Koukaku no Ai

Koukaku no Ai

The training of the strongest police investigator, and changing her subconscious mind into that of a sow.
Fujisaki Ai, the feared police investigator with the alias “Steel Shell Ai”, has the ability to metalize her limbs into formidable weapons thanks to nanotechnology enhancements.

For many years she has been hunting the enigmatic criminal organization “Sacrifice”, which kidnaps women. Their female victims are often the famous: actresses, celebrities and sportswomen.

Some of these victims appeared after a long absence, with memories of what happened while they were kidnapped so fuzzy that the incidents were considered of no consequence and then forgotten. However, later on it is without exception that the name of these women are found amongst the list of prostitutes in brothels operated by criminal organizations.

What has the organization done to them to make them behave that way!?
A top-brass member of the organization, only known as “Trainer X”, may be responsible.

An ally of Ai in challenging the criminal organization is squad leader Miyamura Yukari, and supporting Ai from the shadows is Sawamoto Miwako, a talented member of the Ministry of Interior Sawamoto Miwako, who is also Ai’s mother. And finally, joining the cast is Miyamura’s niece, the famous idol Kitano Mai, who was once a victim of kidnap by Sacrifice.

Committing everything they have, it has become a struggle of life and death between the evil criminals of Sacrifice and the peerless police investigator Steel Shell Ai.

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  1. I downloaded everything but I can’t open / execute it opens 3 screens one blue and the other q says syntax error how to solve this?

    1. You need to run a lot of these games under Japanese locale settings. In other words, make the game think you’re playing on an OS using Japanese language settings. If you’re on Windows 10, do this with Locale Emulator. If you’re on Windows 8 or earlier, use AppLocale.

  2. Here is the translator’s guide to complete the game:

    Koukaku no Ai: Walkthrough for the fan translation patch by RunQ

    Number of *-marked options chosen determine which of the following four endings you obtain.
    0-2 → End: Fall Into Evil
    3-5 → End: Fall Into Depravity
    6 → End: Revenge
    7 → The True Ruler

    Option 1:
    “Persuade them to stop…”

    “Using brute force.”

    Option 2:
    “Would she do it…!?”

    “Absolutely not.” > (Bad End)
    “Become a pig-slut.” > (Continue)

    Option 3:
    “So, what about that greeting then…?”

    “Give him a pig-slut’s greeting.”*
    “Don’t do it.”

    Option 4:
    “What should Ai do…?”

    “Search for the video.”*
    “Don’t search for the video.”

    Option 5:
    “Should she use the program…?”

    “Use it.”*
    “Don’t use it.”

    Option 6:
    “What should Ai do…?”


    Option 7:
    “Should she download it…?”

    “Download the data.” > (Unlocks Yukari’s bonus scenes)
    “Don’t download it.”*

    Option 8:
    “What should she do…?”

    “Don’t do anything.”*

  3. Ok I’m missing some scenes here and it’s starting to aggravate me so does anyone have like a walkthrough for this or anything?

    1. Did you play through the game or download the “100%” save from Sagaoz.net? Because that’s what I did and it’s definitely incomplete. But I haven’t tried playing through the game yet. Way too much bullshit as typical of a Black Lilith game.

    2. Have you played it with animated options on, then done it again with them off? It’s BS common to these games.

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