Da Capo 3

Da Capo 3 R X-Rated

The sakura that bloomed year-round are now a thing of the past and Hatsune Island is now known as an island that shows that beauty of each season.

Kiyotaka is a second-year student at Kazami Academy who is part of the news club along with the school idol Rikka, his younger sister-like childhood friend Himeno, his mixed-race cousin Charles, hard-working junior who skipped a grade and is in his class Sara, and energetic in spirit but weak in body Aoi.

Unlike in the past, there are no more mysterious things happening on the island. That was until one winter day when the sakura began to bloom. All the news club members got a message on their cell phones telling them to do something at a promised place when the sakura begins to bloom. They couldn’t make out the rest of the message, but are surprised that it was dated 1951. Rikka was extremely curious about the message and the sudden blooming of the sakura, so she called on everyone to solve the mystery with her.

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  1. When in game [storywise] does the first h scene appears?
    Thought I was playing the x-rated version, but played for hours and hours and no h scene so far.

  2. Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 still got the pink screen so its not an OS issue. Maybe it’s got to do with having a integrated graphic card and no regular graphic card like AMD or Nvideo.

    I also have had games that used e-mote where it would be entirely blank screen but have the audio play in games like Corona Blossom and Japanese School Life, however, I can play Neko para 0~2 but only after turning off the e-mote.

  3. Still can’t play this game, game crash in prologe… Already install super mega one punch k-lite and CCCP for fixing this game and of course update the driver and shit.. but its useless, any help anyone? T_T

  4. Excuse me, is this version fully translated? Also, what’s the difference between this and Da Capo 3 R?

  5. since my comment is delete probably because of the link i put in here….

    When i view the cg and the scenario mode, i see a violet rectangular things instead of a cg/image background….

    am i missing something?
    advance thanks!

  6. I don’t know who uncensored the CG on this one, but they really did a bad job… heck in one image they even had the penis turning upside down compared to the person it was sitting on…

  7. In Extra > SideStory, those stories when I should play them? After complete all routes or I should play the first story (Rikka) and then start the game?

  8. Has anyone been able to get scenario Second Mission D? I assume that’s what it’s called since it’s the scenario right after Second Mission C in page 9 of “etc…” I’ve been trying for a bit, but just haven’t been able to get it.

  9. It kind pity not any single person could figure wat the problem of pink screen prob shhhhh…

    Ya know the prob lies on “AVProVideo.dll”. That thing isn’t prob but when your antivirus block it the game won’t function properly
    Most antivirus treat “AVProVideo.dll” as virus.

    So if you want play stop your damn antivirus and see, you also need install cccp and directx9. Seriusly dude game work well on pentium 4 without vga card insert!! Test by me.

    Just a little reminder admin never share any viruses

    1. Well, the antivirus is the first cause you need to check so its obvious, codecs are second and directx is third, last is drivers.

    2. I’m also having pink screen and only music is present. I use Comodo antivirus + firewall and that has no issues since it warns me on what it does plus I allowed all of the game files still got the pink. I tried putting AVProVideo.dll elsewhere and still had pink tho it will repeat the intro over and over…

      It can’t be my drivers nor Directx (got ver 11) seeing I just installed 4 different eroge’s and this game was my last on the list and only one I have had issues with. I’m also on Windows Vista which mangagamer says it is supported but on the official says up to Windows 7 so confused…

      1. mangagamer seems to have some patch out according to a forum at steam where a user couldn’t play on his/her Windows OS. Discussion thread is called “only Win7 can run this game?” but I don’t see the patch anywhere so guessing it’s through steam. Anybody has this? Maybe it will help those very few of us with the pink screen.

        1. Avprovideo.dll is used for transition betwen videos and the game so there is not the feel of the video loading (that pause like efect) one example is in Sara’s route. Maybe that file has issues with versions prior to windows 7.

    1. In fact this story never ends (Da Capo) Da Capo => Da Capo 2 => Da Capo 3 => Da Capo with each true route respecfively.

  10. admin~ can you pleasee, upload Red Ribbon. it has very rare category of 100% blood-relation + Twin = TwinCest XD

    its been a while since our last TwinCest in this site

    ‘doublePhase ;_;

    that would be so kind of you admin. if you upload Red Ribbon too ^^

  11. So.. like.. where is the save data even saved at? I can’t find a documents folder, and it’s not in the game directory folder either.

    1. There are five places where you save files usually gather. This rarely change. Just look the folders there and you’ll probably found it. Remember to change folder option to see hidden folders and files.
      This are the five places save data are normaly found.
      The game folder
      The document folder

  12. have windows+7 i updated the graphic card driver installed k lite codec mega from majorgeeeks my locale is full japan and yet the pink screen still appears it looks like it cant play the movies pls help me fix this

  13. Thks for the game but i guess i will waiting for Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~ to be translated(or uploaded idk) =))

  14. I have an Acer Netbook with a 3150 Graphics Card running on Xp.

    I keep getting the pink screen problem. Is my Netbook not able to run it even after the updates?

