Moero Downhill Night Blaze

Moero Downhill Night Blaze

The Downhill Night saga concludes with this explosive final chapter, presenting the first ever dating sim game to put you behind the wheel in real time auto racing action! The cast from the sequel reprises their roles as you once again take the role of Akito, now going steady with Rinka. It seems she might be straying though, toward the charismatic captain of her racing club Yuu…

When you hear about the Touge Grand Touring Car Championship (TGTC) you realize this will be the perfect time to prove your skill, finally taking the wheel to race against opponents in real time! Will your elite navigator’s skills prevail as you cruise the game’s several courses, and will you be able to navigate the equally curvaceous route to love and romance? Action and adventure await in Downhill Night Blaze!

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  1. I tried what CrashHelp said, and that definitely got me past that part. However, I still crash in Chapter 3, in all routes except Kei’s. In Rinka’s route, I crash before the final round, when Komachi asks for an exclusive interview, on the line Akito says “An exclusive interview…”. On the other 2, Asagiri and Reiko’s routes, it crashes after the final round, when Akito says “Kuraga… Let me tell you one thing.” Does anyone have a solution to this? I tried installing the patch, but the problem remains, and nothing seems to have changed aside from the addition of the bug CrashHelp mentioned.

  2. I have windows 7 and what CrashHelp says seems to be true. Don’t install the patch. It seems to make the game crash. Also, There is an options setting in the “Race” tab that helps synchronize your video card to the game called “VSYNC Setting” that seems to help if you turn it on.

  3. I know this game was posted years ago and it’s likely not many people play it anymore (although I downloaded it from here years ago, but I am replaying it again), but if your game crashes whenever you get to Shuuji introduces the TGTC, delete the game folder and extract the game again, but this time DON’T extract the patch. The patch is what causes this problem. If you do not experience this problem, great, but for everyone who does, just don’t use the patch.

    1. Mine too. In episode 3, after the first round, when Komachi asks for an exclusive interview, on the line Akito says “An exclusive interview…”. When I try to click past that line, it crashes, whether it’s skipping or manual clicking. Is anyone else having the same issue? Did anyone manage to solve this?

  4. hi i just dled the game n its running fine.. except when i reached the part where shuuji introduces the TGTC.. then the game stops working.. any idea? if it matters im using windows 8 and i already patched it up… pls help

  5. Well to tell you the truth this game was a disappointment on a different level!talk about sequel!its only the characters name and face are the same!even kei is not a ghost!
    and the racing for a player who breezes through nfs’s its like going to bathroom!
    they should have stick to the old ones!downhill 1 and 2 was great!

  6. ok just wondering anyone else getting the problem with the skip read text it doesnt skip anything for me or if it does it stops at parts that i read already

  7. Ahh Someone pls help me I can’t start this game after I installed it…it says that “The program can’t start because d3dx9_30.dll is missing from the computer.

    I downloaded it via torrent…was it incomplete?

    Help me pls anyone….

    1. It only means you have an outdated DirectX (simply search for it on google and download the latest preferably from microsoft)
      If you still have a problem after installing the latest DirectX i would suggest updating your graphics card drivers to the latest ones as well.

  8. BLAZE is completely different with DN2. It’s like Dead Rising Off The Record where the story is in the What If situation.

    But you know, I would really throw all my money if TOP collaborated with Slightly Mad Studios (developers of Need for Speed SHIFT and SHIFT 2 Unleashed) just to develop the TGTC part. Imagine the racing part in an eroge game with outstanding graphics and simulation.

  9. John, you just need a stronger pc cuz if your using a netbook that will be a problem(ive tried it before so no dice) 🙁

  10. Would anyone be kind enough to make a save for me? My game keeps crashing in Stage 5: Rest in the Komachi route. It happens when i try to go to the line after “Well a racer has to have some muscle mass” so basically a save from 2 lines after that. I fixed my error in the rinka route with a re-install but this one isnt fixing, I will try and re-download and then re-install in the mean time.

