Negligee: Girls Night

Negligee: Girls Night

Hannah has been the manager of the Negligee lingerie store for a while now and thanks mostly to her it has become a massive success, so much so that her old manager Karen has returned and become another part owner and invester in the franchise. Now the two need to rebuild their relationship so they can work together what better way than with a night out just the two of them.

This game follows Hannah as the protagonist as she goes on a girls night with Karen her former boss.

4 comments on “Negligee: Girls Night

    1. I disagree with you, not all yuri games are bad but I must say some have someting in common, the vast majory that have sexual content indeed are trash but thats because theyre low budget games wich sadly is the norm now in games in general. Here you are being close minded or uninformed.

    2. I always laugh when I see posts like yours, you must be bi if you want to see a guys junk and if you are not then you are being dishonest with your true self.

  1. Finally a Negligee story that is truly made of 100% Yuri-concentrate, thanks as always admin. ^-^

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