Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de

Eien no Aselia

Yuuto has been taking care of his step-sister Kaori since the passing of both of their parents. Their life is hard, but they are happy together – at least until the day they are transported to a parallel world that they will later come to call Phantasmagoria…

In this world where he can’t even understand a single spoken word, his sister is taken prisoner and her captors, calling him an ‘Etranger’, force him to fight wielding a sword that tries to control his mind instead…

Although he first accepts this fate only to protect Kaori, with passing time Yuuto starts to care for the fate of the ‘spirits’, the girls that fight alongside him, and other inhabitants of this world as well…

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  1. Does ANYONE know where I can find the original version? I’m willing to learn japanese if it means I could play it, but i can’t find the damn thing anywhere!

    1. This is one of those situations where I really REALLY think we dodged a bullet by getting the toned down version. Not only is the original lacking the extra heroines, along with the context added by the new scenes, but we also do not have to deal with an obviously early 2000’s writing “Evil Route” which rather than taking the concept of posession and corruption in an interesting direction, just uses it as an excuse for cringe-inducing H-scenes. Basically, why would you play several dozen hours of a strategy RPG for a few subpar sex scenes.

      1. I think that original versions have explained plot in few places like mana loss (corruption) of main protagonist because he was raped by spirit at the start in new world. Like rape of one heroines in childhood by previous commander. In this remake there are unfortunately holes in plot.

      2. “why would you play several dozen hours of a strategy RPG for a few subpar sex scenes?”
        Because I enjoy it. And that is none of your business.

    2. I bought it, along with the extra routes and the untranslated sub spirit game on DLsite. Learning Japanese is really hard, but I’m persevering for Aselia!

  2. Everything 100% (done all routes) but I’m missing 1 Kaori CG…why…

    The one I miss is the most right on the second row
    O O O O
    O O O X

    BTW, I started with this than did buy it on steam, no problem with caring save over.

    1. Steps to get the missing Kaori CG ( most right, second row)
      -Aim for Uruka route(were I did, but people said you can do it on Lesteena route as well) making sure you avoid at least 1 sub spirit event (condition for their route)
      -Recruit Kyouko and Kouin.
      -Finish the game.

      How to recruit Kyouko and Kouin:
      Chapter III – The Visitors
      Mission 13: Advance on the Heliya Road and capture Slegid Rank
      -Choose: “I have to do something myself”

      Mission 14: Defend Ransa
      -On the 10th turn, you need to have events with Uruka (or Tokimi, maybe its ok with others as well? Once again, I did it on Uruka so that’s for sure)
      -(a guide says this is optional but to be sure) advance and defeat enemies until Kyouko and Kouin show up (not a battle event, but on map troops) and defeat them as well (basically go as far as possible, until you get the red X and until there is no more enemy). On the first even (Yuuto sees Kyouko in the desert) choice: “I’m not mistaken”

      Mission 16: Capture the capital of Malorigan Rank
      -choose: “I won’t let them be sacrificed”
      -Same mission, before reaching Malorigan, you will fight against Kouin (make sure Yuuto’s mind is over 90), after Kyouko and make sure to choose: ”So, atone for it!”.
      -Again, if Yuuto’s mind is 90 or over, and you did all the steps, all you have to do is finish chapter 5 and there will be a scene with this CG.

      How to tell if you have done correctly with recruiting? If after the last choice: ”So, atone for it!” there will be a scene with Kyouko disappearing (CG) than you did something WRONG. If there is no CG, and on the last battle of this chapter Kouin joins to help out, that you are sure you will have both of them, and at the start of chapter 4, there will be an event with the 2 + Yuuto in town.

      Many thanks for lordnight and everyone else who did help me get this CG as well!

  3. can you add the steam version?
    They said it has additional content which is not included in the old version

  4. Yeah had the same problem
    Ok then here is how I got it to work
    [info: I have Win7 and didn’t changed my PC to japanese locale or used applocale]

    -get ISO and mount it-
    1. unzip the downloaded files and you get the big ASELIACS.ISO (well and the MDS info file thingy but that’s not needed)

    2. mount the ASELIACS.ISO
    (after this installing from the mounted image didn’t work!)

    -workaround: get a folder with the game inside-
    3a. go to the mounted CD-drive (My Computer in english Windows i think) and rightclick-open instead of executing it. then copy all files from the image into a [FOLDER] for the game on your PC
    (after this the game will work but be japanese)

    for some reason I also
    3b. extracted/unzipped the bigger executable file called aseliacs.exe into the [FOLDER]. this will just extract some datafiles and doesn’t seem necessary… I think you can skip this step and I just write it here because I did it and my game works and in case that the game won’t work without that step for some strange reason.

