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  1. Stupid porn. begins great and all but then it gets down the toilett rather abrupt after the first 10min with the son telling the mom “I will make you my pig bitch”. And that’s basical the whole game. Big tits should keep us interested and yes they have pregnancy in there too…but not much comes out of it. Literally and figurativly. Much wasted potencial. Primitive jack off material like all the other Lilith games.

    1. THat’s not what this game is about at all. I don’t even think you played it all and just want to complain about stuff.

  2. I successfuly downloaded the game. But it’s impossible to save my progresses. Can someone help me out? It’s kinda depressing to have an emty gallery.

  3. I successfully downloaded the game and i have access to a lot of scenes but the text in english won’t show up in the game. What am i doing wrong?

  4. Every time in try to unzip the 9 files I get the same error
    1. TaimaninAsagi3.part01.rar Unexpected end of data
    2. Data error TaimaninAsagi3 data.xp3

    And after that when I try to launch the game a big error message in japanese appear and the game end.

    I try to download the part01 a second time but I think it’s corrupted because it’s happen again.

  5. BTW my first walktrough (Iam not so good in english i used on the website google translate)

    -Asagi ed-

    Asagi END

    BAD END (1)
    Load save002

    BAD END (2)
    Load save003

    BAD END (3)
    Load save004

    BAD END (4)
    Load save005

    -Asuka Hen-

    ※ After watching Asagi END, Asuka Hen (ASUKA ROUTE) will be open.

    Asuka END
    BAD END (5)
    Load save007


    ※ This chart is for the recovery of animation or a single picture. If you had been promoting the game in animation ON, please complete the following chart to OFF. If it had been promoted in the OFF, and vice versa.

    load 001

    Load 006

    Source: http://dldou.com/walkthrough/17879
    Google Translate

  6. I have to say that this is the most dragged out mess of a VN I’ve ever played. I only did the Nozomi route but that was more than enough.

  7. Anoyone have walkthrough for this game? i am stuck at chapter 3.. No matter what i choose after fighting sakura and murasaki, always get “bad ending”.. how do i get past chapter 3?

    1. Yesterday there was a note saying they where doing some server maintenance for a specific time/date. The downtime should be temporary.

      1. That’s all fine and dandy…but they’ve been down for close to 20 hours now. That’s some big ass maintenance x.x

      2. Do you know when the server maintenance will finish?
        i donwnload a part of game and i need to download the rest now 😛

  8. Admin some of the games in the list of recent games are randomly disappearing while older releases are appearing in their place(getting repeated).

  9. So, is there a good ending or what? Can someone please help? really don’t want to get into it if it’s only rape and girls get broken in the end… ;_;

  10. didnt the website post up this game Dorei to no Seikatsu Teaching Feeling back then or i was dreaming it….

  11. Just an FYI.

    If you’re missing images from the CG gallery, play through the scenarios with animations turned off, and that should unlock the rest of missing images once you’ve gotten all the endings.

    1. I figured it out while looking for a way to solve my problems installing shinigami no kiss wakare no aiji, you have to to your control panel where you change locale but go on administration instead and change language for non unicode programs to japanese, youll need to restart your computer but after that it should be good to go

        1. Actually a lot have been working for me just by changing location/time settings but i had done that before for one or two, problem was i did that on my old computer and never remembered it since i bought this one, ended up looking around and figuring it out, one way or another im pretty sure this is what causes the problem with the syntax error so hopefully people with that problem will know now

  12. Cannot continue the game. After the scene of kou turning into ball of flesh. A link will pop-up directly to lilith site.
    Help plz

    1. thats probably game over but not sure
      i think if you during 2 option selection you have at least once pick “good” option kyosuke will be able to retain some of his will to resist and game will continue

      1. In the main menu there is a blank space below the start button. Is it a complete version? Or do I miss some installation steps? How did you install the game? Please help 🙁

        1. Sry cant help you with that cuz i also have blank space below start button well if i had to guess its possible it opens when you finish the game or its there just for decoration…. dont worry just try what i said and you should be able to proceed from that point where kyo is turned into ball

  13. I’m getting a syntax error for some reason. I’ve tried running as an admin but no luck.

    I using windows 10 with the Japanese language install, is there anything I’m missing?

