To Heart 2 XRated

To Heart 2 XRated

Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takāki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new acquaintances. Unbeknown to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures.

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  1. does anyone know how to properly copy in the english patch? im not used to downloading visual novels this way and i wanna know how i can do it

  2. Not sure why no one mentions this, but if the game is running super slow. Like whenever the screen transitions and you’re waiting forever, go to System Setting > Effect Speed > And pick Instantaneous or Fast. I was wondering why is this old porn game running worse than modern AAA games, lmao.

  3. Running flawlessly on Windows 7 64-bit.

    Download the game, patch it using the patch provided, and open via ToHeart2New.exe. Disable overlay on Settings. Using compatibility mode for Windows XP may also help.

    1. Your antivirus probably quarantined the file. Add it to exceptions. Start the game using ToHeart2New.exe. Disable Overlay in the options.

  4. I unpacked this, copied over the english patch files and ran the patch. What I ended up with was the text not showing up. Scrolling down I noticed a couple of people had the same issue. It took me a minute to realize that the problem was I was a bit too impatient. After running the batch file to patch the game it seemed to me to be finished so I just closed the windows. The problem was that it wasn’t finished and was just still working on it. It doesn’t show any progress while it’s doing it’s thing so I just thought it was finished and closed the window.

    If you are having this no text font problem or still see the ToHeart2New.exe then all you have to do is just start the process over and wait for it to finish. When it’s done it will give you an option to press any key and then the window will close on it’s own.

    It worked just fine for me after that.

    1. Holy shit, you’re a lifesaver. I couldn’t figure out what i was doing wrong until i read your post. Thanks!

  5. When i use the english patch and move it to the same file, and run the ToHeart2New.exe the game runs but their is no text

  6. after extracting the game and patch, putting the files into the folder and patching. running the game gives me alot of japanese font and [f0052.bmp], please help

  7. I am a noob at installing games like this, and the thing i have this issue with the game. After i installed the game and let it run i get a message that says [fnt,font24.fdO] is there something i messed up. I would really appreciate your help guys.

          1. All my settings are to JP(Japan), but I have the same issue. The game is unplayable like this and I have as-of-yet found no workaround for it.
            All text is blank with the floating petal indicating where the text would be (I know this because I started playing this with the Japanese version but my Japanese is too poor for text-heavy gaming).
            If anyone knows a viable fix for this, it would be appreciated.

  8. Aren’t konomi and the twins just graduated from middle school? How could they be allowed in the h-scenes?

  9. Could someone give me a hint what tools do I need to open *.PAK files of this game – let’s say I want to extract some graphic or music files for my personal, non-commercial use only.

  10. I found a forum explaining it may be cause of CPU on source hitting high cap and causing stuttering and after looking found my laptop is set to power save mode and switching it to high performance has fixed my issue.

  11. Yeah it doesn’t have audio issues of the PC that its on. So it has to be cause I’m running it cross network have to look into if there a way to fix.

  12. Anyone else having problems with audio skipping or cutting out from time to time? I tried switching from 60 FPS to 30 FPS but this does nothing. I’m not sure what the cause is it may be just the fact I’m running program across my network. I know its not corrupted audio cause I can load a save and the audio doesn’t do it again at same spot. Also I don’t remember it doing it on some the routes.

  13. Sasara’s route was good and bad in my opnion. The conflict with her parents was good and all but Yuuji trying to take her from MC and the bittersweet ending left a bad taste in my mouth.
    Anyway i’ll try Tama-nee next but after Sasara’s \bad\ ending i don’t really have much hope for this.

  14. Yeah, and that’s what ‘kuuki-kei'(lit. like air) is all about. And what’s so good about that? It’s kinda like the feeling of a breeze. There cannot be further explanations; it’s just that ‘it’s good (more that just good, twas actually rather wonderful)’ and that’s how I (and probably most of those who enjoyed the game) feel. So it’s just the matter of how you feel, it’s good then it’s good, what the HECK is it all about? then it’s no good.

