Angel Sex Pet

Angel Sex Pet

After bumping into a literal angel on the street, she proceeds to lecture Takeshi for carrying around “foul” and “inappropriate” material. Her holier than thou attitude is easily explained as she is fresh out of the golden gates. Her demeanor quickly changes as she collapses having expended too much energy from being on Earth. Being a good Samaritan and all, Takeshi brings the angel back to his apartment so nothing naughty happens to her if she is left alone outside.

Charlotte wakes up after you bring her home because your immense lust rouses her. She explains the way she can get enough energy to make the trip back to heaven is through the “love” of humans to recharge. Being a pent-up single guy living on his own, Takeshi has A LOT of love he can pump her full of!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When I try to run this I get an error. I’ve run othr renpy games before and not had this problem. It says there was an uncaught exception, and something about an http connection having failed. Any ideas? I don’t really want the program phoning home, if that’s what’s failing to happen.

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