The Married Manager’s Scandalous Services

The Married Manager's Scandalous Services

“Quit your yammering and get back to work!”

That sharp-eyed woman is Kanade Otoya, the store owner’s wife.

The manager here isn’t just tough; she never changes her mind
and won’t tolerate a single word from others about how the shop is run.
However, she’s convinced things aren’t going well because of everyone but her
and flips out at me and the part-time staff, so I haven’t been able to find a solution.

I force a smile in an attempt to avoid her wrath,
and she heads to her office, where she remains for the next few hours.
When I glance at my watch, I notice it has gotten quite late.

It should be okay for me to go home now.
I approach the door to the manager’s office to let her know I’m leaving.

“Khh… mmm… mm… Ngh… mm… ah…”

What the hell are those sounds?
I’m about to knock on the door when I notice strange noises coming from within.
There’s a kind of vulgarity in the air, which makes me instinctively try to hide my presence.
Why is she moaning like that…? What’s going on inside?

Full of trepidation, I softly crack open the door…

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  1. i have trouble understanding the market for extremely poorly drawn erotic novels that are nothing but a ever so slightly different re-release of vns that have been produced a thousand times over before that novel.

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