  15. Amazing game, well made , have done two routes so far. Sasara-senpai’s route is so frustrating at some point…just want to punch takakun in the face… nice game anyway, hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do 🙂

  16. This review contains SPOILERS!

    Overall it was a waste of time. The only thing that made it relatively good was Sasara’s route, BUT NOT ALL OF IT. There were times when playing this that I was just like, \Fuck it. I’m done.\, but here I am, writing this comment/review.

    I played a lot of VN’s in the past and I have to say that compared to many others, the characters in this on are bland. Being nice when it’s convenient(Karin route especially), characters and motives so stupid it makes me throw my keyboard out the window(Sasara route for example where she despises love so much that she can’t eat home made food, but showing affection and wanting to be loved and actually loving the MC? I call bull on that one. That was an unneeded detail.), and most of all, no damn continuation to the story.

    Tamaki route was a damn dissapointment. I mean, aren’t visual novels supposed to offer more than your averange romantic show? Their fucking lives dating, for god’s sake, that’s what I want to see. Feeling attached to a character for what they are, not an idealized version of it made to match the MC. Because this is what this VN deos, match every girl to the MC, making them lose some of their main characteristics as they did so just to not go anywhere with it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love characters changing their views on things, but this VN didn’t go anywhere with it, that’s what gets to me. It’s frustrating to the max. There was so much potential in this, so much good that could have been done, but what do we get? A damn protagonist that is afraid of girls but completely changes his personality when he is about to have sex with one, and characters that have no story to them.

    Sure, we do get the story of how they come to be together and all that, but what the fuck hapens next? We saw the character change, but to what? This just leaves unnecesary suspense and a feeling for whating more at the end of a route and to be honest, I don’t think I was so dissapointed in a VN this much before.

    It shows that it could be something great through good story telling in some parts, but other occasions it is so dull and bland that I can’t stand it. It feels like digging through some pile of rubbish to find something worthwile.

    To me, the only reason I’m glad I read this is because of Sasara’s route. That route had everything, or almost everything done right, even with a MC like this. There was character interactions, far greater than any of the other routes. Just think about having your girlfriend meet your friends. It;s an interesting ideea and more so to actually spend time like this, see the interactions and all that. The second thing that was best done was the internal conflict with the characters. Something Komaki’s route fails to deliver. The fight with her parents and all that, this made this route enjoyable, not a goddamn forest fire bullshit.

    But Lucy’s route was enjoyable too, because of the internal conflict and all that, but it got annying twards the end. The end was good, but the road until then, meh.

    So, over all, I would recommend this to people that are satisfied with poor story progression and a majority of weak characters.

    Dissapointment to the max.

    Even BunnyBlack had me hooked better than this, and this comes from a guy that usually skips the H scenes.

    1. Would agree to this one in similar words.
      This VN started interesting, but as it progress it made me click through tons of increasingly banal text, and made a lot of sarcastic laugh in situations that designers thought supposed to be “romantic”.

      I’ve played VN’s five times shorter but with five times more impact (and even without voiceovers). Making many main characters/routes didn’t help either since it achieved nothing but dilute them.

      And seriously, all this “uncomfortable with girls” main characters was kind on usual VN level first, but by the end it was used so much, it was made me cringe. Was this VN made in market for masochistic people with extreme self-esteem issues or what?

      Shame because art was kind of good and you can see amount of work put there – but it just didn’t mesh together (and writer skill was clearly lacking, man, that alien story, OMG).

      1. BTW I liked Karin’s route most, probably because it was most banal and therefore actually was affected least by lack of writer skill.

  17. @kipcat
    I suggest you move the window a bit. The cutscene seems to be bugged for me and to drag the window around causes it to refresh. If that does not work I suggest you to try redownloading/installing the game.

