Lucy: The eternity she wished for

Lucy -The eternity she wished for-

In the near future, androids have become the way of the norm. Emotionless husks of metal have become a part of human society, much to the dismay of the boy. The robot he found at the dump site though, this one was different. It laughed, it cried, it smiled, it has dreams, just like a human…

Lucy ~The eternity she wished for~ is a Visual Novel, about a boy and an android. You play as the boy, who faces decisions and moral dilemmas in this near-future world. This is a story that has touched many hearts and continues to have a strong impact on those who partake in this compelling journey.

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  1. What’s the password in the “Extra” section? At the title screen below “Achievement”. Do we have to complete the game to unlock that like the other “??????” ?

  2. Played a long time ago, i’m surprised i didn’t gave a comment about this vn.
    Well, try it. It’s only short, and i’m sure it’s worth your time.

  3. What’s with the awful hosting?
    I’ve tried and tried on several browsers, full security/no security and I’ve never been able to get a single download from downloadani it either says the page isn’t available or just pretends to send a file.

    Anybody have any other links to this novel? I’m not going to steam before at least testing it. =/

  4. Under a cute, clumsy surface it is a pretty adult, merciless game that is playing with us as much as we playing it. “I Robot” is like a childs movie compared to this games philosophy level and emotionaly it hits all the right spots. 10/10 from me for Lucy. Asimov would have loved this game.

  5. *** Minor spoilers ****

    well i honestly wasnt expecting much from this especially since it was listed as a paltry 2-10 hrs long game and since im a pretty fast reader i usually get done fast. But man this novel had me laughing at the funny parts (lucy thinking a guy looking for a prostitute was a ‘good person’) feeling good about the happy parts, angry at the father for being an all around @ss and tearing up at the sad parts.

    if only the kickstarter project for this had met their stretch goal to include more content and a new character id have been so much happier because it was tragically short.

    at the end of the game if someone honestly asked me if i regret playing this id definitely say no

    I definitely recommend this as a nice ‘short’ story about robots and humans

    if anyone has any recommendations on similar stories I’d be glad to hear them sexual content or not

  6. Hi, I’m the developer of Lucy.

    I came across this page through googling.

    Could you kindly delete this download post?

    Thank you.

    1. (I am not the admin)

      If you really are who you say, I’d like to first tell you that I bought “Lucy” on Steam and I absolutely loved it. At least in the “feels” department I’d dare say it can keep up with things like Planetarian, I’d like to see more from you.

      Secondly, I’d like to say that sometimes piracy doesn’t only hurt, it can also help promote the product, but then again, I’m far from being an expert and will not tell you what you should do.

      1. In most cases people who like the game will still buy it. Most people who pirated and then didn’t buy the game when they liked it would not buy it even it it was impossible to pirate.

    2. I would not have bought the game if not for this website x)

      There are many others like me who purchase the game after they enjoy it (very much so in this case) when they have excess money or to support the developer, and those who don’t probably wouldn’t have bought it even if the site wasn’t available

      I know this reply is more than a year old, but felt like saying something.

  7. OMG admin thanks a lot! I really want to play this game since released!

    Oh yeah, if you can, could you please add one of this virtual novels? I’m not forcing you but in case if you can.. :
    -Strawberry Vinegar
    -Analogue: A hate story
    -BAD END
    -Narcissu Anthology series
    -Go!Go Nippon DLC E-Mote extra
    -Cursed Sigrht

    Well, you don’t need to take me seriously.
    I recommend the BAD END, Danganronpa, and the Narcissu one.
    and for the last Thank you very much!

    1. There is a link for Strawberry Vinegar in the request section of the forum. To get to the forum look at the top right corner under links.

  8. Try YUNO: The Girl Who Chants Love at the Edge of the World. It has an awesome story, a mind-boggling puzzle-like gameplay (which you can’t finish 100% without a walkthrough), and an awesome ending. Beware though, the story doesn’t give a shit about incest.

    I still believe that the girl he met in prison in the other world is the mother of the prostitute girl in his world. Awesome twist.

  9. It sound interesting but i found robot heroine boring, specially if she is the only heroine.
    The no H thing is sad too but it isn’t a issue in this case since it looks like the H wasn’t the important thing of this game.

