Sweet Sacrifices

Sweet Sacrifices

>>The alternating reoccuring pleasure of pregnancy and giving birth<< >>The pleasure of being violated by countless tentacles<< >>Each of the two victims/sacrificial lambs are succumbing to pleasure<< !A great gathering of tentacles! !Princesses that go through experiences of defloration, consecutive pregnancy and birthing over and over! The launch of the new CHAOS-R-Brand! The concept behind that brands operations is: we create Eroge inside the world of Black Ero where we exhaust the limits of erotic brutality (淫虐) starring infinite tentacle hell or forced pregnancy and giving birth. We're a brand which releases games where the dirtiest and most egregious sexual kinks are applied in heaps. "Give me more, I desire more of this nastiness!" And to this plea we answer: Chaos-R.

2 comments on “Sweet Sacrifices

  1. That description tho, lmao.

    But seriously, “exhaust the limits of erotic brutality”? This is your standard fare tentacle rape nukige, it’s not exactly unique.

    1. I pull those descriptions from storefronts, where sellers have every incentive to hype things up. Imagine going to used car salesman, and hearing “yeah, that honda civic is average, mileage is so-so…” NO. You will hear how the car is in perfect condition, and the previous owner was some elderly lady who only used it once a week to drive to church…

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