    -install english patch-
    4. I put the english patch called ena_english_1.05.exe into the [FOLDER] and executed it (this seems not to be necessary because) it will ask you for a directory to put the files. give the directory of the [FOLDER] where you put all the stuff from the game
    (with this the game works and is in english but censored)

    -install the uncensor patch (for uncensored fanservice and blood)-
    5. unzip adult_graphic_replacer.zip into the [FOLDER] (or unzip it somewhere and copy the files into the [FOLDER]) and execute the adult_graphic_replacer.exe inside the [FOLDER] of the game and you are done.
    (with this the game will still not have a bad route or XXX-scenes. see page of the uncensor patch)

    in the [FOLDER] of the game you then have different .exe files:
    -aseliacs.exe is the still remaining original exe but doesn’t work for me
    the starting screen will look ok but (for me) the spoken text isn’t readable (same AseliaCsCfg.exe).

    – TO PLAY THE GAME you have to use the aseliacs_english.exe
    no need to chance your PC locale or use applocale

    – FOR SPECIAL OPTIONS or whatever you wanna call it you have to use AseliaCsCfg_english.exe
    there you can decide if gabe should be starting fullscreen or in window, enable mousewheel to advance in text instead of just mouseclicking or enter etc

    I only started the game and got to the first fights to look if everything works. it does for me and I hope it will do for you too. have fun.

    1. 1. >there you can decide if gabe should
      gabe = the game

      2. the whole thing was intended as reply to
      Kane: April 29, 2015 at 7:30 am

      3. tl,dr Version of everything above for knowers and people with ADS:
      -mount ISO
      -copy all files from ISO into a folder you made for the game
      -execute english patch into the folder of the game
      -unzip uncensor-patch into/inside the folder of the game and execute the uncensor.exe inside the folder

  5. When i try to install the game all the text is in random characters and the it doesn’t want to install.

      1. I have the same issue, when I try to install the game, the install menu is in random jiberish characters and it won’t install. Is there a way to fix this?

  6. would it be possible for someone to post their save after going through 1 round of the game (new game +)? I was on the Uruka route before my computer died and I would was wondering if it would be possible to use someone’s save.

  7. I have one question: Isn’t the english patch itself who is removing the 18+ contain? (I don’t think 85Mb for only one patch is only working on the script)

    1. No, with or without the english patch the game still wouldn’t have the 18+ content.

      It was the original PC game that had the 18+ content but was never released in english nor was it translated, as far as I remember anyway.

      The PS2 version, which received a PC release as well, is the version here. As such, it had no 18+ content to begin with.

  8. Admin, quick question… Would it be possible to perhaps request a visual novel to be translated? I know of no other way to contact you other than from posting a comment so please leave a message or email me. Thank you.

    1. This site or admin here don’t do translation work… you may try requesting at admins of site like mangagamer or Jast for translating any other visual novels 🙂

        1. Thats your taste buddy, damn it just feels as if something is really missing without em.
          Damn Prudes, well to learn japanesse then.

        2. without the 18+ content you’ll miss out on alot including the evil routes.
          If its an all age default then its ok but removal of content is just that one bit of things you cant ever get your hands on feeling.

  9. I have to say, the protagonist is one of the most annoying heroes ever. He flips between moments of ridiculous self-confidence and resolve, to unbearable moments of insecurity. The amount of whining he does, while crying over his insecurities is sure to result in copious amounts of eye-rolling to the reader. It really really makes me want to aim for the bad end just so I can do anything in my power to keep him from any kind of happy ending. “omg, why am i so weak?” “omg, why does everyone around me die?” “omg, everyone’s gonna’ hate me if they find out I’ve been body snatched”. Im going to intentionally keep him at lvl 1 so that he’ll always be ridiculously weaker than everyone else and then maybe his whining about he’s such a good for nothing c-sucker will actually be justified.

      1. Gees, what a whiner. “I was really strong and protecting people but now I’m the one being protected. I’m so worthless and pathetic. I’m so ashamed of myself. I’m the one who should be protecting!!” I mean, seriously, the hero’s thought process is just utterly stupid. The heroines are actually really decent and have solid development as characters. If they had focused more on them, and less on this whiney, petulant hero, it would be THAT much better by MILES. And unfortunately, I can’t leave him at level 1 because you can’t clear certain parts of the game without him decently levelled. AAARGH……..

      2. I like this one. “Aselia and I don’t need to lie or put on airs. We can be perfectly frank.” Dude… You just lied to her about not being tired and was totally exhausted!!! In the exact same conversation!!!!! Not that you weren’t putting on airs or anything. Oh wait, you were. Oops.

  10. Good gameplay, nice characters… but that freakin vixen of a slutty little Sister is the most annoying character I’ve ever met… My body urges for a tentacle-rapescene including a decapitation. I never hated a character in a VN as much as I hate that Kaori bitch… really unbelievable.

  11. man i’ve spent over 100 hrs on this game, have completed 2 routes and i’m currently on tokimi route on hard. need some pointers on beating tokimis special mission recapture malorigan.i all enemies r at least 10 lvs above me.

