Isogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou

Isogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou

A doujin AVG based on the Touhou Project series.

18 Responses to “Isogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou”

  1. animehyrukai says:

    says file was deleted can you reupload it

  2. Ryechu says:

    Link for 1-Click is dead as of 9/6/15

  3. GenesisZero says:

    Hey, Admin… Is there any english patch for the Extra?

  4. Ahahaha says:

    how to play this game?
    .bin extension?

  5. Poke_Freak says:

    As far as I can tell, to install the patch you just install the game + Extra and copy the patch file to the folder you installed in.

    I’ve got a completely different problem though. The moment the game starts, I get some weird error message about data.xp3 and the game just freezes.
    The main screen also has some misaligned graphics, but that’s not at problem if I can just get it running.

    • Poke_Freak says:

      Okay, the misaligned graphics is because the patch is apparently for the base game, not Extra. (Extra only has three buttons, while the base game has four, thus the weird graphics.)
      Which is strange, because the patch doesn’t seem to do anything with the main game. If I patch Extra, the game is translated, but crashes. If I patch the regular game, it works but it’s still in japanese.

      • Poke_Freak says:

        Durr, never mind. The solution was so simple I didn’t even think of it.
        The patch file is called “patch6.xp3”, but it should be just “patch.xp3”. When I tried removing the 6, everything works perfectly. So yeah, I’m an idiot. -_-

  6. AsuraAlsonXD says:

    Alot of people are able to figure it out,but how do I install the English Patch?
    also English patch for Extra?

  7. GrlALF says:

    oh never mind…
    It couldt start downloading…

  8. Rito says:

    I want to know how to apply the english patch for this Game, who can tell me?

  9. Mr. Buzz Buzz says:

    Admin, may I know how to apply the english patch?

  10. Didn’t know this existed, thx admin.

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