Sakura Fantasy

Sakura Fantasy

Sakura Fantasy is an exciting visual novel fantasy adventure where you decide the development of the story by the choices you make.

It is the tale of an aspiring novice who wishes to aim to become a knight. Her life suddenly changes when she meets the mysterious empress and a burning star falls from the heavens.

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  1. anyone got link for voice patch + H scene (uncensored) the link for patreon is deleted (404 not found) had this game for about 3years, and i just started to finish it,

  2. Real fun VN to read. Even ignoring the H-scenes, this game is super enjoyable. The art’s good and the writing is also good. I’ve only encountered one sex scene, but Imagine there are two more. Plenty of scenes with nudity.

    Anyways, I really hope the devs release the second chapter. From what I gather, they were set to release it back in July of 2015, until they delayed it. If they release Chapter 2 with an H-Scene patch together, that would be cool.

  3. Im new to this website and im downloading the links that have 2 parts. When i try playing the second part, it says “Sakurafantasy.exe could not execute Is it missing?” do i have to combine it with the first part? am i doing something wrong? am i suppose to have part 1 running? what do i do?

    1. +Hentaibase

      You need to download both parts then unzip them together using whatever program you prefer (7-zip, WinRAR, ect…).

  4. So, I’ve heard that ther is a second patch that adds hentai to this game (not just nudity). But I can’t find it anywhere on here or Google. Can someone confirm that there is in fact a second pathc that adds hentai scenes?

    1. yes, there is hentai patch. I have already posted link, but site deleted it 🙁 lets try again


      Developers of this game (Winged Cloud) has released new patch, that adds new content and sex scenes to the game 🙂

      link to site:
      patreon .com/posts/sakura-fantasy-3595847
      direct download link:
      denpasoft .com/sakura_fantasy_patch.rar

      you are welcomed.

      PS: remove the blank space inside the link and it will work.

  5. Gosh, there are so many yuri haters idk why? Is it because these males can’t get the females? Well I guess the weeaboo males can’t get it in real life and they’re not getting them in the game. All these weeaboos think they’re the protagonist and get all of the girls . . . wake up to reality. *Grabs popcorn* Let the rage comments begin! Thank you and have a pleasant day.
    P.S. Thank you for the game. I’m a yuri fan btw.

  6. Thanks as always admin not all of us rage whenever a game doesn’t align with our tastes. Even if its a yaoi game I will be grateful for your efforts.

      1. I knew that but I like Yuri I don’t like Yaoi but I am happy that he is doing it for others who do enjoy it. Its best to spread the love so many can enjoy what they want just wish the yuri haters could see things the same way.

  7. I love yuri 🙂 Thanks admin 🙂

    But why is the game stopping halfway in ?? Just after they leave Ethy’s village ??

    1. Hehe. That’s almost my dilemma, except I’ve got every single scene except for one — which is most frustrating.

  8. The first fellow to post was probably disappointed that the game had no sexual content, pretty much to be expected from most Sakura games, (which is a pity in some ways). Who can say whether he/she? hates Yuri games overall but to each their own of course.

    I find the stories to be interesting myself but it would be easier in some ways to bear if the characters were not so skimpily dressed (again to each their own) so the game might seem more all ages as such.

  9. Why’re you getting so offended by his opinion in the first place? People are allowed to have separate likes/dislikes you know. Does him not enjoying what you clearly love matter THAT much to you? Does it decrease your enjoyment of it? If so, you’re pretty thin-skinned.

  10. I really like the character designs. Faptastic! Only…. there’s no pron T.T Oh well softcore is fine too.

  11. silly sakura should of stuck with your basic male ecchi games

    well all we can do is hope mangagamers new title makes it out sometime this week

    1. I really wish they would concentrate on translating serious games like Euphoria instead of meaningless shitty stuff like Sekaiju – Yggdrasil.