  12. I got trouble to open main menu. When I hit Esc button there is nothing happen, how do I can make character learn new skill when I can not open the main menu. Does anyone know the solution or other keyboard shortcut to open main menu? Thanks

  13. about english instal requirement do you realy need windows.NET Frame work 3.5 to run the english patch??

  14. Hey, bitches. I heard dis version don’t have H-scenes, even with the uncensor patch. That’s true?
    There’s no translation patch for the original game?
    I usually don’t even watch the H-scenes, but… I don’t know. It’s the same sensation of play the European version of Agarest Senki. The sensation of leave something incomplete.
    Whatever bro.
    Thx for the hard work. Love dis site and the Download Animes server.

  15. i already download from part1-part8 and uncencored and english patch too,, but after i mount use daemon tool why cant directX or ?????? comand i already try any possible click to instal, please help advice so i can play this game,,

  16. Just started the battle tutorial. How dafuq do I tell my party to attack?? Clicked everything, looked at the walkthrough (no help there) and now asking here. Halp please!

  17. I think someone already said it, you don’t need to install it. You can simply copy paste image disc content to your hard disc, than patch it and play it. It’s working under my Windows XP.

    There is much more in the game than it seems at the beginning. Luckily at some point I decided to read manual and learned about L key (skipping battle scenes).

  18. hey help me
    when I execute the english patch, this is what I got
    “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect”

    1. Easy. The english patch don´t recognize the words in katahana, so you must rename the directory of the game. After installed the english patch, you must turn normal the name of the directory or the game can´t use voices.

    1. The trick here is moving an icon to the icon installer. If you open the installer directly you get an error.
      you must do it with japanese locale. If you have problems during installation try writting the name of the directory of the game but finally you must set it normal. Then you can open the game with applocale.

      1. pls i need help installing this game i copied all the files/icons from the iso into a folder i created in my cdrive but the girly face start up icon doesn’t run d game…….pls reply want to try out the game

  19. Nice game!!!~

    If they had translated the h-game it would have been better, but the game is pretty good even w/out the h-scenes!

    I’ve heard of a sequel, to those who have played it…does it continue the story of Yuuto, or is it just related to eternals?

    I hope they translate that one as well!

    1. A rather extremely late reply, but I guess it’ll be useful to anyone who scrolls down for whatever reason

      The second game isn’t about Yuuto but a character, well, not really a character, but somebody from the first game (that appears at the end of the main heroine’s route) does appear as a major character in the second. I think the second is all about world travelling too

  20. Great game! Still playing it through. Might be worth a second play through if I buy the original japanese version for the H-scenes. battle scenes are fun.

    1. look up a few posts

      short answer is – no this is not the adult version

      long answer – if you find the adult version you should be able to play it using some translation software
      there is a link to what is hopefully a still working adult version a few posts up, and further up there is a comment that will help with translation (though it can’t translate anything but dialog)

  21. Hi, I’m getting an error while trying to install this game.
    I extracted it, mounted the ISO, opened it up in a file explorer and can run the Xuse Installer. I can run the installation (second option – it’s all Japanese which I can’t read) and it begins fine but when it gets to 9.74% it gives me an error
    (which apparently translates to “Installation could not be completed”).
    Windows 7 (I tried running in XP compatibility mode) I have enough disk space for it and my regional unicode locale whatever settings are set to Japanese so I’m at a loss for what the issue might be.

  22. Holy shit! Apparently, Norio Wakamoto is in this! I sure hope wikipedia is right, because I fucking love him.

  23. I decided I wanted to play the special edition version of this game. Since there seem to be no translations for it I’m using the programs “agth” (to hook the text out of the game) and “Translation Agregator” (to provide mulitple translations of hooked text)

    if the admins want a link to a “copy” of the special edition just send me an email.

    note: special edition seems to be a combination of the all ages version with extra content(that which is available here), and the 18+ version.

      1. aght copies the text out of game automatically
        translation agregator automatically pastes the text into itself and runs several translation services (online, such as google and bing – and also atlas (offline) if you have that)

        i have them as side by side windows on my monitor – i also have a second monitor if i need it.

        ofcoarse, it doesn’t translate the image scenes, videos, or the menu buttons and skill texts
        also it isn’t perfect though you definatly know what is going on

  24. @croPath I had to level up Esperia once or twice to defeat it. I think I had Yuuto attacking and Esperia defending for two rounds, then had aselia in the front with Yuuto using inspire, killing the dragon before it attacked in the 3rd round. If that doesn’t work you could try leveling up Yuuto and having esperia heal him while he defends.

    1. I found that using this team: Esperia (attacker), Yuuto (defender) and Oru(supporter) worked really well, each was at level 7, and I beat it in one round after trying various team combos.

