Bazooka Cafe

Bazooka Cafe

My dad was getting old, so I suppose I should have expected him to eventually collapse like he did the other day. His beloved cafe wouldn’t stand his absence while he recovered in bed, though, so I knew my duty – I gave notice at the office job I’d worked since graduating college, and entered the whole new world of cafe management! Cocoa, a girl who worked here part time in the past, has helped me out a lot by coming back to her waitress job while I learn the ropes. We were still just scraping by, until one day my former co-worker Mitsuki stopped by with an offer to work part-time at the cafe as well! Cocoa wasn’t too happy, but we needed the help, so I gladly accepted. Little did I know that she wouldn’t be the last busty beauty vying for my attention – and that of the customers!

Before I knew it, I found myself surrounded by four of the women most important to me in my life. It’s wonderful to have them here, and without their help the cafe would be in shambles – but I could do without the stress caused by dealing with the four of them at once! I’m just lucky they’re more than willing to help me relax at the end of a hard day’s work…

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  1. I downloaded using the download game link not the free one, when i try to extract the rar file i only extracted two files from it whic are the .bin and .cue

  2. So i’m playing through the game right now. For some reason, i don’t hear the voice playing, but when i click out of it to another open program like, say, Google Chrome or Discord, the voice plays for a bit. Any idea on how to fix this?

    1. yeah,


      There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you wish to continue? ( CODE = 0:0 )

  3. Hey admin I have no H-scenes! I played trough the whole game several times but the H-scenes are not there! The Valentines edition works fine though! Thanks in advance,looking forward to and answer!

  4. I am running win 7 64 bit and every time i try to play full screen does not work properly… it keeps the game sized to a small window and blacks out the rest of the screen… does anyone know a fix for this… am running ati raedeon graphics with image scaling on

    1. Right-click on desktop and click screen resolution. Set it to 800×600. Play the game in windowed mode. It should take up your whole screen 😀

  5. hi admin everytime i try to extract the files i get this The request could not be performed because of an IO device error.
    what am i doing wrong plz help asap

  6. For a game about girls with giant breasts it was surprisingly mature.
    The girls are pretty typical but the plot has a bit more depth than your typical Eroge, like all the girls seem like normalish 20-30 somethings, none of them accept being treated badly or cheated on.
    The part where you sleep with them is somewhere in the middle, like they won’t just do it right away, but you don’t win when you do either, it’s more like a developing relationship and you still have to overcome plot twists as a couple to win.

  7. thanks for the game, but when i unzip the game the file just launche me 2 videolan archives(i have installed this program in my computer)……¿what do i do to launch the game and play it?

  8. yo when i have finished playing my visual novels i like to copy the save a game file in case i would like to replay particular part of the game but while some games have a[savedata] folder some like games from TRABULANCE dont indicate where or what their save files are located thus i risk having to start from scratch each time. can someone help me please.

  9. Just finished all routes , and I must say it was a very nice heartwarming story. Ya some drama in every route but nothing extreme so I really liked it.
    From now on I’ll try to rate the games I play on this website.

    Total : 7.5

  10. Hey, Filesonic doesn’t allow us to share our files since it is disabled… please switch the download link or maybe enable the sharing this file. I was really looking forward to playing this game,
    thank you admin, it’d be much appreciated

  11. admin can u change the download link into mediafire,also why dont u add if im not wrong,1000 view will get money ,also speed it up if u can thank you 🙂

  12. Wow not 5 min into the game and they messed up a description of a Cocoa “She has a pair of blue eye.” I paused then looked at her read again then I’m like wait a min she has green eyes. but graphics look good and I’m not far enough in the game to say anything bout the storyline but just thought I’d say something.

  13. BTW, this does include the Valentines Day edition. Though, without any options to choose and a complete lack of story it really didn’t add anything for me.

    I found this to be an interesting game. The characters are pretty typical, though I did enjoy the story lines for the most part. Not overly complicated by any means, it still kept me interested enough to play it through all the endings. The art was decent, the H scenes interesting if not overly graphic, and overall I’d have to give it a 3.5 of 5.

    1. Thanks for your review! 🙂 I love all the help fellow gamers post but I appreciate reviews even more it’s a shame more ppl don’t leave their thoughts on the game in the comments.

    1. can you tell me how you did to make the game work? i also got the bin. and cue. but i dont know what to do. please !!

  14. I was wondering if anyone could help but i extracted the files from the downloads and all im getting is bazookacafe.bin and bazookacafe.cue, what do I do after that? Sorry im new at this stuff i admit it lol

  15. hmm i have two folders full of stuff i have downloaded from this website…they have taken up 17.15GB of memory….

      1. shame my computer only holds 200 gigs then i had to spend an hour getting from a free space of 2 gigs to 56 gigs. it was a shame to see all those completed visual novels go, but heres to getting more

          1. I don’t know but I played through 100 gigs of eroge in about a couple years, this was with me enjoying and re-reading through every single scenario. I have to get all the CG ya know? I’m still not finished 😛

  16. That is a common error when you try to use Daemontools on Win 7 64 bit. . .mount it using other software and it works just fine. Personally I use Virtual CD v10. The program is a bit less user friendly, but it doesn’t have issues with any of the Win 7 series.

    1. Actually, if you open the program, and try to mount by seting it’s path, then it will work.
      The bug only occurs when you try to mount by just trying to open the file (double click)

  17. Hey admin whats the tile of the vn with a minamo girl tricks her friend ryo into giving her his lifeforce? kinda forgot the title, and i want to try it!! (Sob)(Sob) (‘_’) (“,)

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