It’s spring once again and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It’s the season of the beginning of a new life.

The protagonist has lots of fun being with his guy friends, but he wishes for something more: a girlfriend!

It’s not only him that has these kind of feelings, the girls around him also feel the same way. He aggressively pursues those close to him since love won’t come to those who wait.

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  1. I normally take the routes that don’t make much of an impact in my judgement first, so that i’ll be able to save the best looking one for the last, and then it happened that, yuzuyu, for me was the best so i f*cked up big time, yuzuyu best route! fite me!

    1. For me,each 4 have a very good story, this is one of those rare eroge/vn that make me love all heroines, and it’s rare that in a Eroge/VN i love all heroines…but…Yuzuyu was the most adorable, specially just after the 1st date when the mc confess his feelings

    2. @Red riot. I agree. Yuzuyu was the best, i really didn’t expected her route to be so good. She is one of the best heroines in VN ever.

      That being said, all the girls were quite good too.

  2. I think accidentaly I found bug or cheat or whatever. Try to press L.Shift + Volume Button UP on your keyboard and you’ll know what I mean.

  3. The translation feels a bit weird ehehe, nonetheless fun to read.
    Enjoying the VN as of the moment.

  4. @Kensu Yeah, Mochizuki calls you by your first name once you start dating, and so does Himari. So I’m guessing the other two girls will do the same if you pick the default name.

  5. You’ve made me a bit interested in this derpington, i do like heroines that have a bit realistic touch in their personality. Thanks for saying that. Now off i go to download it!

  6. Playing the Hiiragi route, and so far, I’m really liking this game. This has probably one of the most realistic and believable female characters I’ve seen in any visual novel. Both in terms of personality and voice acting.

    The only thing I don’t like is the constant switching between the regular visual novel style and dating sim style of gameplay. Not only does the switching feel jarring, but it also makes the interactions with the girls during the “events” feel really contrived and robotic. As if I’m talking to an NPC from the Elder Scrolls games.

  7. There’s an Update Patch that fixes the typos.

    Anyone know where & how to download them?

    Or maybe the Admin can upload it here if someone manage to get their hands on it?

  8. Actually I saw and heard that Mochizuki Rina said MCs default first name. That is on the end of first date after the confession (Rina Route 03).

    I don´t know about the other girls, and if they programmed to exclude it under gameplay. In case of name change before start, I dont know. When I post this I am only beginning to play it

  9. first time playing this and im past the prologue and at the calendar and it just counts down the number of times i cant act and i cant choose anything can someone tell me whats going on

  10. Simply Excellent!! Rina is the most relatable girlfriend I had in life and experiencing it again is just simply excellent!!

  11. Hey guys do u know where to find the mini fandisk for fureraba It’s an afterstory game. and I’ve been looking on it and cant seem to find it Sorry just cant get enough on yuzuyu….

  12. I saw that if you choose default name (aoba kyousuke) they will call you by it, is it true? Besause i played it for like 1 hour never heard it for now.

  13. ahahaha This is good, the hide and seek part is sooo funny, they are playing so seriously, with tactics like that lol.

  14. There are some bad critics, but i think the game is quite good. Sure the heroines are not the expected kind that just act cute, but they are a little more realistic while keeping with the little comedy the game has. So is nothing wrong. I still find them pretty cute and well done

    I like the protatonist since, for once, is not the dense and whimpy idiot we are all tired to find in VN. For once this likes to joke around and get his way with words, also he knows what he wants and go for it.

    If anything i have to give credit to the artist for not keeping the heroines with just one or two set of cloths. At the very least Yuzuyu alone has show five diferent desses and in the two dates she has used dresses she hasn’t used before. Normally in vn the girls only use the normal set of clothes for when she is out or rarely one dress just for dates. Having one set of normal out clothes and two dresses for dates pretty good.

    The music is not legendary but is still pretty good and thought the art style could be better is good enought. I’m pretty surprised to now you can undress the girls with f12 and the UI is pretty clean. For now this game has a good standing in my book.

  15. Thx Admin for putting this up. Man I really love this VN. Its been a while that a VN can actually put a smile on face. I love all the characters personalities! Especially the MC lol!

  16. Ended up closing the game 3 times within the first 2 scenes. I can’t tell if it’s the UI, the protagonist, the translation, the voice actors or the art, but this game just puts me off.

  17. nice to see a Smee game translated, their more recent releases are great and funny, could only hope to see more of their games get translated in the future.

  18. mhh was alright, drops in quality hard after the getting-close-phase though.
    One of those games that really feel like they were written by a team which never had much contact with women. The characters are interesting but they lose their personality after the confession, becoming these overly attached ultra shy, yet horny airheads.
    A lot of “a man has to..” “as a man i need to…” “i can’t call myself a man if i don’t” lines as well, so yeah overall a rather shallow teen boy fantasy.
    But not the worst in that regard.

  19. Really love it despise translation are not really good but it not on machine translated level either ( i’m not good with english to begin with so i’m fine with this )

    I like the way girl act it feel more real comepare to most vn especially the friend to lover theme are really strong point here the interaction between heroine and mc are funny i especially love rina banter with mc

  20. It’s not terrible, but it does get annoying fast, though my tolerance for such things is pretty low. The translation is pretty rough as well. A lot of the sentences seem oddly worded and don’t flow well. Might as well give it a try.

  21. Is it that bad? I was waiting for it. Admin, are you going to upload Fatal Twelve? Not an eroge I think but still a VN…

  22. I actually bought this game, wish I waited for this download. One of the worst translations for a visual novel I have ever read. Overly “localized”. Seems like they threw in a lot of Internet culture and meme humor trash. 🙁

  23. Might wanna hold off on that call until after you’ve read it. Several characters curse frequently. Doesn’t really fit with a high school slice of life and in general is just off putting.

  24. @Just a passerby More likely it is your conection. I can download each part in 15 mins thought my internet is so so and now is a bad hour for the internet. Maybe i got used to it but i think is fast enough.

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