Gaokao Love 100 Days

Gaokao Love 100 Days

Getting a girl-friend before Gaokao(National College Entrance Exam), I know it’s crazy, but from today, we will face everything together. Is there still room for love in this 100 days, or am I just ruining my life, or worse, her life?

This is a dating simulation game based on Chinese students’ real life. You can have romantic relationship with classmates,
but remember that you have just 100 days while preparing for “Gaokao”.

Keep a balance between score and romance, or just drop one and see what would happen? There are over 10 story lines and will lead to more than 50 ends.

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  1. Warning beforehand, this may be what some people call a \rant\. Honestly, I don’t know. I just plan to speak my mind and there may be spoilers, not sure, I don’t think that far ahead.

    ***NOTE: The lists have summary after so skip to that if you want, makes more sense anyways.***

    Things I like about this game:

    -They set up the scenes well and you generally get whats going on 100% of the time

    -It manages to bring out emotions like excitement and sadness

    To sum the \good points\ up:

    This game does manage to bring out emotions and the stories are reasonable for the most part.

    Things I don’t like about this game:

    -No matter what route you take out of the 50+, you will unconditionally start out dating Muxin which isn’t bad if you want to go for a number of her routes

    -For me personally, I felt like a dense jerk the whole time because I wanted to go for the other girl, she was more my type.This game is set up to drag you to Muxin!

    -Once off of Muxin’s route and onto the other one, There is an extreme gray area of confusion where the character doesn’t know whether he is dating Muxin or not because she is avoiding him.

    -This is extremely annoying for the other girl’s route because the character doesn’t even start dating the other girl till after the gaokao and even then, they end that route (The warmth route I think they called it?) by talking about whether the main character regrets not seeing Muxin!

    To sum my \bad points\ up:

    This game is wholeheartedly Muxin’s. Yes, they let you choose the other girl but you only get to date after the gaokao (Which is weird because it is about love during the gaokao) and even then the story line is still involving Muxin a good deal. Personally I would like to fix both their problems but still date the other girl because I feel like a dick for abandoning Muxin (How they set it up, not my choice) and even worse when Muxin abandons me in return.

    I realize this was extremely long, I am sorry about that.

    1. Ah, realized I forgot something!

      I do not regret downloading, still a good experience and fun at times. Go for it.

  2. for some reason the game dosent move forward with the text or anything on screen unless I move my mouse over the options buttons and such over and over its really weird and makes the game kind of unplayable

  3. This game need steam to play ? Because I finally download all the files but it says need steam… So do I need to download steam and redownload everything or just download steam ?

    Please admin I need you now

  4. oh yah admin, do you guys know a visual novel called (your diary)???

    Can you add it in this (erogedownload) web?? because this is the only place i know to download eroge…..

    so if can i want the eroge (your diary) to be here so i can download it….please admin?

    Can you lookup the eroge and see if you can put it here….

    thank you so much admin T~T, i really want to play it

  5. this eroge is a test of skills and im going to win every girls heart, thank you so much admin, i love every eroge here

      1. ahahaha good, i want to test my romance skill hahaha thank you admin , (>~<) can have a little echi mah, if no hentai echi please hahaha

  6. Hi, have a problem when loading the game a window pops out saying this:

    ???:title.ks ?:19
    After that it doesn’t load the game
    Can some one tell me what to do.

    1. The problem is that the current download and crack is for an old version of the game and a newer version has come out with a better translation and a few other things, so everyone is asking for that.

  7. Alright Admin, I have the game with the patch from Steam. How do I identify the patch and how do I send it to you?

  8. Need steam to run this? Since I can’t get it to start just as is on the pc. Says The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142) BLAH BLAH

  9. Admin… Now I don’t want to make any promises, but I have been entertaining the thought of purchasing this game. Now the problem is, I’ve never really transferred files around to anyone before. Hell, I don’t even know how I would be able to identify the steam patch for this game to begin with. Do you have a guide on your forums or something that provides step by step instructions on how to pinpoint a games patch, extract it, transfer it to you, and so on? I mean, I would hate to buy this game and then not know how to identify and transfer the files you need.