      1. Games like euphoria are major cash cows and tons of work. You need these little nukage to fund those big projects and get you some funds between them. you can put out 1-2 nukage a month, but masterpieces take like 6 months+ and anything less, the quality and story tend to go under scrutiny…

  12. Good backgrounds…check.
    Good characters design…check.
    Female protagonist..GOD
    Shoujo Ai………..FUCKING
    No sexual content…DAMN IT

      1. There is nothing better than a female protag in a game – even in ero games – some of the most erotic by FAR have you play a female- see VH and many others.

        Shoujo ai (Yuri games) are the best type of game / manga / anime to exist. If you don’t understand that – i feel sorry for you.

        No sex? Not every game needs adult content to be great – sorry you are so obsessed with it.

        So thanks for uploading this game admin 🙂 I’m sure plenty of people will enjoy it far more than yet another boring male H jerk off fantasy that is exactly the same as a million others.

        1. I´d like to have uncensored, dirty, black, creepy humour.
          in an all ages game, it´s not really happening 🙁

        2. Thats…a very narrow blanket you are shoving everyone under. *you* feel sorry for *everyone* that doesn’t agree with that? I hate to break it to you, but some of the hottest games I ever played…aren’t shoujo ai. I am willing to wager there is more like me. I am not saying you can’t be proud of your nitche but like…perhaps tearing everyone else that doesn’t agree with you seems a little…I dunno…base?

        3. There’s nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but when you put it in the way you just did (as if it’s fact), you make yourself look like a pretentious prick. Just saying.

          1. When did I ever say my opinion was anyone but mine? Also if you didn’t notice my strong rebuttal was in replay to the guy who expressed such strong hate for female protags /yuri – I’m not seeking to force it on anyone – it was a response to someone elses pathetic statements – in effect – I didn’t start it.

            If HE is allowed to blatantly slag off yuri without anyone saying anything, how is it justified to slag off my retort? THAT poster is the one who expressed disdain for a type of game he dosnt like personally and plenty of others DO- others even said it was a waste of time translating or posting this sort of game – just because they don’t like it. Just who is being unreasonable?

          2. You could have worded it a bit better. It was so generalized it really does seem like you are attacking anyone that doesn’t agree yuri mains are best. I have nothing against yuri games or even if you are defending them from someone being ignorant, in this case, its more or less the same with us defending against such a broad statement as “Shoujo ai (Yuri games) are the best type of game / manga / anime to exist. If you don’t understand that – i feel sorry for you.”

        4. Do you think your opinion superior than every elses? You ought to expand your mind to accept other peoples opinions, you narrow-minded person. How ironic is it that you’re the one offering pity?

          1. LOL – first his ‘opinion’ was just to slag it off – thus I expressed MY opinion- it is ALSO my opinion that he is missing out by having such an opinion. YOU are the one saying I can’t ‘have’ an opinion – so who exactly is narrow minded.?

          2. He expressed his opinion of dislike for the genre and nothing more. You bashed his opinion and insulted him by calling him sex “obsessed”. Not everybody who watches hentai is “obsessed” with sex. It is quite normal to enjoy sex.

            How you would feel if I responded to your opinion with:
            “If you don’t understand that heterosexual games are the best kind of games then I feel sorry for you. I’m sorry that sexuality in games bothers you”

            Of course the last statement there is a baseless assertion, kind of like how you called him “sex obsessed”.

            It is my opinion that you need to go back to Tumblr.

          3. “Female protagonist..GOD
            Shoujo Ai………..FUCKING
            No sexual content…DAMN IT”

            Is what he said that ticked you off I presume. At first he/she was quite positive about the game. The last 3 lines of texts are simply stating a opinion, he is not happy about the genre obviously, but he is not saying that other genres are absolutely better and that everyone should think so, nope, that’s where you come in. Seeing as you are “pushing” your opinion onto everyone that reads it. I hope you can see the difference between stating and pushing.

          4. First off ollo was commenting in a humorous way, and I’m pretty sure wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. Wap was just sympathizing, again in good humor.You on the other hand are the prick who did take it seriously and start a stupid argument over your personal opinions.