  11. There seems to be major problems from MoeroBlaze.part5.rar – 200.0 MB. During extraction, it always gives me error; I repaired and re-downloaded over and over, still gives me error. Please re-upload if possible. Thank you!

  12. Pretty mediocre you have to do those races which are easy but a complete waste of time and the sex scenes are pretty average as well and the voice work leaves much to be desired most eroge/vn they at least sound convincing during the sex these girls are barely trying just badly moaning.


  13. Pardon me.. the game was okay but, did u guys notice that not voices are heard for every heroine? for example : there was a panel with lots of translations but all the voice you could hear was “Eh?”

  14. Hey all,

    I was just wondering if this game is a copy of the CD version from JAST/J-List and if it is, has anyone else been experiencing the voice cutout from certain sentences in the game when they are spoken, i.e the actor voice following a sentence only says a part of it instead of the whole thing?

    If it isn’t then I’ll be more than happy to download it as the CD version I got has this problem. Has anyone else been having this problem and if so are there any ideas to allow the voices to work properly?

    Thanks 😉

  15. Thanks for posting the game Admin.
    Have to say I was a bit disappointed with this though I think some people are blowing it a bit out of the water with the story line despite it not being as good as number 2 I still say it was interesting at lest lol.

  16. Admin I do not know why you do what you do but thanks for continuing to do it. I have been looking forward to this one for a while. I hope Yumina the Ethereal gets its bugs fixed soon so we can play that one too soon.

  17. Does someone else have problems with voices? All voices are cut off in the middle of a sentence. Is there a way to resolve this problem? All help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Tch. This \game\ is really bad.
    Seriously , the first two were good but this ?
    The storyline is worthless and the races are just annoying.
    I finished one route (Rei , whose route in the 2 is much better) and when I understood that I would have to race again in the others , I gave up.
    I was fed up enough with the races in the first route.
    Oh , did I mention the \one choice to choose your route\ thing ? (In the first two the choices were simple enought but here it downright pityfull)
    Really , really disappointed here.

  19. hey admin can u help in this game because i have download again and it always says d3x9_30 dll not found so help me in this

  20. Dear Mr. Admin
    thanks for giving us such great games. But can i ask you something? Does this benefit you? I mean, dont tell me your doing this for free/fun?. why bother giving links for new H games? Why did you create this site anyway. Is this your job? Sorry for the questions im just curious and concerned about you thats all.

  21. Can anyone post a save game that gets past the dialog with the cheating guy (kuraga) after the final race? I keep crashing during one line of his dialog, and I can’t find any way to get past it. Thanks.

  22. Head up ppl. If u r gonna play this game then DO NOT go for Rinka route first. Also the racing in this game is way too easy. After about 5 minutes u can win all the races in this game.

  23. Yes you have to do the races sadly. The races are stupidly easy anyway, so i wish they gave you an option to skip them.

  24. Do you have to replay the races when you start over? Also I find the races completely tacked on and just a way to pad the game out….

    Shame I really liked the second one.

    1. You can’t skip any of the races, no.

      But yea, agreed, Moero 2 was actually quite good. Blaze has a far worse and less significant storyline. And… yes, the racing minigame is bloody useless.

      I’m disappointed. Sure, it was very likely that the gameplay wasn’t going to be any good. But the story? It could’ve been decent at least, like the one in Moero 2. But it’s really not.

    1. Consider it a ‘what-if?’ to Moero Downhill Night 2. What if Rinka had more of an attraction for her racing team captain?

  25. Umm.. I get this error while running its “Play Game” option :

    could not add source filter to graph! hr=0x80040241

    Any help?

    1. Well it is a plus at least to have read the previous ones before going into Blaze. But nothing more than a plus.

      Moero 2 is a sequel to Moero 1, with its story being set some years after the events of Moero 1 and with a new cast of characters. So certain things connects the two of these titles directly, but it’s definitely not anything major.