  25. Can any1 tell me how to beat the first dragon each time no matter what formation i make or skills set i get a game over after my defender gets killed

  26. After playing this game, i researched and found out that there was a sequel called Seinarukana, is it possible if the admins could upload it, cheers

  27. Can someone please post a 100% clear save file or link me to a place that has one.
    I have beaten the game twice and gotten two of the girls different endings i like the game and all but i don’t see myself going through it a few more times for all the CG’s/Endings.

  28. hey the game says i need a disc to install it and idk how can someone plz hep me if you can. Im kinda stupid when it comes to computer downloads

  29. Hey admin the filesharing site you use is extremely slow is there a chance of you uploading the parts on a better site? I appreciate all your hard work I especially enjoyed muv luv but this site is a bunch of crap.

  30. You probably need to install in Japanese system locale. Go to your control panel, then regions and languages, system locale japanese, then reboot, then mount and patch.

    Yah I wish they had did the 18+ version don’t realy wanna download the all ages version.

  31. okay, i can’t seem to install the uncencored to the game. the game is all there but is says that data01.dll can’t be found, how do i fix?

  32. hey, admin. good work.
    keep it up.
    if i’m not mistake, i’ve downloaded about 70% of all the game in this website.
    that shows how i admire your hard work.
    ganbateh neh!

    1. You spelled that all wrong.

      It’s “Ganbate ne!” there are no “h”s at the end. Also, all you really need is “ganbate” unless you want to sound like a cute girl.

  33. I already finished the game once but when i played for 2nd time the choice from the previous route affect the 2nd game.. As an example for 1st game i on aselia route then 2nd game i on esperia route but i achieve aselia ending..So anyone please help me..

    1. The routes in this game are a little more complicated than simple choices. Some routes require almost only choices (Lesteena, Tokimi), others Yuuto needs to be at certain amount of Mind (Kyouko) and others go by the number of times you fought with certain characters in Yuuto’s unit. For Aselia, Esperia and Orpha routes, mostly put them in your unit and the other two leave in another.

      Check the walkthrough and you’ll understand more.

  34. excuse me..
    i download all part in mediafire but part 4 doesnt seen well…so i download it from ‘DA-free’…is it the same file or the different file??

  35. All I can say is this game is great but you need committment to play this through since it takes a bit of minor effort to play it.

    1. I finally finished the game for the first time and man it was fun! Was agonizingly long yet short at the same time.

      Many older games like this often seem to have punch behind them even compared to the fancy and flashy games these days.

      The game is worth playing despite having to listen to Yuuto whine constantly about his sister for 75% of the game.

  36. As I write this, I see two(?) download-options. The upper one says ´´DA-free´´. What does that mean?

    1. Well if you looked, you’d see that one is a multi-part download and one is a single part. Unless you have an account on the downloading site, you won’t be able to download the 1-part because it’s too large.

  37. I need help with a little problem …
    My OS is windows 7, and I can not install the game …
    I mount the image by daemon tools and only appear strange characters …
    one else has reported something similar …
    need to change the lingugem and location of my pc to install it?
    I watched the anime and I want to play this game, and if possible I would like someone to help me some way to explaining how to do this …

  38. Awesome work as always. Too bad its the all ages version though. I found the 18+ version after a lot of searching, hopefully the english patch works on that version as well.

      1. Sadly I seem to have made a mistake. The English patch only works on the 12+ ages version and does NOT work on the 18+ versions (both original and special editions of Eien no Aselia). Seems the translator group only focused on the all ages and 12+ versions only 🙁

        So my download of the 18+ version was really a waste. Downloading the version posted here now.

        I advise you to do the same unless you actually know japanese yourself in which case I will be happy to give you the url of the 18+ version…

        1. can you give me the link? i’m just curious, though i can’t read japanese -___-

          also if i may ask, what is the use of the uncensor patch if the game itself is 12+ and with no eros?

          1. Here’s what the uncensor patch readme says
            “A program that will replace the censored CGs in Eien no Aselia -Kono Dachi no Hate de with the uncensored ones from the original game. Changes include:
            -No towels/fog in bath scenes
            -Skimpier outfits
            -More blood.
            This program will NOT add the H scenes back into the game. These no longer exist in Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate de in any form.”

          2. finished downloading, and now I read this “All ages” 🙁 🙁 =( =(……..

          3. The way I see it, it’s no big loss. It’d be difficult to switch back and forth between fapping and playing anyway.

            I don’t know about you, but I have two frames of mind for these. I call one “pervert mode” and the other “strategist mode”. I can just keep going from enjoying sex scenes to planning battle tactics!

  39. Hey Admin just discovered this website a few days ago and since then I spend time here more than FB lol… Keep it up!

  40. Okay… I’m confused here.. Can someone help me?
    Is ‘Eien no Aselia’ and ‘Aselia the Eternal’ the same? If it is, whats the difference between them and does ‘Aselia the Eternal’ have H-scenes?
    Also, does the uncensor patch work on ‘Aselia the Eternal’?

