Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms

Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms

Spring is the flowering season, the season of the cherry blossoms. It is the time for first meetings and partings, when the buds start sprouting.

Yuma is a second-year student at Mihaya Academy who listens to love problems from girls at the school and gives them thoughtful advice. This has made him quite popular and loved, resulting in a 21,000 yen (taxes included) ‘love bounty’ placed on him. The girls came to him with problems ranging from jealousy to infidelity. Having heard about so many troubles related to love, Yuma lost any desire he had for it.

One day, a mysterious girl appeared before him. She had never been in love, but she believed that it was a wonderful thing. She asked him if he would like to be in love, and that as a love fairy, she will help his love come true.

A girl who cannot fall in love. A boy who has no interest in love. If they end up falling in love with each other, how will the world change?

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SakuSakuUncensored.part35.rar – 200.0 MB
SakuSakuUncensored.part36.rar – 36.8 MB

161 comments on “Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms

  1. I find the sister route really fresh and unique. In most vn, sister routes just feel like any other heroine’s routes and the taboo aspect isn’t taken seriously at all. In the Konami route, the main theme being about “taboo” really make you feel like you have crossed the line this time and have a forbidden relationship with your blood-related sister. The part when Konami cries because of being forced to hide her relationship with her brother made me tear up a bit.

  2. I’m trying to play this game but every time restart i get this message in a small window:


    After closing it the game starts normally but my settings are reset and previously saved files doesn’t show up in the load section. I tried everything withing my knowledge like changing system local, disabling antivirus, turning off secure boot, run with compatibility settings but nothing works. Please help.

    1. same problem here. everytime i close the game my save never actually saves, & it’s a big problem in this game because if you want to do all routes you have to play for @ least 40 hours. i can’t keep holding the skip bar to get to my next point every freaking time. i’m asking years later but still, did you ever manage to fix it?

  3. Esto solo es el comienzo, no vi todos los enlaces. Por lo que me falta mucho recorrido, tuve mucha tristeza por toda la trauma que me causo la saga de School Days pero esta NV Saku Saku reprimió todo esas malas emociones que tenia sobre este Mundo Descarriado. En fin es solo un alivio de opinión, que debía decir de todas maneras, depende de mi como construiré mi vida no sera como la de Asaba Yuuma (tanto quisiera) XD pero me convertiré en un humilde hombre que pueda hacer las cosas correctamente, ahora en adelante valdrá la pena intentarlo.
    Agradecimientos al Team que subió este Kawai NV y a los creadores de PALETTE un honor y respeto inolvidable, por dar la felicidad que todo ser humano Busca y lo encuentra como un tesoro escondido Gracias…

  4. Debo decir que sinceramente, este la primera novela visual que veo y me siento muy orgulloso y satisfecho por haberlo visto: ya que que este es el School Days perdido que busque… y no me imagine que lo encontraría en un sitio de NV, ya que es la primera vez, por recomendación de animes vistos en este genero es muy novedoso para mi.
    (^-^) realmente me hizo cambiar la visión de la vida a uno muy maduro y eficaz enlace puedo decirlo claramente, que el sentimiento del AMOR es lo que mueve al mundo. Sin eso uno@ se marchita fácilmente quedando en incógnita (perdida) de lo que era su vida.
    Y ahora veo que no desperdicie mi valioso tiempo, en material convencional que lo encuentro a la vuelta de las paginas, esas no impresionan ya que es lo cotidiano.
    Enlace que elegí (\Mio Ichinose/) Mi Favorita.

    1. ??? have you ever played an eroge before because that’s what they do to censor the genitals because it’s the FUCKING LAW

  5. I enjoyed this game overall but once again the thing that puts me off of so many VN is the pointless drama.. Having drama before they get together is fine and normal but this game crams in insert drama after they become a couple in any route and it feels like nothing but to prolong the game for zero reason as the drama is never really taken seriously or resolved seriously at least. I wish more VN had good romance and stories with minimal drama. It just feels like cheap writing.

    Also one thing I hated alot about this one was how the characters in each route had completely different personality just to insert a bit of boring drama to try and break the couple of that route up.

    Spoiler for this part but for example mio in her own route loves yuma. And then in yuris route she loves yuma and it becomes so bad that it tries to make yuri end the couple with yuma but then in ann’s route mio doesn’t love yuma even the smallest amount. She literally giigles and celebrates when they become a couple in ann’s route. Changing a character that loves the MC in half the routes but not in the other half just for a cheap drama point really poor writing. Overall it was better than most VN but still has this problem few VN can seem to fix. SukiSuki is the only one that has done it right recently it seems like

  6. So far this is exactly the amount of vanilla that I want for a romantic eroge. Not too overdramatic drama. It gave me vibes that of Princess Evangile.