      Blaze’s story is a “what if?” version of the Moero 2 story (parallel world stuff), featuring the same characters.

      It’s not crucial. You could certainly play Blaze without having touched the other ones. It’d be a shame though if you don’t go through Moero 2 at least at some point down the line.

  26. anyone else having the game crash during the rinka route? i cant get past the part when komachi takes you out to lunch. it crashes every time at the same place

    1. its also having the same crash part-way through tomomi’s route.
      was able to complete kei’s route without problems

      1. so every route i’ve done aside from the 1st one i did crashes about halfway through the game. it almost feels like an anti piracy feature.

        1. Nah, everything worked fine for me. You probably need to re-download it or maybe it’s a problem with your computer.

    2. I have yet to do Rinkas route but I have had several crashes. 2 in Kei’s route and so far 2 in tomomi’s. Were yer tomomi crashes during the story section? All the crahes I’ve had were during race sequences which makes the just that much more irritating lol

      1. BTW if you downloaded archive is intact (passes integrity test), don’t bother reinstalling – it won’t help.

        I think the problem related to playing on Windows 7 x64.

        I’ve managed to get past problematic points using Windows XP x32 virtual machine.

        1. I tried as you did, setting up Virtual Window XP 32-bit, and tried to play the game on that, but it won’t play because d3dx9_30.dll is not found. When I download it and put it in, it says the application d3dx9_30.dll is not a valid windows image and won’t start because of that. How did you get around this?

  27. Man peach princess sure took their sweet time didn’t they.

    It’s been what? Three YEARS!

    I’ve been having pop-up issues as well btw, but for me I’m getting “pop unders” that steal focus away from the page and block all input until I do some clever alt-tabbing to get rid of it. I would suggest you change your ad provider.

  28. Oh god, i cant belive its here finaly. Sadly to say, as soon as i finished Moero 1 and 2 i was dying to get my hands on 3rd part. For 3 years ever since it was anounced i was searching net for english version and never found it. I allmost gave up. Ending up cassualy coming here to see if any news are up and what do i see? Bloody Moero 3, finaly here, admin, seriusly, ur one of a kind. Cheers mate.

    Ps, any news about Sengoku Rance sequel in english? ready any time soon? And where?

    1. Check the forums under the thread “Eroge News” atm, the translation progress are
      Rance 3: 63%
      Rance VI: 51%
      Rance Quest (which is after Sengoku Rance): 7.3%

      1. It’s further along than that.

        Rance 3 is at 69%.

        The other one currently being worked on is 5D though I can’t remember the exact percentage for that one (I think it’s a bit over 80% complete). Until that one’s complete, Rance VI and Quest won’t be seeing any updates.

  29. First off, thanks for another great download Admin.

    Admin, I was wondering if by chance something changed on the website recently that involves pop up ads that could affect windows 64 operating systems.

    This actually started yesterday but everytime I click on anything on this webpage a popup ad appears and I get a message saying “internet explorer has modified this page to help prevent cross-site scripting”. My internet also goes unresponsive for a few seconds as well and all of this only occurs on this webpage and not on other sites or even your forum.

    I’m not sure if this is on my end either since I am not very computer savvy and I don’t have a clue about what cross-scripting is to be completely honest.

    This is not an issue that completely prevents me from accessing the sight but it makes getting around it very time consuming and downloads even more so. I was hoping you or perhaps anyone else with experience dealing with an issue like mine could assist me in fixing this.

    Also, I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place or was resolved somewhere else as I don’t know where an issue like this is supposed to be posted.

  30. great but what is the difference between this and downhilnight 2 i mean appart from the final chapter thing pleas can somone tell me

      1. It’s a parallel world of Moero Downhill Night 2, in which Akito has a driver’s license. Play it, it’s explained in the beginning.

  31. If I download this now I will lose dozens of hours of my life that I can never get back again. Should I really make this sacrifice for the sake of meer entertainment………decisions, decisions……..CLICK!

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