    Someone answer me please…..

    1. eien no aselia is the original (japanese) version
      aselia the eternal is tha patched (english) version
      and, yup, the uncensor patch WORKS ON BOTH OF THEM…

      just finished playing all the routes…
      i’m now hunting for seinarukana (eien no aselia’s PART 2) full english version…

    2. I am just downloading this myself but perhaps they have different names because ones an english version and the others a japenese version. Also one of the games is probably censored so I hope this helps a little. The game looks fun so i think i’ll give it a try.

  41. Hey admin, is it possible to upload the JastUSA version as well? Since it has updated and improved translation, and the fact it is the official release. Please?
    Thanks in advance.

  42. Hey admin, anymore games like this to introduce to me? VN combined with RPG. I dont even mind having no H-scenes. I played Sengoku Rance, Daibanchou, Utawarerumono, Battle moon wars, Tears to tiara and Gadget Trial.

  43. Might have just come across an original, un-censored H-version. Installing now and will update once i confirm the ‘goods’.

  44. “All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

    If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager.”

    None of the files are downloadable..

    1. i think admin-sama is changing the dl sites because one of them is getting arrested (mu i guess) so the others are shutting down… i think we should wait until it cools down a bit

    1. Originally, yes. Then re-released as an “all-ages” version (no nudity or H scenes). Since then, the original version is pretty much gone and only the non-18+ version is available.

      To answer the question, this is a non-H version.

      1. it’s not like the X-rated version is impossible to find(I ran across a copy just a few days ago) it just seems to me that most folk only look for the cg nowadays

  45. im playing the game so far and loving it but ive hit a snag. i get to a certain part of the game and it says aseliacs has stopped working no matter wat i do.

  46. awwww they removed the h-scenes.damn the translators didn’t like doing the evil route cuz maybe the h-scenes only involve that

  47. Here’s a question: this is the fan-translated version, right? How does it compare to the officially translated version? And is the official version going to be uploaded here?

    1. It’s the fantranslated one, but it’s the same as official one – JAST simply bought it out, ran thru spellcheck and started selling it.

      1. in Chapter V the extra mission does not appear
        i did enerythigh it sais there but cant get that mission
        in walktrough it says “You must pick every choice marked with a ★ and ♥, including their combinations”i did that but dont undertstand what it means “their combination”

  48. To everyone who want to hear about this game. IT … IS … PHENOMENAL. The game will start off slow like VERY slow. There is a huge wall of text to conquer before you are allowed to do anything but once you climb that wall there is tons to do. With 6 heroines available and not to mention the RTS game in it there’s hardly a moment of boredom. The story itself is also interesting. All the heroines are different from one another so it will more than likely have a heroine with the characteristics you like. Their development is also great as they give you a full insight into their backgrounds. I’m actually re-downloading now to play another 8 times XD

  49. admin, there is an official english version. When will you upload it? you posted you will upload it when it got released.

  50. Where can I find the 18+ version of the game? Yes Im a huge pervert and I was told that the game made more sense if its 18+

  51. I need Help.I have already installed the game but when I tried to install the english patch by admin or normal it show me error:file name,directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect:what should I do(I have already changed my system locale in japanese)

  52. Hello admin. Can you tell me what the uncensor patch does. I applied it but I don’t know if it worked. I have not yet reached any event scene. Does it only unpixelate the private parts or does it add extra CG in some other places?

  53. Hey guys,
    sry if I ask, but why isn’t there a translation of Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-????

    I only found translations of Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de.

  54. I’m just wondering… will there be the sequel VN of this uploaded here? (Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-)

  55. hi. sorry for being a gigantic noob here.
    can someone please post or tell me where to find a walkthrough for the battles?
    i’m playing on normal mode but i cant beat the 3rd mission where i have my 1st battle with a dragon(i think…other enemies keep killing me before i reach the lair).

    1. Its all about strategy.

      I slayed the dragon with Yuuto, Esperia and Aselia in the party. Make sure to change roles for your chars on every turn (First turn Esperia as defender, Yuuto as supporter, second turn Esperia as supporter to get healed and so on).

    2. First dragon may be strong, but if you finish game at least once, you’ll be bored when you fight them, i think they are only things that’ll not gain any more strenght when you play game on hard or super hard, when you finish it once on Hard, and you have Nanaru on highest lvl, it’s realy easy, she can destroy almost all team with her fire skills (But she is good only with field spells, spells for one person… She has on lvl 40 skill with 150 power, and field spell with 2200 and more, so she is good for green groups or combined, but Ice banisher from Blue spirit can ruin this strategy…)
      I play this game now for… 4th time, on super hard, i’m trying to get Orpha route now so i have her instead of Nanaru in Yuuto’s team, and as defender i’m using Nim (One of condition to get Orpha routo, you must avoid Esperia’s and Aselia’s routes, so you must have them in other team then with Yuuto), she have weakest defender skill of all Green spirit (She is mainly healer), but she have a LOT of HP, and if you have at least one aura spell with yuuto (Possesion, Holy, Concentration…) you can heal 20% of her HP, so it’s more than 15000 on lvl 60