    So far I’ve finished with Tsukishima Yuri’s route, which I’m now sad because she’s my favourite type of character. But I couldn’t help to play her route first. So now I can’t save the best for last anymore. I especially like how they make a setting where Asaba-kun and Yuri got stuck together. It was inovative and very new to me. I was absolutely loving their circumstances and moments.

    Note to self. Save the best route for last to get the best of ending aftertaste. Here’s to the rest of the routes.

  7. I got around to the first choice in the game but as soon as I closed the game and launched it back up a few days ago all my saves are gone… plus on top of that I cant save anymore. anyone got a possible fix?

  8. Meh story was kinda ok but the main character becomes a complete moron half way through and starts to kill it. Some good comedy and what not but again it over does it on making the main character to clueless and kills the enjoyment.

    1. All you would have had to do is state is it looks great on you Ann.

      yuma: You make it sound like it’s a piece of cake to churn out lines like that…

      Wtf… likw really…just soooooo stupid.

  9. Am I the only one with weird graphics issues where the only thing you can see is a small square with one of the girls faces in it and nothing else?

  10. Ok, i have already finished the game so i’ll put a complete review. Before i gave some note considering most of one route, but now that i had play the entire game i can give a fairer route.

    The game is, usually good, It has a great idea with all the soul reaper thing and it has some really good romance and events, but it has heavy faults as well,in most routes the routes there is some great drama that finally is resolved just like that in way to plain and disapointing way in order to make a perfect fairy tail end, also in case of certain someone route the romance is way too suden to the point that i was a little unwilling to continue reading, but since i got that far i decided to read until the end which let me see some others great events that managed to compensate…still it has the same final trouble in the very end.

    Apart of that there are times that there are some issues with great potential that weren’t developed properly or are resolved just like that at the end.

    For another side, thought the OST is not bad at all it isn’t great either.

    Some sex H are good enoght, thought others are very plain and short, thought they are not the main feature in the game it’s bothersome that, it most cases, they come one after another instead of put them as the love story goes.

    Conclusion it is generaly a good game recomended to play it once at least once since the game has great heroines, romance with them and drama, it is a game that could be great (thought not perfect) but it unfortunaly ruining some of it’s own greatness.

    Final note: 8 of 10.

    1. Extra: Yuri’s and Konami’s were my favorite routes. Konami’s has the best done story from begining to end, thought it may be a little cliche. Yuri was the most loveable girl for me and her route was great in general but at the end there were some of the mentioned problems most routes and if it werent because of it it would had been one of my favorites routes of all the times.

      1. Yup Konami’s route had the best drama and was overall consistent. I really like the approach they took with the whole incest theme. I’ve really enjoyed the story there. Best route.

    2. Sounds like the sort of game you’d recommend to someone, if they don’t have to pay for it.
      Which is what we’re doing right here, but you get the idea.

      Sounds awfully like recommending a web-comic. :v
      8/10 seems a bit excessive, given the way you wrote your review, though. Gotta appreciate that love-hate relationship.

    1. —-Spoiler alert—-
      Tina didn’t consumed the memory she got making a suden great drama soe she died, but wherever her soul were it was a place where her sister also was and she came back just like that in the epiloge scene.

    2. Spoilers:

      According to what Ann said in the epilogue nobody knows what happens after soul reaper, maybe the can even become a god. So apparently Tina’s sister after sacrificing herself became something like a god. She brought Tina back.

  11. Okay the game loads up fine and I can access all parts of the main screen, but as soon as I hit New Game it goes to a white screen with an error saying that it failed to call Connect filters or something of the sort. Granted I am using a Mac and have to use wine bottler to make the game run but I haven’t had any sort of issues before with it. No idea what to do but I really want to go through this VN because it looks good. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Okay so I learned that with existing save data I can load it and the game starts up fine. Really confused but if there is anyone who has a save game right at the beginning of each route I could actually use that to play through just fine.

  12. I fucking hate when visual novels lock the best girl behind other routes, just let me play the girl I want god damn it

  13. For people asking for a patch fixing emotes and backlog faces:

    I don’t know if it’s the correct file since when Denpasoft releases a patch you have to redownload whole game so BEFORE REPLACING FILES MAKE A COPY OF THE OLD ONE in case anything goes wrong. If you don’t have a file named patch.xp3 then maybe you have patch2.xp3. Just change the name from patch.xp3 to patch2.xp3 and then replace. Again it might not work because I don’t know if it’s the correct file or not.

