Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Umineko no Naku Koro ni takes place in the year 1986 during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on a secluded island named Rokkenjima. The head of a wealthy family named Kinzo Ushiromiya, who lives on and owns Rokkenjima, is near death, and eleven of his family members arrive on the island to discuss how Kinzo’s assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are five of Kinzo’s servants, and his personal physician. After the eleven family members arrive, a typhoon traps them on the island and shortly after people start to get mysteriously murdered.

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  1. Hi ! I’d like to buy umineko but i don’t know how on this website. Moreover i wanted to know if it was possible to use umineko on a Mac and if the installation was easy. Thank’s

    1. This is a pirate site, you can’t buy anything here lul, it’s all free downloads. If you wanna buy Umineko, you’re on the wrong site.

  2. Okay, so I try downloading it but then it says “File extraction failed, please restart the procedure.” I’ve tride numerous times, what am I doing wrong?

  3. Would it be possible for you to upload the umitweak ver 2.5 with the ps3 sprites, opening, CGs, background and the new textbox that came with it?

  4. Anyone know if this download also includes the fandiscs as a batch release (Hane & Tsubasa) or do I have to get them somewhere else?
    (Hane & Tsubasa contain additional tips)

  5. Would you be able to upload the 1click file to MEGA? All of the other links I’ve found are dead, and it seems like the game is no longer up on Mangagamer.

    I understand that the game is available through the multi-part download but having to wait from 3-5 hours to download on a throttled connection is horrible and will doubtlessly turn many away from this masterpiece.

  6. Just figured I’d post this just in case someone else got stuck with the same problem.

    The error that happens when only ” signs appear, you can’t read the text (though ctrl might work) and crash the game at some time is most probably caused by a deficiency of SWAP memory. Basically if you encounter this problem, restart your computer and don’t keep too many unnecessary programs up while playing Umineko and if that doesn’t work check if any of your RAM components have died.

    Happy playing.

    1. This is the original version but you can get ps3 sprites/bgs (aka good graphics) @

  7. Admin, could you please upload “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” (with PS3 Sprites + Voiced)….. Please admin, We all want good graphics and want to hear voices. We will all be really grateful to you.

  8. Is the protagonist of this game “male” ? If its female I won’t touch it. (But VNDB says in chapter 3 the protagonist changes)

    Thanks in advance…

    1. the protagonist of the game is mainly male, but there are a lot of female characters and sometimes the narrator is female as well. But even if they’re female, it’s definitely worth the read, because the characters are very well developed by the time you reach a female narrator. but most of the episodes center around Ushiromiya Battler, so I’d say the protagonist is male, yes.

  9. Waitwhat. I was poking through the music files and found Tsurupettan- a Touhou Project parody song by Silver Forest. What the hell was it doing in there?

  10. I’ve got a problem. I can’t download the fifth (and other) parts because the website ( doesn’t answer for a long time. :S It starts the counting, I click on the Create Download Link and…it doesn’t download. :S

  11. Yes… I-ve got a problem… I’ve already downloaded al parts mount mds file on Daemon and start the instlation oh and my computer is in japanese already BUT once it starts installing there’s a point where it just… froze I waited for long but nothin happen… So… what’s up?

  12. I just finished the anime version of this and I really want the sound novel version. BUT I have absolutely no idea what to do after I download from these links? Can someone explain it so that I can understand, because I really don’t know anything about patches or mounts or any of this stuff. Thank you!

  13. I feel like I’m too silly xD I downloaded all parts and there are those mdf and mds files. But how to unpack them, they all have the same name so it doesnt work in one directory?

    I’m using WinRar and Daemon Tools, but I dont get how to put together those.. One explanation or google link for dummies?^^

      1. Argh, I hate do post again XD

        I have now two complete mdf and mds files, but if I try to install the game it stops at some point with no real error message (cryptic symbols).

        Which one do I have to mount? mdf or mds? And what should I do then.. Feeling stupid once again^^

  14. Umm i Have 2 questions and would appreciate it if were responded to…

    1- There is a Ps3 patch for this and apparently dosn’t work with atleast the game downloaded from this site…can somebody confirm if you need to buy the downloadable version from witch-hunt site for the ps3 patch to work?

