Imouto Ijime

Imouto Ijime

I have a little sister…
She’s cute. She’s my cute little sister Rin.
Our parents got married and we became a family.
However… Recently I started to feel strange.
Now I feel lust for Rin.
I just see your body or touch it and I got an hard on…
Haaa… Rin… You’re so cute Rin…
I think I’ve reached my limit…

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  1. Flirtatious cute af imouto + Reverse ntr? Fuck yeah! Loved this nukige, and I don’t just say that lightly – any nukige that makes my peepee go dohing dohing deserves my utmost respect!

    Would also sniff at those heavenly used pantsu mmmm いい におい.

  2. Not a fan of imouto or incest at all but the character design is pretty good and the scenes are varied and interesting. The choices are very limited so leaving the game in Jp and just treating it as a CG\Event viewer is very feasible.

  3. for those having trouble try this.

    1. download files
    2. extract the rar files
    3. mount the iso (using whatever program you want, i used Wincdemu)
    4. select the iso (will be in same area as local disk, where you would find a inserted device)
    5. Make sure your pc is set on japanese time/region

    6. use applocale/locale emulator (your choice on the program) right click the installer file and select your locale program and run it on japanese
    7.Install game
    8.find the game file (should be in locale disk c, program files x86 and in the sub folder NOIR place the english patch in the same folder where the game application is (folder should read 妹いじめ)
    9.Run the game

    I personally struggled to get it to work but found that having the locale on my pc and using a locale emulator together made the installation process work perfectly

  4. I tried to download and play this game some years back and never could get it working but I wanted to try again.

    I’m on Windows 10, by the way.

    1: I set my location to Japan and restarted my PC

    2: I downloaded Part 1 and Part 2

    3: I ran them in WinRAR and extracted the .mds and .mdf files. I saw someone earlier mention there being two .mdf but I had one as it combines them

    4: I ran Daemon Tools Lite and mounted the .mds file, it ran the installation and there were no errors, BUT there was also no japanese in the installer. It was all screwed up characters, dots and lines. This is present in everything associated with this game.

    5: I downloaded the patch.xp3

    6: I put the patch in my NOIR/–…‚¢‚¶‚ß folder (This is a sample of the weird characters it constantly shows with this game despite being in japanese locale with the language packs installed)

    7: I tried to run the game and it gave me the three screen error like I wasn’t in japanese locale. So I ran it through applocale and it gave me a single error pop up in proper japanese about the imoizi.exe file

    I believe I’ve done this right except for the weird screwed up characters but I can’t get it to run still. Any help?

    1. As additional information, I can run MANY other Eroge’s totally fine without any kind of issue with my PC set to Japanese locale. It’s just this game that won’t work.

    2. I don’t think you changed system locale. System locale is not location, some people get confused about that. Go to Control Panel > Region and Location > administrative > Change system locale. I think what you might have done was go to into region and location, then location and change country which is not correct.

  5. Same+problem+to+all+as+I+do.+I’ve+done+what+I+can+do



  6. I cant run this game even with locale set to Japanese the error I’m getting has this on the end part imoizi.exeは開けません. plz help Q.Q tried redownloading still wont work tried running as admin too >.<

  7. admin..
    English patch doesn’t seem to work. I tried downloading it but the dl site in unavailable…

  8. how to install:

    step 1: DL the 2 gamefiles and extract them

    step 2: Mount one of the files using daemon tools and install the game

    step 3: Go to your C drive – Programfilesx86 – NOIR – japaneselettersthingy

    step 4: Put the patch in there and run the game


  9. I downloaded everything I needed to get the game and changed my locale to Japan, but the game itself if actually in Japanese. Did I miss a step while downloading or something?

  10. Ok. I have installed “VirtualCloneDrive” (Only because Avira won’t let me use Daemon tools..), would that be good enough to use?

    1. As long as VirtualCloneDrive has the ability to read .mds and .mdf files, it should be fine.
      However, the one I recommend most is WinCDEmu

  11. hey guy, i got error 3 screen 2 with ???????? and one say syntax error, unexpected T_symbol, expecting\)\), can anyone show me how to sovled this please, a few game i down got this problem and it suck when i want to play this game so bad

  12. Can someone help me, I downloaded both the DA: free files, extracted them and saved the patch in the folder but when I open the folder there’s only 3 files (patch.xp3, IMOIZI.MDF and IMOIZI.MDS) none of them run the game and there’s no .exe file. Am I missing some files or do I need some special program or something? thank in advance to anyone who can help.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, didn’t really want to bother you so did a few google searches, installed daemon tools lite. But when I click quick mount only the .mds file appears and then it installs in all gibberish. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? again thanks for helping

        1. .mds is kind of “label” file (notice it’s small size) – by mounting it, daemon tools will automatically load proper .mdf as well. Don’t worry about it.
          Now, as for “gibberish”… Many, especially older, Japanese games don’t use Unicode encoding (UTF-8) to properly “write down” characters outside of A-Z spectrum (yes, it’s needed also if you’re using English patch afterwards). You need to set up your Windows to Japanese locale so that it can recognize those “odd” characters as kanji/hiragana etc, instead of “garbage” it tries to display now.
          There’s tutorial on how to do it in FAQ section ( )

          1. Thanks a lot think I got it sorted now but just so i’m sure is there any special place I need to put the patch? Does it just in the game folder with the .exe file or in the saved data folder or something? Again thanks for helping

  13. (Forgive me if this is a double post…) Combining what “Some Person” and “Melodyst” posted…

    First, you’re going to need Daemon Tools, and Winrar.

    Step 1. CHANGE LOCAL SYSTEM| You’re going to need to switch your local system to Japanese. (Don’t worry, your OS language won’t be changed or anything, also I’m going to be demonstrating the Windows 7 way since I’m running 7, you can Google how to do it on 8/8.1.) this can be done by clicking Start, then Control Panel, then Clock, Language and Region, and then Region and Language. Now click the Administrative tab and then, under Language for non-Unicode programs, click Change system locale, and click Japanese (Japan). After this, you need to restart your PC, and come back for step 2.

