Hard Work

Hard Work

Gary Stuart, better known as “The Man,” and his elite team of sexual counselors are on the verge of landing the contract of their dreams: a cushy deal with Industricorp, widely considered to be the greatest company of all-time. Industricorp’s employee morale has been low, so they approach The Man’s company, Bedside Logistics, about doing what they do best: making people happy through lots and lots of sex. The president suggests a one week trial with one of three “problem employees” in order to test the waters and determine if The Man really is the hero that Industricorp needs.

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12 comments on “Hard Work

  1. Alright, time for salt review, with me, Esland.

    Let’s start this off strong so people don’t have to read an essay to get the point: this game sucks. I played this game a month ago because I found a version on Android (yes, I know, AndrOId bAd.) I have no memory of the character names, the overarching plot, anything. The only part I remember is the intro which decides which route you go down. There are three girls (though there could be a fourth? I remember four girls.) The three girls are cut-paste stereotypes: you have the vanilla sex, the bdsm, and the other one. None of them are interesting, though one of them does a lot of food play for some reason. I played all the routes simply for completion of the cg list, and I can say without a doubt: I have no goddamn idea what they were thinking releasing this to the public. Someone looked at this and said that it would be enjoyable. Long story short, they were wrong.

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