou was just a regular, ordinary detective, investigating suspicions of adultery and finding lost pets until one day, his little sister brings her friend in as a client. As her theater troupe prepares for their performance of “Phantom of the Opera”, a real phantom threatens to end their production!

Will you be able to uncover the identity of this masked assailant before its too late?! Or will you be too busy banging every member of the cast?! Find out, when the curtain rises!

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  1. Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House- A murder mystery game where you play as the Detective and try to solve the case without being distracted by the beautiful women trying to seduce you…..or at least that’s what the tag line of the game wants you to believe.

    Sadly for those hoping for a real erotic murderer mystery game this isn’t the porno for you. Touma Kojirou’s Detective File feels at best a promising game that goes unfilled and at worst a lazy half-ass production. The major flaw of the game came be summed up like this, it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a murder mystery game where the player has to gather evidence and solve the case? Does it want to be a romance game where the play most choose between his adoptive sister, childhood friend, or the client. Does it want to be a kinky game with a lot of fetish sex scenes?

    Touma Kojirou’s Detective File tries to be all of these things and as a result falls short of all of them. The game doesn’t offer the player nearly enough opportunities to gather clues nor do we even get a choice to pick who we think the culprit is. There’s literary only one choice in the game that effects whether or not you catch the villain or die and I’m sorry but that’s not enough to be a real mystery game. At the very least a mystery game has to let the player choose at the end who he thinks is the murderer in my opinion or else it’s not a real game but a story.

    Another problem with the mystery aspect of the game is that we don’t really spend enough time on the evidence gathering part of the game. In fact we only spend time on the mystery for big events, such as the murderers and as a result you’ll end up feeling slightly annoyed (or cheated) at the end when the detective starts pulling \evidence\ out of his ass that the game glanced on.

    So if we don’t spend that much time gathering evidence where do we spend said time? On the romance of course! Sadly that’s another area where the game falls short. The romance scenes feel shoe horn in, as if the writers couldn’t figure out how to include them in the overarching story (mystery). As a result they come across as very forced, there’s hardly any build-up to them or development. One minute the main character and *insert girl* are just friends, the next they’re lovers…..for some reason.

    And no just because the girls have a crush on the main character doesn’t mean this is ok. You need BUILD-UP for romance, you need the characters to really talk about their feelings and grow so they realize that what they’re looking for has been right their all along. The sad thing is that this could have worked, I mean what causes a person to rethink their life then death. Talking about those murdered, or death in it of itself would have made for a great transition into the romance scenes. Realizing how short life really is.

    The writers even manage to do this one time with the client. Her depression/sadness at the death of her friends rings true, and the main character showing her kindness and telling her she can rely on him if she needs helps makes this romance work. Granted like the others it’s extremely short but I still say it works, even if I would have liked their to be a couple more scenes building up said romance.

    However the writers just don’t seem to see this, or don’t care because the romance scenes for the other two seem to come out of nowhere and relate in no way to the overarching plot. This can make for a pretty jarring experience especially after a murder scene. You’ll end up thinking to yourself when you get to these scenes \Ummm, didn’t someone just get murdered? Are we not going to talk about that any more?\.

    That brings me to the last thing the game try to be….kinky. The reason why this fails is simply, there’s just not enough sex scenes of kinks for this game to really be kinky. Oh don’t get me wrong, there’s a random sex scene almost every scene and yes that gets just as jarring as the bad romance scenes too but these aren’t really \kinky\ sex scenes. In fact I would say there’s only 3 to 4 truly kinky sex scenes (excluding any scenes with your adoptive sister since that’s played more for romance then the actual incest kink). You have a scene where you catch a girl masturbating, a scene where you spy on two sisters having sex with each other, and then a scene where you play with sex toys with your partner. There’s also the harem ending sex scene but once again that feels more like a \love\ sex scene rather then the threesome kink.