    Good Luck

  18. I am having trouble getting the game to run. When it opens there is a blank screen with only a leaf turning and moving across the screen when the mouse is clicked. eventually an image shows but still no text and only the leaf moving to different points on the screen. I have things set the computer to Japanese locale and installed the patch but it isn’t working. Any advice how to get the game to work properly?

  19. for me it would be:
    Manaka > Konomi > Yuki > Older Twin > Ruuko > Sasara > Tamaki > Younger Twin > Yuma = Karin
    The best girl of the game unfortunately is not conquerable and is Maryan

  20. Finished. The MC was pretty annoying for the most part. I had seen oblivious guy but it must be the worst. We don’t have any explanations for his problem with the girls (trauma from Tamaki?).

    If i must rank the girls from first to last : Sasara > Tamaki > Yuki > Karin > Manaka > Twin > Lucy > Konami > Yuma

    Good game overall. A little too long for certain routes i thought.

    1. Doubt you will read it at this point but yes, the problem with girls is sort of badly translated since it’s less a phobia or dislike and more that he tends to be unable to be articulated and strong-willed when facing most girls,especially headstrong ones. And most clues suggest that it’s basically just subconcious aftereffects from Tamaki basically treating him and the little brother as her underlings/slavesthrough their childhood. The gamemostly shows this too by having him being close to the more accomodating girls like Konomi and the Class Press, while the more annoying ones or harsh ones ussually begin with them running all over him, or him just slowly learning about them.

  21. @ginobi don’t worry i also enjoy character development in games (honestly that’s why i always prefered metal gear solid 2 over the others) i mean without it where’s the diversity? and i also dislike that type of MC and love the “ice queens” (though i’m not that into the serious type) so i completely understand where you’re coming from (as opposed to the guy calling you a troll because you enjoy a good plot and non-stagnant characters)

  22. does anyone know what does the sss and dpl folder for? Those two folders has both mini games I think and is not translated yet

  23. I am having a similar problem, expect for some reason I don’t even get text to show. I remove the boxes with Japanese characters, the stays blank for about a minute, then goes to the game screen but there is not text. There is a leaf on the screen and it moves each time I click the mouse.

    My computer is set for Japanese locale.

    1. Have you come up with a solution? This is happening to me to, game is unplayable. I am also running in Japanese unicode

  24. I cannot get this game to run. after installing the patch and what not, upon opening the game I get a black screen followed by a string of Japanese symbols followed by “grp,black,bmp” in an error box. This is followed by several other error boxes. clicking through them all will eventually remove the error boxes, but after about a minute the game will crash anyway

  25. Wait… all endings cleared… but there are missing CGs… >.> say what…?
    P.S. Capcha said: “missing something?”

  26. question:

    1. what will i miss if i play this and not play the first one since the first game is not translated?

    2. what is the difference between to heart 2 and x-rated?


  27. I have a black screen during Opening what could that be, have many other VNs, but this game is the only one with this problem.

    Btw use ZoomPlayer for video with all shoosable codex installed.

  28. Is this game (and all the other games on this website) Windows download only or can they also be downloaded on Mac?

    1. I post Windows versions only. Most should be relatively easy to emulate on Mac’s tho – someone mentioned “bootcamp” last time question about running them on Mac’s popped up. I’m not Mac user, so I can’t really help you here.

  29. Even after downloading a 100% CG System data file I can’t access Yuuki’s route…I’ve already completed Konomi’s, Tama-nee’s, and Yuma’s.

    1. Nevermind, you just have to choose not to listen to Tama-nee at 4/9. I guess choosing to listen to her opens up the twin’s path or something

  30. Aah, Thanks! I was beginning to think that I’d have to use the litte japenese I know ^^’

  31. I believe it’s not fully translated. When i’m on the twins route, the translation for the female characters doesn’t show up. Is this problem on my side?

  32. Siiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhh

    Okay personally I think ginobi47 is a troll that want to piss the fan of this type of game. Reply to noname is no good excuse because you can reply under noname comment, unless your intention is once again to piss off the fan of this game. Oh I think that there is one trope that called Seinfeld is Unfunny in regard of your dislike toward this game. If you find out this game is lacking, maybe you should play Yandere or Dustmania Grotesque.