      1. So I just testet it and it worked perfectly. The CG effects are no longer out of place and it works with pre-patch save files. Thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to share the patch with the rest of us 🙂

      2. The patch has been working great. The CG effects are in place and I even noticed the character’s faces beside the backlog. Thanks for the patch 🙂

    1. I have to re-download the whole 36 parts again??
      Also changing the patch.xp3 to patch2.xp3??
      Sorry for these questions, its just that I rarely tampers my VNs.

      1. No you don’t need to redownload all 36 parts, just the patch. I meant that I bought the game from Denpasoft and when they patch their games you need to redownload it again.

        As to the question about patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 – check your game folder before doing anything and look for a file with that name. Just like in that screenshot (don’t mind the language, but basically xp3 is the type of the file):

        If it’s named patch like in the screenshot just move the file I provided above into the game folder and replace it. If it’s for example named patch2 then rename the file I provided to patch2 then move it to the game folder and replace – remember to make a backup copy just in case something goes wrong. Hope it helps.

  14. I’m in Yuri’s route, i have to say that the story and romance has been pretty good until now so it is a great game, sadly is not perfect as most of the H-scenes until now are pretty plain and relative short, pretty much under average in my opinion, but in a way since they are virgin it still fits a little, there is no memorable music so if i ignore the emote location bug i would rate the game with 8.5/9 of 10 at most. Pretty recomended.

    1. wish i could enjoy the game as much as you do. But i’m getting bored by this same old vanilla routine, where from sec 1 it’s obvious everyone is super into the main char and it’s just how the protagonists needs to realize who he wants to get with, where sexual tension only enters the picture when there has been a.) a drama beforehand and b.) a big confession of feelings with lots of tears. A kiss never just happens, it needs to follow the script. The drama is never really serious it’s always just some stupid misunderstanding. There is never a real obstacle just some text to drag out the inevitable.
      Boy i long for something like “a drug that makes you dream” with a depressed / self-destructive protagonist, drug addicted, suicidal girls. Where the main char needs the girl as much as she needs him to overcome their problems. Where choosing one girl means being hated by the others or leaving them to a terrible fate.
      Or “Koi Chocolate” where you have to break your childhood friends heart if you want to get with any of the other girls. Where the girls might be as burdened by this as you….
      Not this some old child romance story…

      1. Dude, it’s a moege. Not a life and death drama. Stop looking for things that were never going to be there in the first place. Don’t blame the game for you projecting your own expectations onto it.

        1. I find it indeed to be pretty hard to expect anything other than fluff from this VN. The moment I saw the first few lines of the description, it was easy to tell this is a “happy go lucky” sort of story. I’m not really expecting any Urobuchi twists here.

          Maybe that guy should go read Doki Literature Club.

  15. Say, is it just me, or are the cg effects of this game kind of off place? For example, when a character panics, the sweats flying off effect is placed directly on the character’s face and way to its right, rather than surrounding the character. The one big drop of sweat characters sometimes have, or exclamation mark or question marks are kind of off place too (usually directly on the character’s face). Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is there a way to fix it?

    1. I just notice that myself. It works fine while in the common route, but as soon you are lock in a route the cg effects is off center. It’s basicelly the same as you. I don’t know of any fixes as of yet, but if I do find one I’ll share it.

      And i just notice that the guy above us (usagi) just mentioned a patch. A patch would be helpfull if someone could tell us where to look 🙂

    1. For the font the game has a fond file specially for this, just install it. The only real problem is the emote location such as interrogation signes, drop of water or similar, but it is not a big issue.

    1. Yeah spot on, exactly what i thought. Weirdly enough this plot gets dropped extremely fast. Meaning it plays a very minor role in the game. The plot isn’t cringy, yet it still isn’t good.

  16. Finaly, finished playing this, now I waiting for the retranslation of Kono Oozora and the voice patch of FHA for now.

  17. The game is finelly here and it looks good still i hope they make a FD or something with Tsukishima Hanako’s, Asaba Aoi, and Mio’s sister’s route. At the very least the fact that Hanako is not a heroine made me sad.

    1. oops, forgot to also mention the nurse Nao, she defenitly should have her route too.

      And thanks a lot admin^^

      1. lack of an aoi route was indeed weird. Since it got heavily implied that the relation between the two was not really… normal.

  18. So I purchased this game on Steam. And I downloaded this version (18+) also.

    Is there any way to copy this (18+) to steam and “fool” it into thinking it is already installed? Since I already have a copy of the 18+ version, can i just move it there to avoid redundant downloading?