  10. This file, for me, had a virus. Not sure if it would happen again, but it was a high profile tojan virus called Peals.F!plock Warning, if computer tells you there is malware trust it. Hopefully it was just me.

    P.S. The one that warned me was Windows Defender on Windows 8.1 but I didn’t listen.

    1. Make sure to send the file in question to your antivirus vendor so that they manually check it and update their databases accordingly. I’ve been running this site for over 6 years and haven’t posted a single virus – all files are checked before getting posted.

      1. Check your antivirus settings. My antivirus thought that the steam file was a virus.It worked fine after I put it under the trusted files list.

    1. It has been, but it doesn’t appear to be uploaded online anywhere for the pirate copies. There were some bug fixes (so .exe changes), so in order to get those you’d probably need a new crack, and the crackers don’t seem to be interested. Maybe if we only wanted the translation update, we could use the updated/new .xp3 files, but they also added some new content and that may not work right without the new .exe.

      1. Cracking is not a problem. Steam games are ridiculously easy to crack. I just need someone to send me updated files and I’ll post updated version within a hour or so.

        1. I wish I could help. Maybe I’ll pick it up next time it goes on sale but I won’t make any promises. Maybe you should have a “most wanted” bulletin on the front page somewhere for this kind of thing. 🙂

  11. The devs released a patch that improved the english script the other day. Is there any chance that you can upload the patched version?

  12. The game sounded really good and I was about to start getting it until I saw this:

    Just like early MangaGamer releases used to be – It’s clear that it was done by non-native speaker.

    It sounds stupid but with the amount of games I’ve came across that were translated by a non-native, trying to enjoy the game became a pain in the arse since I had to constantly reread the text and check what they were trying to say…

    Out of curiousity though does anyone by chance have an idea on why non-native speakers try to translate games to English? To me I thought they would use someone who speaks English and can translate the game to do the job. :3

    1. People who can speak english and translate games aren’t as common as you think. It’s hard work. Years of your life down the drain and people will still make mistakes. Plus it’s not all that high paying or anything.

      So you take what you can get, really. Non english wanting to translate something? Some guy has a step-above-machine-translation? Well just be glad you can get the jist of it, since the alternative is pure moon rune.

      This wasn’t too bad, though. Though I did have to go back twice to figure out something I’d failed to understand.

      1. Yeah I get that it wouldn’t be as common but I’d at least would hope there would be someone in some groups who is at least good with English, I would say decent but that’s what we currently have I guess as the translation isn’t exactly great.

        It’s weird though, you can find quite an amount of games which have near perfect translation yet you also come across games from the same group or so with translation not so great, I tend to get confused about this with how it works…

        I’ll wait out I guess anyway and have hopes that they make a good translation though won’t honestly have my hopes up high.

  13. Umm… description is wrong… Gao Kao 高考 is for high school. Da Kao 大考 is the one for college

  14. Does anybody know how to access or does know who the 3rd Heroine of this game is because according to the developer they are planning to release a freed dlc containing Cokkie as the 4th heroine. So who is the 3rd one? Is she the person you meet on the cafe on the 8th of march? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. From what I can tell, it’s some kid. I think there is actually 4, by the way. A blue haired chick too, but I’m unclear on that.

      And… a Stom route. Whatever that means. Just got a feeling it’s you dueling over a girl, but who knows at this stage.

  15. Hey, Admin… I have to ask, out of curiosity… I recently went to the Steam page for this game, and noticed a few announcements. The game developer is planning on releasing some DLC for this game (I won’t mention which character is in the DLC just in case anyone wants to avoid spoilers), and the game developer is planning on having an English-text revision patch released for the game soon. What I’m wondering is, will you be adding the DLC and English-text revision patch to the download links for this game when they’re released?

    Anyway, thanks as always for uploading these games onto your site.