      And if anybody need some help with some battles or route of char, easy help is to train your char on max lvl you can (On normal it’s 30, hard 60 and super hard 99), first focus on three char (If you are playing for first time, best team is Yuuto (Attacker/Supporter), Esperia (Defender/Supporter), Aselia (Attacker/Banisher (Sup)), so train them fast, next game focus on other three, and go on next diff lvl whe you have them all on max lvl’s

  56. Gm I need help

    I am using Windows Vista Home premium 64 Bit operating system

    Basically i can install (since i play sengoku rance)

    But somehow

    “aseliacs has stopped working” window popped up.

    I have no idea to run it.

    Please help

  57. I have an actual gameplay problem instead of an installation problem.

    I’ve entered my first battle but I can’t click on anything. I click on my unit (Which is unit 1) and nothing happens or changes. I’ve seen gameplay of this game where someone hovers their cursor over a unit and the commands “move” and “train” appear I think.

    Of course I can’t get those commands to appear for me. Am I doing something wrong here?

    1. Well I don’t know how but the problem solved itself. Maybe it had something to do with restarting my computer to install updates or something. No idea but the game works fine now and I’m quite happy.

  58. I hardly see comments concerning the content of the games. That’s a bit annoying, so many people ask the same questions again and again – “how do I install, how do I mount, how do I change locale”. Read the FAQ, I want to know opinions on the game. D:

  59. you can just extract the cd to a folder in Local disc C and then run patcher and choose that folder to patch and you should be able to play but im using xp so i dont know if it will work on other OS.

  60. when i try to instal the game by clik and dropping it on the xuse thing, I got a little windows with the first and third choices disabled, the second give me a error message (a bunch of japanese words, with the words ‘administrateur’ ‘guest’ abd ‘users’ in the middle, but i am the administrateur),
    and the last two choices are useless.
    Can someone help me?

  61. can anyone upload a 100% save data or tell us a website that has an english patched save cause i only found japanese save datas (Y_Y)

  62. can anyone help me?
    i downloaded all but part 4 but when i came back today the downloads had changed =[
    it takes me almost a day to download 400mb’s so does anyone have a link to part 4.
    i really don’t want to have to download it all again =[

  63. admin. i have a question. do you Seinarukana here uploaded? i read that it’s one of the sequel of this game and was wondering where i could get it? and if it have a english patch? it would be my pleasure if you could help us play it. thank you. \m/(^.^)\m/

    1. seinarukana currently has no full english translation. Dakkandango is working on one and I think they’re about 40% of the way there

  64. OK, i downloaded it, i mount it, installed eastern asian lenguage and app locale, and the registry i put it on C:\

    then on F:\ theres aseliacs, aseliaconfig 2 folders and Xuse.

    But when i click on aseliacs y comes with “error extracting reset ur computer” even when i opend it with applocal

    And the Xuse simply dont open.

    Sooooooo, what should i do’??????

  65. hey I changed my location and formate to japanese in the control panel under -Clock,Language, and Region- but every time I click the -Xuse_inst- it still pops-up as jumbled keys, though i know how to get to the installation part from there non of the buttons will let it download. Also the application to start the game -aseliacs- also doesn’t work so I know the game isn’t installed already and I burned the ISO to a disk.
    ANYWAY thats my problem if anyone can tell me how to play this game it’d be alot of help.

      1. thanks that made it instal… buuut it just brought up stuff that was already there and the -aseliacs- keeps saying that it has stopped working everytime I click it, i’ve tried both; the one I had before and the new one that popped-up with the instal.
        sorry for the trouble

      2. AHHH! Sorry I just found how to make it work!
        So anyone having the same problem just instal then run the patch!
        And sorry again sorry causing trouble

    1. Kind of. This patch translates game from Japanese to English, so if you know Japanese you can play without it 🙂

  66. i downloaded all 4 part and when i run the iso with daemontools and try to install the game it gives me an unreadable error message (just a punch of ?’s) and does not install i have change my coomps language to japanese plz help.

  67. I have a problem.
    I extracted the 4 of them using 7-zip and then theres a folder with its name.
    I opened it and it only has these 2:

    how do I install it? I tried clicking either of them and extracting but it does work.
    do I need something else?

    1. nevermind got it.
      now a new problem:
      I think its the same as the guy above me.
      I cant read the installation and I tried pressing all the buttons but still doesnt work.

  68. Set your language system to Japanese.
    Or install Applocale and use this useful program for all your Japanese games. You can google the way to install this on Windows Vista & Windows 7 (as it is a program designed for Windows Server 2003). I’ve tried this and it worked like a charm.