  19. game is fine, but i hate the routine how they play out these routes. Seen this done exactly like this a thousand times before. If you are going for romance and erotic content why make every route feel the same. There always has to be the big drama followed by the clueless protagonist realizing his feelings way after the girl does and then there is the romantic sexual climax. why not make things a little bit more real? Why not have the guy fall for her first, why not have the sex happen before the confession in an impulsive situation where the mood is just right, you know like in reality?
    I know this is some sort of an asian fantasy, where the guy has to do nothing, every thing happens nice and orderly.. but this is getting boring.

  20. Thank you very much admin for posting this eroge.
    I’ve been waiting for this for two years, now I can play all route.

    Thank you

  21. Anyone having fullscreen issues? When i make it fullscreen, it stays the orginal window size but moves to top left hand corner and is the rest of the screen is black.

    Thanks in advance for solutions

    1. Forget about fullscreen mode I gave up on it. You can manually extend it to fullscreen with Window Mode or press the Square at the upper-right and play it that way. It’ll have the window border but for me at least it beats that annoying fullscreen mode that messes up my Desktop icons, etc and possibly may crash too.

      I can’t stand VN’s that don’t use borderless fullscreen mode there’s just no more excuses for these VN developers.

  22. Admin! Dot.Kareshi’s part II and part III’s patch has been released by golden spirit. I don’t know where you got the full game for part one, but I hope you work your magic for these parts too.

  23. I just ordered this on denpasoft. I wish some would translate Mashiro Iro Symphony. I really liked the anime would like to see the game in english

  24. Has the download site gotten faster or is it just me? In the past it used to take a few hours to download a smaller file size than this. Though i did upgrade to windows 7 from 10.

  25. If you’re into lolicon barely legal play hoshimemo and do Mare’s route, if you’re into little sisters play this and do Konami’s route she’s better character, the rest play wichever, is the same, it’s under your discretion.

    1. Your lolicon part is crap, all the characters are 18 years old, even if she didn’t she would only be one year younger than the protagonist, there is nothing moraly wrong with dating someone just one year younger than you, consider someone lolicon for that is big amount of bull shit.

    1. What uncensored means (at least in this site) is it have 18+ content, not necessarily without mosaics, except if it was being released by Mangagamer.

      1. Then why no to use right word for it. It here, you know.
        CUT or UNTCUT.
        That means its uncut version but its still censored (mosaics).
        Sigh, its kinda annoying when people cant use words right.
        And makes everything complicated that confuse people.

  26. Surprised this 18+ is out already thought we had to wait forever like the other VN’s by Sekai. This being from Sekai is there anything missing that’s been found yet?

    If not, Imouto route here I come!

  27. anyone having fullscreen issues? when fullscreen is selected the game stays its original windowed size but moves to the left hand top corner of the screen.

    Thanks in advance for solutions

    1. worked it out.

      right click exe go to properties

      click on compatibility tab

      enable override high DPI scaling behaviour

      scaling is performed by application

  28. OH god! my eyes! the font colour they use is so ugly as fuck . is there away to change it? its barely readable.What did they even do? after so many delays?

    1. Blackmail project there inner team is full of fools who don’t know how to direct translators, so I would suggest they shut down because they don’t know what they are doing

  29. Tnx admin~ been waiting for this for so long… I thought the TL was dead coz “Shinku” didn’t release info’s even though the TL is completely done aside from TLC and QC which is both @ 0%… then to my/our surprise Sekai Project takes up his/her TL work (for about 1yr w/out update) and finally~ you share the game in this site(FOR FREE)!!!

  30. Yes… YES! This was the sort of VN I was waiting for! No netorare, no bloody content, not yuri (I don’t have anything against yuri, but it’s just not my type) and with voices. A traditional light-hearted VN with male protagonist. Sure, some may say this sort of thing is overly cliche, but sometimes you need cliche in your life.

    1. It doesn’t even have to be cliché for me, just a multi route, long, voiced VN that is not fetish fixated is nice to see. It’s been a while.

    1. one fun thing that i noticed tho, if i paus the dowload and the unpaus it, well it starts at 250 kb and goes up to 500 then drops down to 45 again. either way il leave it on for the night and see whats happened tomorow and il post something if i find anything out when i wake up lol. ty for the help tho!