    Step 2. DOWNLOAD| After restarting, download the 2 rar files above (DA-free), and extract them using Winrar into an empty folder on your desktop. As the extraction is running, it will ask you if you want to replace files with duplicate names (this is because there are two parts to the larger file, essentially splitting it into two halves). Click the “keep both” option, should be the last one if I’m not mistaken, and it should finish the extraction.

    Step 3. MOUNTING| (not the sexual mounting, that comes later) Once you’ve extracted the rars, you should have 3 files in your folder. IMOIZI.mds, IMOIZI.mdf, and IMOIZI(2).mdf. Right click on IMOIZI.mds (should be 1KB) and mount it using Daemon Tools. Now go to wherever you mounted it, should be in Start, then Computer, and double click on the IMOIZI Drive. It will now run the setup, and don’t panic, it’s in Japanese. Just keep clicking the button where ‘next’ is normally, and when it’s done installing, unclick the final box (it just starts the game).

    Step 4. PATCHING| After the installation you may be disappointed in learning that the game is in Japanese. Fear not, English-speaking otaku, this wonderful website has provided an English patch. To install the patch, go back to the download area above, and click the DDL English Patch Download, and download the file patch.xp3. Remember where you download it to, and drag it into wherever you downloaded the game, by default it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\NOIR\妹いじめ. Now the patch should have been applied. Run the game using the imoizi application found in the game files, and you should be greeted with lovely English subbing.

    Hopefully this worked for you! I tried to be as in-depth as possible. If you had trouble changing the local system, you can find a Microsoft walkthrough for Windows 7 here:

    1. Hey thanks for the walkthrough! However, I’m having trouble. Whenever I drag the Patch.xp3 to the game file it shows an error message in Japanese. I tried redownloading everything, but it doesn’t work. I need help…

    2. I’m having a problem with the patch. The game doesn’t work when I put it in the files. Whenever I try to start up the game with the patch I get a blue error screen in Japanese. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

    3. thanks. I forgot when I reset my pc daemon tools wasn’t installed and local wa not jap as it usually is. Basically the same setup as yosuga no sora

      1. now I’ve had a long as hell night trouble shooting this and giving myself admin rights on Windows after it disappears thanks windows

  14. Instructions to download, Download both rar files and extract them, Get daemon tools or something to mount the installation, You only need to mount one of them,it auto combinds them, Then install everything and uncheck the FINAL box after youre done installing it,come back to this page and the THIRD installation button has the patch folder, click on it and Right click the patch file and hit save link as and save it into the game folder and put “.xp3” at the end of it, Please enjoy, you might need applocale which you can just google what to do with.

  15. I’m either doing something wrong, or the patch isn’t done properly. I click on it and it goes to a page with a bunch of random nonsense characters.

    1. Right-click -> “save target as” . Put the .xp3 file inside your game folder.
      The reason you’re seeing those random characters is your browser trying to open the file as if it were text document/webpage, rather than downloadable file.

    2. I right-clicked and hit “Save link” I hope I got the patch right, but I am still getting an error message. AppLocale should work for this, right?

    1. Change your local system to Japanese. Get daemon tool software to mount the image/file. Install it and make sure at the end, you uncheck the box that makes you start the game upon exit. Get the patch and go to your computer folder maybe under program #86 and find “Noir”. Once there, get the patch from that is supplied on this page and drag it into that folder and your done.

  16. Thanks for your comments everyone, without them I couldn’t have gotten this to work. Three cheers for the helpful randoms across the internet.

  17. Arigatou gozaimasu minna san!!

    ok this is what i learnd from them ^

    first of all, u need to set your setting to japanese locale (search this on google “how to set japanese locale” if you dont know how) daemon tools lite (skip this step if you already have it) part 1 and part 2 above

    4.after downloading the rar,extract it the extracted files with daemon tools

    6.there will be a window with unknown symbols with rins pic above. just click the center button patch.xp3

    8.move the patch.xp3 to “program files” > “NOIR” > “妹いじめ” the application


    ten easy steps

  18. I give up on trying to install this. I can never get it to work, i tried what you guys are saying but i still get the blue screen

  19. I got an error “Error : Can’t open VCD” after extracting it from the 2 rar files. Help pls…

  20. I have problems installing the apploc can anyone help me? well mostly with installing the whole eroge it’s the only one I can’t install until now;p for the apploc I have w7 32bit and I followed the steps in HarimaKenji’s link but still I cant run apploc and yes I have administrator privileges -.^

  21. How to install this game (and most others) FOR BAKA:

    * A virtual CD/DVD drive (Daemon Tools Lite recommended)
    * Microsoft Applocale installed (
    – NOTE: You must install Applocale in compatibility mode (follow

    1) Download game installer files and patch file
    2) Open Daemon Tools Lite (type \dtlite\ into the Win7 search bar)
    3) Extract the installer then drag and drop the setup executable (ImoiziSetup.exe) into the Daemon Tools window. This will mount the CD virtually.

    The next part is very important. When you install the files, the directory must not have any non-local characters (eg no Japanese characters) in the path name. This is not a requirement if you are running a Japanese OS, but I assume most of you are English with English OS.

    4) During the Installer you will see a textbox with something like \C:Program Files (x86)NOIR**gibberish**\. Replace the gibberish with the word \game\ so that it becomes: \C:Program Files (x86)NOIRgame\. Continue installing as usual.

    5) Patch the game by dragging the downloaded patch xp3 file into the same directory that you just specified (\C:Program Files (x86)NOIRgame\ or similar).

    5) Finally to run the game you should use Applocale again to load the installed game file \C:Program Files (x86)NOIRgameimoizi.exe\. You must select the language that looks like 日本語 (Japanese Nihongo). Alternatively you can start it through the command line using this command:
    C:WindowsAppPatchAppLoc.exe imoizi.exe /L0411

    Good luck and have fun!

    1. right-click -> “save target as”.
      Your browser is treating the .xp3 as text file and tries to render it, rather than download.

