Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel

Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel

Nestled between the mountains and the ocean somewhere sits the harbor town of Inogo City, a prosperous place with an atmosphere of the exotic.
It is this city, watched over by the church at the summit of the highest mountain, where a boy and a girl first meet.

The boy’s name is Kirinokojima Tomoe. A lonely young man, who believes neither in love nor in happiness.
The girl’s name is Aine. One who sings of love to fill the world with happiness, who was born for that very purpose… an angel.

To anyone who saw him, Kirinokojima Tomoe would have seemed to lead a singularly boring life.

He didn’t even attempt to befriend others, nor did he have a girlfriend, unsurprisingly. He was involved in no hobbies or interests to speak of.
Waking in the morning only to go off to school, returning home only to sleep. An utterly ordinary, routine life, each day no different from the day before or after it.

But he was not in the least unhappy with his life. For him, a life of “nothing” was also one of “nothing to lose”.
Wish for something, and you would only end up getting hurt.
After all, he’d already sampled enough of the world’s bitterness for one lifetime.

Until, like a herald of the end of that tranquil existence, an angel appeared.

“Angels”. The protectors of human loves. The ones who spin the “red thread”, and those who play its melody.

“Love can never bring people happiness.”, said Tomoe.
“That’s not true at all! Falling in love makes your heart feel all light!”, Aine replied.

Tomoe, who soon found himself aiding the “acting angel” with whom he couldn’t see eye to eye on anything in her work, is is drawn alongside Aine into deep involvement with others’ romantic lives…
The many shapes of love, and the forms of happiness that pass before our eyes every day.
This is their journey to find the true meaning of happiness.
And at that journey’s end, his own reason for living on…

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  1. They say it has rape scenes, and it has only bad endings… It’s not the VN I was looking for… I never thought that OVERDRIVE studio has created this kind of VN, I was disappointed….

  2. Just finished all ending including true route so I’m gonna say :

    This vn doesn’t have happy ending that involves mc and heroin life happy after with new to me but it doesn’t mean all ending are bad ,it just unsatisfied but the True route ending really is good to me .

    So overall this vn not for all but if you’re ok with depressing stuff than give it a try.

    Btw ost is amazing

    1. Sorry to reply late, but for anyone who wants to know. There is NO NTR, what people are talking about is main girl’s route were MC refuses to confess to her when she obviously falls for him.

      Then your fucking chad of a best friend sees his opening and tries to smash her at a love hotel, only for MC to stop them before they walk in and tell that ugly douche to fuck off.

      So no, there’s no cheating whatsoever. Although almost all endings are shit, stuff like breaking up after a quickie, or dumping your girl in the end. So unless you’re the kinda guy that likes to masturbate with his tears, I would avoid this.

      1. This guy is a liar. There’s definitely NTR, several of them at least in chapter 6 of the common route. But it’s not MC who got NTRed. It’s another dude.

  3. i played the entire game took me a while to finish but let me just say it was a unique experience that i found myself enjoying. the game has a smart protagonist who always contradicts the angel point of view while the angel pushes forward this agenda that as long as there is love everything will be alright he pushes forward a more realistic approach that life isn’t that simple. i love how each of the different routes have an ending song that reflects the route you just favorite route has to go to the true ending route since it explains everything and has a bitter sweet feel which is fitting and that final scene was so beautiful. kohai has to be second i love her personality and how it clashed with the main protagonist it was adorable.third has to go to sempai ending its a sad one i just felt really bad for the main protagonist and sempai one of the routes actually made me cry.last but not least childhood friend ending she is my favorite tomboy and deserved better endings after all the sacrifices she made. all in all its a good vn that deserves a read endings might be hit or miss but the journey leading up to it is what i found most enjoyable.

    1. still have to finish it (kouhai and true ending missing).
      Kind of lost my drive after the senpai route since i found that ending to be quite alright compared to the ones i read before.
      But i really loved the dialogues in this. The story still sometimes felt absurdly cruel (not a fan when things are just bead because the story needs them to be bad) but not as over the top as it usually is in drama vns. I also loved the main character and the whole thing about love not being a cure it all. I would have loved to see a bit more focus on the positive side of love and every thing else though.

  4. This game honestly looks and sounds like Clockup bullshit and not Overdrive :/ I don’t mind sad endings but this looks kinda disturbing. I can stomach disturbing stuff as long as it has a point and I don’t think this has. Same reason I didn’t finish Euphoria or SubaHibi.

  5. I’m … annoyed… Because… I love overdrive studio.

    I like most of their games…

    Kira Kira
    Kira Kira – Curtain Call


    Dai 2 Bungeibu Band VS Deardrops (Cross-Over Kira Kira & Deardrops)

    Edelweiss – Eiden Fantasia

    Cho Dengeki Stryker (the only one I didn’t loved… I sensible about thing about memory, amnesia, indentity etc… and, well, all the thing is about memory loss/taken away… and it’s the kind of thing I hate… I have a great individuality and I empathize to much with character in it… it make me sad… but the story is great if you go through the memory things…)

    Green Green (not played because I didn’t found it T_T ==> but I saw the anime adaptation, Green Green TV)

    But… From what I see in the comment, I hesitate to play it now… well… Sad thing is the thing of overdrive.

    In Kira Kira, the good end of the main girl, she die. But live in the true end.

    In Kira Kira – Curtain Call, the MC leave/abandon the girl he love.