  69. once i mount the iso and trt to start installing a mesenge box tells me to restart my pc cuse there was a mistake while extractin i did it but it keeps poping what do i do?
    ps:im sorry if i made any mistake in this comment im not user to writing in english.

  70. i mounted the image and installed, but for some reason it stops install right at the beginning of the process. does anyone have any advice?

      1. I’m adding filesonic interchangeable mirrors to every download, but it takes time. I’m currently at 61th upload, while this game is 174th.

  71. Greetings
    I have a problem, well I am not sure if its a problem or not. So I installed the game and everything is working fine except one thing, I am still at the begging Prologue but there seems to be no voice overs for the characters only bgms and such. Any help regarding this would be appreciated

    1. Ok so never mind I fixed the problem, All i had to do was run the game with applocal to allow the voices to appear

      1. Actually, I had the same problem while running the game with Applocal (If I don’t use Applocal the game won’t even start) and the problem was that I changed the original Japanese name of the installation folder into English because the English patch was unable to work until I did so and I forgot to change it back.
        I found that you can indeed change the name of the installation folder to anything you want but you need to change the two registry in Hkey_Local_machine/Software/Xuse_corp/AseliaCs/install to the place where you installed Aselia in order for the voices to work.

  72. I get an error after selecting an install location as well during the installation process. This is with the system in japanese mode.

    Is it possible it just doesn’t work with windows 7?

    1. Yes, during prologue character doesn’t know proper language in new world so everyone seems to speak gibberish – all goes back to english text/japanese voice once character learns language. After you complete the game and start it again there’s additional option to translate everything that is said in unknown language.

  73. I am having problems.
    When i click on the the fill that opens the instilation i only get a strange menu with lots of “?” and other random letters.
    I have already tried fiddling with the options there but they do nothing.
    Pleaase help!

    1. You need to change locale to japanese to install this game. Check out “F.A.Q” section for instructions.

  74. Downloaded. Working, but… When the official release, is… Well, released… Will it be uploaded here?

      1. Ah, and forgive me for bothering you, but while we’re at it… Apparently, an almoust complete Little Busters patch was released. Only the epilogue is out. Is it going to be posted here?

        1. Since it’s “almost” complete it won’t be posted. I upload only 100% english translations.

  75. Does any1 know when Eien no Aselia 2 will be up in english :/?
    Can’t find it anywhere :S?

  76. 🙁 THE H-scenes…. only a simple FS

    Adm, please, if you can get the original version would be better. This game contains the H scenes, but only 5 endings.
    But HAVE the H-scenes.

    Is a good game, but may be better with the H-scenes.

    I appreciate if you can get the english version of Sekai seifuku Kanojo

    Thanks for all admin

    1. the first one i think they don’t have a h scene.
      maybe you talk about the second game of aselia.

  77. T_T the files have been removed on the other site can you please fix them i really want to play this game T_T

  78. i click on the link and it say that i don’t have permission to access this page and i have a user account you have a clue way?

  79. Thanks very much for the download. It’s working fine and installed just as quickly. I haven’t had a single problem with the game yet.

    To anyone having problems I would only suggest you stick with it the download does work and follow the instructions carefully in the faq section. The game works fine.

  80. whenever i try to use your servers it never gives me a survey just a bunch of stuff to download. do i have to download before i get the survey or should it already have come up.

  81. if it’s failing to extract, redownload the patch, sometimes IE or Firefox ends the download prematurely for some godforsaken reason. If that isn’t it, try running the patc has administrator (right click on it and hit the “run as administrator” Vista isn’t smart enough to realize if you’re an administrator or not. (if you use vista) if not then I’m no help.

    Also to everyone else… is there any other games like this around? (hopefully translated, my kanji and such sucks)

  82. Is it okay if I ignore the file that the english patch is failing to extract? I’m having this error when I extracted the english patch.

  83. sorry it is “This application requires the Microsoft . NET framework version 3.5. Please install it and restart the setup”

    1. Use google and download microsofts net framework, nearly all games nowadays need that. it shouldn’t be hard if you do that or if you have a recent game purchased at a store you can usually find it on the disk as well.

  84. how do i install the English patch? it gives me this message

    “This application requires the Microsoft . NET framework version 2.5. Please install it and restart the setup”

  85. Does ren-ai (love) play a role here? Like, does the protag hook up with any of the heroines and actually like them, unlike Tears to Tiara and utawarerumono (mindless sex there -_-)

  86. Forgive me if I erk you guys the wrong way. This wasn’t intended to be a bashing of any sort, if it was straight up visual novel that’s one thing but I’ve read that this is a strategy game. It was really frustrating to go through hours of text before I even got to play.

    1. There is a reason this game is called visual NOVEL. It just happen that this visual NOVEL also has strategic sections of gameplay in it. Also, the very reason I play this game is for the “hours of text” (as you called them) not for the strategy game. Sure, the strategic gameplay is good, but the primary reason why anybody would play a visual NOVEL is precisely because of its storytelling elements, I would think.