  22. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I think it’s my computer’s fault.
    I downloaded the 2 rar files and the english patch.
    Using Virtual Clone Drive, I unmounted the 3 files inside the 2 rar files in a folder, and placed the patch in there as well.
    Using LocalApp, I browsed and selected the .exe file, but I got the blue screen.
    P.D. I cannot set my regional language to japanese -.-

    I would relly appreciate any help

  23. i can’t install the game anymore 🙁

    i finished it once and since then i tried to start it again, but it always failed because imoizi.exe can’t be found anymore.
    i tried to reinstall the game and already redownloaded it, but after extracting and mounting the .mds/.mdf file, i can’t install the game because imoizi.exe seemingly somehow isn’t in the setup…
    can anyone help me or maybe upload the imoizi.exe for me to try and download it?

  24. you may need to have computer setting to japanese locale
    create new folder
    save Imouto file into that folder
    open the mdf file with daemon tools
    run the setup
    when it says save to Program Files (x86)ImoutoIjime,save it to the new folder you created.
    copy the \patch.xp3\ file into the ‘妹いじめ’ folder
    then run the imoizi application. it should work

  25. Hey, how about the patch? i already move it to the game directory, but if i put the file in the game directory. the game will have syntax error, but if i don’t put the patch in the game directory, the game run normally but the language is japanese, someone help me

  26. for some reason the game is giving me a stynax error i dont know why i cant play the game any ideas

        1. can someone help me i finally got the game to work but its in japanese i have the english patch but i dont know how to use it can anyone help me

  27. i cant download the patch…(or maybe its just me whos dumb),
    anyway thank you for this game admin.

      1. lol…
        yeah i dunno why firefox won’t let me dl the patch yesterday, but today it’s working just fine.

  28. Got windows 7, applocal, daemon tools, virtual clone drive, the patch and the two mdf and mds files, isobuster, AND mdf to iso converter. Either way when ever I install it a blue screen , and two other screens come up. On says \syntax error etc.\ Can someone help me?

  29. For everyone who followed AnonWarriors or Michael Foxs advice and it still doesnt work. I had the same prob. I installed the .mdf with Virtual Clone Drive, run it with AppLocale and still nothing. Now how to solve the problem:

    When you install the game in your choosed path, CHANGE THE NAME OF THE FOLDER, example: D:\Program Files (x86)\ImoutoIjime

    That’s how my problem got solved..
    I hope I could help someone.

  30. I have the same problem when I want to play.. it gets error blue screen and says syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL. I’ve already done what was instructed, but it still won’t work. I have windows 8 by the way

  31. all you have to do is explore the iso with daemon tools and run the installer with japanese locale then you just put the patch.xp3 in the place where it installed to and run with applocale.

  32. when i extracted the two files! the folder only contains two items, an MDF and MDS file!!
    what should i do next?????

      1. Now now. Don’t be mean to people who have trouble reading the previous comments. WHICH TELL YOU WHAT THE FUCK TO DO.

  33. For anyone having trouble installing this and getting Blue Screen/Syntax error, I will give you a more clear explanation of what Michael fox said above.

    First of all this doesn’t seem to work if you mount it with Daemon Tools, So go ahead and Google \Virtual Clone Drive\ and download it from wherever you want to(I used softpedia).

    1. Download and mount the \IMOIZI.mdf\ (larger one, 300mb) with Virtual Clone Drive.

    2. Install it wherever you want to.

    3. Download the patch and put it in your (step 2.) specified Game Directory(i.e C:Program files(x86)NOIRImoizi)

    4. Use App locale(Google & download it if you don’t have it) to run the game (browse to you Game Directory and choose the \imoizi.exe\ file, Choose the Japanese language to run it with, the further lowest option).

    5. Play the game 🙂

    -Worked using win 7, no xp compatibility/run as admin mode whatsoever needed. Using regional set to Japan.

    1. ok the only part i am stuck at is the English patch. i went to the step to clicked on a file named NOIR with a sub file and in it was a document with weird symbols like ?..???/s and another file in Japanese with a sub file called plugin.
      soooooooooooo basically it looks like
      >(Japanese writing)–>plugin
      i tried every thing and the only problem is that the ?..?/s is the only file it wont accept.
      for the title page there is English but not in the game text.


  35. need help bad i used daemon tools lite to istall game bu whn iopn it gives me a syntax error and when i use applocale it gives me an error i ant read the majority of someone please help me

    1. when installing change the name of the folder then put the patch where you installed the game. it worked for me.

      1. Install/Extract game
        Install patch to game directory

        at least that’s how games like these generally works

  36. Why the hell are the words all japanese??? Someone please help me!!!I changed my local to japanese it can play but I don’t understand a thing! SOMEONE PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU!!

  37. I changed my locale to Japanese but instead of giving me the blue screen it just gives me an error message and still won’t work.

  38. How can i make that eroge work?

    I managed to install it, but when i launch the game i get a blue screen =/

    I only get a missing fonts no english :/

    1. open Control Panel
      2. Open “Clock, Language and Region”
      3. Then select Administrative
      4.”Change country or region to japan
      it worked for me, good luck

        1. While it is different opinion, I agree, school days probably not the best one to play…..I think Sagara Family and Amorous Professor Cherry has “some” animated HCG

  39. Ok seriousliy i have been at this for a few days now, can some just provided a step by step instruction on how to download this game?

    1. Before that u must change ur locale to (JAPAN REGION) go to control panel and click language and region and go to administrative and click the change system locale to JAPAN

      1st – u need 2 extract all rar files together into the folder u wish

      2nd – use daemon tools to mount the image (if u have it)

      3rd – extract english patch in the folder u mount the image
      and there u have it .. Nj0y ^^

      1. thanks, but im an idiot and dont know how to do the last part…and the game started and it was in jap. can i still mount the english patch or do i have to start all over again?

  40. No matter what I do this keep giving me the syntax error, i have it moutned (albeit with poweriso because daemon tools doesn’t allow mdf to be mounted) even when installing it it’s just a bunch of random symbols, and my comptuer is set to a japanese locale (even though it needs to be reset every 5 seconds)

  41. Uhm, I know all these questions must be bothersome, but I’m having a problem here.

    The game was perfectly well installed and all, but the patch wont work. I have windows 7, my system is set to Japanese as I’m running another program which requires so. The problem is, the folder everyone speaks of, the [C: – Program Files – NOIR – 妹いじめ] one, doesn’t exist on my pc. I’ve tried to copy/paste the patch into any folder I have with the game, but it just wont translate to English.

