8 comments on “Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de – FAQ

  1. can someone help me ,, why I always ended in aselia route. I am in Lesteena route and it always ended up in aselia route ,, please help me

  2. Can anyone give me a guide for lvling and squad makeing… I am at chapeter 3 and battles have become relly tough… cos my squad barely lvl 10-15 and enemy 25-30… and there is no mana to lvl them…. I have to go save and load all time wile in battle

  3. I get this error when it tries to call the voice acting.

    永遠のアセリア エクスパンション

    Basically it says that the sound file was not found. Any ideas? It does this when run under applocale or the original japanese. Any ideas?

    1. Ok so I had the same problem, what I suggest is just reinstalling it, and putting the file in your desktop, worked fine after I did this

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