Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition

Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition

There’s a rumor around town of a giant woman haunting the streets, wearing a white dress as her long black hair obscures her face… Eight feet tall and with a lust for the blood of young men… Well! This young man has plenty to give, and quite frankly, she sounds hot as hell! This countryside is seriously lacking in viable young women, so why not go for the dead instead? A giant ghost gal just means all the more body to play with, as her massive tits swing with every step.

She falls easily to our adrenaline-fueled protagonist, his fight-or-fuck instinct kicked in, and Tsutako was not expecting a sudden rock-hard counter attack! Sinking into her tender ghost flesh, he’ll be able to experience pleasures out of this world! Nuh-uh, no sinking into the shadows for you, Tsutako, you’re gonna be our spectral sex toy whether you want it or not! Teach her the joys of the flesh, and take this ghost as your afterlife wife! The power of cock commands her!

It’s up to you to get that fearsome phantom off the streets, and turn her into a sperm slurping specter in your sheets! Go on and get that ghost girl ghussy!

2 comments on “Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition

  1. A Clockwork Ley-line Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist
    Otome * Domain
    Tokyo NECRO
    Slobbish Dragon Princess 3
    Tamayura Mirai

    1. Nukitashi’s localization is appalling. Make sure you get the restoration patch if you uplooad it, Admin!
      Clockwork leyline and tokyo necro are great!

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