    2- On a side note, i believe there is an english patch out for Higanbana no soku yoru ni but no downloadable game version and was wondering if there was going to be one soon.

    1. 1.- There is a different way to get it… but yes the paid version of the game should actually work with patch
      2.-Thats for admin to decide, as long as the link exist and it picks admin interest, itll make its way here …

      Thx for everything admin :p

      1. 1-I Probably worded that wrong, of course the patch should work with the witch hunt downloaded game (paid) but what i was asking is if it works with the game got from here (not paid) and if it doesn’t what do you mean different way?

        2-I Know. Some games have been translated for longer and haven’t poped up yet, but i figured i might as well ask.

  15. When i unpacth the game it doesn`t wrok even in japanese, the english patch seems alrigth but not the game. it doesn`t apear anything to run the game

  16. I found you can burn them to disc and they’ll run (I think) Is it possible to burn both games onto one disk and have them both work, or is that not a possibility?

  17. I’ve tried to download the first part and half way done it said “the download cannot complete because the source file can’t be read…” Have any one of you had this problem and how can it be fixed? Or should I just try again?

  18. @Shrykull those are mountable files, serve as a non-physical replacement of a common CD/DVD , you have to mount those files on your preferred mounting tools program (look it up on google) and they will act as the CD of the game, enjoy the game people… i wanted to ask if all chapters are alredy translated and wanted to know if theres an especific way to install this game… like most VNs that have their quirks and weird tricks… or just mount-install-play (since theres no guide to install…)

  19. I don’t understand, I downloaded all the parts but when I extract them there are only a couple of unreadable files (“umineko.mdf” and “umineko.mds”)… is that normal?

      1. It’s a bit late since you asked in 2012, but for those who land on this page without knowing, you can change your locale either by:
        Going to control panel
        Clicking on Region and Language
        Click on the Administrative tab
        Click on Change system locale

        Just a warning, although this does not change your actual language that most programs and windows uses, a small handful will. If you use Any video converter for example, that will change to japanese, but it’s only ever the odd occasional program than has a problem, and will revert back when you change your locale back. There is a registry edit somewhere that allows you to run a program as administrator in japanese locale, so you don’t actually have to change it each time, or leave it on permanently, but I can’t remember where I got it.

  20. Right, I’m having a bit of trouble installing this game. It’s all fine and dandy until it starts to install the final file, it just won’t install, I’ll sit there and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait… But, it won’t install, if at all possible, could someone help me out, just a bit?

  21. “This server is in maintenance mode. Refresh this page in some minutes.”
    Only part 1 says this. Is there something wrong with the file? Please fix it and thank you for the links.

  22. Has anyone else had the problem of their save files occasionally just disappearing? I was about half way through the first arc when it happened the first so I figured “eh, whatever” and just quickly clicked through everything again. I figured that I had somehow managed to accidentally delete them or something.
    However, it has happened again today (I was halfway through the 3rd arc this time). Just wondering if anyone has a solution for this or if anyone know how to locate the save files, etc. Anything would help!

  23. Okay so I just finshed the anime of Umineko and I was confused so I was told to watch or read (whatever you do xD) the visual novels and sound novels. Is this either of them? And if so does anyone know where to find the other? Please help me:/

  24. I’m able to download all the files, but when I try to unpack them it says the files are expired. I’ve been looking for several days straight for this VN. Can anyone help me, please?

  25. Filesonic has disabled downloading/sharing and have essentially blocked the US now. They plan to change things in the future. This may be the end of the age of downloading, internet freedom, and anything from Japan, as the government doesn’t give a shit about killing sites whether or not they have a law for it.

  26. Hi so i just got interested in umineko and finished the anime. A lot of people said it was terrible and to watch the VN (I thought the anime was pretty amazing though). When i try to download the chapters it says that I can only download one chapter. is anyone else having this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Most downloading sites will only allow you to download 1 file at a time on free modes. Unlimited parallel files = mass download.

    2. Also, are you even able to download them in the first place? For me, all the links have expired when I try them out.

      1. yea i was able to download part 1 of 7…i ask because i just finished the anime and LOVED it but a ton of people say that the anime was terrible and that you should watch the VN. i guess ill have to end up buying it or just read the manga and hopefully wait for a season 2, but apparently a season 2 wont be made since fans didnt like season 1.