    To maou and wat, I can understand that you pissed by ginobi comment, but I think that we should try to hold back, even if I maybe couldn’t do it. I think the flame is started by your comment too to be honest. And in this kind of game of course I very understand that mc should be very ignorant and very dense toward girl’s feeling. Also I knew that this game is the one that spawn trope that charage follow.

    Sorry if I too frank, but I just want to tell my opinion though.

  33. Oh… It seems my comment has started a flame war. This is gonna be fun ^.^

    First up, Japan and every weird thing about it has been a big part of my life since I first watched Dual Parallel Trouble in Animax (or whatever channel it was back then) so if you people insist that I should watch more harem animes, I assure you, I’ve watched nearly all of the harem animes out there. Im quite confident in my otaku knowledge.

    Second, I reinterate that I care little for a kind hearted Dokan Protagonist, not because he seems to lack a certain thing called a brain, but because a lot of the vn/anime/manga that has this type of protagonist normally ends up degrading the female leads.

    I restate that I dont give a damn about the MC since ive seen this type of recycled personality over and over again.

    What I give focus on is the FEMALE protagonists or haremite if you will.

    Since the MC is a copy and paste, then the harem better be much more interesting to make up for the very big deficiency of an uninteresting MC. This comes especially true in the case of To Heart 2 which is a Romance Slice-of-Life VN.

    As far as I can tell, a lot of the female protags in TH2 are also recycled. This could be a big demerit if not handled properly.

    Despite my complaints, why am I still persisting to play TH2?

    Well based on the anime (like I said, I’ve watched nearly ALL of the harem animes out there), Tamaki seems to be the most well written female protag in TH2. I would like to see her ending rather than the stupid no-relationship ending that the anime went for.

    Another reason for my insistence of playing this game is because of Sasara. Since I personally like serious girls, Sasara tickles my fetish.

    After finishing those two, I’ll probably just delete TH2 since everyone else seems to be a copy paste.

    1. You lost me the moment you said “degrading female leads”

      Harems are literally wish furfillment. Very few, to almost none, are designed for proper character development.

      Incidentally the reason most if not all harem protagonists are cookie cutter nice guys who are indecisive and don’t pick up on feelings is for two reasons. To extend the situation (same with idiot protagonists) and because otherwise they come off as somewhat unlikable.

      There are some exceptions, Kazuto from Romance of the Shrine Maidens… although one could argue he wasn’t actually that good at picking up hints. The girls were just more aggressive. And Rance, who of course is… well… Rance.

      Wish furfillment isn’t something you read and watch for character development.

      Also “degrading the female leads” is still a really stupid thing to say, seriously.

    2. >Degrading Female Leads
      >Sasara tickles my fetish

      Do you even read what you type? Also, I’d like you to try out otome games. You’d probably be appalled to how they handle the guys in those.

      1. I dont understand what you’re getting at.

        Degrading Female Leads: A loli deredere childhood friend, a kind hearted inchou, TWO characters with tsundere tendencies (TWO for god sake). And as far as I’ve seen, their personality doesnt improve much as things go on. How you guys like these stagnant personalities is beyond me. I guess everyone has their own tastes

        On the otherhand, I can already see some minor changes in Sasara’s demeanor after only 4 meetings. This is the character growth that the other characters lack in large quantities. This is the reason why I love ice queens because of the change they experience when they melt as the story progress.

        1. The “ice queen” or kuudere archetype is just as hackneyed and stagnant as the other ones you don’t like. You’re just really biased about your favorite here. Who says a loli deredere, inchou tsundere or whoever can’t develop as they go on? Who says they can’t soften up to you as you get to know them? Your throwing around your preference as if it was fact. Big mistake.

