Conquering the Queen – Walkthrough

There are only four times you’ll have to make a choice, and thus get one of the four possible endings

[Save] indicates where you should make a Save Game, if you want to switch to another route later.

Harem Ending (King of Katusha, Orgy)
[Save1]Chapter 3 – Accept the Challenge
[Save2]Chapter 20 – Pull out
Chapter 21 – Cum inside her
[Save3]Chapter 22 – Reject her offer

Happy Ending (King of Katusha, Marry Sana)
Chapter 3 – Accept the Challenge
Chapter 20 – Cum inside her
[Save4]Chapter 21 – Cum outside
Chapter 22 – Reject her offer

Normal Ending (King of Eclipse, Keep Sexslaves (not the Queen and Daughter))
Chapter 3 – Accept the Challenge
Chapter 20 – Cum inside her
Chapter 21 – Cum inside her
Chapter 22 – Reject her offer
(You’ll get the same Ending if you choose “Pull Out” and “Cum outside” together in Chap.20-21)

Dark Ending (King/Dictator of both countries, every girl becomes a sexslave)
[Load Save3]Chapter 22 – Partner Up
(It doesn’t matter what you chose before this)

The first choice in Chapter 3 doesn’t influence the ending but you’ll get a different sex scene after it, if you go with “Decline”

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19 comments on “Conquering the Queen – Walkthrough

  1. damn….damn+this+the+best+erogames+so+far+that+ive+read.+I+like+black+Lilith+too+but+this+is+Masterpiece+yo..


  2. After playing this game getting all four ending i found many issue with this title, and that issue is that the eroge is *boring*. I found myself skipping over most of the H scene, which is bad; Especially, considering the fact that i have a rape fetish. The H scenes just drag out way too long without any actual change in context. I know this is a nukige, but when most of your H scene are just boring, and for the most part unsatisfying you’ve gotta give me more to keep reading. I’m not saying all the scene are bad, but everything had so much more potential that just wasn’t met leaving the reader disappointed. This is still a good read if you skip most of the boring part, which is the part that just drag on forever.

    Maybe I’ve just been spoil with better titles such as virgin roster, bible black, discipline and so forth.

  3. i was kina hopeing there was a end where he kept all the girls to him self and had one huge orgy nothing like 1 guy on 7 girls >=O

    1. What’s to spoil in a nukige? 😀 And I thought some description is needed in order to choose the ending you’re willing to pursue 😉

        1. This is exactly the same translation – JAST bought it out from fantranslators, ran it thru spellchecker and started selling it.

    1. The funniest thing is that even if it’s called a dark ending you still get to be an excellent king and your peoples loves you xD

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