Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse

Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse

Yumi Inoue, a youthful nurse poised for promotion.

One night there was a patient emergency. Evidently Yumi had misread his chart and given the wrong treatment. Her coworker Morishima rushed in and fixed things.

A few nights later Yumi and Morishima were on rounds together again. Morishima went to look for Yumi, and heard her voice coming from the room of the same patient she had accidentally mistreated. Morishima walked in, and found Yumi vigorously performing fellatio on the patient.

She was doing everything she could to satisfy him, to spare the hospital from a lawsuit.

Morishima snickered to herself. And from then on, she started tampering with Yumi’s charts.

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23 comments on “Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse

  1. For those who think this is NTR, it is not. It just a blackmail incident where all he does is be cocky about being able to fuck a young wife. No substance. No proper buildup. No progress. The predicable “big reveal” in the end was no surprise at all. It’s like this: every single porn star in existence exaggerates what they’re doing. In other words, absolutely nothing she says is the truth and the guy’s too blind from his “achievement” to realize this. Don’t play this unless you enjoy playing shitty games or are somebody who plays whatever just for the hell of it.

    The quickest way to describe this is a pissed off guy raping a young wife for his own self-indulgence.

    1. I guess my comment is misleading. This game isn’t NTR, but because I was reading it, I am kinda done with those kinds of scenarios, I’m kind done with the blackmail/rape scenarios for a good long while

      1. The Nukige on this site are actually vastly outnumbered. Of the nearly 400 titles on this site, only 84 are tagged nukige, which is about even with the no-sexual-context tag.

  2. Thanks for the new game, not my cup of tea either. I wound up reading netorare stuff lately, like the really hardcore stuff. I am completely over married women/black mail relationships T.T in fact, I am pretty sure I am all for vanilla titles from now on 😛

    1. ah, I am just venting my trauma. By all means, for people that like this stuff, please enjoy. I’m not saying this is bad or shouldn’t be here, just…yeah. I think some of those netorare stuff gave me PTSD

  3. The picture makes it looks like another shitty maledom. But the description suggests otherwise: “Morishima snickered to herself. And from then on, she started tampering with Yumi’s charts.”


  4. I thought this would be a pretty sound title too, but there doesn’t seem to be much variety in it.

    Still, Admin, you’re awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    I await the day we get Orcsoft’s games here. That ought to be something 😀

  5. Ahh. So another eroge with a girl with cow udders for tits, this eroge sounded really hot until I checked it on vndb, and seen its just another cowtit girl eroge. I don’t know what the hell draws people to tits that big myself, I personally find them gross. Would have been better if she was C or D’s at tips insted of what? HHH size?

    However thanks for the release as always even if its not my thing.

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