    In Edelweiss, the main girl die. And the MC search to “resurrect” her. (it’s an magic/alchemic universe)

    In Cho Dengeki Stryker… well… I don’t want to talk about it…

    In Green Green, the main girl is already dead from the start and came from “heaven” only to join the reincarnation of her beloved from another world… and she dissipated at the end… (in the anime… don’t know for the VN)

  6. ”SPOILER”

    This Game has 1 True Ending which Is kinda Sad so If you want a they lived happyly after This one Isnt for You

  7. for some reason I cant get into Aine’s route. I know you just have to give all the shards back but just cant get the other choices ‘It’s just my imagination’/’It might be beyond his control’ to appear. Shes the only ending I’m missing atm. Anyone got a fix?

  8. Also, Koyumi’s good ending is somehow way more disturbing than her bad ending, I couldn’t stop laughing for like 5min. Woof woof, lmao.

  9. Okay NO spoilers here, so I’ll give my take so far.

    First off let me say that I enjoyed actually having an intelligent protag for once in a VN. Yeah sure he’s a bit of a stick in the mud, but better than being a total dumbass like every other VN out there.

    As others have mentioned, good storyline but HOT DAMN those endings are random and dumb. Especially best girl (Naruko’s) route, like WTF was actually happening near the end there?

    After ALL THAT drama, ‘Mr.Steal-yo-girl’ is all like “Haha nah fam i’m just f*ckin with y’all.” And everyone is just rolling with that lame/out of place confession that should’ve happened 10 days ago? Nope. I call bullshit. What was the point of all that other crap happening then? 3 people don’t just 180 like that in 1 second.

    Then it just gets worse from there, goddamn I need to grab another six pack before I continue this.

    1. This is the kind of comment I love and appreciate. I wish more people would vent like this on these threads so people could stay away – or at least know what’s happening before they step into it. I wrote a similar complaint on the Princess Evangile page. Some vn’s are dumb as hell, and infuriating.

      Thanks a lot btw. Keep up the good work.

        1. Honestly the common route is quite amusing. Not in the terms of good writing, but meme able. Especially if you’re into religious jokes and stuff. But yeah the true route is trash. Other heroines are decent tho.

  10. Very good read that sadly lacks proper endings.
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t really hate sad endings, but these are just well depressing. The story somehow stops progressing and burns out.
    The whole story with the red strings and heart pieces also becomes more and more absurd.
    I loved the dialogues in this one though, also liked the idea of struggling to find the best way to actually do something good for people.
    Def one of the better VNs. But expect some disappointment.

  11. wow guys thnx fr the spoilers
    nw I am gonna skip this one
    I am already depressed enough
    I dont want to read novels with unhappy endings

    1. It could be the worst part of the Game (i haven’t finished the Game yet, because my first route broke my Heart, and i don’t if I”ll ever do it). Spoilers ahead: The Girl had been Violated by a middle aged Guy and influenced her body which now craved for extreme sex/ fetishes (she let herself get Gangbanged by a group of strangers in the Park) even after she was saved.
      I should have skipped it,but you know (Curiousity).

    2. even after you supposedly help her be with her pairing they end up having a master/servant relationship. But i suppose if you didnt want the plot to devolve from lovey dovey relationships then i’d suggest dropping it, there is none of that to be found here.

  12. So i went for the childhood friend route first (spoilers ahead), both endings are a little bit unsatisfying for me, you’ll be forced to choose between becoming friends forever or becoming lovers for a while and then forgetting each other. WTH my Heart wasn’t ready dor this.

    Im afraid to continue, are the other routes like this too, like no real Happy only bitter sweet ending??..=(

    1. from what i’ve played all routes are like that, currently finished the childhood friend and the senpai.
      Both have a depressing pair of endings. But i suppose its up to the player to decide which of the two endings per character is the ‘good’ ending.
      IMO Both of the Senpai endings are bad ends

      1. Tnx!!..Guess I’ll pass then, I read enough depressing VN, I already had a feeling the other ones are like or more depressing than the Childhood friend (I really liked her but they couldn’t become lovers, if they do you know what will happen later).

        Maybe the True end(Angel route) or the Kouhai have somewhat happy endings?.. Can you pls update me if ever you finished those two?.. that will be much appreciated.. =)

        1. So I finished the game and I can definitely say that the Kouhai has the two “best” endings of the game aside from the ‘true’ ending.
          Without going into too much detail the ‘lovers’ kouhai ending is the only ending i found to have an actual ending with mutual feelings involved, and her ‘break up’ ending was actually the one i found that i preferred for her route.

          The Angel ending on the other hand has some of the dumbest plot reveals i’ve ever seen in a VN, aside from that the ending isn’t ‘happy’ per se, however it is very bittersweet and it didn’t bother me personally that it ended the way it did.

          TL;DR: if you want wholesome love stories and happy endings go somewhere else (I suggest the Majikoi Series ;P)

          1. I already read that, Im always updated in this site, but i skip most Depressing VNs,(EF and Little Busters made me depressed for days), Tnx for the info, this VN is really not for me, but maybe I’ll change my mind and read this through, let’s see.. Tnx BTW, really much appreciated.. =)

  13. This seems good so far… I’ll leave a more complete thought/review when I’m done. But so far I have good feelings about this one!

  14. Heroine with group sex tag… secondaries with sex with others tag… band… all your budies with sex tags too… ONLY the angel heroine and the MC with “virgin” tag…

    Suspicious… thx VNDB for make me not waste my time.

    1. story has different point of views, but in terms of main heroines only 1 has a threesome scene with her little sister and the MC. As for secondaries, only the fat guy side character and slutty girl story is the only extreme one. Another is a triangle relationship between 3 classmates(2 girls 1 guy), then another is a relationship between a student and teacher, another one bout a rockstar and a female teacher.

  15. Thanks for the upload admin its been 5 years i guess since i’ve waited to see this game translated and i guess im just happy not that really hyped since its too long to release.

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