Taimanin Asagi ZERO

Taimanin Asagi ZERO

The Taimanin Asagi series of erotic visual novels is a must-play for anyone who loves to see strong and sexy women succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. In this latest entry to the Taimanin Asagi series, we get to a young Asagi and how she became the badass demon-hunting ninja. Enjoy many hours of tentacles, monster sex, Ninja fighters, BDSM, and all sorts of other juicy fetish material starring the smoking hot Asagi and her demon-hunting ninja comrades.

18 comments on “Taimanin Asagi ZERO

  1. Are zip files really working ? Part 1 failed to extract ang give me corrupted or damaged archive error. Any help ?

  2. The game crashes on startup for me. I’m on Windows 10 with Japanese
    system locale. First game I’ve installed that doesn’t work. Can anyone help?

  3. Ive been following this guy on Tumblr waiting for this patch. damn that was good im still in that part where Asagi gets tentacle raped in her classroom and even though its not animated it looked so good!

    I wish this guy create a Patreon or something

  4. Good Game, I’m just waiting to see when Tenioha 2 will be translated(since the first one was done), Neko-Nin 3(since they all get translated) and Imouto Paradise 3(which will be the farthest one of these 3 games).

  5. Just a heads up, translation was done by Rattan Man, he posts on tumblr regularly. He has some technical notes if you run into any bugs.

  6. Guys, you have done an awesome work on Lilith tranlations and you are great, It’s because of your work I play the TABA and RPGX on a effort to support the original developers on a level reachable for my budget.
    Please keep the hard work!

    (Also, can you please translate Taimanin Kurenai, or Yukikaze II or Liliths Prison School someday? Thanks 😉

    1. There no point in leaving messages here asking them to translate a title you want. This site doesn’t actually create translations, its an aggregator site which collects every English translated visual novel (both official and fan tl). The translation itself was done by a guy called Rattan Man Translations.

      I do have some good new for you though. Rattan Man Translations did state he would begin work on translating TY2 after he finished with TA Zero.

    1. It’s generally from Asagi’s perspective as she and her allies get molested.

      The links are giving me a virus warning though.

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