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  1. if u r still haveing trouble running this try downloading a program called AppLocale its free just google it.

  2. Click properties and under compatibility select run for windows xp (service pack 3) it should work after that 🙂

  3. I installed the game,i extract it,but it doesn’t work..I changed my location to Japan and everything….heeelp mee

  4. Game is short, but the addition of animations is pretty neat.
    Wish other nukige/VN’s put in more animations as opposed to static image after static image.

  5. Too short indeed… If you can’t play it, you really aren’t missing much at all…This game is 30 minutes at most, and that’s if you read slow.

  6. Admin, can i play this game normally ?
    after i change locale comp. to japanese, it still won’t run. Make me piss !!

  7. Hello all. I successully downloaded and unzipped the files, but I cannot seem to get the game working. If anyone could offer advice, or ideally a step-by-step guide to getting it to work (I’m not great on computers)I would be very grateful. Also, I only recently discovered this site, and so if there are any essential pieces of software needed for many of the games I would appreciate any details on where to download them. Thanks

  8. I have changed my Locale to Japan but still, it won’t run.
    Is there any error?
    It doesn’t have anythin’ to run except LHM.exe ?
    Btw, I’m in Windows 7 32-bit.

  9. Please Help !!

    after extracted that winrar, I start with LHM.exe but can open normally, get scipt error. I don’t know how to change locale to japan !!

  10. I can’t get this game to work. I’ve changed my location to Japan in my control panel (I’m on XP) But whenever I try the .exe file, it pops up with an error and a window saying it can’t run. What do I do to get this to run?

  11. already changed my PC locale to Japan, but still can’t run the game. Tried to click the LHM application just gives me a script error..

    any suggestions why?

    1. change you current PC system locale and location to japan.. then you can just play the game..
      btw nice game and Conquered..

  12. how do you run this game because when i run the LHM.exe file it starts a script and gives me a error i am running windows xp 32bit.

    1. I haven’t downloaded the game yet… but most probably like most of the game here, this game needs your PC to be on Japanese Locale for it to run…

      And by the error you have posted, I am thinking your system is not set to Japanese Locale… (and why I’m so sure? Because games made in KireKiri engine gives this kind of error when you try to run it’s game on some other locale)

        1. you can use the applocale from hongfire, applocale is a program that allows you to run jap, chinese, etc. games or programs that only works on their own place

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