  15. Well this sucks looks like I will never get rid of this pink screen error I have winxp sp2 with directx 9.0c which it should be comparable with from what I seen on mangagamers site but it will not play. I have looked at the output_log in dc3_data folder and it says d3d11:d3d11 not found it also says stuff about shader being unsupported when I looked it up I was told I need directx 11 installed which seems to contradict the winxp sp2 support because dx11 isn’t compatible with that system so if anyone can help me find a way around this please help I really want to plat this.

      1. Ive already done that only problem is I can’t do the newest driver because its not compatible with windows xp but I did do the latest that was compatible i have ati radeon xpess 200 on my pc. Well thanks for trying to help, at this point I’m about to give up I really wanted to play this too I like the da capo series alot farewell da capo 3 wish I could do more.

  16. scenario incomplete pls help!!!!
    windows 10

    i reached all endings and finished the true route
    finished all side episodes

    but somehow there are some scenarios in extras i dont have are missing
    i replayed the whole entire game but still there are scenarios missing

    can you pleeeeeaaasssee give me some walkthrough or a save file with all the completed parts from cg to scenarios

    thank you very much also for the game and those who will reply!!!

    1. To open all side stories you need to do scene recovery :

      Watch her go by
      2/23 – Call someone – Hinomoto Aoi
      2/23 – Call someone – Mikoto
      2/23 – Listen to the radio
      2/24 – Call someone – Hinomoto Aoi
      2/24 – Call someone – Mikoto
      2/24 – Listen to the radio
      2/26 – Call someone – Hinomoto Aoi
      2/26 – Call someone – Mikoto
      2/26 – Listen to the radio
      2/27 – Call someone – Hinomoto Aoi
      2/27 – Call someone – Mikoto
      2/27 – Listen to the radio
      2/28 – Call someone – Hinomoto Aoi
      2/28 – Call someone – Mikoto
      2/28 – Listen to the radio
      12/11 – Wander the halls – Entrance
      12/11 – Wander the halls – Cafeteria
      12/11 – Wander the halls – Lounge
      Hallway – Ricca
      12/12 – Wander the halls – Entrance
      12/12 – Wander the halls – Cafeteria
      12/12 – Wander the halls – Lounge
      Harbor – Himeno
      Decided to form a group after seeing how things went.
      12/15 – Talk – Ricca (x2)
      12/15 – Move – Piccadilly Circus
      12/15 – Talk – Passing Men (x3)
      12/15 – Move – Station
      12/15 – Talk – Passing Women (x2)
      12/15 – Move – Port of London
      Cafeteria – Sara
      12/16 – Wander the halls – Entrance
      12/16 – Wander the halls – Cafeteria
      12/16 – Wander the halls – Lounge
      Harbor – Ricca
      Flowers – Charles
      Entrance – Himeno
      12/18 – Wander the halls – Entrance
      12/18 – Wander the halls – Cafeteria
      12/18 – Wander the halls – Lounge
      Classroom – Sara
      12/19 – Wander the halls – Entrance
      12/19 – Wander the halls – Cafeteria
      12/19 – Wander the halls – Lounge
      Entrance – Sara
      12/20 – Wander the halls – Entrance
      12/20 – Wander the halls – Cafeteria
      12/20 – Wander the halls – Lounge
      Scene recovery

      1. I followed your walkthrough but the same scenarios are still missing what am i doing wrong….but im very grateful for your help anon…

  17. To anyone having trouble try these steps:

    1. Install either CCCP or a K-Codec Package (if I recall correctly, I installed the Full version).
    2. Make sure you run this in full Japanese system locale – as of right now, Da Capo 3 refuses to run with LocaleEmulator.

      1. Hi RANDOMguy, if you still can’t play and you have the codec pack maybe and only maybe, you have a corrupted file, delete the entire game included the folder named “Da Capo 3 R”(located in C:\Users\your user name\AppData\LocalLow\MangaGamer) and re-unzip the game again preferible in a disk root, someting like this “C:\Games\DaCapo3″(you’re the only with the game crashing) run the game and PRAY for that to work. Other wise you’re out of luck.

  18. is normal to have the firt side episode unlocked from the start and what should i read first the normal story or the side espisode

  19. Admins+please+delete+this+two+my+replies+and+check+forum+engine+-+pluses+added+instead+spaces+if+you+were+wrong+with+captcha!

    1. Admins please delete this two my replies and check forum engine – pluses added instead spaces if you were wrong with captcha!