    The majority of the other sex scenes are all just regular blowjobs, tit-jobs, and regular sex. There’s at least one for every girl and to be honest they’ll get boring at times. If you don’t find any of the girls in this game super attractive/hot then STAY AWAY because that’s all you’ve really got to beat too, because there’s nothing really exciting going on during this sex scenes. The creators of the game try to keep the sex scenes interesting with animation but it’s just a cheap trick. I’ve seen free flash games with better animation. The love scenes don’t really work because not enough time has been put into the romances to make us feel anything for the girl, with maybe the exception of the client. Also at times the picture won’t match up with what’s going on in the sex scene, and this just comes across as incredibly lazy to me.

    The purpose of a sex game is that the PICTURES MATCH up with the FREAKING TEXT!!! I mean god damn it, screw the stupid animation, how about when the text says the main character gropes the girl’s breast you actually draw a picture of his HAND ON HER BREAST rather then showing her mouth slightly open!!!! Seriously this is unacceptable from a porn game we have to pay 24 bucks for. The ending scenes in particular pissed me off here since only one girl got her own ending \image\ the other three endings (including the harem ending) got the same ending \image\. Which once again comes across as lazy to me.

    This lazy feeling isn’t helped by the game’s length. At a run-time of only three to four hours at most it’s no wonder that they fell short when cramming so many things into it. Honestly if the game was eight hours or more it could have easily been all three of those things, a good mystery to solve, with cute girls with interesting romance paths, and plenty of kinky sex scenes. As is though with this run-time they’d have trouble even completing one of those goals.

    So does this game have anything good about it?
    Well the mystery and romance paths are alright, like I said not enough time is spent on either to make them truly satisfying but what we do have isn’t terrible.

    The characters are pretty distinct (if one dimensional) for the most part and likable.

    Finally their are some genuinely good moments in the game that make you see this concept had potential but was wasted.

    Do you recommend buying this game?
    For 24 bucks? No. Maybe if it was half that, around 12 dollars then yea I guess so but with mostly boring sex scenes, and a plot struggling to fit everything in I’d say just get it for free if you’re really interested.

  2. it says syntax error, with this blue screen with encrypted coding on it. i’ve alrdy extracted crack file into the original game that needs code. help please?

  3. How do you patch the game? Do you just dump it into the game directory?
    I copied the patch.XP3 in the game folder and copied over the crack but when I try to play it, get this error message: something about ANSI and UNICODE…
    And I don’t understand how the SoftDenchi Meter is supposed to work…

  4. You need to extract the CRACK file into the game. Once you do its gonna ask you some things about existing files and just say yes to all of them. The game should work if you do it

  5. I’m getting \Session expired\ everytime I go to download the file ( The second part ) . Is there something wrong that I’m doing?

    1. that’s because it took you so long to download the file while you are looking at other windows , try to wait for the countdown to run out and then try again ,

  6. anyone please help. its doesn’t work on my pc. well, its really work but its say i need activation code. please help me. what the code?

  7. Dream Sequence
    1. inside for harem/Youko
    2. Outside for others

    1. Washroom Tomoe
    2. Wander Others

    Reina’s Blowjob
    1. in mouth for others
    2. On Face for hers/Harem

    Reina in Park
    1. Leave Alone others
    2. Call out to her Harem/Reina

    Left Reina Alone
    1. Straight Home Youko

      1. Got Harem now (others don’t really need explanation imho)

        2.Wander Arround
        4.Leave Alone
        5.Wander Arround
        => HAREM

  8. Can someone help me?

    I played it through checked every way but I still miss scene 4 (either last Yuuko, first Reina – or my guess – a harem scene)


  9. I need an activation code so how do I get it or do I need to overwrite the crack file with something and how to?

  10. ok so i bought the game and downloaded it here and both times it keeps sendng me to this stupid batterysoft website i guess it some kind of software but can anyone tell me how to get the game to work. its not even asking for the activation code

  11. I didnt see any
    plugin/wuvorbis.dll” files there when i extracted all the parts of it. zzz

  12. i havent tried changing the locale but i do get the mangagamer file like you, and i do not know where to put the crack version

  13. uhh can someone guide me on how i can play it without that error window popping up? I managed to get Bukkake Ranch to work fine, but i forgot what i did…

    1. Is it possible it’s your computer locale? Alternatively have you put the crack in the right folder? On mine it created a new folder (mangagamer) instead of going to Program Files.