  16. I went and bought this on steam just a few a minutes ago since it looks to be really good. But I’m just wondering if this version has H scenes in it is it possible to transfer those h files from this and put them into the steam version and if so would you need all these zip files or just one. If its not possible then I might just play both the steam version and this version twice depending solely on the story and well it plays out. : )

  17. …can’t get used….was playing this but can’t get used at all to their voices….and the acting…was well….idk…? the expression of the char. and the voice acting doesn’t match at all 🙁 but well since im bored as hell might as well try to finish a route

    1. it’s chinese, duh.

      if you dont speak the language then you shouldnt judge how it sounds.
      (tbh all Asian languages sound much different than European or American)

      1. Dat’s why im saying can’t get used to it…facepalm…im not saying its bad or something its just….im really not used to it

    2. I’m fairly sure they aren’t professional actors. It is kind of obvious that some of them are a lot less uh, experienced, than others. Like Xiaochan (or whatever her name was) sounds alright, but Muxin’s actor sounds like she mutters into the microphone a lot, even when she shouldn’t be muttering.

  18. I love dating sims, I’m fine even without any H-scenes when it comes to dating sims, but the grammar thing…thats kind of an issue ^_^;;
    @Admin do you know if they are gonna update it with a better translation eventually or is that probably a no-go?

    1. admin doesnt translate stuff…
      he basically searches for the stuff around the internet and then put it here.
      If somebody “improves” the translation then he will put it here… if nobody does, then he cant do it.

      1. Thats probably why I didn’t ask him to translate it…I asked if he knew if the group or someone else was going to re-do it. I’m aware of what goes on here 😛

  19. This reminds me of Heartache 101. Anyone here played that? Anyhow, I’m spanish but I play english visual novels because spanish fansubs sucks 99.99% of the times. So, Admin, I would like to ask: is the translation really that bad? I mean, I couldn’t even play the first Edelweiss because the typos and poor grammar kept gettin’ on my nerves. Is this the same or worst?

    1. The translation is okay. Noticeably better than machine translation but overall it doesn’t feel very clean. Basically, the game is understandable (similar to Edelweiss) but the translation could be a lot better.

      1. I’ll take your word and give it a try then. Since I’m no-english native I have problems understanding phrases if they’re not clean, so to say.

        PS: the captcha to post this messagge said “good grief”, I find it ironic. XD

    2. I played Heartache 151 and still working in creating new characters in there.. I see, so you’re reminded too huh

    1. Steam doesn’t allow pornographic content on their platform. Some companies respond to it by creating two separate versions of game and sell all-ages ones on steam while offering 18+ one on their own website (“Littlewitch romanesque”), others make easily-accessible patch that restores cut content (“Nekopara”), some push the borders as far as possible, without showing of actual hentai (“Sakura spirit” series) but most simply remove all questionable content from the get-go (as it is the case in this upload).

      1. It’s a Steam hypocrisy,games like The Witcher III and Far Cry 4 haves nudity on Steam and even though don’t let eroge and nukige VNs on it ¬¬

          1. haha, well said

            on one hand: steam rules dont allow it
            on other hand: some developers broke the rules and steam doesnt care.

            my advice: go ahead and release h-content on steam… and if you are afraid, then release vanilla version and then “return H-content” patch, piece of cake ^^

        1. There’s a MASSIVE difference between the nudity in witcher and pornographic visual novels….

          It’s not even comparable for crying out loud…

          1. I agree for pornographic VNs, meaning games where it’s all about the porn, but a lot of VNs have only very little sexual content, like one 5 minute scene per girl in a 30+ hours game, that is almost comparable to what is in Witcher 3, I mean, you are not going to tell me all those variations with the different whores in the brothel where necessary for the story, do you?

          2. That ‘very little’ sexual content most likely still contains VISUAL PENETRATION. Games like the Witcher DO NOT SHOW ANY OF THAT. Basically Soft-core porn vs Hard-core porn. 5mins or 1hr worth of Hard-core porn is still Hard-core porn. Every sex scene in the Witcher games are Soft-core.

    2. Does the original game even have h-scenes? Most of the Chinese games I’ve seen translated never had them to begin with.

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