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  1. Being a fan of the anime felt nostalgic playing this. Nice mild amusement to kill time. That jigsaw like puzzle was enjoyable – took some time to solve honestly. Also funny how Tsukune keep saying “Yay – I think things are going great” (best quote of the game). Unfortunately tho all routes are copypasted versions with some bits changed. Also having to go thru the repetive battle pattern drawing was kinda annoying just to get the same rather lousy ending. Good game all in all, but kud of been better.

  2. I really want to copy/paste my thoughts about this game here:

    Okay! I’ve done everything you could do in this game. Got all the pictures.
    Most people would say, that this game (VN) needs way more variety… and that’s kinda true, but the reason you should be playing this is because you love the characters from the anime, and you want to see more interactions between them, and that’s exactly what you get from this game. Nothing special happens, but the game is full of those funny/heart warming moments, which you should be looking for in this.
    After a few play throughs, it does get a bit tedious, but I was left with a really good taste after going through all routes.
    The game isn’t anything special to most people, which is why it was such a rare chance to try this VN out, I don’t think there would’ve been too many people who would’ve translated this, so for the last time, thank you.

    Oh, and it would be awesome if someone translated the PS2 game someday… that can wait though.

  3. I really liked Rosario+Vampire, was always a bit disappointed with the anime which could have been way better but still liked it just to see the characters i like animated so eh, also disappointed by the lack of VN, well this should have been good but man is this another disappointment.
    I had high hopes with low expectations and well it was just plain bad, there was potential though.
    super crappy gameplay that gets tedious and boring immediately, like the musical chair thing, oh yeah break your DS screen / mouse by just spam tapping / clicking like a retard, yay, trace some random lines and start all over if you miss one, and so on.
    The “story” is very shallow and short, very few voiced lines here and there, no real “route” just a few scenes swapped along the line (even said scene are mostly the same with the character swapped in the cg)
    I could go on but really i couldn’t find any redeeming feature even though i really really wanted to find something good about this game.
    Also the 2 extra route are rather obscure, i wanted to try Ruby route but really can’t push myself to go through this again stumbling around to figure it out.
    Overall, if you are on the fence on this one i wouldn’t recommend it, i guess if you are a hardcore fan of the serie you could give it a shot since it’s free and very light to download.

  4. oh and another Question: Where can I get such emulators from Playstation or so on? = D

    1. PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator, but it only works well with certain games, and you’ll need a very powerful computer to run most better looking games smoothly. Honestly it’s not even worth it. I’d just buy an older model of PS3 that can also play PS2 games as well as PS1 classics that you download from the store.

      PPSSPP is a PSP emulator which worked fine for me when I played Corpse Party. However, I’d recommend just buying a PS Vita instead, since it allows you to play Vita, PSP and PS1 classics all in one system (although the PSP and PS1 games must be digitally downloaded).

      PS. I only support piracy of games that are not available in the country you live in. I have no problem with people downloading fan-translated visual novels if they have no official English release, but if you want to play a game that you could just buy from a store, please buy it to support the people who worked hard to make it.

      1. The only problem is I want to play Crimson Tears but unfortunately i got the Wrong Ps3 in Cristmas =*( I even told my parents which I wanted (well I paid the half and they the other half) but then I couldnt´t tell them since I didn´t wanted make them Sad by telling them that I didn´t wanted the newer Ps3 = /

        1. They don’t sell the old model in stores anymore. You can buy the old one from Amazon. But at this point it would be much cheaper to just buy a PS2 and the game.

      2. The PS2 emulator worked for the most games I tried and they will probably update it over time to work with the rest as well. But yes you need a powerful PC for most games to run fine, some games like Soul Nomad worked for me even on my old PC.

        Also emulator doesn’t automatically mean pirating, if you have the money you can still buy the games and play them on the emulator. My PS2 died and now I can play the games I have on it instead of buying a new PS2.

      3. Besides, piracy its the only choice when you want to play abandonware (old software, that u cant hurt developers piracing them, because they stops selling/support them long time ago, E.G. Guitar Hero games, ROMS of old hardware, PS1 games, PSVita games, etc.) Like a piece of junk in a junkyard, u can just pick em and use it.

  5. Please help me with this problem >.< : All Games that I try to play with this program only move in Slow Motion! Q.Q please WHAT should i do??? = (

  6. Kurumu route is kinda disapointing. It ends like a normal harem series. (well.. it is a harem. But, cmon man. I WANT A LOVER LIKE ENDING WITH KURUMU !! )

    Ohh.. Kurumu is freakin erotic. Is there an eroge version of this wonderful game? Hehe :3

  7. 5 minutes in and i’m already disliking this game, there’s no lead-up.. it literally just drops you into the plot, all you get is a \i’m a human that transferred into Yokai Academy (couldn’t have come up with a more imaginative name?!) and now here are the possible waifu’s\.. all of which are already deredere for the protag..
    fucking bullshit D:<

    1. It’s meant as a sequel sort of story to the anime/manga series. The creators expect you to already know most of the characters. That being said, Rosario + Vampire isn’t exactly known for its great writing anyway. It’s mostly about cheesy harem romance and fanservice. I personally like it for what it’s worth, but yeah, it’s definitely not a masterpiece of a series or anything.

  8. Hey Admin, thanks for uploading!
    Would you consider uploading Custom Maid 3D 2 any time soon?

    Please leave an answer, I would really appriciate it!

  9. The Kotori route is basically you cheering for her just to have her choose that cow mask fag? Lol

  10. And I am just sitting here hoping Custom Reido F will be uploaded on this site in a complete translation.

  11. I know the tags say “witch heroine”, but the “meaningless choices” tag makes me suspicious and I really want to know… does this game have a Yukari route? She was my favorite character in the series.

  12. Thats amazing :O I had no idea anyone was actually translating this. Now if someone would translate the fairy tail games or SAO 😛

    1. Not sure about fairy tail but I know the SAO game already have people translating it… though its progressing really slow or maybe they dropped.

      1. Sword Art Online got official translations no ones working on those lol since you can buy them already translated for PS Vita and PS3 and the new one SAO Lost Song is fully English sub’d as well i know I have it and have been playing it on the Vita and PS3. Also this summer it gets a full PS4 English release locally as in hardcopy from local retailers so enjoy that the facts and have fun. ^_^

    2. Translate SAO? SAO: Hollow Fragment (for VITA) was localized many months ago, if you are talking about the psp version i dont think anyone is going to translate it since SAO:HF is the upgraded version(more content) of PSP ver. >.>

  13. Is this Just “English-patched” right ?
    Not a full game.
    I have to find a game too, is that right ?

    1. If it wasn’t complete it would say “partial patch”.

      PS: Ivan what the hell with these impossible captchas?

      1. If your using Jdownloader, possibly even other download managers, then it has a weird habit of giving really difficult captcha’s when it comes to downloadani.

        1. Yea I noticed that about jdownloader when I was downloading Princess Evangile the captcha’s it was getting fed were freakin impossible to decipher I finally gave up and just did it the hard way lol.

      1. just to correct you, there ARE adult/mature games on the DS in japan. these games dont leave japan thou and their NDS ‘label’ is black instead of white.

        but iirc, despite their rating, these games do not have any hentai but they do show boobs (since boobs are not considered pornography/hentai in japan)

        1. And nor should they be.

          But then they fuck it up by pixellating even drawings of genitals, sigh.

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