Narcissu: Side 2nd

Narcissu: Side 2nd

Narcissu: Side 2nd’s plot revolves around Setsumi, the heroine from the original visual novel, and the people and circumstances that formed her into the character presented in the first game. She will share the limelight with new characters, including Himeko, Yuka and Chihiro.

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  1. Narcissu was my first vn ever and seeing this brings back lot of memory!

    I really like Setsumi/Himeko from this 2nd side and i cried near the end. (Crying was something i haven’t done playing the first)
    I wish Setsumi and Himeko are together in the afterlife now ^_^

    “Long live to yuri!”

  2. well the second game was sadder than the first.
    “Ask to the god. Only god that know all the answer of that question”
    And still, Setsumi, why she chosed that path??? When Himeko didnt.

  3. waaaa DL link is broken pls reupload!!!! i really need to paly this one i still have the void! oh em gee :'(

  4. near the ending is the best and saddest
    I like the art style, better than the first 😀

    admin, can you translate Narcissu 3rd Die Dritte Welt too? it seems no one ever translate it, curious about the story
    I’m just suggesting, not forcing ‘kay^^

    1. if you understand chinese, you can google for “风铃汉化组”. They are the grp that had completed the translation in chinese for the 3rd part.

  5. I am tremendously happy that I started with the prequel(the 2nd side) as it was not as good. Chihiro at the end was a pleasing appearance. As a whole it was a very touching story. while it did not make my cry as did planetarian(a whole lot at that)it still felt like a story that would stay in my heart for a long time. I recommend this story to anyone. Just remember to go back to the 2nd side title screen and see the epiloque though i still recommend to watch the prequel first.

  6. ..where can i download narcissu(the first one)?
    i mean the game that was released before this but is actually the sequel . thanks 😀

    1. no comments anyone?!:l according to vndb narcissu side 2 was released after “narcissu” but its the prequel basically. just want to know where can i download the first game…or are narcissu side 2 and narcissu the same??:o would appreciate any guide.

  7. ahhh I remembered this game, it’s the first VN that I played, very easy to install, I hope all VNs are like that •.•

  8. Oh wow… I did remember Narcissu having a second part to it but I never imagined it would be translated…

    The first one gave me blues for weeks, I’m looking forward to seeing what this one does. Thanks!

    (offtopic: :/ I’m sad Altogether didn’t manage to continue any further than it did, the visual novels they translated were amazing.)

      1. bittersweet?
        if I not wrong, the title is bittersweet fool?

        hehehe, by the way admin this title do U have it?

        Thanks for the games <3

  9. I like this, very much. Since almost all of the VNs here needed to be mount or have a Japanese local settings(And I’m a noob that can’t understand much, all of this). This is the only VN that I had tried out

  10. hey admin i downloaded and installed it but i cant find the way to start it up all there is, is the set up application

  11. can I find the original story in this site too? if yes can you tell me it’s name, because this is the only VN under the letter “N”

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