      1. i havent tried changing the locale but i do get the mangagamer file like you, and i do not know where to put the crack version

  14. admin, could you please check the file for the crack please? I seem to fail to download it after typing the code. it might have been my internet connection slowing down and fail to open the download link, but I guess it didn’t hurt to ask this.

    pardon my English if there is any mistake, I’m not from English speaking country.

    1. please forget I’m asking. silly me forgot to turn off my drop box and slowing down my internet (I recently moved many files in dropbox and it uploaded while killing my bandwith). thanks for your games that I always enjoy ever since my college days.

      I’ve begun to buy games directly from manga gamer, but pardon me for lurking in here and play the game before buying any… with my salary it’s just impossible to buy all the new title that pique my interest, therefore I need some “test drive” to select…

      once again, thanks a lot admin. you and the translators of these games have my deepest gratitude!

  15. Alguien que me ayude necesito el código de activación, estaba leyendo los demás comentarios y descargue el parche pero aún así no me inicia el juego

    1. Es raro, yo acabo de terminar el juego y no tuve ningun problema, instale normalmente y luego poniendo los 3 archivos que vienen en .rar del Crack dentro de la carpeta del juego, en mi caso ‘C:\Games\Mangagamer\Touma Kojirou’s Detective File’ y listo.
      Espero que puedas hacerlo funcionar.

      1. Thanks, couldn’t figure out where crack should go at first, the game creates a new folder in C; instead of going to Program Files

  16. Himegari Dungeon Meister when will this be translated kamidori is already translated but why is this still untranslated anyone can u try translating this and also shin koihime musuo for pc and there is something i notice shin koihime musuo at the school its the same school in Harukoi Otome Game i wish a game is created where the two is mixed up it be nice!!!!

  17. I’ve gotta say that I am highly in debt to you admin as the visual novels had affected my way of living and it helped me to grow more as a person as I learn more about life. But as I am currently playing the After Story of Clannad, I think I want to ask a little favor if you could grant it as they don’t sell VNs or it’s unpopular in our country.

    Would you please upload “Tomoyo After: It’s a Wonderful Life”? I’d be really happy to know the story of Tomoyo.

    Totemo totemo arigatou gouzaimasu! 🙂

      1. Thanks admin, I’ve gotta say that please include it in the downloads list as it’s not visible there. 🙂

  18. I start playing this game 5 minutes later i realise the bgm is the same with the bgm from bukkake ranch hahahaha

    1. is one of the better hosts
      u can download 2 files simultan
      just a waiting time of 4-5 minutes bevor u can start the second download
      and there is no limit of files or byte u can download
      and u dant have to pay for this

  19. I have a question that’s related to a different game.
    It’s called Sharin no Kuni yuukyuu no shounenshoujo, and I downloaded it at this site.
    The fandisk supposedly contains the epilogues of the heroines from the original game, but I cannot seem to find it. I have played Hozuki’s route from beginning to end, but there were no changes. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the heroine epilogues?

  20. At last.. fuh 100% completion…
    Youko End:1. Choose She want to be alone, leave her be.
    2. Choose Go Straight Home.

    Reina End:Choose she’s worried,call out to her.

    Tomoe End:1. Choose She want to be alone, leave her be.
    2. Choose Wander a bit before going home.

    Harem End: This will be a bit complicated.
    1. 1st H with Youko(Dream) choose cum inside
    2. Waste some Time
    3. Morning BJ with Reina, choose cum outside
    4. Choose She’s worried,call out to her.

    Thank me later~

    1. Thank you so much, prolly would’ve never been able to 100% this without that.
      And I think they should’ve added in a bonus thing for getting everything.

    2. For the Tomoe end, I think you need to select “outside” for both of the H scenes with the other girls and “inside” for Tomoe.

  21. Excuse me, but I think I’m having some problems downloading this game, or atleast with the activation code part of it. Would anyone be willing to help me with this or tell me the activation code? Help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

  22. Nukiges are great, but what does a girl gotta do to get another good translation for some of the great otome and yaoi games out there?

    1. Sadly doesn’t look like there’s one. Fortunately this isn’t a hard game (I think there’s only one way to fail and it’s a short game that can be skipped through), but there seems to be one scene that’s a pain to get (top row, first from the right).