  10. It seems like there will be only one 18 + VN out for this month so why not try some of the older ones ?
    Here i will list you a few:

    – A Profile
    – Adam: The Double Factor
    – Armored Warrior Iris
    – Ayakashibito
    – Become Tentacle
    – Bible Black
    – Boob Wars
    – Cannonball
    – Castle Fantasia
    – Demon Master Chris
    – Divi Dead
    – Guilty ~The SiN~
    – Imouto Ijime
    – Imouto Paradise!
    – Throb! The GreatePeriodst Inventions of the Sexy Era!

    1. That makes me disappointed. I have almost zero interest in VNs.
      I have enjoyed some non ero. But I like to have both, Story and Eros.
      That’s what makes these things special. All this NSC makes me sad. It should also not be on this site quite honestly. Or he could split the downloads tab and add one which explicitly says No sexual Content or something.

      If there are no Eroges to be released I don’t really mind these tame ones.
      It also makes me a bit sad that they focus too much on steam releases would have been better if that part flopped and Mangagamer got as much stuff as possible.

      1. You guys should also try Emmerzail, its a free HRPG with a good story and lots of H-scenes. For more recommendation join the forum and make a thread.

        1. not everybody likes these weird games, where your goal is to play a female that will turn from “absolutely good virgin” to “total slut”

          also RPG Maker game? Meh
          this old game engine was cool maybe 20 years ago…

          1. Last I checked, that path is only a choice. You can make the character resist (and thus not be that side of the corruption), but instead be free and loose yet have strict standards.

            Being a slut is pretty much what the evil forces within the story wanted, so they can process the body.

    2. Already read most of those. I’ve literally read every 18+ VN on this site except for ones that have unavoidable rape and tentacles (or both…just not my thing). That includes yuri and yaoi.

      Which is why I’m checking this site at least once per day to see if any new 18+ content drops.

  11. This one’s great, i bought it on steam and have yet to finish it due to imminent feels. If you like dank art and a heroine you will instantly fall in love with, get this game.

    Better yet buy it on steam.

  12. Whoa whoa whoa. There’s a father in this game? I didn’t know they existed in eroge except to rape people on rare occasions. This is too weird for me. I’m gonna have to skip this.

    1. Its not eroge(erotic-game), also not Nukige, its Nakige literally means cry-game or feels. Last but not least, rape themes is mostly in Nukige; a game that’s made for the sake of making Men masturbate.

        1. I’ve said this on this site before but can’t you people at least try these games even if they don’t have erotic content. You might actually find something you like in these other stories. I like the erotic content too but I also read the others as well and enjoy them just as much. The spin-off of the Grisaia series Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru was really good if you liked her character. That’s just a suggestion though.

          1. If I wanted to read, I’d pick up a book. It might be the best story ever but if there’s no H, I won’t read a VN. I need some incentive to justify reading and clicking for 30-50 hours. Still haven’t touched Little Busters or Klannad despite rave reviews.

          2. My apologies, you missed two absolute masterpieces. Not to mention Higurashi, Eien no Aselia, etc.

          3. The original version of Eien no Aselia has H content in it and honestly the version with it removed also fucked up the story by removing some fairly important scenes that had a large impact emotionally on the characters and story because they had H content in them. It’s very much a bad example if you are trying to promote a non-ero VN since it was a very good VN that had important parts butchered when it was made all-ages.

          4. He is actually right, I do also wanted to see some H, it gives it a plus that some times it is required, to actually have sexual content can give a situacional drama that non H cannot build, but there are other games that does have some story that does not exactly needs H, I also can take that, cause I have read some of those. Some point in here is that Eien no Aselia, was still a pretty good game even without the H, but it does losses some of the critical points of the plot, still it was a pretty good game; And so there also are other games where the H just doesn’t fit the plot and it can still be removed without a problem, but it still gives a plus cause it is a good appeal that make many of us to give it a try. So, there are 3 kinds of people, the ones that look principally for the drama, the ones that look for the gameplay and the ones that do for the H content. But it’s just my humble opinion…

          5. You basically can’t go wrong with a Key VN.
            Great stories, great humour, great emotions.

            I do like my VNs with h content, because it usually feels as if something is missing, even if it was never in it (even though I often skip through them because minutes of a Seiyu moaning and saying dame, dame is a bit boring), but there are VNs that simply tell a great story, it is stupid to restrict yourself to not reading them because of missing h content.

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