    1. After fiddling around for over half a hour still no luck. It seems ever since upgrading to windows 10 VNs have been hit or miss for me. I’ve still haven’t been able to play Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate to this day. I haven’t found any conclusive evidents on the internet as to why some work while others don’t

      1. FINALLY!!! After all this time I’ve finally found an answer to why some of my VNs weren’t working.

        If you are running windows 10 some VNs still will not work even after installing the Japanese language under the Time & Language settings. Also Applocale isn’t compatible with windows 10. There is however a project program called Locale Emulator which works with windows 10. A simple google search will lead you to the emulator and once you install it you can right click on the program you wish to run in Japanese.

        Sorry if this was already widely known, nobody told me about it when I went around asking. It might be a good idea to add this to the FAQ on this site.

        1. i have yet had a need for anything like Applocale even with windows every game i played on xp 7 8.1 10 worked fine but of course i have not played every vn. shiny days works fine for me on 10 without anything like Applocale.

      2. i am on win 10 and it works Koichoco and shiny days for me but i know i had to do something direct x or something like that for Koichoco. i can not remember because i got it up and running within a day it came out on this site. just search what your error is or if its a dll SEARCH(keyword) what the dll goes to.

        when i install shiny days today i tried to install the restoration patch on without updating the version to 1.01 i do not know if that is you problem or not because i do not know the details of your error.

  14. Nice, now if only I could find a patch to translate the full version of 2 (though I did finish the version found here so it should be fine-ish).

    1. It is this site’s policy to not post games until they have either official final english releases or at least a 100% translation patch. They may release some not fully edited ones (especially if the people working on them just flat out leave the editing incomplete, like Chaos;Head and the original upload of Steins;Gate) but they will at the least be fully translated.

  15. Ah, taimanin asagi. Now after 4 titles I would call this a modern classic that advances the concept of VNs as we know it. Gone are the days of simple tentacle rape or drugs, on are the days where space magic pushes the boundaries of reality.

    Dostoevsky asked himself in Crime and Punishment if the laws of murder only apply on the common rabble, so does this trilogy pose the question how car we can push the boundaries of porn before your penis breaks. Not only that, the story also seamlessly integrates a background of the common man getting back at the social elite, represented by their policing force, the ninjas. The common man being manipulated by evil forces in the background only completes the picture giving us a dark reflection of our current society.

    One might find it unsettling that one of the most frank expressions of social commentary can be found in a nukige series. Then again this might only be possible when a writer is tapping into his basest feelings that come with sex. We can only wonder what literary masterpiece will flow from Lilith’s pen in the future.

    1. It’s a false positive. A lot of files from this site are labeled as potentially dangerous and removed by Norton, but none of them contain viruses. The downloads are all clean.

    2. You must be new here. Many of the exe files of the games here are cracks – created by programmers to bypass the game’s security. However, the files, being uncertified/unknown, are marked suspicious by many antivirus software. No worries, everything’s clean.

      By the way, why the hell are you using a piece of crap like Norton?

        1. Mounting icon? You mean an iso? I’m getting the same error you did but setting my locale to japanese didn’t help. was there anything else you did?

  16. Unbelievable, they have translated it! Thanks admin.
    By the way admin, see if you can upload Prison Battleship 2, it’s translated in english.

      1. Actually the series as far as it had been translated had really, really bad ending and considering two was a direct sequel to one the series overall just ended on a really bad note. (something about Asagi clones looking for the original which was still captured)

        1. IIRC, 2’s VN actually has a (good enough) ending where Asagi and Sakura manages to escape, due to the former’s demon form didn’t overload and wound herself.

        2. From the ones I’ve played the original Asagi actually has a good ending after all the attempted corruption, weirdly enough. Yukikaze 1 has a good ending but it’s a strange one with no actual CG’s (that you basically have to seek out) where the heroines are rescued BEFORE the mind corrupion officially begins.

          Yukikaze 2 uses the “rescued” ending as canon, but since there’s no follow-up saying what happened at the end of Yukikaze 2 (as of yet) there’s no way of knowing what happened, or which of the heroines got corrupted (I’m betting at least one of them got captured since we didn’t even get a “good” ending in Yukikaze 2 as far as I remember).

          1. There actualy is a good end in yukikaze 2 as far as i remember you had to see one or both bad ed and then pick bothe heroinees 1 time i belive

    1. I do wonder why they’ve never bothered translating at least the first one. It’s probably because Taimani Yukikaze is completely biased toward Yukikaze scenes. Maybe they fear a lack of boobs won’t attract people. =p

      1. Eh, they’ve done loli stuff on this stuff before though. Though they’ve tended to be the sweeter stuff :3

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