  20. When you press start from main screen, you get prologue weather vane zero da capo. There seems to be a space after Da Capo and before back, suggesting something more, but I can’t figure out how to unlock it. Can anyone tell me how? I already went through all the routes and scene recovery, though I seem to be missing the 3rd cg in etc…. section, I have no idea how to get that.

      1. Thanks! I got that now. But do you know if there’s anything after the “Da Capo” and before the “BACK” button in the start screen? I don’t think it is Side Episodes since you can view them in the extras.

  21. I hope someone can find me a solution,I try open the game a few time and this is what happen.1.thought it as a normal japan game use applocale(only sound appear and the game crash after the sound end creating a crash dmp file)2.use ntleast(still same as the previous 1)3.read the forum that I dun need any apps to open try to open without any apps(see the word mangagamer and crash again)4.read the older comments from here install k codex standards version and set it as simple install(try open the game again,sound and video play but stuck at the schooldoor no button to press page and hang)5.install k codex mega version(see the school door page again still no button)
    and here my pc win7(not sure 84 or 64 bit),had k codex install,driver is newest(set to recommend update already).HOPE SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME A SOLUTION THANKS FOR READING

    1. Don’t use applocale, it’s buggy as hell, instead turn your locale to japanese(but with this game doesn’t matter which one you use it’s english by default), and k codex… Well it install a lot of codecs, sure but what it sure too is you hardly use all of them without mention the more they are, the more they may conflict within themselfs, that’s why I only use cccp. Check out your directx version too.

      1. I also downloaded the cccp(the 1 that look like russia logo) but I still cant play the game.not sure wat was the problem still.but will try again with cccp.thanks

      2. hi guy it me again this time i try again with CCCP(still not working i install the 64 bit version)game crash after the mangagamer logo appear.i didnt have the pink screen problem but black screen problem sometime only audio appear but no video was shown.i also attempt to change regional to japan but still not helping(game still crash).i also check my laptop info via CPUZ and here is a bit of it.Processor is intel core i3 330M(i think is above the min requirement).graphic is more than enough still i still cant play the game.Any people kindly give me more solution?i already also try K-codex for your info.also check my avira sandbox no game file were send to there.and already have more than 20 crash file now.So anyone have any idea what i shud do to play this game.THanks for reading

  22. I forgot to mention, if all of that didnt work, then update your drivers, heck even an outdated bios can be a porblem.

  23. For those whit the pink screen problem, its recomended you dowload both versions of the cccp codec pack (32x and 64x), in the past I had a similar problem whit the videos and I already had the cccp pack, I was at a loss because all my media players reproduced the same videos whitout problem but in the game not, so decided to update my cccp but realised there was a 32x version and i had the 64x, dowloaded it and there you go, worked like a charm. I was so confused why the game not recognised my current cccp pack at first.

    1. Then my apologizes but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it, I saw this same problem in older visual novels but the fix for those are different to this one the last suggestion I have is to try downloading again with your anti virus off because it might be deleting a critical file without your knowing causing the file to be corrupted

  24. Does anyone know how to fix the audio when the movie plays in-game? I saw other people say to download the latest K-lite codex pack and I have the latest mega k-lite codex pack but it still doesnt change anything. When I went to the folder itself and played the movie files they worked as they were supposed to but when it plays in-game the volume becomes muted/super low.

    1. I believe mangagamer is looking into this problem right now but I don’t think there is a fix yet, besides trying what you already did

      1. You’re right, this fixed it for me too but it also controls the BGM volume so now its louder than the voices hmmmmmmm

        The struggle is real but I guess I can always turn up the volume externally when a movie plays.

    2. May be try to uninstall all “special”, “mega”, “super” K-Lite paks and install one solitary CCCP from their site? I use it for years and never have any problems with video/audio. And yesterday I also had no problem with intro in DC3R-Xrated.

  25. Has+anyone+found+out+how+to+fix+the+pink+screen+problem+this+really+sucks+every+time+I+run+the+.exe+file+to+run+the+game+the+screen+that+pops+up+is+pink+and+you+can+hear+something+being+said+which+repeated+over+and+over+please+help+find+a+fix.

    1. Sorry about that my tablet glitches while I was sending message.
      – Has anyone found out how to fix the pink screen problem this really sucks every time I run the .exe file to run the game the screen that pops up is pink and you can hear something being said which repeated over and over please help find a fix.

      1. I have seen this question multiple times so I want to know what locale and system you are using, is it windows 7? It’s hard to help when everyone just says that all they have is pink screen when no other information is provided. I can’t say I ll be able to help but I can look into the problem.

        1. I’m using windows xp sp2 I was told it was comparable so I have no clue to this pink screen error I even tried it on my other PCs thinking it was just my computer but that’s not the case I hope it gets solved soon.