  27. NOTE: If you have problem with installing the game, then don’t install it. Open “filelist0.txt” at dick folder and copy files to folders like in that file. Then just play game.

  28. Hi, I just installed this game and would like to know, is there any way to set the english version game into fullscreen mode? I noticed the Japanese version is able to be placed in fullscreen mode, but not the English version. Please advise what I can do. Thank you.

  29. I’m searching over the internet for this Visual Novel for the whole time. Thanks and I’ll download this now! Thanks to Erogedownload, I’m also downloading Higurashi VN’s.

  30. I think that the third .rar file on filesonic may have been deleted. I’m wondering if anyone has uploaded a torrent of this game anywhere?

  31. when will the core arcs be available here? i know its translated up to episode 7 and 50% of 8. i really want to play those ><

  32. This is not an installation problem but I wondered if anyone could help…

    Umineko has been working for a few weeks and I saved the game last night but when I tried to load it this morning, the game would work and load the game but the words would not come up on the screen (except for ” at the beginning) and I could not go to the menu or save functions. The same happened when I restarted the arc to see if it was the save game file. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but it has made no difference and I just can’t understand it!

    Hope you can help 🙂

    1. Hello,
      I’ve been having a similar problem where the game closes itself after loading my save file or trying to start a new file. Have you been able to find a solution?

    2. So, I seem to have managed to fix the problem. I deleted all my extra Umineko stuff except the main files downloaded from here. Then, when I uninstalled and then installed I deleted the save files as well and moved the place the file was going to in my computer.

  33. My installer always stop at umineko4\???.exe

    Any indication of what might be the problem?

    1. you don’t have the japanase installed in your computer, try downloading an pre-installed version or just install the lenguage

  34. oh, by the way, I read something about there having an Ep 5-8? Is there news on that being translated as well?

      1. I see. I guess you won’t upload it until Ep 8 is fully translated.

        Oh well. I’ve only just started with Umineko, so I guess there’s no reason for me to be looking for the core arcs yet. I’ll just keep checking this site until it comes then. Thanks ^_^

  35. Hi, if anyone is still having trouble with getting the game installed (like someone said), use the english patch to install the game (not the japanese setup).

  36. what do you do once the file is downloaded? i cant extract it because it asks for a cd to be inserted :C someone help the noob.

    1. Once you download all parts (or single bir archive from direct download) you need to extract first part – winrar will automaticaly find following parts, assuming they are in the same folder as first. Then you need to mount Umineko.mds image ( check faq for instructions).

  37. Hey, hi admin :p

    Well I was just wondering if you were planning to download the arcs 5-7 too?
    Because I’ve heard they totally translated now.

  38. I downloaded it and installed it without any problem, is there a possibility that you don’t have the japanese language installed it?

  39. I can’t download it either. Like samuraitiger, I download, extract, and mount, but the installation stops in the middle. It stops transferring at the end of the fullsrc folder. I’ve tried what I could, but nothing seems to work. Any idea what’ gone wrong?

  40. Hey I’ve been having some problems. I downloaded all of the parts of the game and extracted them all. Then I mounted the .iso file and clicked on it. But when I start installing the game the installation also stops in the middle while it’s installing Umineko.exe. Am I doing something wrong? I would really appreciate it if someone helped.

    P.S. I freaking love this site

    1. That’s probably because you don’t have japanese in your pc installed, i’ve had the same problem. But if you have japanese as your main language and current location in your pc then the pc will read the japanese and then he can download the game.

  41. Hey I’ve been having some problems. I downloaded all of the parts of the game and extracted them all. Then I mounted the .iso file and clicked on it. But when I start installing the game the installation also stops in the middle while it’s installing Umineko.exe. Am I doing something wrong? I would really appreciate it if someone helped.

    P.S. I freaking love this site.

  42. The poorly animated CG’s actually add to the feel of the game in my opinion, but if it’s really such a big deal then you could just wait until Umineko gets a console release.

    Higurashi had updated graphics on the PS2 version, and there is a patch that adds the new character designs to the pc version (It can be downloaded here actually) so it’s more than likely that Umineko will get a similar patch

    Oh, and thanks for the great game

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