Hunt down scared girls, weaken them, and swallow them! Enjoy causing panic in the monster simulation game: Marunomi!!
12 small heroines
Many girl swallowing h scene events.
As a slime monster taking various shapes, gulp down girls from top to bottom, and submerge them in your bodily fluids.
With a map system to hunt down girls, then a battle system to weaken them and capture them. From the position of a superior invulnerable monster, drive them into a corner!!
Swallow girls and violate them while they struggle in your Stomach. Their screams can’t be heard from deep within your belly…

43 comments on “Marunomi

  1. Just finished the game and what can I say, i loved it. While at first i was confused with the map and battle system, i really enjoyed it later. Defeating or eating in this case, the final “boss” does give you a sense of satisfaction, as unlike other games like this, it’s actually easy to lose here. There’s gameplay (turn based combat which I love) and plot to boot. Play it, it’s a good game.

  2. This game was surprisingly good! O.O Aside from the meh artstyle, everything else to me was great! And I loved the story quite sad for the most part but that True Ending made it all worth it!


    (I’ll admit I enjoyed the raping part alil too much >.>)

  3. I have found the fix for windows 10 users. if you google locale emulator you can find something that will run the game. (I did the change settings stuff but was to lazy to downgrade to xp or search my xp harddrive xD )

    1. This contains a virus. I checked later with a scanner. the older versions of this program cannot be trusted -_-

  4. For those still wondering how to save you can only save by right clicking when you’re on the map screen.

  5. After a few hours of messing about, I’ve solved that syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL and tiny blue screen (on windows 10 that is).

    Go to your Region and Languages setting (where you installed the language pack) and click on the additional time, time, date, & regional settings. Next click change location on the region section. Go to the administrative tab and change the language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese. This should also fix any other gibberish (such as this: ÕâòÒéëÒÇüÚºåÒüæÞíîÒüÅþ®¦Òü© µ£êÒü«þÑêÒéè) found in any other Japanese programs.

  6. the original Marunomi.ere in the archive cannot be extracted. I tried using many different extractors. Can you upload only the exe file please>

  7. This game… wow. At first it was meh, but the gameplay was strangely addicting even though the h-scenes were just average and slightly repetetive for this kind of game. But the story later on became surprisignly tragic. I loved teh ending. Despite the protagonist being what he is, I still felt for him and almost wished I could be in this situation (almost and preferably as teh monster but… whatever) I just wish teh h-scenes could’ve been done with better art and scripting. Like if they had been done by teh group that did Anal Knight Milles, this game would have been completely perfect. 3.5/5.

  8. Hi.

    I still can’t find a way to save.

    When I right-click all I get is the system button, where i can change sound settings.

    Anyone have some advice or clue as to what I should do or am doing wrong?

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Yeah I have the same issue. There doesn’t seem to be a direct option to save nor am I sure if there’s a key. I’m looking into it.

  9. I claim the Ragnarock is upon us. Someone has made porn with a good story and meaning. On top of this my captcha was, ‘Do you believe in miracles?’

    1. Ragnarok sadly was supposed to happen back in February, the chance for it has come and gone. Next apocolypse I am able to root for will be issac newton’s.

      1. Personally, I’m thinking with how far technology and biochemistry has come…we might end up getting the Oracle Cells from God Eater created and probably end up in a near-apocalypse scenario like that…God Eater may end up becoming a foretelling of the future. (I’m hoping, because I’d love to be a God Eater.)

      1. So I just get blue screen and error like people above. Locale, language etc are all set to japanese, re installed several times, restarted computer, nothing works

  10. I can’t even download it when I click download on the site the link takes me to it just says Wrong IP and nothing else so I can’t download. Any suggestions?

  11. I changed my local to japan and have all the lenguages installed but it still shows kinda blue screen.

  12. For the saving think, you just right-click in game to bring up the menu. It’s also how you access the CG and replay scenes.

    Also, does anyone else thing this game has really good music for an H-Game? I especially like the piano segments.

  13. it keeps showing “syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting” i’ve tried changing my OS location to Japanese and it’s still showing up

    please help

  14. help pls…
    When I start the game it gives a syntax error and something like unexpected T_symbol, expecting “)”

    Pls help me fix this

    1. Have you change your OS system locale language into Japanese yet?
      If not, maybe you must change it first before playing the game, maybe that can help you.

    1. Not really, when you play it, unlock the ending, then play it again to unlock other ending, until you get the true ending and true epilogue, you will find it not as what it seems first.
      I personally like this game and its story, its a good game.
      If you find it hard to get to true ending, maybe you can google some walkthrough. Enjoy.

      1. dude is there an ending where all d girls in its stomach escaped?

        also is the true end d 1 dat they all gathered,enjoying d tentacles and happy but 4got their memory?

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