          And again, this was made when the idea of harems and their archetypes were still relatively fresh. The trendsetter, Love Hina, was only 3 years apart when this first got made. If you’re looking for some “deconstruction” of the tropes and characters, sorry to say you’re not getting any here.

    3. so what kind of personality do you want to see? a girl that will instantly kill you just by saying no to her? facepalm….all of the avail personality already has been used bitch personality,tsundere personality,yandere,kuudere,dandere,Moekko,Meganekko,Idol Singer,neko,,maid,otaku,older sister,mistress etc.

  34. Facepalm to all this people who whine about the MC personality….at least watch many harem anime b4 u complain most of the harem MC are like dat since its intentional, let’s talk about IRL do you think u will know every girl have feelings for you? no right? just try not compare the viewpoint of the MC and us the readers since us readers already know b4 we even started playing the freaking game just by looking who’s the heroine.

  35. To the whiners, you might wanna look up when this game was made and what were the trends in the Japanese otaku side to see why this has become a classic over their side of the Pacific. That should give you a bit of understanding and food for thought.

  36. anyone got a English walkthrough?

    found a Japanese walkthrough but having problem understanding the google translated text.

  37. Yup. I despise Dokan Protagonist, but not because they lack any form of brain to realize that the girls are after them.

    I hate these types of protagonists because the standard modus operandi of these types of VN is to present the women as idiots. Its like they are nothing more than a pair of walking tit zombies with no brains. They cant go beyond their pre-dertermined parameter which often results in no character growth, hence a boring character.

    Its like watching Infinite Stratos all over again. It makes me cringe that these types of story telling is famous in japan. I know there’s a lot of perverts in the land of the rising sun, but still…. a little character growth could have saved a lot of worthless animes and vns.

    The only time I ever a VN with a brain dead protagonist is when there is something that counter acts his worthless existence.

    A perfect example for this is Muv Luv Alternative. The protagonist is a whiny bratt that no one would miss if he gets eaten by some alien, but the story of MLA was soooooo fuking good that I completely forgave the protagonists’ lack of brain

    1. agree with you, donkan protags are the worst, especially on sasara’s route here, he made me furious

    2. lolwat. Someone is mad. If you don’t like to play games with these types of protags, them perhaps do a bit of research instead of bitching about it here and going all SJW about it. As a matter of fact, it’s not just Japanese who like these sort of characters. Perhaps be a little less ethnocentric. Thank you very much.

  38. The opening video and credits don’t seem to work, the music plays and the scene advances when it’s over but I can’t see anything other than a still image of the beginning. What’s causing this?

  39. If anyone else had problem with opening the game with the english patch’s launcher what worked for me was:

    Renaming the english ToHeart2 to ToHeart2 (2)

    (with the space.)

    that semmed to do the trick & i got mine to launch.

    (It would say i didnt have access to the file or something along thoose lines.) hope this helps someone.

  40. hi there ( lurker for years here) i just wanted to say thank you for all this downloads you rock admin!

  41. ummm is it just me or is anyone else have to wait like 10-15 secs until another picture shows up on the screen in this game?

    1. If your still having problems, you need to set the effect speed at the top of the screen under settings.

  42. On the common Path after meeting sango and Ruri there are some missing lines, in the conversation with Tamaki and Konomi, a voice will play but there is no text, I thought it could be delayed but most of the conversation is skipped and is only left with Takaro’s thoughts on what was said, have I done something wrong?

  43. in the readme of the patch it says that it doesn’t contain all the translation but then contradict himself saying it has 100 percent

  44. Now we need to wait probably for a very long time someone with a good heart who will port the ps3 graphics and other stories to this released

    1. to be honest it probably won’t ever happen, was reading on the forums for fuwanovel. The translator picked this up to improve his Japanese skills initially. As far as the sequel he said that it was “the most disappointing VN sequel in history.”

  45. Admin why you do this to me? after I finished downloading the old links you posted a new link btw is there any difference between the old and the new link?