    1. yupp, and checked with other dowload functions like steam/origin and other thingys but this is srsly the only site that gives me such low dl speed. so im guessing im havin some odd glich today or something, would clearing out al the web history help or? already cleared the cashe/cookies searches etc and didnt help

  31. if that don’t fix the problema then thats weird because I have no problem because I’m downloading other games at 20MB in Premium acount (My connection is of 200Mb/s so the download speed is of 20MB/s)

    1. i have premium to and thats usually what my connection looks like aswell wich is why im confused, and resetting the modem and clearing the cookies didnt work, might just be this game that is buggy?

  32. the minimun speed of downloadani is 250kb, maybe in your región they are lowing the bandwidth speed for exces of conections

    1. it’s litterally 46kb atm, and since this has never happened before im guessing maybe some issues with the site or something, every other game iv gotten from here has been dowloading at atleast 20 mbs and i tried to dowload something of steam jsut now and it was at 10 mbs so, well either way im confused bcuss i kinda dont want to wait 1 day for this to dowload lol

  33. is it just me or is the download really slow right now? tried to down it on multiple different ones like chrome firefox etc, but for some reason i cant get more than 56/kbs wich i’ve never had before. and my down and up speed for everythintg else is really good so.

    1. Exactly Guy this english version “Was” suppose to be released earlier or last year as well as many other VN that were being trans by some group have gone dead and no progress since Blackmail took them over Sekai is killing Fan groups and that is EVIL WE NEED MORE ROBIN HOODS!!!!

    1. well they need to stop because if they eat every fan group some of us will not be able to play the VN we want before we die unless we learn Japanese

  34. @Hikage255. You’re rigth, but they why the long wait? they even anounced a release date before, I was thinking maybe they were removing the mosaic, they maybe even will take the other of the ShinkuTranslations projects and do the same as with this game.

    1. they allready have, Shinkutrans said that they work for blackmail now and that blackmail has partnership with Favorite…. *Sigh* they say they want to bring VN to America but they are going about it the wrong way and its rubbing the vet VN players the wrong way

  35. The Steam versión and the Denpa versión were released the same day (October 2)
    I only hope all this wait is worth it (no mosaics)

        1. It is ‘Uncensored’ in comparison to butchered Steam AA release. Mosaic is still there. SP has no balls at all.

  36. Just a tip never buy a Blackmail, Bribe, Buyout Project game they don’t deserve the money for the way they do things. They Destroyed ShinkuTranslations that was working on this and allmost released it earlier this year

    1. Steam only has All Ages but it was confirmed that the 18+ release would be at the same time you could buy it at the Original Publishers website

    1. wtf is that language, speak properly -_-
      did you think that arigathanks and gozaimuch is cool or something?
      well too bad!
      it looks weird asf. aren’t you cringing from saying those shitty words?
      oh if you say that irl too, then that means people are being too nice to you. heh.. bet they talk behind your back and say stuff to ya.
      like “don’t you think that guy is weird asf?, does he have a mental problem or smth?”.
      aahh.. one last thing.
      if you find some other people who say that too, then it means you’re all autistic people.
      and why the fuck do you use the same handle name as the protagonist?
      don’t you see that people find that really cringe?
      it’s like you’re one of those KIRITO bastards on some mmorpg games.
      ohh… sorry you ARE one of those.


          1. Good job ignoring this kid. Guess kids need attention from someone these days. Parents nowdays are too busy divorcing and drinking to pay attention to their kids. Mmmm maybe i feel sorry for him/her, maybe you should start a argument.

          1. . . . . I used to not believe how you can trigger people on the internet without even trying to nowadays. This was a real eye-opener.We’re all just so happy the game got released, then comes this one person who is offended beyond possible limits by a comment.

            Also, praise the Admin \[T]/

          2. Ok so he went way over the top, but I have to admit potatosalads mixed Japanese/English words have to be among the stupidest things I’ve ever heard – and I would be embarrassed to associate with anyone clueless enough to use them.

          3. while his reaction is a little over the top.
            Those words mixing japanese and english are super cringe and like he said i hope you are not using them unironically.

      1. duuuddeee chill..
        people are just happy, ok?
        and yet you ruin the mood..
        also why the fuck did you even come to this website?
        hopefully you get banned here

      2. “wtf is that language, speak properly -_-”

        I agree completely, but directed at you. What, do you think using internet shorthand makes you cool? That’s not real language either. Type full words if you know how to use language properly. ;þ

      3. Don’t you have any life besides trolling on hentai sites?
        Please get some help, you probably need it…..

    2. Wooohoo.. I’ve been waiting for this one besides, princess evangile – double happines & majikoi’s sequel.

    3. dude if you want to speak japanese commit to the task and learn it, but don’t do this weeaboo shit of mixing japanese words on english sentences…

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