  23. I have a question to the admin, why not place small files, such as crack or patch directly on the site? There is a reason?

    1. Yes, there are quite a few actually.

      1. Legality. I don’t want to go on copyright rant again, but basically, liking to content that got shared elsewhere is legal in many jurisdictions, while hosting it myself wouldn’t.
      2. Portability. By having everything off the site, i can move whole website in a matter of minutes – as it is now, full backup of erogedownload is few megabytes – if my hosting provider got raided tomorrow, i could just copy and extract latest daily backup file to “we_don’t_care_what_your_site_is_about_as_long_as_it_is_not_CP” host in Romania, alter DNS records ( I have set up TTL for them to only 5 minutes for that reason ) and most site users wouldn’t even see a difference.
      3. Bandwidth itself – sure, 500kb doesn’t seem like much, but many files I’m posting get tens of thousands of downloads – it quickly adds up – for example current website as it is, used 212.1 GB of bandwidth last month, and it’s only text and cover pictures. Hosting files myself would easily run me into couple of terabytes.

    1. It will be great if you can post a small guide for the game.
      I will appreciate more than the save file.
      Just a rough one with choices is OK.

      1. There are only i think 3 or 4 different choices in the game just mix them up a couple times and you should be able to max it out easy.
        Also i think you need all other endings to get the harem style ending with the main two girls

  24. Great to see we got the crack quick this time, don’t have to filter through idiots asking for it without reading any previous comments on the subject.

    Great job, as always Admin.

  25. This one surprised me a bit a South Seal game that actually has death in it instead of nothing but sex scenes in it.
    Don’t get me wrong the game has sex scenes every other load scene just about.

    (Slight Spoiler)
    Also the blood-related siblings tag is wrong the girl was adopted it clears that up in her introduction in the game…

    1. Oh Gods YES.
      I’ve been waiting for Seinarukana for years now. VNDB has a preliminary listing of translation being done in 2013, but no specific release date yet.
      Apparently that was a bit optimistic. :/

      Oh well, let’s hope it’s ready for release before next christmas at least.

  26. >meme arrowing outside of 9gag

    Manga gamer keep translating shit nukiges and they wonder why no one wants to buy their shit when there is people translating 100x better VN’s for free. I can see why though, it probably takes a week at most to translate these and you only need a couple idiots to buy it to make a profit.

    1. Why are people so upset about MangaGamer, a company running a business, trying to make some money?
      Yes, the nukiges are usually pretty boring unless you’re looking for some quick porn, but sex sells.

      You know what that money is probably used for? Paying the people who are translating those “100x better” visual novels that take several months, maybe even a year or two to translate.

      MangaGamer can’t just release a “good” title once every two years and hope to pay wages and rent and bills on the money they get from that.
      They have to release cheaper and easier to make titles so they don’t go out of business before we even hear the preliminary announcement that they’re translating that other game.

      Also, “>meme arrows”?
      Are you referring to so-called “greentext”? (Putting a “>” before a line of text.)
      You do realize that’s not a 9gag thing, right?
      It’s forum code for making a paragraph turn green instead of the regular black to emphazise a point when posting on image boards.

      1. While I agree with the rest of your message, you obviously failed to understand the meaning behind saying meme arrows are from 9gag. It was meant as an ironic joke. That is why I don’t feel like your post has much credibility left at all.

        Untighten that tight hat, you can’t even understand simple jokes anymore.

  27. Crack:

    Read instructions in the zip for installation information or just install the game and extract the exe and xp3 where you installed. Don’t forget to also install the official patch, otherwise the game won’t play in English locale.


    1. Thank you for helping to support these people, they do have great translation and there’s not enough demand for them. As soon as I graduate and manage to find a steady paycheck, I intend to go back and officially buy up all my favorites.

      Cheers to you, man.

  28. Tried with the SSSS, Sexy Demon Transformation and Bukkake Ranch (main.exe and Bukkake Ranch.exe) exes. I managed to get to the intro screen with 3. (By copy-pasta’in the data.xp3 that came with each exe, except Sexy Demon which didn’t have any. Renamed the original to bypass errors.)
    1 didn’t have any click options in menu. Played the music, however.
    2 had a clickable interface. Neither had music.
    One which was able to change stuff in options with a whacky positioning for some stuff.
    One of the 2 made me get as far as seeing the chat-box and the ingame menu buttons which were clickable.