      1. I noticed that the partial patch is out a couple of days ago and decided to download the old links in the partially translated downloads it was 17 parts but no problem I noticed when I mount the disc that probably the old links and the new one are the same

        1. Oh, that.
          Yea, that old partial translation link contained the same game. I just made it more user-friendly for current release (old links were unrar -> mount .iso -> run setup -> play, while the current ones posted here are unrar -> play )

          1. Hi Admin! Please leave the ISO’s! Prepatched version (eg just unrar & play) often can cause problems and may be not working. Using ISO’s is the best – you just install the game like it should and then just add a translation patch – like a topping on the cake.

          2. I know what I’m doing, man.
            If the game setup adds some registry information or puts up additional files in obscure folders (AppData etc.) I leave the original .iso’s intact.
            But if all the setup is doing is literally copying a bunch of .xp3 files to specified folder, there’s no reason to not have them simply bunched together in .rar from the get-go (many newbies don’t know how to handle .mds files, Japanese setups are often picky about system requirements, some users don’t understand the concept of “cracking” of installed games and 100s other problems)… It all depends on engine the game is running on.

  46. No, no extensions or add-ons, my Anti Virus (AVG) doesn’t detect any problems, nor does Malwarebytes. I’ve attempted disabling Chrome’s built in ad blocker as well, but that didn’t help anything either.

  47. Oh yeah, I’m using Google Chrome as my browser, I’ve sometimes fixed it by downloading in IE whatever version came pre packed with my computer, but this time the captcha’s not in that browser either

    1. Have you checked your add-ons? If you have an ad blocker or script blocker, it could be messing it up. Otherwise you may have a virus.

  48. Maybe someone can help me with this one. It’s happened several times before but when I go to the download page, there’s no Captcha. If I try to download without putting in the non-existent captcha it gives me a WRONG CAPTCHA message.

    I’ve tried erasing my browsing history, reloading the web browser etc. but nothing’s worked (I’ve had this problem on other sites, not just, and I’ve asked about it on a few forums with no one being able to help me)

    Anyways, it’s windows 8 64-bit with an intel core i7 processor (Not sure if that info will help or not)

  49. YAY!!! thank God its translated ! I’ll play this 1st before I buy the dungeon traveler 2 in vita this August… Cant wait ! ty Admin for this..

    1. Nah, the protagonist is a man. Typical clueless “nice guy” that somehow finds himself in the middle of bunch of cute girls that fall for him for pretty much no reason.

      1. Im still about 20 mins into the game and I’m already losing my motivation to play this game.

        It remineds me of every freaking thing that is bad about anime.

        And the only backlog I have aside from this is Princess Evangile!

        Seriously, I cant tell which one is worse!

        PS: my captcha reads “bloody napkin” ……. O.O

        1. Hmm,so i guest you dont like a donkan MC with harem environment?
          but VN usually have this type of character.

  50. I remember playing this many many years ago and was disappointed that here were many parts that suddenly shifted back to japanese. Finally after 5 years I can finish best girl route. Thanks admin!

    1. By the way, I just like to say that Tamaki is best girl. Also, answering the captcha’s question “is it hot?” yes she is hot. very hot

  51. Yeah.
    They post ONLY games completely translated.
    And there is ENGLISH PATCH written with the download so it’s obvious.
    Please pay more attetion.. READ.

      1. Be that as it may, if it’s on this site for download… It’s either in english to begin with or it has an english patch.

        The admin will (as far as I know) never put up an eroge that is not translated to english.

        So if it’s up here, it’s translated. (no matter what some other sites may say)

  52. is it full patch? because I see it at vndb just the beta patch already released. anyway, I hit the first comment. LOL
    thanks admin for this upload

    1. Yes, the patch translates 100% of the game. 3 heroine routes haven’t passed editor check yet, but are perfectly readable (occasional typos etc.).

      1. one of those must be the twins route,i’ve noticed some lines missing,which are the other two?
        for tamaki,sasara and ruuko i’ve saw no problem

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