Umineko When They Cry

Umineko When They Cry

Welcome to the world of “Umineko When They Cry” (When Seagulls Cry)
Welcome to the Rokkenjima of October 4, 1986.

You have been given a chance to catch a glimpse of the family conference held annually by the Ushiromiya family.

The remaining life in the old family head
who has built up a vast fortune is very slim.

To his children, the greatest point of contention at this family conference
is the distribution of his inheritance.
Everyone desires all that money, no one relents, and no one believes.

Who will gain the old head’s vast inheritance?

Where is the 10 tons of gold that the old head is said to have hidden?

Can the unnerving riddle of the epitaph which is said to point to
the location of that gold be solved?

In the midst of this, a suspicious letter is sent from one claiming to be a witch.

The presence of a 19th person on this island,
which should only have 18, begins to hang in the air.

Brutal murders repeat, and unsolvable riddles are left at the scene.

How many will die? How many will live? Or will everyone die?

Is the culprit one of the 18, or not?

Is the culprit a “human”, or a “witch”?

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    1. I am having difficulties. After I download all files (from the free download option) and decompress them with 7-zip, I see the game folder, but when I try to run Umineko1to4.exe — all I get after a couple of minutes is an error message, saying that it can’t find steam_api.dll and that I should reinstall the program to solve this problem, but when I do I still get the same error message. Does anyone know what to do?

      1. I don’t know if this can be useful to you now, but you can download the steam.api from a different website and then place it in the folder

  1. Do you know that if we donwload the ‘free’ download mode, there’s a countdown, right? 120 seconds. But it’s actually NOT 120 seconds. So type this on google search: set timer for 3 minutes and 30 seconds

    You’re welcome!

    1. Umineko is like the spiritual successor of Higurashi, except it’s more fantasy oriented. There are characters who are implied/explicitly related to Higurashi characters, so the ties are pretty strong between the two series.

  2. After I extracted all the files from winrar, when I clicked the application it says”failed to start”. I noticed after that, the steam_appi.dll or something got deleted(?) on it’s own. And when I clicked the file again it says ”the program can’t start because steam_appi.dll is missing from your computer” any help?

    1. Files don’t disappear on their own. My guess is that your antivirus deleted some (false positive) and that’s why game is unable to start.

      1. Thanks, it’s just like you said. It seems that my Malwarebytes automatically deletes the stean_appi.dll file. It works now heh

        1. How can I place this file where it should be? I turned off my anti-virus (an expired version of McAfee) and still it says it can’t place this file in the game folder because it may contain a virus.

  3. The art looks different.
    IMO Fan-translation one has better art.
    Unless maybe you can change the art like Higurashi?

    Also don’t expect any choices except in the last episode.
    This VN is about story and mystery.
    Just enjoy the ride. If you’re not enjoying it after 1-3 episode then maybe this isn’t for you.

  4. I’ve played up to the sixth episode and then skipped most of the text till the end. All I want to say is that you shouldn’t expect this VN to be that much of a mystery ride where you try to find all the clues in a grand last reveal, you just try to find all the clues that move the story in the most logical away possible so that you won’t stop reading it. In the end you either wake up, or dream forever.

    1. Spoiler:

      The detective part is over after chapter 6. Than it’s all about the truth. But I think a hobby detective veteran could even make sense of it if only have played chapter 1-4. In retroperspective there is everything already placed in the open. You just have to find the beginning and than use sharp logic. We all failed at that because we liked it as a witch story even when the game itself told us nonstop that there cannot be a witch if the culprit should be human.

      God I miss the afternoons on Rokkenjima…

    1. It’s official English release (previous one that’s already posted was a fantranslation). Chapters 1-4 (question arcs). Better artstyle..

      Overall, if you already read original (with console graphic patch), there’s no point in downloading it, but if you haven’t – this is the version you should be getting.

          1. I may be wrong (still haven’t played it), but I think there are 3 different versions. The classical version, the PS3 version and te renewed version. If you search for images of “umineko classic”, “umineko PS3” and “umineko steam” u’ll see the difference.

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