    I really wanna try this game, so any advice would be nice. I’m at a loss of what to do. ; A ;

  42. i use power iso, does that not work like daemon tools? if not then i can download it too…

  43. After you have changed your local to japan restart your computer and then if that doesn’t work uninstall imouto ijime and then install it again but do it when your local is japan and then that should work. sorry if i didn’t explain it very well D:

    1. tried that too, my local stays japan because i play visual novels often enough, i’m not new to being to patching and all that but this one just doesnt want to work and I can’t really see why I’ve tried pretty much everything haha but thanks though.

  44. I downloaded this the other day and when the game is installed and starts up, I get a blue screen with script with and error. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, or do I just need to download it again?

    1. The same thing is happening to me, I really hope someone knows how to explain how to fix this its really annoying and ive tried doing everything everyone explained to do, japan local etc. please someone help, much appreciated. thanks

  45. I’m not sure if anyone still needs a way to patch, all I did after using daemon tools to mount the mdf file. Installed it and downloaded the patch. Then I just moved the patch to the game folder in my program files x86(windows 7 os) and it worked first try. Hope it helps someone.

  46. Download Part 2 Does not work. After clicking the download button, the website becomes unavailable and the download does not occur. Could the Admin please fix the link?

  47. im also getting the access denied problem when installing the game, i have windows 7 and yes its in japanese locale. i mounted both files with daemon and both had that problem. any help anyone could provide would be most appreciated

  48. ok, when you place the patch in the gamefolder and you start the game,the patch will work AFTER the title… The text will be translated… was fooled by this too XD

  49. ok um i dont see a file named “–…‚¢‚¶‚ß i created a new folder named it imouto ijime i put the data in it extracted and mounted put patch in the folder its still in japanese so WTF am i suppose to put it in the programs folder if so there isnt a folder for the program.

  50. Okay I changed my location to japan then I mounted the game with Deamon tool thingy. I then went into my programs found the right file, and the right file inside that one, I pasted the patch in there with it. and then stated the game, Yet it is still in japanese

  51. When I try to patch the game using Vista by placing the patch inside of the
    folder of [>Computer>BD-ROM Drive (E:) IMOZI], I get an error stating that the ‘disc’ doesn’t have enough memory for me to paste the file there. I also tried putting the patch into the file of [C: – Program Files – NOIR – 妹いじめ] after installing it in Japanese, but could not find the file at all. Do you (or anyone) know how to find the proper area for me to patch the game?

    1. The patch file (patch.xp3) should be pasted inside the \NOIR\妹いじめ folder, not in your CD or DVD-ROM directory.. It’s just a small and simple file, should be easy~

  52. after installing, copy the patch to the folder then change the “–…‚¢‚¶‚ß” named folder into something that you want.

    if you have “applocale” open the game then change it to japanese it should work well.

    if you changed your “system locale” the game should work well.

    hope that helps 🙂

    1. After getting the two endings, start a new game. If I’m not mistaken it’s during the third decision screen, there will be a “Finally..” option which takes you to the third route.

  53. When I tried installing, an error message comes out indicating imoizi.exe cannot be moved, error code 5, access is denied.

    I tried running the setup application as an administrator, copied the disc content to the harddisk and run from there, change install directories, all didn’t work.

    If anyone would be so kind to upload JUST the imoizi.exe file here, I would really really be grateful for that, thanks!

    1. Rename the folder “–…‚¢‚¶‚ß” to something else.
      In my case I renamed the folder ImoutoIjime just to be organized, launched the game and it works!

  54. i finished all of the parts of the game i was going to delete the ImoutoIjime file folder but it seems i cant delete i restarted it again and again it looks persistent to be deleted it wont move to a another folder it wont let change names or deleted if u can give me a help thnx if not thnx again

    1. when you install it,just put the game in different location and change the text(this game name in japaness) and then play it

  55. I have same problem with Iwannaplay, i had completed setup game and copied patch into game folder. But when i open file .exe to play game, it appear blue srceen with an error message :” syntax error, unxpected T_symbol, expecting “. I don’t have anti virus program. So, what i can do to fix error ?

  56. You may not want to install this one. McAfee keeps going berserk whenever I attempt to because there appears to be a Trojan (Artemis) in the installer.

  57. So can someone please just give me a step by step guide I extract parts one and two to a file,mount the mds file, install the game with pages written in gibberish, go into program files-Noir and copy the patch then try to run the app,Then a blue screen, a small bar with four little boxes, and an error message written in gibberish appear.While the game does not open.What have I done wrong.Iv’e changed my locale to japan so I have no idea what to do Pleassseeee help me this game tempts me so with the image on this site -_-

  58. Ok I downloaded the files and the patch. But, there is no ISO file(So mounting it isn’t really an option 🙁 ). All I see are the patch file. Imoizi.mdf and Imoizi.MDS. Nothing happens when I click on them, even if I right click and hit “run as admin”. Am I missing something about these files or is there something to do with the .mdf and .mds files to get the game going?

  59. When I try to install the game, an error message pops up, and I think it says that access is denied for transferring the imouto.exe file. I have windows 7, can anyone help me with this problem?

  60. ok to anyone still having problems..

    1. Change the locale to Japanese.




    2. Install by mounting to virtual drive using Daemon Tools.

    3. Copy the patch and add it to (C: – Program Files – NOIR – 妹いじめ).

    There. Now you can play :]

  61. I got the game to play but in japanese. How do i get it to play in english? I have the patch in the folder but it doesn’t seem to be working.
    please help

  62. I don’t know what to do with the patch. It’s in the same folder as the game along with my downloads. The game is in japanese when I start it. Please help.

  63. I’ve tried setting my region to Japan, downloading the patch and putting the file in with the game, mounting the file on Daemon, and re-downloading the game from each mirror when none of those worked. I still get the ???syntax error.

    What am I doing wrong? I’ve gotten any other game I’ve downloaded to work, but I think I need a step-by-step for this one! Love this site, please help!

      1. I know how to mount, and I looked at Steins;Gate to try and help with this game. I’m following the guide but it still isn’t working.

        After I mount the game [with a Japan locale] I run the set up, I uncheck the ‘start game’ box after it says it’s installed and go look at the game file to place the English patch. I copy the patch into the created folder, but I don’t think the game is installing correctly. There are no .exe files, only applications which prompt the ???syntax error and a notepad file labeled with gibberish; “‚¨“Ç‚Ý‚­‚¾‚³‚¢”.