        5. No sex is fine with me as long as the story is good but man yuri or shoujo ai is in itself is a different story first of all most of eroge or moege gamer are males means we want to have a story in a perspective of a male in yuri you are given a perspective of a woman who is in love with another woman

          1. Ignoring the fact that the majority of those on this site are males, as that seems more of a belief than a fact, I can’t agree with that statement. I’m male, myself, and I rather enjoy the shoujou ai romances. Typically far more than more normal romances, even if there is no sexual content to speak of.

          2. THANK YOU.
            Most games with a male protagonist are filled with stupid cliches, one of which is usually the protagonist himself. The VNs where he isn’t a klutzy idiot who inexplicably attracts a bunch of beautiful women (read: almost every harem manga ever), or something equally two-dimensional, are few and far between.
            Yuri VNs actually give the characters some measure of personality more often. There’s still plenty that are just as shit, but the ratio (as far as decent writing for the characters themselves goes) is a decent bit better.

        6. “There is nothing better than a female protag in a game” – “Shoujo ai (Yuri games) are the best type of game / manga / anime to exist. If you don’t understand that – i feel sorry for you.” So basically your opinion is supreme to anyone elses and you feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t share it. Mate you probably never won an argument in real life much less finished one, since smart people would walk away from you and dumb people would punch you in the face. Nevertheless go with the yuri gods, my friend.

        7. I hate yuri. Hate hate hate it.


          You can feel sorry for me all you want but it won’t compare with how sorry you are as a human being for being too blind to see that your bashing of everyone that hates yuri is 1000 times more offensive than a guy just stating his opinions.

          Not everyone has to like what you like. And the people who say that sakura should just release x-type of games is just as bad. There are more people on this damn planet than just you and they might just happen to like different games than you do.

          Although I hate yuri I will not flame any company for releasing it nor any person for liking it. I usually just look at the picture/tags, determine that it’s yuri and move on. I just happened to read the comments of this one.

          1. children children, now play nice with your toys! if you found something you don’t like to play with, then simple as a child can do – don’t read it, don’t play it! NO. ONE. FORCING. YOU. TO. PLAY. THIS! each one can like what they want, but to Spread hate everywhere when you can simply ignore it and play something you do like, is the same as me insult what you like so much! so stop and move on!!

          2. Those who like playing as female protagonists are a small minority. For the most part the majority does exactly what you suggested they should do. When we encounter a Yuri game we just skip it and move on. If you look at other Yuri games on this site, the comments section is not nearly this polluted. The backlash you are seeing here is the result of Ele’s intolerant ass. Her comments have caused the silent majority to speak up.

            I share Ollo’s disappointment here. I clicked on a new game hoping that it might be good, found that it was Yuri with a female protagonist, and now I’m moving on. I’m just posting this comment to tell Ele to get fucked.

        8. -_- the site is “Eroge” download, “eroge” is a japanese erotic games. I find it normal if we’re here looking for sexual content in the games they provided and disappointed when there’s not. After all, we’re not here for common PC games but for “Eroge”. except, if you misunderstanding the site’s title.

    1. I’m with Ollo here. I can’t stand playing as female protagonists or yuri. I don’t mind no sexual content if the game is good.

    2. Personally Yuri is boring as shit, when porn can just plain make your boner fall asleep, theres definitely something wrong.Man girls cant even impregnate girls.
      And then in the softcore stuff, its the least interesting romance possible the vast majority of the time.
      Female protags arnt a problem, but you have to include a male cast on the side otherwise youre cutting out 50% of the characters personality, same vice versa.

      TL:DR Males and Females are both necessary.

          1. It is bigoted you moron so you share the opinion that all lesbians are missing ‘50% of the characters personality’? You told a pro-yuri fan off earlier for being bigoted at least they didn’t think straight people were missing 50% of their personality. I am not even a big yuri fan but anyone reading this can tell you are in the wrong.

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