Love Love H-Maid

Love Love H-Maid

A cute and ecchi story depicting the sweet everyday life of a boy and his maid. Enjoy their lewd and loving daily existence!

26 Responses to “Love Love H-Maid”

  1. qwrwrewtregreg says:

    thank 4 share (thre a lot ero anime game) .)

  2. zaky says:

    this game is very easy and so boring -_-
    i finish this game only in 10 minutes

  3. serre! says:

    Please how can I download this games? All of them I didn’t know how they work. Thankyou.

  4. Demonlord says:

    Do the following:-
    1)Just download applocale with jp lang (from google).

    2)Then install it.

    3)From start menu open Applocale and u will get option to run the game by applocale.Use selected jp lang.

    4)Play the game.

  5. LuckyEddie says:

    if u r still haveing trouble running this try downloading a program called AppLocale its free just google it.

  6. Asianlungwei says:

    Click properties and under compatibility select run for windows xp (service pack 3) it should work after that 🙂

  7. Yomi231 says:

    I installed the game,i extract it,but it doesn’t work..I changed my location to Japan and everything….heeelp mee

  8. haruko says:

    Game is short, but the addition of animations is pretty neat.
    Wish other nukige/VN’s put in more animations as opposed to static image after static image.

  9. Tymon says:

    Too short indeed… If you can’t play it, you really aren’t missing much at all…This game is 30 minutes at most, and that’s if you read slow.

  10. kumakuma says:

    it’s work for me but the game is to short

  11. boss_al says:

    Admin, can i play this game normally ?
    after i change locale comp. to japanese, it still won’t run. Make me piss !!

  12. Bob says:

    Hello all. I successully downloaded and unzipped the files, but I cannot seem to get the game working. If anyone could offer advice, or ideally a step-by-step guide to getting it to work (I’m not great on computers)I would be very grateful. Also, I only recently discovered this site, and so if there are any essential pieces of software needed for many of the games I would appreciate any details on where to download them. Thanks

  13. Pi says:

    I have changed my Locale to Japan but still, it won’t run.
    Is there any error?
    It doesn’t have anythin’ to run except LHM.exe ?
    Btw, I’m in Windows 7 32-bit.

  14. boss_al says:

    Please Help !!

    after extracted that winrar, I start with LHM.exe but can open normally, get scipt error. I don’t know how to change locale to japan !!

  15. Cady says:

    I can’t get this game to work. I’ve changed my location to Japan in my control panel (I’m on XP) But whenever I try the .exe file, it pops up with an error and a window saying it can’t run. What do I do to get this to run?

  16. Someone says:

    already changed my PC locale to Japan, but still can’t run the game. Tried to click the LHM application just gives me a script error..

    any suggestions why?

    • God Of Conquest says:

      change you current PC system locale and location to japan.. then you can just play the game..
      btw nice game and Conquered..

  17. martin says:

    how do you run this game because when i run the LHM.exe file it starts a script and gives me a error i am running windows xp 32bit.

  18. Leanus says:

    Is this game interesting.. and does is it already English patched?

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