Kana Okaeri

Kana Okaeri

A total remake of the classic “H” game, Kana Imouto (Kana Little Sister), this game features an updated game engine, new larger game art by Ayakaze Ryosho, and full voice!

In Kana Imouto ~ Okaeri, you have a sister who’s two years younger than you named Kana, who has been ill all her life, spending more time in the hospital than at home. In the past, you felt jealous of the special attention Kana received in your family, though in recent years you’ve come to treasure your younger sister instead, wanting to do anything to help her. Though life is never simple — your long and complex relationship with Yumi can attest to that — in the end all you want to do is find a way to save your dear little sister. The reason is…you love her.

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    I wouldn’t recommend this VN unless you enjoy pointless sad endings in an H-game.

    I feel like they tried too hard to make every single ending depressing. It felt like it was all the same in the end, everyone getting hurt. You give us five different endings but none of them are really “good endings”. What’s the point in having them. She dies in all but one ending and ends up moving out by saying “forbidden love” bullshit and she needed to get stronger (ironic considering i believe I remember a similar conversation regarding that with Yuta), though we all found out they were not blood related. They tried too hard to make a tear jerker VN. When I see a writer try too hard to push a specific emotion it gets to take away from the story. An even mix of good and bad is decent but I didn’t get that here. Sure it was sad but the mechanics killed the plot. Sorry I’m a bit of a critic. Here’s the endings I got
    Gives kidney-success- runs away
    gives kidney-failure- goes psycho- Settles for Yumi after being abandoned
    gives kidney-failure- last three wishes-goes to Yumi (not even the yumi ending)
    Doesn’t give kideny- Dies -it’s okay it snowed

    Kana is the donor after death- cana randomly pops up

    Last ending basically the same as the ending above

  2. My ONLY gripe with this fantastic VN, is the shoe-horning in of the whole:


    main character being adopted thing. Like, it felt unneeded. Don’t see why they could just be blood-related. Takes away a bit from the story, imo. (In a very minor way, but still..). Like, I get it’s a taboo, but, it just felt kinda’ forced to just felt like they were all like, “Oh, shit… The sex scene is coming up. This’ll be weird if we don’t figure a way out of it… WAIT! I got it… He’s adopted! Yeah, that’s it! Now the sex isn’t quite as weird, right?”. Like, they were looking for an out to make it less weird, or something. I dunno’. It just felt forced as hell..

  3. guys reading all the comments it made me curious, I’ve just found out that there is a remake but still I’m having 2 minds colliding if I want to download it . I played the original game and made me very very depressed, that is the first time I’ve been absorbed by that game and at the end,,( sniffle sniffle sniffle ) haaaa,, I don’t know if I can go though that again after playing the original . I didn’t play or can’t even bear to look at my loptop again for 2 months, it just ( sniffle sniffle sniffle )

    By the way can it work on win10 x64bit ,,, just knowing only
    But seriously IT CAN MAKE A GROWN MAN CRY but I didn’t cry I’m not that kind of person,,,^@^

  4. \There will be no voice or sound efects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you wish to continue? (CODE=0:0)\

    Basically, two ADPCM drivers (Microsoft ADPCM Audio Codec, IMA ADPCM Audio Codec) for Windows are too new (newer than 5.1.xxxx ). I need the version 5.0.xxxx for both of them. Is there anybody knowing how to acquire them?

  5. While it’s nice that the remake is fully voiced, I far preferred the character art of the original Kana Imouto. The new faces look slightly weird. That said, it’s always great to have a choice.

    It’s a great story, so if anyone feels the art is strange/ugly, definitely give the original a try.

  6. Totally the best VN ever, followed by Air. Yes, I will gladly put myself thru this pain again. Thanks Admin !

  7. Not this again!
    Despite that I’m very much glad of this remake, I would never play this game again since I suck at very emotional and tear jerking stories.
    This is one of the VNs that I loved but it tore my heart away much like some other tear jerking VNs.

    Still, thanks for this admin.

  8. Does anyone have a 100% save file? Or atleast a save file where you can go straight for the happy ending?

    I don´t want to read the depressing endings where


    the sister dies.


    But as far as I know you have to complete atleast one normal route and Yukis route before you can go for the happy end.

    Cheers in advance

  9. Say, it it just me, but the game skips unread text even when the skip setting option is set to \read only\?

  10. I may rate this vn as one of the best there is, but by no means do I have any intention of playing it again! The first time I played this, it tore my heart to shreds! There’s no way i would voluntarily go through that again!

  11. A remake? Um, why? The original game broke my heart to pieces. Made Aeris’s death feel fictional. So I don’t really want to go through that again. What’s different this time around? Are there better endings or are they all still depressing as hell?

      1. I think I’ll give this one a pass.
        The original Kana was a great read, but even the “happy endings” were not that happy and I don’t really feel like going through this again.

        1. God, at least I’m not alone in these feelings of sadness whenever someone mentions this eroge. I mean, don’t get me wrong, an eroge that can make me emotional is good (Clannad and Kanon are good examples of eroge that made me cry). This one, it didn’t just make me cry, it kept me close to tears almost throughout the whole story. I think I’ll play this again with full voiceovers, but I doubt I’ll make it through the whole thing. And, as stated above, it makes Aeris dying in FFVII seem like nothing.

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