    Currently checking out Touma.exe with something to see if I can make a crack by myself. Probably won’t work.

  29. Another crappy nukige… damn it Mangagamer translate something worthwhile for a change, like you did with Koihime or Kara no Shoujo.

    Of course, thanks as always Ivan.

    1. Shut up forever. The big stuff is great, but a mindless nukige is fun on occasion, is cheaper, gets put out faster, and they simply can’t just pop out novel-length epics on a basis regular enough to pay the bills, let alone the licensing fees to GET those epics. These ‘crappy nukiges’ pay for your Koihimes and Kara no Shoujos. They allow them to exist. So kindly shove it.

    2. >gets paid translated game for free
      >complains that its ‘crappy’ compared to the other games he ‘got’ for free

      Entitlement much? Especially when you’re pirating this game you self entitled little shit.

      1. Don’t remember insulting anyone so i guess it is crystal clear who is the “little shit” in here.

        And who the hell told you that i will pirate this? Don’t worry i wont be downloading it, so calm the fuck down mangaknights, since we are all in the same boat here i can say my opinion as i wish without insulting anyone (unlike some 10 year olds in here).

        I am thankful for mangagamer releasing the great titles it has plus the occasionally good nukige but if they had used the time and money they spent on the last 3 craptastic nukiges on a good novel now they would have triple the profits.

        Seriously, people buy this stuff?

        1. Well as for me yes I buy this short Nukige games……

          Its like everyone has its own taste….

          And I’m sure that many of us buying this game much more like it…. rather than buying leghty vn

        2. Yes, people very much buy this stuff, it’s no different then people buying porn really. While there are are a large number of good visual novels out there, like it was said before these pay the bills. And by the way, since they sell for less, the licensing costs less and more copies are sold these (Both here and in Japan) have a much larger profit margin then the long novel length VNs. The moral is, don’t apply your thoughts and opinions to everyone assuming that they agree, and by the way, if they had taken the time they used for the last 3 nukiges to translate one great novel length they wouldn’t have three times the profit as you claimed, in fact, they’d likely have less profit than they got off of one nukige. Deal with it, the demand for VNs in english is rising but still at a very low level.

          1. Uhm…
            You do realize that there aren’t a whole lot of places where you can find these English patches right…?

        3. You’re insulting people by saying their tastes are crap.
          You should probably can it, you look like a moron.
          “Not insulting” my asshole.
          Please, don’t ever post again.
          Personal preference, dude. And you probably shouldn’t call a game crap when you haven’t even played it…
          Admittedly I prefer my games that have nice plots, but that doesn’t mean I need to come in and bash any nukige that’s posted.
          You don’t seem to realize there’s a lot of hard work put into these translations and that the games you’re looking for are often pretty big games with a lot of text to translate. They’re usually pretty expensive too.
          Sure, you get the odd legendary translator like Rogue, but these guys are exceptions. How about you take up the role of translator and try translating a few games on your own, punk?
          Another alternative is you can go and download AGTH and ATLAS, then go pirate some untranslated games with the proper plots you want and play them.
          Unappreciative piece of shit.

        4. you do know that mangagamer doesn’t translate, right? These are fan-translated, I think.

          and yes, seriously, there are people who buy this stuff way before you ever discovered it. There are a ton of it that’s been released some translated, some are not.

    3. Man this is the only thing i can say to you you got the game for free and translation for free and ur fcking complaining if you don’t like this kind of game then don’t fcking comment saying its crap or watever.

    1. you need the official patch off the MG website.

      It’d help if the admin pointed that out, and/or posted links to that too.

          1. That’s strange… I posted the game on 28 November, 2013 @ 11:30:34 and added link to patch on 29 November, 2013 @ 5:00:29 – there haven’t been any edits to this post since then.

  30. Product ID
    Product ID Product ID
    Product ID Product ID
    Product ID Product ID
    Product ID

    To summon a demon……

    And thanks again admin 🙂

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