    1. I had that problem too, I fixed it by changing the name of the folder. As far as I can tell, the problem is that it can’t read the folder name so it just displays an error message.

      1. OMG. Thank you so much I renamed a the folder names and all the games I couldnt run started working!!!!!11!!1!!1!! THANKS A MILLION TIMES

  64. Am using daemon tools. Tried changing region to Japan(region 2, right?) but still to no avail. Still can’t play game. Help please. :s

    1. No, scratch that, I got it to work, but can I only play it if I set the locale to Japanese? Because I changed it back to English and it stopped working.

      1. Yes, you need to keep japanese locale when you want to play the game. Otherwise game won’t be able to load it’s files properly.

    1. change the region code to japanese and mount with daemon tools or alcohol 120% then paste the english patch in the folder.

      at least that worked for me ,hope it works for you

        1. first change your system locale to japanese,then extract the .rar ,after that mount with daemon tools,then there’s the set up, the auto start is a good way to check if the game installed correctly,place the patch in the folder and enjoy.

          and that’s about it,I hope it works.

          1. hey guys i found an application that can run this game without changing your system locale.

            try downloading “applocale”.

            i didn’t try it yet buy some say it works!

            hope this helps 🙂

    1. Have Daemon tools first.

      Then download the game followed by the patch.

      Paste the patch inside the game folder

      Run daemon then mount. The patch works automatically.

    1. or does this game run on 62bit WinVista? i really wanna play it, but i can’t :S some sort of error with lots of question marks and says, “syntax error”

  65. i tried to download this by DLC downloads, but it doesn’t work, could you please explain to me what i should do to make it work? JDownloader is new for me so i don’t really get how to use it….

  66. ok well i keep getting the same error as several people above that ???????(syntax error, unexpected t_symbol, expecting”) crap, i changed my location in windows 7 to japan and even the time date zone for my clock and still get said error, what can i do at this point to get around that?

  67. i got the files downloaded, i mounted the game using Daemon…and everything works…except the patch. as i understand a little Japanese, i decided to play through once to make sure it wasn’t just the beginning that was left untranslated for whatever reason. turns out, the entire thing is untranslated. the patch doesn’t work at all. a little help please? i really want to understand the entire game.

    1. You just put the patch inside the directory you installed the game in. Make sure it’s sitting “next to” the game exe, not some subdirectory, also don’t rename the patch file.

  68. Hi there! Thanks for all the games i dowloaded so far from ur site, admin B)
    I found this one special, since it’s the first one i played and has moving animations, could you write some titles that are similar to this in that matter? The story wasn’t that good, though.

    Another thing is, that i played Monster Girl Quest before, and i wonder if there are another ones here with similar gameplay, i’m pretty much into those kind of fighting rpg-style games.

  69. Hi Admin, Can request a Game?? I like The Game “Tropical Kiss” the CGs were great, The Characters were great too, but it is in japanese, so can’t play it and can’t Download it either… Can you please post a fully english translated of this tropical kiss??? just a request though….

  70. I installed the japanese pack but its still not working , I\m getting the T symbol message and it\s making me insane

  71. for all of you’s who cant get the english patch 2 work just move it 2 the folder noir which u can find in ur program files

  72. i got the error when i put the english pacth in the folder……but when i move the patch the game works…any idea how to solve this?

  73. I’m having trouble with to make this game work i mounted it on PowerISO Virtual Drive Manager. but after that i can’t understand the word’s that it say. so i just click the next “i think” and it installed “i think” and a window pop up on the desktop i think its from the game but when ever i open it this pops out. syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL,expecting.

  74. when I clicked the patch download link, it ended up with some sort of gibberish. What happened to the download link? Or is it just my PC that has that?

  75. hey when ever i try to start the game it said it has an error does someone no what the problem is. it said something about syntax error, unexpected T_ SYMBOL,expecting.

  76. admin you area trooper. i commend you for putting up with all the questions and i hope ill be as knowledgeable as u about all this crap soon. if u want i can help u but u gotta teach me. also i’d like to translate a few games that i;ve found in japanese.

  77. Took me a long time to install this game but this is what I did.Oh yeah I did this in Vista so I dont know if this will work on other PC versions. and extract the file. The folder should have an MDF and MDS files.
    2. Go to control Panel and go to regional and language options. Find the tab that says administrative and click on it. Find the change system locale bar and select Japanese.
    3. Download Daemon Tools lite if you never did, and mount the 2 files( MDS and MDF).
    4.After mounting click on a file mounted and it should open up some .exe bar( dont remember the whole name but it ends in exe)( i guess its the game itself). Run it and it should take u to the game setup. Its still in japanese and I dont think u can do anything about that. During the set up its gonna ask u which folder do u want to place the game in( like how u usually download programs where it asks where to install that program.
    5. After the game set up, download the english patch and extract it. After extracting u move that file into the folder where the game installed.( in my case its in the “programsx86” folder under “Local disk C” and “Computer”
    6.The game that was installed should be in a folder called NOIR. Thats where u put the patch to.
    7. Try running the game. Dont know if it will work but it worked for mine

    1. Thanks for your post. It helped me solve the issue. What I had been doing whenever I wanted to play the game was opening the MDF file and going through the whole installation process where you click the next button not knowing what any of the steps are saying but you know it’s going to install the game. I pretty much sped through it and I failed to realize there was a step asking to choose the destination for the files that you’re about to install.
      Again, thanks for the help there.

  78. After extracting the files, I have a MDF and MDS file. I’m not quite sure how to use the english patch file because I’m not able to place it in either of them. As far as I can tell, I’m able to load and play the game normally, but everything is in japanese besides buttons like the load and save.

      1. If by game shortcut, you mean the IMOIZI files (MDF and MDS that I got from extracting), the closest thing I can come up with is choosing to open one of them (both will lead me to the same thing)and getting the options to Run ImoiziSetUp.exe or open folder to view files. Trying to copy the english patch into that file just gives me the message that there is not enough space on IMOIZI and that I need an additional 76.0 KB.