          1. Here are the specs for it, works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Linux, Windows 10. Required CPU Core 2 Duo Or Better
            Required Memory:512MB
            Sounds: (Linux) Pulse Audio Compatible
            Required Graphics:128MB Ram
            Required HDD Free Space:4.2GB
            Do you at least have the minimum requirements and have you tried downloading the latest CCCP codec pack or K-lite codec pack?

  26. I’m having the same pink screen problem. The game loads and I can hear the music but, I can’t click on anything. Please help.

  27. Does anyone know what summary mode is? I turned it on but im not seeing anything different. Is it a mode to summarize what happened in Da Capo 2?

    1. When you have already completed a scene, replaying that scene in the story will give you a summary of what happens rather than going through the whole scene again. It’s useful when you need to go back to the beginning to do other characters’ routes. If you want to view the scene in its entirety with the summary mode on, simply right-click and choose scenario.

  28. I just reached the opening cutscene and noticed that the sound is REALLY low, does anybody know a solution to this? I already use the K-Lite Codec Pack.

  29. Thank you so much, seriously !

    I’m has waiting so long time for his coming, now he’s there…

    You are my respect X )

  30. Is mikoto a heroine or something? Because i can call her at “free time” but she is not listed as a main character on vndb.

          1. Unfortunately the cause is not a simple outdated/missing codec least not in ky case of pink screen. I have the klite pack installed amd still get a pink screen i even uodated it to the very latest version to be absolutely sure still stuck. Furthermore i kmow it’s not codec related because the video file themselves play fine if i run them from the movie folder directly.

      1. There is side episode! More so, you can unlock it in the CONFIG menu if you already know the game and want to skip.

    1. no need since this Da Capo III is unrelated to previous version of Da Capo. If you are looking into Da Capo II, then you might need to start playing it from Da Capo I since Da Capo II take place 50years after the Da Capo I event.

  31. I am using the latest k-lite code pack, that’s why i confuse why when the video plays ingame it doesn’t lets out any sound. The video itself plays smoothly just no voice comes out.

    1. I am using the latest k-lite mega codec pack from majorgeeks, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it from there.

  32. Does anyone have problems with the game video? The video plays for me but somehow the sound was muted, anyone know how to solve this?

    1. Try updating your codecs, if you don’t have any search on the internet for “K-lite codec pack” and install those, It should fix your problems with video/audio display on in games like these.

  33. woohoo!! so fast!! this Da Capo III just released yesterday (mangagamer web) and we have it at the same time!! THX!! 999,999,999,999 LIKES!

    1. I found a bit of a fix to it. If you delete the contents of the movie folder it’ll work. Whenever the game tries to launch one of those movies it crashes. I’m not sure what causes it. Of course, this means those videos won’t play in game.

  34. I thought this day would never come. I’ll buy the game as soon as i get the money, for now thank you very much Admin.

      1. You might want to state where it happens,how it happens and how frequent it happens,if there are conditions before it happens like opening a menu during something and stuff,it would help a lot on how to fix the problem.

    1. You don’t need to play any of the others put a few characters from da capo 2 appear as side characters and couple from da capo 1. If you want to know the history of those characters and the island then I recommend playing both da capo 1 and 2.

  35. does anybody have a walkthrough for this vn? or there isnt one needed? if there is one out there please tell me … thanks 🙂

    1. It’s pretty straight forward. In the prologue chapter choose whatever, it doesn’t really mater that much. On the weather vane story you just have to pick the heroine you want on the map once you are given the choice.

        1. According to kouryuu there aren’t any bad endings on this vn. I even checked vndb, and the tags “bad ending” or “bad ending with story” are not there, so this game only has good endings. How would you even get a bad ending? I didn’t finish the game yet but I never got any other choices beside the map selection screen that tells you where all the heroines are, and that shell selection screen that appeared on the prologue/common route where you could call a girl or/and dick around the dormitory. If you stick around with only one girl you should be fine.

          1. I’m sorry it was supposed to be a question, i derped and forgot to put a “?” at the end of my post.

            Thanks for the information

  36. thank you very much… i was surprised by how fast you got this up since it was just released today… it will take a while to download but luckily im almost done.

  37. ty for the upload!!!

    also i thought that i will be 8 gig?
    also grisaia no labyrinth is larger than da capo 3?

  38. Words cannot express how thankful i am to the translators and to our dear admin who posted it on this site in order for us to partake in this sweet honey. Thanks Admin, thanks translators!

    1. If you were actually thankful to the translator, perhaps you’d consider actually buying it instead of pirating? 🙂

      1. I would if i had money to buy it… Unfortunately, Even the laptop i use is even borrowed from someone. Which is why i can only pirate it.

      1. Does anyone have problem with the video’s audio? Somehow the video plays for me in game but there’s no audio coming out.

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