Anaheim Girl’s Love Story

Anaheim Girl's Love Story

This story takes place in a company, called ‘Anaheim Electronics’.It is a love story about the people of OL.The heroine without any experience in love,’Saotome Rinne’.This is her first time experiencing love. That is, “girl’s love”.

Please look forward to Cirle Fanna’s innovative SF Adventure!

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19 comments on “Anaheim Girl’s Love Story

  1. Hi, i am the hacker of Broken Dragon Translation, i did end up reinserting the translation of this VN, was kinda hoping you would update your page with the prepatched and reinserted translation instead of the old on the side translation in HTML. Regard. -HerbalNekoTea

  2. sorry people, i changed the settings with country japan anf language japanese, but the game crashed every time i try to start a new game. Help me please….

  3. I’ve gotten though to 88% complete and am stumped, I’ve gotten three endings but seems like there is one more, probably the happiest one, can anyone point me to a walkthrough or tell me how to complete, thanks?

  4. Admin… why does it say insufficient privileges when I try to run it? I tried running it on Daemon tools but nothing. Halp

    1. Okay, I’m stupid, I realized there’s a separate translated transcript file to download. Fuck me. Sorry.

  5. this game is probably the best f/f game i’ve ever played. the first visual novel I ever played was DMMD and while DMMD had a lot of unnecessary rape it’s otherwise very high quality so i compare all other games to it. this game isn’t as high quality as DMMD, but it’s a lot closer in quality to DMMD then it is to the majority of other f/f games.
    the proportions of the protagonists are weird but they’re obviously adults which is a nice change in pace from the weird pseudo-pedophilia going on in most f/f games. also there is NO rape or dubcon. some of the dialogue is sort of cringey, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for every f/f game and there’s no weird ‘let’s swallow each other’s spit’ nonsense. so it’s already better than dmmd and the majority of other f/f games in that regard.
    what really makes me think of DMMD is the fact that they’re both futuristic games with enough plot outside of the romance to keep it interesting. most games of this sort don’t even bother with an actual plot but this game fleshes out a nice world outside of the characters.
    also SPOILERS: the protagonist can have sex with another woman (it’s not cheating but it’s angsty). so if you’re ever playing these games and get kind of frustrated that you have to interact with only one character at a time, this game is for you!

    I’d recommend this game to non-men, even though this game was probably made with a cis male audience in mind. It’s got some tribadism but it’s got enough normal sex so that if tribadism doesn’t work for you you can pretty much ignore it. as far as i’m concerned this game is the lower quality but less rapey version of DMMD (it’s also a lot less confusing haha! Plus it has lady scientists everywhere and a wide range of vocal talent!)

  6. Im having the same problem, it crashes when i press start =/ someone please figure this out im no tech junkie

    1. Guys, just switch the computer’s locale. It’s not difficult, look up how on google. Hell, even *I* could do it.

  7. Crashes for me when clicking start. Even with applocale
    Win 7 64bit

    Did anbody get it to run w/o switching the system locale?

  8. nice! saw a few days ago that there’s a translation for this, and now it’s here. thanks admin!

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