        That whole blurb assumes that you meant the IMOIZI files when you said “game shortcut”. I make a point of mentioning this because these files are the only things that I got out of extracting the files.

        Help is appreciated.

        1. they mean this, go to your icon on your desktop right click on it select open file location a window will pop up with the installed game info just paste the patch there.

  79. wew this is not good, the program only can run in locale japanese system mode, when i change to ENG it got error :p

  80. You don’t have japanese locale set up. You need to uninstall the game. change locale to japanese (check site’s FAQ for instructions), then install it again.

    1. im sorry about this but i cant find the FAQs section XD. can you please give me the link thank you very much

  81. Help! After I mounted it and put it on my drive and installed it. A message appeared saying:???????????? ??????( syntax error,unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting )”)”.

      1. I did change my locale arg! there is a thing called Instructions which this download is severely lacking. perhaps if it had some people would not complain so much.

  82. sir admin plz responce on my post… coz i download it normaly and then extract it then use the Daemon tool to mount it but when i try to play it it says “Access violation at address 0040993E. Write of address 00401000” plz reply tnx…

    1. There can be many possible causes. Most common ones are viruses and various programs interfering with installation.
      Turn off all other programs that are running on your PC and try to install it.

  83. hello I mounted the game with Daemon already but when i clicked it and did all the set up stuff, it showed an error message that I cant understand can any1 help me? I have a skype so I can share my screen!

  84. I cant save the file T.T
    anyone can help ???
    once click save….a small blue screen with unknown word come out…n another screen with a few icon…After tat…my game’s screen is hanged n the music is still continue…

  85. Hey, having some trouble with this. I installed the game and it’s working fine, put the patch in the game folder and getting english under the japanese on the menu and config screen as well as english for ‘skip, save’ etc while playing.

    However there is no english for the actual in-game text, anyone know why?

  86. ok. for eng patch its eassssyyyy. first u download the game. try if its working or not. then download the patch. the name should be “patch.xp3”. then move ur “patch.xp3” file to ur game folder. Done!!! easy peasy. try it! haha XD

  87. Yeah, as Joaris asks. How does the English patch work? Got the japanese one working, but i cant read or understand japanese that much 🙂

  88. I downloaded the game, mounted with daemon tools, and went through the setup process. Well, rather than showing the Japanese characters, which I could have understood a little of, all the text during the setup was just gibberish, so I can’t tell what the heck went wrong during the setup (There were a couple messages that popped up, but as they were in gibberish, I could do nothing but click what I assume meant OK). After downloading it, I went to the folder where it had been installed, and the only stuff there was a text document in gibberish and an uninstall.exe program. When I try to open the game with what should be the .exe file on the desktop(of course I can’t tell what it is, since, again, it is in gibberish), it says “can’t find imouto.exe, please locate file on computer” Please help me. I’m going to delete the file and download it again, see if that was the problem.

    1. It works fine for me. Heck, it’s even hosted on the same server that this website is – if you are able to view this site/read comments then you must be able to download this patch.

      1. That’s really odd… im unable to download the patch as well… Well, i download it and its finished after 2 seconds, but then it says the files cant be found… Am I not doing something right?

        1. It’s normal that it finishes downloading in few seconds – whole patch takes only 75 kilobytes.
          “File not found” is kinda odd error, but you might be getting “application not found” one, since this patch is not supposed to be ran – you just put into game folder.

      1. By installing an eastern asian language pack. This pack should be in your computer already. [THIS IS XP]Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language tab > Tick Install eastern Asia language files. It’ll ask you for the Windows CD but you can click OK instead and direct it to: “C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386” (this is where the pack is) and it should start. You’ll probably be missing some files though. They’re mostly .dll and .nls files that you can get by Googling. This is what really took my time, I was missing ~100 files. T_T

        (If it asks for .chm, .cnp, or .hlp just skip those they’re help files and not necessary.)

        1. Ermmh, im running windows 7 and i cant do it the way you desripe how you did it. But are you making the game translated to english this way, or are you making it readable in japanese? Because i’d really like it in english. I’d really like to play this game, but i freeze allready at install because dont understand whats written. Would appreciate if someone left a guide on everything. Install / language. Thanks.

  89. You know this always happens, no offense but people complaining that they cannot run.
    Not only have other users given you help, but internet sites like Boy’s Love Game Headquarters, or Hongfire have help as well. If you don’t find problems listed there I understand, but otherwise please refrain from asking help so much. Lots of games on this site have these comments as well, so feel free to look through them.

    Good Luck, Thanks again Admin!

  90. i dont know how peopole find this so hard to install, this is probably the most forward install on the site, so many other games on here are much more complex to install.

    what i did:
    install game via daemon tools lite
    moved english file into folder, not any of folders within the folder

    thats all. my locale is set to japan

  91. Hey Admin, I still can’t get the game to start up… I’ve installed it, but when I try open the game it doesn’t work, just a weird pop up and the system ewrror thing… can u help me around that???

  92. i’m so confused i dont get how to get this game to work
    how to use applocale or anything i really need help

  93. Well about any Walkthrough

    *Spoiler Tag*

    For 100% CG which is not really much you just have to do:

    1. Choose the first option everytime
    2. Choose the seconnd option everytime
    3. Choose the first than the second and the newly-found third option.

  94. Sweet baby Odin, such awesome art and the animations in path 2 as I call it (choose 2 on all the choices) are freaking epic.

    Probably the best “eroge” based on the *cough* fap value.

  95. can someone help me when every time i click on the game it gives me an error message telling me the parameter is incorrect I have swiched my local to japanese and put the xp3 file in the game folder but it still won’t work can someone help me.

  96. How can i get this to this operate on xp
    I have applocale, and daemon tools lite but i can get it to operate.
    i cant change my system locale, because i cant find my Xp disc
    Some one please help

  97. You guys are making the install WAAAY more complex than it should be.

    Download Microsoft Applocale (If you are on this site you should have it already). Right-Click on properties for the applocale shortcut and make sure “run as administrator” is checked. (win7/ vista only)

    1. Mount the disc image

    2. Using applocale wizard run the exe on the disc image. When prompted for a language, select the very bottom one (doesn’t matter if you can read it).

