Meteor Pendulum Heart

Meteor Pendulum Heart

A storm brews on the horizon as Umi, a normal student, sees himself embroiled in a conflict of galactic proportions, facing the suspicion of the Galactic Police and Don Dokgar’s encroaching menace. Watch as he uncovers his past, alongside Alyssa of the galactic police, and goes from puny zero to galactic hero in this sweet space adventure.

Earth is home to a special source of energy, and because of that, a criminal organization called Crime Nebula tries to conquer the entire planet to take this energy for themselves. Umi (the protagonist) is a boy that was abandoned by his parents, and his dad was the best investigator of the galactic police, ever. One day, Umi meets Alyssa of the galactic police while she’s on a mission to fight the Crime Nebula on Earth. However, when Umi finds Alyssa, she’s in a tight situation. Umi helps Alyssa by using this special source of energy that Crime Nebula seeks. Apparently, Umi has a vast amount of this energy.

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  1. Ok, some stuff about this VN. Spoiler free.
    Routes: There are 3 routes. Two available at first, and the third one once you clear these. You have two choices during the beginning, I think only the second one matters, then you get an additional choice in one of the routes.
    CG: The art is pretty good, probably the best thing about this.
    Story: The premise is decent, but the execution is kinda bland. The idea is interesting, but sometimes it has the development of a bad nukige. Not that nukiges are bad, but this is trying to be more than that. There are some plot holes and continuity errors (might be fault of the translation).
    Characters: The MC is ok. He isn’t a douche and cares about the girls, but is a beast during sex. He is kinda slow, but get things done. The girls, I liked two of them, and another one was so-so.
    Technical: Only the four girls in the image get sprites, not even the main villain or the MC’s best friend do. The battles are pretty bad, just sprites moving left or right and some random CGs. During a part, the BG changes from one location to another due to a bug.
    Sex: Most scenes are short but good IMO. You get most positions, titfucks, blowjobs, anal. And you get to fuck at least once each of the four girls. Not spoiling anything.
    Rape (maybe spoilerish, but not storywise): There is rape, always between the MC and one of the girls, and it goes both ways, but both parties end up enjoying it. It’s not that bad, and I don’t really like it in most VNs.
    Tentacles: If you are into this shit, it might be too softcore, otherwise, it might be a bit too much. For me it was a turn off, but it’s short, and kinda in a dream or something like that, so it’s bearable.

    Ok, it probably sounds like I didn’t enjoy it at all, but if you don’t have high expectations, it’s a short VN (depending on your pace you can finish it in one or two days), and it’s kinda fun. If you have nothing better to read, you can give it a try.

    1. I’m just gonna answer myself. It doesn’t, it only has two choices. It’s quite short and has some continuity errors, but I kinda enjoy it.

      1. good quality art, but a silly story without much build up before the sex scenes, so no real character dynamic, also pretty short.
        comparable to a neko para game without the animations maybe, also with shorter and less obscene h-scenes.

  2. I still can’t save the game.
    Does anybody knows how to fix this. whenever I try to save an japanese text appears and it doesn’t save

      1. Lol, I was sure it wasn’t here when I posted that. I thought I have checked older entries before posting but maybe I missed it. Anyway thanks 🙂

    1. There technically is rape, but it’s by protag only and extremely softcore. The type of comedy rape that’s all like “Okay I just beat the evil villain lady, now I must subdue her evil powers by shooting my semen into her womb!”

  3. From what I can tell from the CGs, there’s no actual tentacle “rape” in this. More of a tentacle restraint kinda thing, no penetration or blowjob involved.

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