      1. It’s a couple months short since I’ve posted here. Finally, I have realized the joy of reading visual novels. Looking back on this post, I truly regret my words and want beat the living shit out of myself. There’s one thing I’ve learned in these past 10 months, it’s that Visual Novels are an acquired taste, a taste which I’ve come to enjoy immensely. I apologize to this VN for recklessly clicking my mouse away without giving the story a chance, and I see now that everything about the game is to be enjoyed as a whole, the art, the game-play, the sounds and of-course, the story. Thanks to the developers for making great VNs, thanks to the translators, thanks to admin for posting and thanks to other fans like myself, and thanks to whoever actually read this entire piece.

  87. Man guys this thread shouldn’t be used for technical problems.

    That said JESUS!? Where is the game? I’ve been sitting here over an hour rapid fire clicking my mouse. So far I’m still getting flooded with a wall of text. I should go read a book.

  88. you need to set japanese locale, so that game installer can load it’s files properly – check out “F.A.Q.” section for instructions.

  89. i unzipped everything and i tried the ena_english_1.03 file but it said i don’t have the jap. game installed.
    so i clicked on the Xuse_Inst file so i can install the jap. ver. but the letters are all funky and broken and i tried to direct it to the appropriate program files location but it just wouldn’t do it -_-;;
    i don’t get it…what did i do wrong??

    1. I had the very same problem, even though I was using AppLocale so I could see the Japanese name displayed perfectly but for some reason the installer was completely unable to find aseliacs.exe. To fix it, I simply renamed the installation folder to EienNoAselia and everything went smoothly. It seems that even if you use AppLocale the English patch installer has problems with folders named in Japanese so you just need to change that.

      1. Ah, I forgot to add that after you patch the game change the folder to the original Japanese name because otherwise the voices won’t work.

  90. For everyone:
    They translated the PS2 re-port so the H-scenes (18+ scenes) are not included.
    There will be… But this is unsure and will most definetly not happen.
    Though, they could just release a Patch for it…

    1. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. The 18+ scenes are completely not in the game at ALL. They only exist in other versions, which, despite having pretty much the same title, story, gameplay, etc, is not actually the same game. It’s incompatible, asking people to translate that one for the h-scenes is basically asking them to translate a whole new game in terms of workload. While it’s true that they can simply copy and paste the dialogue that’s the same, that’s actually not even half, probably not even a quarter of the work involved with translating a game like this unfortunately, so it’s probably never going to happen.

  91. Correct, this has no sex in it.

    After having downloaded it and played through at half of the endings I moved my Eien no Aselia folder to a new place and suddenly all my saved files were gone, CG’s included. Anybody got a clue as to why in the world that happened? It makes me really mad because it takes forever to play through each time dangit!

  92. I downloaded the game and did change the language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese but when i try to install it it gives me an error and wont even go as far as to full or minimum install… what can i do in this kind os situation? the error is about admin and gusts…i guess it means im not login as admin in my PC….but I AM …..

  93. i really appreciate the free links but i really hate hotfile! takes too long, why don’t you use megaupload or something without a wait timer like mediafire?

    1. Mediafire has a 100mb or 200mb upload limit if you aren’t a premium member, that’s decent if you want to have people down over 50 files but it’s long, boring and it annoys alot of people.

      Megaupload is a good idea but not all countries can access megaupload or it simply doesn’t work for some people and quite frankly it has a file size limit that makes ya wait for 2 hours after a certain limit is passed.

      While hotfile isn’t the best, it gets the job done which is all that’s needed in ddl links. or it’s simply the admins preference when it comes to download links.

  94. I am having the same problem as the two people to post before me. When I try and install it gives me a weird message saying I can’t use symbols in the file name and then when I change the name it still won’t work and goes back to the start up menu. Please help admin.

  95. Its strange…when i click full install i gives me a message with lot of symbols and dont do anything and same if i try minimun install….any suggestions? im using windows 7 x64 btw.

  96. How do I install? I’m on XP. When I get to the “install components to which folder?” page, It (I think) says that you can’t put certain symbols into the folder name so I change it. It then starts the install but then stops and goes back to the start up menu.

  97. There is a newer version of the english patch ver 1.05 it corrects almost all of the spelling and grammar errors. I apologize for not knowing any hotfile or megaupload links for it, but you can find it on the translators home page. http://dakkodango.com/

  98. If I do not install the uncensor patch, will there be sex scenes at all? I thought this is an all-ages version?

    1. Just like it’s stated on uncensor patch download page – there’s no h-scenes in this version of game – uncensor patch does not alter script in any way – it just replaces all-ages CGs with orginal ones, so there’s less fog in bath scenes etc. ( compare TV and OAV releases of fanservice anime to get a clue how it looks like )

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