    3. Go through the games setup. Whenever it prompts for a path, put in a path with english characters instead. Same goes for the group name. (Don’t worry about the slashes looking funny).

    4. Put the patch.xp3 in the game’s folder.

    5. Run applocale again, this time point to the newly installed game exe and select the option to create a shortcut.

    6. The game should run just fine now. Be sure to launch from the shortcut instead of straight from the exe.

    Notice I didn’t have to do anything crazy like change the regional or language settings.

  98. Okay to get this game working, (Win7)
    1) Before you install the game go to “Control Pannel”.
    2) Click on “Clock, Language, and Region”.
    3) Then under “Region and Language” click “Change keyboard or other input methods”.
    4) This will open a pop-up, on that pop-up click on the “Administrative” tab and click the “Change system locale…” button.
    5) This will open another pop-up and then chose “Japanese(Japan)” from the the list it shows.
    6) After you have chosen “Japanese(Japan)” click the “OK” button another pop-up will appear to restart you PC Click the “Yes” button and your PC will be restart.
    7) After you have logged back into your PC, Mount the image you have extracted from the .rar file (the .mdf one)with a software like “Deamon Tools” etc.
    8) Then it will run the setup, (windows might give a pop-up just click Yes/Ok) the setup will be in Japanese but try and follow it though and install the game (correct choice to complete the setup is to click on the buttons with the blue outline)the game should pop-up after the setup and leave a shortcut on your desktop (if the game that pops up after the setup is done isnt quite right then close it and follow step 9.
    9) After you have installed the game go to where the installed file was saved (usually in “Program Files” in the “OS”) the folder should be called “NOIR” open the folder, and the open the next one in the “NOIR” folder and put the Patch in the same place as the .exe file when you have done that double click the .exe file (“imoizi.exe”) and the game should run nicely. 🙂

    Hope this helped 😛

  99. what is system locale? i already change the regional language to japanese and it is still the same. =.=

    1. Just regional. If you change just the languaje it still won’t work and the image of everything in japanese could give you some problems.

    1. Seems to be fine for me, you may want to redownload it…but you dont really have to install it, just extract the file and click the .exe

  100. Where exactly do I put the patch file? I installed the game and all but can’t figure out where to put the patch T_T help please? The game runs fine for me btw

    1. I put the patch in plugins and in the same folder that has the uninstall and run exe, nothing changes -_-

  101. i got same error =( “unexpected T_SYMBOL, expected “)”)”

    can you tell me what i have to do to play this game ????²

    1. Have to change the regional configuration. But don’t worry as long you don’t change the languaje to show everything should look as always (in english or spanish in my case). Maybe other programs don’t work as long you use this, but you only need this configuration as long you install and play the game, after that you should be able to change it as it was without problems.

      Maybe there are some diferences bacause i use spanish as languaje to show. But i’ll tell you what to do to change the configuration. This is for win 7, i’m not sure about how it is in other windows.

      Go to control panel, then Watch, idiom and region, then again give click in the same and a windows is going to appear. go to administration(or management)and change the regional configuration to japanese. Then you can install and play the game.

  102. This is , umm i think 4th game or something that i cannot run always the same window

    Vista 64 Business
    using at this moment local language not JP.

  103. The part where I get stuck is step 5. In the middle of completing an error occurred that says something like “move file access denied” it gave me the option to ignore or abort. I said ignore and it finished, but now i can’t run the game. It just keeps bringing me back to step 3. Could you possibly help me out?

  104. To all the people unable to install the game have you made sure you’re in Japanese Local? Not sure if that is the problem but that is one of the most common problems people have with these type of games.

      1. I have found what he said. You have to change the regional configuration to install and play this game. But don’t worry, as long as you have english (Spanish in my case) as languaje to show, everything will be fine.

        I’ll tell you what to do to change the regional configuration (win 7). But i’m using Spanish as languaje to show so there could be diferences in the words.

        go to control panel, then Watch, idiom and region, then again give click in the same and a windows is going to appear. go to administration(or management)and change the regional configuration to japanese. Then you can install and play the game. As i say, don’t worry you should’nt have problems to use the computer if you have english as languaje to show.

    1. I thought it could be that. But,no. I have tried a lot of things in order to make this work work, including install the japanase as a language to show (Win 7) but there isn’t any change there still show me a blue screen and it say “( “unexpected T_SYMBOL, expected “)”) It’s strange because i still can’t see japanese symbols the langueje of instalation is weird i don’t know why.

  105. When I run the setup and it is in the middle of installing an error message come up and says something about access being denied. It gives me three options (Abort, retry, and ignore) I said ignore and it looked like it completed, but I have tried running the game and it just brings me back to the setup. What do i do?

  106. i got same error =( “unexpected T_SYMBOL, expected “)”)”

    can you tell me what i have to do to play this game?

    1. I has the same problem but you need activate Microsoft AppLocate and then change the name of the carpet for example

      C:\Program Files\NOIR\imoizi

        1. You run it.
          If you didn’t install it so you can just right click, then the default installation should be in C:>Windows>AppLoc or something on XP at least.

  107. After i have installed it, and copyed the patch in. I still cant run it. I just get an error saying “unexpected T_SYMBOL, expected “)”)”

  108. so i have unrar’ed it like you said and im using alcohol. its not working. I hope that next eroge will work xD

    1. Just unrar file you downloaded, mount it using some program like daemon tools. You can install it later. After that copy patch into game directory (same place as .exe file).

  109. Wow. It look, really good. I like this kind of games. I hope it’s as good as i think. I’m really surprised that the patch only weight 75 kb. But the game isn’t heavier either.

  110. Well, graphics are nice 🙂
    Story isn’t so great, but that’s not what you expect when downloading this game. It can be downloaded if you have ~1-2h free time to read it.

  111. I already try Isley procedure…. but the game is still translated to Japanese….
    I really need some help here guys on how to change the subtitles to english

    1. Is the name of the english patch “patch.xp3” ? And did you put it on the game’s folder and not into the “plugin” folder ?

  112. I had the same problem (with syntax error) just change your settings to jpn local,restart, and install the game. For the eng patch I’m not so sure.

  113. Admin pls help me….. When i install this game it keeps on getting error…. (T^T)

    Here it says:

    (syntax error,unexpected T_Symbol,expecting”)”)

  114. After the installation of the game….. When i run the game…
    It keeps on getting error “syntax error”

  115. When I try to install this, most of the stuff that you guys have in the installation folder doesn’t show up for me. This may have something to do with the fact that I don’t actually have Japanese installed on my comp so I just tried to make my way through with the weird characters.

    My current version of windows doesn’t allow for additional languages to be installed, so I was wondering if there’s any way I can still get the game running.

  116. It is normal, cause when I wrote this walkthrough, I already uninstalled the game from my PC, so most of the files in the folder were gone too. Your screen shows the correct place to put the english patch. If the patch is still not working, I’ve to admit I begin to come to the end of my wit…

    1. P.S. : I just saw in your screenshot something bothering me : the name of the patch was for me “patch.xp3”, seems yours is different… Try to rename it ?

      1. That’s the reason it’s not working. File MUST be named “patch.xp3” – otherwise game engine won’t load it and the game will stay japanese.

      2. Damnit All!

        It work when I renamed it patch.xp3, all I have to say is thank you all for your patience and guidence through this annoyance.

        Thanks admin too!

        Now time to download, Kirakira: Curtain call!


  117. Im having abit of trouble with this one, everything installs fine my locale is japanese but when i go to run it i get a parameter is incorrect error. any advice would be helpful.
    running windows 7 ultimate 64bit if that makes any difference.

    1. Woot, nice bug °° So I came back for shaun1788 :

      Once you’ve installed the game following my instructions, all you’ve to do is to DL the english patch and put it into the game’s folder (not into the “plugin” folder), and it should be fine.
      Have fun.

        1. Please give me a few minutes, I’m preparing a few screenshots to illustrate my guide, then I’ll make a new post.

  118. I tried Isley’s way, it was installed but it was not in english.

    So can someone do a really detailed step-by-step guide?

  119. hope ya get we love master! soon admin also wondering if this is uncensored other then that great job another game i never played to keep me busy till deardrops

  120. If anyone likes the way Rin lusts after her onii-chan and doesn’t want to see any content that ruins that then never EVER pick “3. Finally…” for the third option which shows up after completing the 2 other routes…
    What is seen cannot be unseen. I miss my ignorance. :l

  121. Btw to anyone having trouble.
    Install the game normally.
    Then drop the patch into the folder with the installed game.

    1. dude me too…. i got a problem in installing the game…..
      After i install it… i can’t play it and the language is still japanese

  122. the english patch doesn’t work
    when i tried to install it .. a window poped up saying :
    windows can’t open this file: patch.xp3

    is there something wrong ? .. what should i do ?

  123. @Lilwabbit
    Try out Isley’s way of installing it. it REALLY does help!
    you can skip using/downloading the HF AppLocale though if you still use the Japanese Locale on your System for sure.

  124. Hey, I downloaded the game and changed my computer to Japenese Locale, and the game runs fine, except that it’s not in English. I have also downloaded the patch for this game, and put the patch in the file where the game has been downloaded (ProgramFiles(x86)/NOIR/妹いじめ), and yet the game is still in Japanese. I’ve also tried putting the patch in the ‘plugin’ folder and the ‘NOIR’ folder in case that would fix it, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Thanks for uploading all the great games.

  125. hey, admin, just checking how far along the subbing of “pure pure mimi to shippo no monogatari” is coming and when it will be put up

  126. TL here.

    When we say “put the patch in the game folder”, it means you have to unzip de file you’ve downloaded, and put the “patch.xp3” file in “Program Files (x86)\NOIR\妹いじめ” or wherever you put the game.

  127. how does this work. I just started using it and I don’t even know how to open this cos it’s in all kinds of letters to be set-up. I need a step-by-step instruction

  128. For those having trouble to play this game, here’s my way to install it, and it seems to work :
    1) Go to Configuration Panel and select Japanese Language
    2) Run the install program, and when you have to select your installation folder, go erase manually the part of the folder where you can find a few japanese characters (there are 3 or 4 of them, but DO NOT erase the “Y” looking one, cause it is the equivalent of our “\”
    3) Rename with western characters the part you just erased
    4) Run the install
    5) Come back to your previous language settings
    6) Run the game with HF AppLocale

    Sorry for my quite bad english, but I hope this will help some of you.

  129. To all who have problem to have the game in English. You have to put the patch in the main folder and not the “plugin” folder.

  130. Hey I cant get the patch to work, I have put it in the game file exept it still cannot work, can someobdy put a step by step walkthrough on how to install the patch on here?

  131. I always check for eroge on this site and I’m really excited to see this new one. I wanted to once again thank you for your time and effort in maintaing and running this site.

    1. Yes it is and i think every game Admin release come with full patch unleast the game is a trial or a part you should have a full game and a full patch for games you download here.

  132. i got it to un.rar but what do i do from that point on there is no iso and no .exe so im not sure where to go from here all the games ive gotten from here have followed the same basic steps
    so whats next?

  133. Admin, where do you find this stuff? I mean I’m following several projects on TLwiki but I’ve never even heard of this one o.o

    1. TLwiki is not the only site that translates those games. I’m keeping track of various translation groups/projects and as soon as they are done i’m posting them here.

      1. hay guys… I’ve pretty much downloaded 90% of all your games here at erogedownloads and I have a few you may wish to acquire and add to your extensive list of VNs I don’t know who to talk to about them but I would like to give my assistance if I may….. plus don’t all you other guys want more VNs conviviality on this site, huh?!

    2. Also visual novel database to know what game are released in english not 100% accurate but close and most of the time they offer link to the group translating the game.

  134. damn! i cant change my locale cause i lost my cd and wasnt able 2 download asian language T_T i guess ill just w8 for my new laptop with the cd

    1. I had the same problem but i downloaded it as ISO from piratebay and installed the language pack from it.

    1. You know, app local still works on win 7 (which also means vista most likly). Google HF pAppLocal, It should lead you to a hongfire sight. Save file to C drive and run

      1. I did try that as you said, but I still can’t get the MDF or MDS files to do anything with the game and the patch is already in there. I just have no idea to launch the game itself since there aren’t any apps to install and run the game and the files are just there, unable to be read by my computer. I have Windows 7.

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